Stish Token Event White Paper


See The Development And Feel The Experience.

Version 2.0 Being Developed Now! More Integrations and More Ways To Participate In Crypto. Smart Contracts Are Being Developed and Tested and Coding Is Being Tested To Integrate Stish into and Possibly Power with Steem!

Download PDF Steemish White Paper – Steemish Traded Under The Symbol Stish

Built To Endure, and Break Down Barriers Of Entry. Stish The Gateway Cryptocurrency.

Founder — Eric Binkley The Community Social Network Built For Stish! Now With integration into

Final Draft May 30th, 2018


Social Media Conglomerates Earn Billions Of Dollars Per Year While People That Create Valuable Content That Allow Them To Do This Typically See No Rewards. While the large social media companies have harvested untold amounts of data about their users and used that data to manipulate the user experience often in an extremely harmful and damaging way restricting the free flow of ideas and thoughts they often sell user data off to the highest bidder.

Since the advent of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and now Stish there are no reasons that would cause a social media company to hold out on rewarding it’s members.

Stish conquers tokenization of an equitable rewards system for social media content creation with only 5% of the supply being allocated to fund the development of the community. That is a mouth full but is EPIC! social media rewards is powered by STISH!


Stish empowers people around the world by breaking down the barrier to entry into cryptocurrency. People can earn while they learn, as the equitable Steem That rewards system is fair, simplistically designed and works to promote early fluid distribution of rewards for content created by members. Steem That rewards tokens are fee free for transactions among the community and can be easily transferred to gain access to advance features and benefits. Steem That rewards can be easily exchanged into Stish and traded on exchanges. Now with nominal fees for free members and fee free exchange for paid membership.

What Other Problems Does Stish Solve And How?

Other platforms have a steep learning curve and require a large stake of capital to be invested to earn any significant rewards from their community pool. This barrier to entry is alleviated through community support groups and community interactions and soon the whale pool ran by helps solve the barrier to entry into 2 major cryptocurrencies. The first is Steem and the second is Ethereum. The SteemThat curation specialist accounts (Whale Pool Accounts) are ran on AWS servers and are fully scaleable. The whale pool is a big part of what will initially fuel membership growth and grow the overall community around the Stish token. The whale pool, via curation specialist accounts, help support members of Steemit through automated support of their posts. In turn the curation accounts earn curation rewards from Steemit for these works. Hopefully one day earning enough to fully cover all operating costs to remove large corporate advertising from the platform. also helps with the barrier to entry into ethereum cryptocurrrency. Specifically by allowing rewards tokens to be exchanged for Stish. These rewards tokens can be earned by contributing high quality content to the community platform. These rewards tokens may also be purchased easily through like any other purchase of online items. This will help people learn the basics to dealing with a digital currency. The process to exchange Steem That Rewards Tokens to Stish and then placement of a sale order to trade Stish for Ethereum is a critical first step into adoption of cryptocurrency. Having built this system ahead of time it will help us develop an even more streamlined version 2.0. Teaching new people how to create Ethereum wallets and interact with the Etheruem Blockchain is awesome.

Stish was planned and developed over an 12 month period with a community centered focus. With Ethereum having fees for transactions we decided to build a hybrid on chain off chain approach to tokenization of our rewards system. Both have public ledgers that can be viewed to verify transactions. Steem That Rewards Tokens has already experienced over 40,000 transactions during beta testing with live people using the platform though it is not traditional blockchain based technology. Our analyst and advisers have all agreed that the system is working very well. We all know the reliability of the Ethereum blockchain that we have all grown to trust over the last few years. Meshing these two systems together to help distribute Stish tokens and grow the community around the token is creative.

Additionally has its own blogging platform that is unique in that contributing posts are automatically shared between the discovery areas, and also the users social media stream. Users recent posts display in their profile as blog posts so other users can easily connect with each others content. Members are encouraged to create content that revolves around crytpto currency and social media rewards based platforms though many other topics are available for categorizations. offers a robust social portal for members only.

  • This portal allows members to private message each other. Create content or share content on their timeline feed a.k.a wall stream. Now members can create topics and posts on also.
  • Members are encouraged to join and create groups which also allow the free sharing of ideas and content.
  • Members can easily make friends and connect with each other as they would with mainstream social networks all while earning Steem That rewards tokens.
  • People can easily join and start using like they would several other mainstream social platforms without understanding anything about cryptocurrency or coding or wallets.
  • Everything is built in and ready to go.

As they experience the fun and excitement from earning their first rewards and connecting with other awesome members they can learn about Ethereum wallets and how to set-one up to receive their Stish.

New cryptocurrency traders and adopters are born helping to further the token economy of the future.
Potentially in the future if a user has an updated account profile with their Ethereum address already attached they will be able to set their payment thresholds and their Steem That Rewards Tokens will automatically be burned and traded for Stish!

At this moment in time with plans to build on top of a blockchain (EOS, Steem, Ethereum potentially) for version 2 the Steem That rewards points, with a limited supply, are a temporarily solution to create the community and grow the support of the Stish currency. Version 2.0 will be a hybrid on chain off chain robust platform just like we have not but even better. Yes, it can even get better than what we have now! The exact rules for a hardfork will be discussed and voted on by the community and advisors.


Much like other digital alt currencies like bitcoin, ethereum or steem, Steemish is built on an immutable blockchain. It is actually built using the ERC-20 Protocol And Built on The Ethereum BlockChain which is a distributed blockchain.

We all know that there are a few things that effect the value of any crypto-currency. One thing for sure is that the value is subjective. I personally would not buy a digital bitcoin that has zero tangible value or emotional value for anywhere near the price it is at now. However, there are others that find value in it.

