Due To Covid 19, Riots, Low Funding, and paycuts Stish is in danger of having to close by August 1st. Sales are slow and trading is down for us. The concept is noble but the future isnt certain now. For the first time in 3 years I can honestly say we might have been defeated not by a hacker or computer virus but a real virus. It is wrecking so many lives and companies. Stish will always exists and will be used in another way one day if we collapse. It might take some time but it will spring back but hopefully as a fully Decentralized Application Similiar to what we have now. HODL that Stish for a later date if you do see Stish.io down…. NOTICE: Please move your Stish from your Stish Wallet at Stish.io to your Saturn Wallet, Meta Mask Wallet ETC Just In Case!

Help Stish Raise Funds For Future Development! Keep Stish Alive And Growing! You Can Buy Stish With Several Major Cryptocurrencies And Help Stish Survive The CoronaVirus Pandemic of 2020!

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