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Steemish Is Traded Under The Symbol Stish!

Ethereuem Blockchain

Stish Is An ERC-20 Token Built On The Distributed Ethereum Blockchain. Safe And Secure On A Decentralized Blockchain. Check It On Etherscan

Limited Supply Strong Utility

With Only 10,100,000 Steemish There Is Great Potential. Steemish Tokens Are Used To Buy Services In The SteemThat Community

Not A Concept ICO

Concept ICOs Have A Ton Of Risk... Stish has a community built around it with a working platform. Check Out Our White Paper!

Token Event For Steemish 2018 Now Live!

Oh Stish!


Steemish Is A Crypto Currency Built For The Community. Utilizing The Power Of Ethereum, Steemish ERC-20 Tokens Are Eternal On The Distributed Ledger And Traded Under The Symbol “Stish”.

Unlike Most High Risk ICO’s That Have Zero Development, Zero Testing, And Zero Guarantee If or When They Will Even Launch, Steemish is tied to the beta community This niche social network is fun and super simple to use. Building a community around the crypto currency increases the success rate exponentially.

There is no other token in existence like Stish. Epic describes Stish perfectly as it solves problems that some of the greatest minds in crypto were unable to solve. Stish conquers tokenization of an equitable rewards system for social media content creation with only 5% of the initial total creation. That is a mouth full but is epic.

Stish empowers people around the world by breaking down the barrier to entry into crypto. People can earn while they learn, as the equitable Steem That rewards system is fair and works to promote early fluid distribution for works performed such as blogging, chatting, friending and commenting.

Stish not only has the power to change the world it is already starting to do so.

People want to be where people are. As provides more and more services that benefit writers and social media users on multiple platforms the future is bright. Stish has already been used to purchase services from the SteemThat community and we look forward to many more in 2018.

If you ever felt like you missed out on a great opportunity then you know that sinking feeling when you come back 6 months or a year later and say,“Wish I would have trusted my gut. I missed out on this one!” You don’t have to miss out on Stish. Made for people just like you by people just like you, to help you grow. Let’s Build A Whale Pool Together! Minnow By Minnow!

How To Purchase Steemish Traded Under The Symbol “Stish”?

It is so simple visit and join. Then purchases some Stish. For those who need an anonymous way you can buy Stish for a limited time on Radex Exchange. See Below.


Are Steemish Available Pre-ICO At Huge Discounts?:

The Answer is YES,  but there are only so many allocated with these huge discounts, so you better hurry! We will be launching the FULL TOKEN EVENT very soon. During The Full Token Event Stish Will Be Listed At Staggering Price Points And Sold In 4 Phases.

There is a limited number of supply and that is part of the reason we feel confident in our pricing strategy. We have tried to negate as much risk as possible by investing thousands of man hours over the course of 8 months to create not just a concept but a working platform. Services will be made available that will require the purchase of Stish to take advantage of the full platform.


We were very fortunate to have heard about the lowest fee highest quality services provided by Radex Exchange and the Rados Community. If you are an experienced Ethereum Trader you will find their exchange user friendly and easy and efficient to make trades on.

If maybe this is your first time trading with Ethereum or Stish they have an easy guide on how to use the Radex Exchange.  The community also has guides and a very helpful community of people that can answer your questions.

Legal Stuff:
All Crypto Currencies Are Risky And Should Not Be Used For Investments. Stish is not being offered as a security or stock in the company and no guarantees are implied of expressed. Work by those that purchase Stish is required to gain incentive from the escrow/whale pool. This might be limited to publishing posts to Steemit or The Steem Blockchain through various portals or applications. No purchase is necessary. Purchasing of Stish allows one to subscribe to the whale pool favorites list where increased upvote percentages are possible. The upvote percentages may be adjusted without notice. The amount of posts per time period may be limited without notice. **See White Paper For Full Details. or ***50% of total sales of Stish will be used to purchase Steem. The value that this represents depends on the market price at the time of purchase. Not all posts will be upvoted as some additional restrictions may apply. See full technical documentation for additional conditions or restrictions.

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Stish Should Be In Your Portfolio. No matter how you slice the pie.

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