Each person will find value in a cryptocurrency differently.
Some things that effect value like supply and demand for instance we can control somewhat. We decided to make a 4 year plan that you can read about below that involves the community and growth of the community and we capped the amount of Stish Tokens that were created to 10,100,000. After The First Year Of Distribution The Supply Will Continue To Become Less And Less Over Time While Demand Is Increasing.

There is a store of value component to every cryptocurrency at some level. Steemish traded under the symbol Stish, is no different. We have a long-term vision and would love to see everyone grow but the future can have no guarantees and we can’t promise anything other than we will do what we say we are going to do.

We have already started and have alot of skin in the game. We started development ahead of our token event so that people could see what we were working on not just conceptualize the whole project and ask for millions. and Stish have a real value proposition that once looked into we feel you will agree warrants your participation.

There will only be 7 million Stish Tokens Available During The Stish Token Event. With the ridiculous early bird/angel participants and the other varied discounted rates during the advanced phases of distribution.

We will invest 50% Of The Funds Raised From The Token Event Into The Community Curation Accounts Also Called The Whale Pool Which Will Serve As An Escrow And Fuel Rapid Growth Of The Platform.

Stish will be allowed to be exchanged for purchases of enhanced features exclusive to members of

  • Member can add Steem Block Chain accounts to Super Charge their experience and be added to the favorites list that will garner a little more support from the whale pool that was created from the sale of Stish.

  • Each member of Steem That is added automatically so no purchase is necessary to participate at the entry level as long as you are a member in good standing and are creating high quality content.

  • Stish can also be used in purchasing featured post promotions which can increase the communtity interactions which increases their earnings from the rewards pool.

  • To Gain Access To This Large Community Of Support People Will Have To Buy The Limited Supply Of Stish Available. Currently Membership Purchases are In ETH or USD With Stish Being Added In Soon. By equating the value of Stish to USD, and ETH it will help stabilize the value of the currency.

Overtime as Stish returns back to the platform through purchases it can be used to fund the rewards pool for future growth. This cycle is similar to government taxations however the people are always receiving the funds for works directly verses it going through banks and other financial distribution channels.

We all know what happens when supply is low and demand is high. We believe we can create demand gradually over the 4 year period through not only support of the other cryptocurrencies but also through the desire to participate in our own social portal and community. Trading in Stish should be something many crypto currency enthusiast should want to be a part of as it is revolutionary and different.

Stish Will Also Be Used To Purchase Other Services In The Future As Well. As we raise funding we have a team of developers working on the project version 2.0 which which is being created through an extensive scope and planning committee. The next version of SteemThat will address any issues we might run into as we scale into a massive social media company over the next few years.

Stish Is Built Around A Social Network. This Alone Adds Value Especially When The Network Helps Users Earn Rewards From Steemit and Plus Assisting With Reduction Of Barrier To Entry Into Cryptocurrency In General. We are not the first company to do this and be successful. We do have our own flavor and adopt our own economic monetary theory based off of existing approved theories of currency and exchange. We believe in the quantity cryptocurrency theory and the traditional supply and demand economic models. has advance limited velocity management controls after year one.

The advantages are:
Since there is a limited supply and ever-increasing demand and perceived value of membership and services; these and market trading conditions will determine the value to some extent. Will Dominate The Go To Space For Social Media Interactions as we continue to create and develop even greater value added tools and services. Early adopters clearly have several advantages.

When people buy Stish they can trade that Stish for access to the whale pool and other services. 50% of all revenue generated from Stish purchases is placed into escrow into Steem. By doing this we create a whale pool that helps members earn more revenue from their interactions with not only Steemit but other apps built on the steem blockchain. We have built several apps that automate much of this process. As members grow so does the whole community. As people grow should see growth and so should Stish.

One reason we created Stish was to help those that perhaps donated to other support groups and got burned. I have heard horror stories where people donated large amounts of SBD or STEEM to get booted out of their minnow support group with no refunds. Stish helps insulate you from that and another great reason to buy Stish and build a whale pool on If you ever decide to leave which we hope you never do, you could sell your position in Stish and move forward without feeling bad about losing all of your participation funds like you would if you donated steem or sbd. Don’t be one of those people that get scammed.

As the whale pool continues to increase and members are earning more and more and we continue to develop tools and services that provide real value to members we should see a rise in demand for Stish Tokens. The whale pool curation accounts can also earn revenue from supporting members and from interest earned for holding that much Steem. There will be a nice steady stream of revenue added to the bottom line of the budgets over time that can fuel other development projects we have planned over the next 4 years. and Stish are really just the beginning to a great future.

How Will Stish Become Profitable?

There are 3 main components to profitability.

  1. Membership Sells and In App/Website Purchases.
  2. Curation Rewards From
  3. Nominal From The Initial Stish Token Event. With A Larger Potential If We Hard Fork And Develop Further and Create More Tokens In The Future.

Our Currently model is in Beta and so far has been a success with limited users. When we raise the full amount and ramp up to full capacity we see very large windfall profits weekly just from curation rewards which can be used to fuel growth and expansion, development, and of course Stish market making.

How Will Stish Make An Impact?

The real supplemental impact is huge for Steemit, Ethereum, and others. We get people and often the developers of these larger projects simply do not. As we help people gain entry into new platforms in the blockchain rewards space we are fine having the title, “Gateway Crypto”! helps bring people together on a human level. We all understand that keeping existing members happy is more cost effective than marketing for new members. Members can contribute content to and gain rewards points. Over time these points accumulate and can be traded for Stish the ERC-20 Crypto Currency which then can be traded or bought and sold on an exchange. The process is quite simple but difficult for those new to cryptocurrency. is making it easier to get involved into cryptocurrency adoption which helps the whole token economy.

