With Steemish and Stish.io So Hot What Should We Do With SteemThat.com?


Now you can blog and write and share and easily add images on Steemish.com and Stish.io coming soon. You can login with your SteemThat.com account coming soon. It will not be long before we integrate this new style of publishing into our lives. We can organize content a little more effectively and keep things more top level. Sure members that want to drill down into subjects can but you willl not have to go though 10 clicks with slow loading to get to where you want to go. Everything by design will stay fast and relevant.

The question is can we merge existing content into the space? Can we keep what we have on SteemThat.com and simply modify it? Do we want to keep up with the old way of doing things? Does SteemThat.com overtime become the storefront for Stish pre-ico and most members move here? Do people stay on SteemThat.com as is and we run 2 separate platforms that coexist and share user bases and rewards? We have so many options now it is un-real.

Over the last 8 months my skills have really developed. I’m still not perfect and have a long ways to go but we have greatly improved. Can we integrate Stish rewards directly into Stish.io and Steemish.com? I think we can. I think version 2.0 is getting started and many people will be shocked at where we are on the development roadmap.

SteemThat.com is an awesome platform with so much potential and it has always worked hand in hand with Stish.io and Steemish.com to tackle the massive challenges of running a successful Token event. It all starts with gathering members and emails and social media growth. Telegram and Discord and Bitcoin Talk etc. Our Facebook and Discord are doing the best with Twitter right behind. We simply need more man power to keep the word out there about Stish. We can probably at around 2000 members really be focused on grassroots marketing and sales efforts.

SteemThat.com is a wonderful platform and has alot of potential. Somethings I think we could possible do without and move to the new design. Other things we will need to see how to integrate with existing database structures. One day it would be nice to Launch on the EVM and be completely ran on Chain. The current version of SteemThat.com has to remain until we can have direct Stish distributions. Then major modification and mergers can be made with little impact. It is so nice to blog from Steemish.com though. I might not ever want to go back.