The process almost seams unreal or to good to be true just like cryptocurrency itself. Once someone takes the easy necessary steps to convert their rewards points to Stish and then to another crypto currency such as Ethereum and then sell that crypto currency for their fiat currency they come to the realization that there is work involved but that the existence of what has been stated is very real.

A further understanding of the way cryptocurrency works in general will help people overcome their fears of participation. So education about cryptocurrencies via the community needs to be encouraged so that people can learn from the community the terminology and best practices.

The impact on people world-wide is huge. Many people who have access in undeveloped parts of the world can earn more from writing articles than carrying guns for their military. Stish in this respect helps resolve world conflicts, starvation and education concerns of many under developed nations. By allowing people a new way to earn through creating content on social media, is putting the power back into the hands of the people instead of big Government and big Corporations!

Stish is being called the People Currency!

But what about developed nations? That is the great thing about it is equitable with it’s rewards system. Everyone receives the same rewards for works with no regard to nationality, gender, religious affiliations, height, age, wealth, etc. The system is very fair with each reward for a task performed published and easy to understand. Bonus rewards are earned through various community interactions. So people who create the high quality content will earn the most rewards. With the edition of there is even more ways to earn Stish and build a wonderful community around a cryptocurrency. From the ground up we rise my friends, each of us together building a cryptocurrency and a powerful social network across multiple platforms.

The PEE Theory

We developed and tested the PEE theory. The PEE theory states,

“If People Exert Efforts that they will expect a higher rate of rewards for those efforts.”

You could simply airdrop and give everyone tokens but that just results in a sell of of the token and the price plummets. One way to solve this is to build a community around a rewards based social community. People Will Exert Effort and because of that effort demand more when they sell their rewards Currency verses if they have nothing invested in the accumulation of the currency.

There are no gigantic mathematical equations or complex economic theories to understand before participating. If a member performs a certain task then that member receives an amount of rewards! It is clearly published with the daily, weekly, monthly caps for rewards payouts. Unlike other platform rampant with scams and frauds in acquiring their currency.

SteemThat Rewards Tokens Are Rewards Points That Can Be Converted Into Stish The BlockChain Asset. SteemThat Rewards Tokens Can Be Revoked And Simply Not Exchanged If Fraud Is Discovered.

If a member was to fraudulently acquire these rewards tokens it can be easily identifiable. The forfeiture of ill-gotten points and potentially banishment from participation in the platform are deterrents to such actions. All transfers are publicly made available and suspicious activities are monitored for and reported on. Spam prevention is already built-in with the spam bot automatically penalizes members for spam. Plagiarism is not tolerated and the members of the platform can earn rewards for reporting actual plagiarism. The community can moderate itself essentially with the built-in structure with limited moderation from the platform founders and advisers. The platform is not completely centralized or decentralized giving it the best of both worlds.

With a minimum transfer limit to exchange Steem That Tokens and the possibility of an automated exchange once certain thresholds are met then we could also introduce more Robust security at the time of exchange to verify the Steem That Tokens were earned by legitimate accounts before the exchange is made. This is the main reason we are working to build the automated exchange verses the current exchange system at the time of this white paper.

We believe our automated exchange can verify rewards tokens as authentic and make the exchange to Stish or cause a manual review of the account. By putting thresholds on the amount that a user must have to exchange this also reduces fraud also. Serious people with a long-term plan need only apply. Once the Stish has been sent there is no turning back. The auto exchange can perform some secret algorithms to limit scams in comparison to other platforms with no restrictions on exchanges.

There are many people who I have met over the last few months that were beyond grateful for the support they received from whale pool curation services and the community. All members can use the autoshare features to enhance their growth and network with other members. Stish helps fund the whale pool that makes this all possible. Because at least 50% of all sales from the Token Event will be put into escrow for enhanced growth of members and the platform, Stish will help change the landscape and give minnows a voice. is the first truly independent project funded by small contributions from minnows.

The impact on minnows that use Steemit is enormous as they will have access to the whale pool funded by minnows for minnows! Reducing the barrier to entry for thousands of minnows, is helping level the playing field. New people who might never have gotten involved with crypto now find themselves being involved in revolutionary projects. is not your average minnow support project.

The current platform makes way for primarily Steem but could include support for other platforms in the future such as Golos, other Steem based apps, EOS based apps, and other social rewards platforms that reward members with cryptocurrency through social media.

Stish and revolutionize social media with its own platform but additionally seeks to increase awareness of the whole industry and provide support for even competing platforms.


Our team members are a diverse group of people. Many are involved in other crypto projects also or have been involved with other successful projects. Some are bloggers, social media people while others are computer science engineers. We have programmers from multiple disciplines along with web developers. There are business men and women and some people who have zero idea about crypto but understand finance or other business ideas.

Our core team which has been here from almost day one we like to call the Steemish Teamish. Each have their own specialties. We are always open to speaking with new people who can bring real value to the community. We often run polls and discuss plans in the community and in open groups to get feedback and be sure we are on the direction the community desires.

There are so many more that have pitched in with bug reports and writing articles and morale building. We have some awesome members that all pitch in when needed to help each other. It is really a special website like no other I have ever been involved with and I’m proud of what we are accomplishing.

Budget Overview:

The Above Chart Shows That We Will Offer 70% Of The Tokens For Sale Preferably Selling All 7 Million Stish During Stish Token Event ICO 2018. With plans to announce the Official start of the token event by April 2018. The Chart Also Shows Founders Vault Tokens That Will Not Be Sent Until The End Of The Summer 2018.

We Have Kept In Retainer 20% And Here Is Why And How They Will Be Used If Needed:

Of this amount 5% is actually being used to exchange rewards points into Steemish further distributing Stish and helping people who perhaps otherwise would never be able to own a crypto currency due to financial or governmental constraints. This is not charity however, to earn these rewards points you have to do works on like write posts or interact in the community which helps further grow the community.

Watch The Markets For The Sales Of Stish During The Token Event And Eventually See Live Trading Action On Our Websites For The Currency. We are still growing but we want to be as transparent as possible to add even more value to STISH. Once we publish the accounts and budgets for each people could be able to monitor these accounts for activities good or bad and report on such things. We will issue this on a separate page to allow for additions or changes to the budget. Angel Tokens Available On

With plans of raising over 3 Million USD we know that people probably would like to know exactly how we plan to spend this. holding true to it’s nature of being as transparent as possible would like to give the community some valuable information that one can sink their teeth in.

This information could change but for now will Illustrate our planned budget and allocation of funds. By putting everything out in the open we feel that investors looking at our platform should have even more trust for our brand and what we are building not only now but in the future. Things need to be clear and communications must exceed expectations set forth by the community.

Let’s first look again at the original white paper’s numbers:

  • See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
  • The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
  • The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
  • The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
  • The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
  • Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
  • No Pre-Mined Tokens
  • Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Build (The Future of Crypto).

More Numbers You Need To Know Before We Dive In:

  • 70% of all Stish is planned to be sold in the Pre-ICO Event and Ico Event
  • 50% of all sales are placed into Escrow via Steem Power. This has 2 major benefits for participants.
  1. It funds the curation specialists accounts by adding steem power thus increasing their upvote value which will increase demand for stish as we start charging for membership, usage of the curation specialist accounts, and featured post ad space all paid for by stish or equivalent USD.

  2. The escrow protects participants also because once changed into Steem Power the funds are locked up for a long time. The final balance after The Token Event can be recorded and that amount must be maintained unless the founders have a majority vote to power down and start buying all of the Stish.

We have decided to announce on SteemThat, and Steemit on Saturdays In The USA the amount of Steemish sold and the Amount Converted to Steem Power with blockchain identification of the transactions and screen shots. But anyone could easily go verify for themselves with the information every Saturday accept on major holidays or vacations which will be announced and the Friday prior to or the trades compound and roll over until the next designated time mentioned above.

30 Percent Of Stish Are Retained Why?
The answer is really simple and protects participants.
Founders fees make up 10% of the 30% reserved. These vaulted tokens are set aside and will be issued to founders no later than August 31st, 2018 and no sooner than July 31st, 2018. We will begin releasing the founders tokens from the vault during this time. The reasoning behind having the window is so as to not flood the market with all of the tokens at once. Though I don’t believe any founder would try to crash the currency we will take precautions to protect other holders where possible. The Founders Vault Will Be Funded Now At The Time Of This Original Posting Date.

Here is the EtherScan Address With The Founders Vault Of Tokens: you can also see it here:

The founders fees will split equally between founders and a few early adopters who have performed massive amounts of works to make it happen. We have developed for almost one year when we release the funds. Until then they are really not in circulation.

Future Development Costs:
Some have said that 5% future development costs are a bit cheap. Keep in mind we are a hybrid build with different costs structures when compared to other offering. We will be running somewhat like an electric co-op in that we are not making loads of money unless we are successful. So this gives us incentive to work hard and do great work.

My feelings on it over the next 4 years we need to make sure we can cover all costs. If we never have to sell these that is awesome! I believe that you should hodl that Stish like it is BitCoin. However, if we did need to cover development costs for enhancements or server fees etc, we could sell enough to cover those costs as needed at the market rates to raise the capital. Any smart business saves for a rainy day or expansion not otherwise funded. It is our emergency fund in a way also. I think we will have steady income being produced with the sale of goods and services to cover costs but we have some reserves.

Marketing Costs:

Currently we have set aside 10% to cover future marketing costs. This includes customer acquisitions, investor funding initiatives and brand awareness campaigns also. The space is getting more and more competitive by the week and traditional norms might not keep the wheels moving. Keep in mind this isn’t for the first 6 months this is over the next 4 years. So we are planning for the long term and future costs will be higher than today. The market value of Stish will determine also how much we have left over after the total budget cycle.

When we jump well beyond $1 USD per Stish then we obviously would not liquidate more Stish than was required to handle the marketing jobs or fund the marketing projects. In the event we do not even need to touch this it can go into an emergency fund.

Where will we be exactly 4 years from now?

This is hard to know. Where we want to be will require massive marketing campaigns to create the added buzz to propel the currency. Market Making is not out of the question for these funds in the future also if needed. Market Makers are not some form of manipulation but rather they are a form of helping markets become more fluid… Here is a great article describing their purpose:

The Reserves Can Be Seen Here:

Tokenization Of Our Rewards Pool:

This section is where the real complexities of the budget and financial allocations reside. Let’s be very clear and upfront that the 5% rewards pool funding is a very cheap way to distribute the currency to as many people as possible and also encourage the overall growth of the platform. When people have some skin in the game they tend to perform better. As members join and start to PEE and interact with the community through comments and writing blog posts which in turn helps drive more growth, they feel empowered.

#This new found ability to earn some rewards points and turn those into a tradeable Token called Stish is very enticing.

The desire to earn rewards doing things that people normally do for free on other platforms anyway is exciting. Members will often brag on other social media about how great their experience is and will write articles about the platform. This concept of rewarding people for work is nothing new. Just the works these people are doing is for themselves not some huge corporation.

When members of write articles, comments, make friends, refer new people, and more they earn rewards points we call SteemThat Tokens. These tokens have limits that members must reach before being able to exchange them for Stish. The exchange rate can be adjusted as needed to curb how much Stish is being created from the rewards program. The rewards program is a fantastic way to get the word out and grow a social network. This could have been placed under marketing but we like to be transparent and describe what we are doing and why.

The initial rewards pool will be funded with no more than 5% of the total created amount. This will allow for some new people not very familiar with crypto currencies to earn some points and trade those points for real world blockchain based crypto currency called Stish. This is a huge consideration as to our methods and why we have a 4 year plan. I think full maturation will not be expected until fully funded and around the 4 year mark after the funding.

By tokenizing our rewards points we in effect create a community full of eager participants wanting not only for themselves to succeed but also other members of the community. This might be the only time in all of our lives that technology has allowed for such life changing innovations and we hope that you will be a part of it all.

We must remind all members and participants that there are many things that determine the value of a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency prices can be volatile and extreme. There is a great risk to investing into cryptocurrencies and this is why people will tell you that this is not an investment nor should the purchase of Stish be used as an investment vehicle. Though many choose to use Crypto Currencies this way it is advised that you seek the services of a competent professional for investment advice.

We Fell In Love With Steemit And Want To Make It A Better Place For Our Members. Many who are excellent writers and vastly underpaid! Once our whale pool is fully funded we will be able to help change the landscape of Steemit and even help it propel into the future.

We Had 3 Goals In Mind While Building and Steemish!

One Goal Was To Build A Social Media Platform that users could easily use. It should allow members to form groups and make friends and send messages like a real social media platform. With the social portal users can actually interact with each other like they would on facebook or twitter. They can write on each others stream/wall/timeline feed and private message. Users can use the groups to form niche communities where they can share ideas and build bonds around things they have in common. Users of can write articles that help grow the community. Members Earn Rewards Points For Doing Work. Unlike other platforms with obscure or misleading rewards tables, publishes exactly what each task earns.

The strongest and fastest method to help distribute a cryptocurrency is its community. By tokenizing our in house rewards system we will be putting the cryptocurrency into the hands of many not just a few at the top. Members will be able to trade their rewards tokens for the real world block chain cryptocurrency STEEMISH traded under the symbol STISH.

Why centralize distribution?

We felt that our competition after months of DDOS attacks and attempted hacks would simply buy up tokens as cheap as they can and sabotage all early trading. We would much rather distribute a portion of Stish to the masses through a control sale and rewards distribution system. We had literally tons of orders for 0.01 USD where the exchange fee would be higher than the order when we first launched. So we placed minimums on the amounts of SteemThat Rewards Tokens to exchange. As much as we are doing for the whole token economy we have not been treated very fairly by some.

Many members are lovers of wants to actually create the place they talked about but after 2 years and millions of dollars, still have not developed. Steemit is great but misses the whole social aspect of social media.

Everything you want to do must be done on a separate website. has written hundreds of how to guides trying to help new members figure out Steemit with almost zero support from those we were sending volumes of traffic. There are literally hundreds of websites and tools surrounding Steem and the blockchain and it takes months to grasp all of the concepts. It’s Almost Too Complicated For The Average Person.

One of the ways that we have been able to surpass the competition in a quarter of the time with far less team members and funding is by using a hybrid build model. We use many traditional off chain components to help run the social media platform and rewards system. These tools are already available and with cloud computing and cdn this allows to be scaleable where as systems built purely on a blockchain often get burdensome and cumbersome and either break or slow down like a sloth… For the things best ran on chain, we run on chain.

Buy%20Stish%20Now was built more for the serious-minded Steemit folks wanting to build long-term strategic relationships and develop their individual or business brands. The social media platform of is impressive by itself and can be utilized for many purposeful business or pleasure uses. People are already forming awesome groups and recruiting members to those groups. The concepts and ideas that are being shared will help shape the whole Crypto Community one day.

Many people enjoy the laid back atmosphere without all of the dings and annoyances of most of the 1990’s style chat services. is lean and cleanly designed on a popular web frame-work that nearly 50% of all websites in the world today are built around. Launching the crypto token Stish on the Ethereum blockchain to run alongside the community and allowing members real world access to blockchain tokens was smart. is lean and cleanly designed!

We have members using the platforms that are brand new and members that have been around since day one. We noticed a need for a place where people who love Steemit and Steem could come together and support each other as their platform did not have a real social media portal.

There is a simple concept that once members embrace it and live by it can change their lives. When you help others grow you will grow! has a motto: “Helping People Grow”

We believe in this and have built a self-funded project to prove it. Future Development And Rapid Growth Will Require Everyone To Come Together and Unite Around This One Concept.


While searching on I would come across posts that were extremely well written. These posts would often explain something or shine light on an issue in such a way that you wanted to read more. Far too often these members were new and had few quality followers to support their posts.

When someone worked for 4 hours or more to put together a solid masterpiece from a writers stand point and only earn 0.230 in upvotes my gut tells me they will not stick around long! helps reduce the churn and burn capital burning approach by shoring up early adopters support base.

The sad thing is once high quality writers are gone, all that is left are a ton of crappy folks spamming with single pictures and no words time and time again draining the rewards pool. Solves This By Having An Internal Off Chain Management With Regards To Rewards Flow To Ensure Only The Finest Content Gets Created And Distributed.

Who really thinks that a system that rewards spammers and plagiarizers over real people will sustain itself? Those that drain the rewards pool penalize honest hard-working people who deserve way more than they are receiving for their efforts. With steemit and steem having an already huge learning curve for most people, we developed to be simpler and easier all of the way around.

The Second Goal Was To Organize Data and Build Tools To Help Members Save Time.

When we started working on this project we thought it would be easy. Honestly I thought I would be done quickly. The amount of information that a new member must consume in order to be successful long-term on Steemit is massive. Tracking all of this information down and organizing it isn’t an easy task at all. The real problem stems from manually culling out really old information that isn’t valuable any more because of hardforks. Since this data is locked into the blockchain it isn’t removable once it is no longer valid or outdated. This old outdated information with a few simple tweaks could be updated, however this is not allowed. This causes bloat for the blockchain and requires massive pruning. It also causes a plethora of disinformation and confusion.

One of the major Benefits of writing on is the ability to go and edit a post later if an updated needs to be made 30 days down the road to keep your original content relevant. Additionally you could link to a more updated post you recently added! Something such as this would work: “Hey if you love my old most, try the newly updated post that goes into more details and specifics about certain topics.” Of if you are publishing a multiple series article that takes you months to create you could go back in later and link each post to the next etc.

Once I spent 12 hours setting up a Virtual Machine and walking through all kinds of steps to find out after I could not get things to work that Steem wasn’t mine-able. At least not in the way you would think. Many of the docs and how to guides that could help a new member do something with steemit are incomplete or would take a member down a rabbit hole so deep, they might commit suicide instead of climbing out! Yes, I just went there. Building so fast that there is not time for docs isn’t a very good excuse. The docs should be built as the code develops.

The steemit docs for using are disorganized beyond belief. Plus there are literally 100’s of tools that people have built that do different things or do not work at all anymore. There are many portals or ways to create different content types and add them to the block chain. There many which are listed on the main website as the “place to go” but have 404 not in service errors. So nearly half of all things developed appear to not be functioning anymore.

Explaining each one of these that are working still that offer memebrs real value with links and some basic how to guides would be a nice addition here to The amount of time to put together all of this is daunting. Members however, could each tackle one tool or topic in relation to and write about it on and within a week have them all covered making the go to place to learn about We could do this also as we on board other platforms.

We did launch the publish to in an attempt to let members write about various topics but mainly to see if members could write how to guides and reviews on tools and apps for All of these articles do extremely well in the search engines as people are trying hard to find answers to their questions. One of the problems with Steemit and why organizing is so important is that users currently will spend far more time off the website looking for information on how to do something or see some data or find out what something is or does than they will contributing to the platform with comments, upvotes, follows and resteems. As develops and becomes more and more used we can reduce the amount of Steemit services exponentially and focus more on our own offerings, benefits and services.

Maybe I’m crazy but all websites live or die really because of user interaction and time on site. If all of your users are constantly distracted going somewhere else than that isn’t a solid plan. I think tools revolving around accessing data and displaying that data are essential. The more we write about them and even develop more of them the better. If we had the top tools that pretty much every Steemian needs working on we would help more people than ever before. One unique robust tool can be a game changer for each platform that we affiliate with.

This of course leads me to think that the portal is simply a proof of concept portal. Giving developers a sample of what could be done or how you would go about building a portal to interact with the blockchain. With the various portals popping up this appears to be the likely scenario. Essentially affiliate style marketing of the blockchain by other websites promoting it’s use. This is genius and I hope this is the ultimate plan. The more websites that are connected to the block chain bringing in new users ultimately at some point the higher the value of the Steem Crypto Currency. Each entity serving a specific niche like dSounds handling music and Dtube videos and taking over the blogging platform.

This leaves having the unique traditional social media platform position that also rewards its users for contributing content. With the development of our own blogging and rewards system that is more equitable, we can have a small community that earn from multiple platforms while promoting the Stish cryptocurrency.

The Third Goal Revolves Around Smart Media Tokens Or A BlockChain Based Token.

We have 3 primary goals and 4 phases of development to achieve these goals. We hope to have phase three ready by early 2018 or at least be ready to solely focus on Smart Media Tokens ( Steemit owns a blogging platform and has released zero information since the concept was first discussed nearly 8 months ago. We decided to protect members and Launch STEEMISH/STISH on the Ethereum Blockchain ).

With a social media platform like the data base can be updated and changed constantly as it isn’t on the block chain. Nothing is going to break if you delete some words out of a wall post 10 days from now. We do have in place a loss of rewards for deleting things to prevent people from being able to earn rewards then deleting the content. If someone needs to delete content for some reason the rewards they received are sent back to the rewards pool. We have taken extreme steps to resolve some of the issues other platforms suffer from while still keeping an enhanced social usability.

Stish allows for the tokenization of SteemThat Rewards Tokens With 5% Supply Being Allocated To Such Functions As Outlined In This White Paper. This will help limit the amount of supply being sent to exchanges so that it doesn’t crash the currency. The Total Amount Of Steem That Rewards Tokens Have A Limited Supply To Fund The Rewards Pool With Regulated Distribution Each Year. By Setting A Fixed Amount Of Rewards Tokens Per Year We Can Pre Determine The Estimated Amount Over The Year That Will Be Exchanged To Stish. To Further Help Control Inflation We Have A Variable Rate Of Exchange From SteemThat Rewards Tokens To Stish. This is needed due to the second generation of rewards beyond the 5%.

The second generation of rewards are the rewards beyond the initial rewards established. As members purchase services with Stish over time there will be a significant reserve created. desires to keep Stish circulating within the markets that are establish. There are a few solutions to resolve becoming the largest stake holder. During second generation, collected Stish can be used to resupply the rewards pool. As membership increases and demand increases the exchange rate from SteemThat Rewards Tokens To Stish can subsequently increase to help offset the reduced Stish to fund the pool. No more than 5% of total circulation of Stish will be available for exchange from Steem That Rewards Tokens to Stish.

The second way that collected Stish can be redistributed and beneficial to the platform is through allocation to further develop the platform. As we continue to develop and build especially into version 2.0 of Stish collected by could specifically be used to fund development of other apps and services that are to be created on top of our platform or to run side by side our platform. Using collected Stish to re-invest into the platform essentially is a smart idea firstly and commonly initiated by other crypto currencies.

Tokenization Of The Rewards Pool Helps Incentivize Adopters Of The Social Media Platform Along With Help To Create A Community Around The Trade-able Token Called Stish. The Revenues Generated From The Initial Sale and Distribution Of Stish Will Help Develop The Platform To It’s Entirety.

Where is heading?

We are looking towards more integrations with the Steem Blockchain in the final development phase of version 1.0 after the STISH TOKEN EVENT. Some of these have already started taking shape. We would like to develop on some of version 2.0 technology and integrate into With a future designed to integrate both platforms into Stish and Steem.

Most of the things written in the original white paper have been fullfilled.

The new updated roadmap is essential as we continually develop and have constantly achieved goals set. We will update and make needed midification to the Roadmap as we often achieve milestones ahead of schedule or if we need to alert people that we need more time to complete a milestone with a static page located here.
We are talking to developers about building a bridge to automate or semi automate the in house Rewards Points SteemThat Tokens exchange ability with Stish the blockchain token.

The requirement of members to at some point enter their Ethereum wallet receive addresses and set their threshold will be important. Members will simply then be able to submit a request for conversion verses going through a bunch of steps for this process. The ability to allow other members to also help share Stish between each other is also cool as the Ethereum wallet address will be displayed in each members about page of their profile. This will allow groups to do contests for Steem That Rewards for content creation on multiple platforms or even award Stish to winners.

Planning and Development Will Begin On Version 2.0 Of SteemThat. Built as a hybrid on chain off chain solution that moves to integrate other cryptocurrencies and blockchains. just keeps growing and adding new members everyday.

Some come for the tools and reviews of tools and some come for the Community Social Portal. The Members make up the community and we are adding bright and vibrant members from around the world. Putting some of the greatest minds to work to make your journey better. There are so many awesome features that can be taken advantage of by members that there are too many to mention them all. Here is a short list of the top things members do on

They Join SteemThat and make some real friends and connections. They Join Groups And Share Ideas. Members can share their Steemit link Automatically to be curated by our community curators plus they can share with real people who can Upvote, Follow, Comment and Resteem. Making Friends And Real Connections Is At The Heart Of Private Message Other Members Or Chat In The Community Feed And Get The Discussion Started. We recently found that Posts that are Upvoted, Followed, Commented On And Resteemed By As Few As 20 Accounts Seen More Natural Steemit Views. The SteemThat Community Should Be Able To Help Each Other Out With This.

Groups Are The Key To Organize Like Minds. They Can Be Private Or Public. They can be niche specific.
Tools And How To Guides Are hard to find on Steemit. You can search for days and never find what you actually need. We seen this problem with link after link in post after post that wasn’t valid or the tool wasn’t working anymore or the information was outdated. Tools that could be a part of Steemit but for some reason they do not integrate stuff that people really want or need…Like Who Followed You And Then Quit Or Muted. (Now Added). These Tools are available and we write about them in the Blog.

Some tools we have created in relation to help members free up time or create better content designs. They are beta and we would love to make them even better and we will after the STISH TOKEN EVENT.

That leads us right into the Implementation Strategy for STISH And Rewards.

We have a separate page and white paper that will focus in great detail the budget and financial and technical analysis which both have static pages for updated information. The section below will give the general concept and ideas but we encourage members needed in-depth details and analysis to seek the pages specific to this area where a pdf will be provided for download. Believes Members Should Be Rewarded For Their Social Media Contributions.
We also believe that we can do this a little differently and still have great results.

To Test Some Ideas We Launched Our On Token Called The Steem That Rewards Token. It isn’t publicly traded and will only be used as an internal points token among members of and for purchases of SteemThat related services and products. It will however at the end of a period be able to be traded with a real blockchain tokens called Steemish traded under the symbol Stish. We launched Stish as a stand alone BlockChain Token At The Stish Event Token Launch 2018. Stish tokenizes the rewards system but also is a standard crypto currency with utility purpose and store of value ability.

What Are Steem That Tokens?

Steem That Tokens Are Like Points That You Can Buy Or Earn. These Tokens Give You Access To The Content On The Website. Members receive Steem That Tokens when they perform tasks on the website. They can also buy tokens. These tokens are micro traded. Members can transfer them between each other fee free on the website. At maximum 5% of all created Stish blockchain tokens will be distributed as rewards through the social portal equitable rewards system. The way we have decided to do this is to allow for the exchange of Steem That Tokens sometimes called points into Stish for all of the hard works it took to build the community. This help equitably distribute a portion of Stish across the community while rewarding those that helped built it. Members will be required to add their Ethereum wallet address into their profile to receive the exchanged Stish. This will help automate the system for exchanging Rewards Tokens For Stish Crypto Currency. Members will be able to set an exchange threshold just and submit a request for exchange! Making it super easy to get started.

Inspired in part by the social crypto STEEM and an old platform called Squidoo… actually provides more than just a blogging platform. One benefit often overlooked it the benefit of being smaller and less cluttered making it easier for members to find and digest information and support each other. provides a full social network that works hand in hand with the blogging platform. If you tried Steemit and thought it was just too hard and difficult to figure out then you’ll love which has made it super simple to start earning rewards for your social media activities.

SteemThat rewards users with Steem That Tokens that are off the blockchain and is much like a traditional rewards points system. Users earn these tokens while performing work that they often do on other social media websites for free! I know it is crazy, they build wealth for huge corporations and get nothing in return.

Now with when members make friends, comment, write posts and messages they earn Steem That Tokens.
There Will Only Be 120,000 Steem That Tokens Reward Points Issued In 2018. These Beta Tokens Can Be Traded

With Our Current Beta Testing We Have Determined That We Would Potentially Need To Double The Issuance Of Steem That Tokens Every Year For 4 Years. This is depending on growth but is consistent with our estimated growth patterns. The control of exchange from SteemThat Rewards Points to Stish after the first year will be dependent on the value of Stish and the amount of tokens needed to help control the velocity of Steem That Rewards Points being exchanged to Stish. We can easily adjust the exchange rate or the minimum threshold amount for exchange to help control inflation as needed beyond the first year of existence. During the first year tight regulations are in place to attempt to stabilize the markets by not allowing more than 5% of Stish in circulation to be from the exchange of Steem That Rewards Points.

Steem That Tokens:
120,000 Year One Available Rewards Points.

240,000 Year Two Available Rewards Points.

480,000 Year Three Available Rewards Points.

960,000 Year Four Available Rewards Points.

*Tokens Not Consumed By The End Of The Calendar Year Can Be Rolled Into The Next Years Rewards Pool.

Liquid Steem That:
60,000 Year One Available For Exchange For Steemish

120,000 Year Two Available For Exchange For Steemish

240,000 Year Three Available For Exchange For Steemish

480,000 Year Four Available For Exchange For Steemish

*The Max Possible Would Be 550,000 Stish Being Allocated During The First Year.

Stish was developed on the Ethereum blockchain for the community.
Steemish/Stish Will Have A Token Event In 2018. Unlike Most High Risk ICO’s That Have Zero Development, Zero Testing, And Zero Guarantee They Will Even Launch, Stish is tied to the beta community This niche social network is super simple to use and will help solidify ongoing support for the fledgling token. Building a community around the crypto currency increases the success rate exponentially. Watch This Short Overview About Stish Tokens.


Stish along with SteemThat already have proven to be successful at recruiting and gaining active members. We have already tested the rewards structure and done our homework and over the last 8 months invested thousands of development hours into a rock solid social media platform that will make all others say, “Wish we had those features!” We are literally light waves ahead of the competition and a sleeping Giant that has been awoken in the year 2018!

10,100,100 Stish Tokens Were Created.
Want To See The Code? Check Out Our Etherscan Here.

*This Is Not An Investment. This Is Not A Financial Instrument or Security or Bond. This is not an offer or promise of any financial gain or incentive.

Don’t Miss Out On This One!
Compatible Wallets
The following wallets should be compatible with Steemish:

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon)
Mist (Desktop)
imToken (iPhone)
imToken (Android)
Stish Can Be Traded On The Best Decentralized Exchange Radex -

The Rewards Platform Has Some Cool Features:
The works performed have values and are fixed not variable depending on how rich you are. Everyone gets a fair and equal stake based on fair and equal works performed. Everyone’s potential is controlled by their own work and abilities without limitations accept where needed to prevent abuse. A Novel Real World Business Concept That Will Be Tested With The Steem That Tokens.

How much is a comment really worth right now and how much is it potentially worth in the future?
Is there a formula for this? How would someone even begin to put a dollar value on this? How can I even be thinking about this right now? Well this is all my mind has thought about for months and maybe even years. My brain is nothing more than an ultra sophisticated computer that I can control and program to do things.Once I realized the formula was much like Pi, I was able to see how much a single comment on a post was really worth.

So What Is The Answer…How Much Is A Comment really Worth Now And In The Future?

It has been determined that the comment is always worth more if it happens than if it never does happen.
The future value is always worth more than the present value and the past value as the past value never existed before creation of the comment. The present value is actually unknown but one has to assign a number to get started much like the genesis block.
No currency can truly define the value of a comment now or in the future. To arbitrarily assign value or attempt to assign value to things that should never be assigned value, yet be freely expressed and freely received, is ludicrous.
The Actual Value Of A Comment Must Be Understood As All Of The Pieces That Make Up The Circle.(hence the pi reference)
The Social Media Platform, The Blogging Platform, The Rewards Points, The Ad Revenues, The Shop/Store Sales, The Stish Token Sales, The Value Provided To Members Life, The Friendships Made Because Someone Commented, The Groups Formed Because Someone Said, “Thank You For Posting…” There is a huge circle that revolves around the comment created with an undefined value.
Comments Are Central To The Life And Growth Of This Platform.
This conclusion is based off of extensive research to determine the value of a comment done by the founder Eric Binkley. Respectfully this knowledge is shared with each person reading this white paper and I ask that you do not share this unless attribution is given to the platform. Thank you.

What Motivates Me To Try And Change The Lives of Thousands Of People?

It truly is just a labor of love for humanity. As we become more and more successful there are many charitable causes that I would personally like to support from rebuilding churches and homes after natural disasters to helping with basic needs for rural communities like funding for sewer systems and public drinking water. We have more things yet to be accomplished. With your participation we will all achieve great things together!


See The Steemish Token On EtherScan
The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
No Pre-Mined Tokens
Hybrid on-chain / off-chain solution (the future of crypto)
Trade Stish On The Radex Exchange and here is a guide: