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Photography by Darren Claxton

Whlist out on a woodland walk with my family today, I came across the most unusual mushroom.
At first, we thought it was some kind of toadstool or funghi, but in fact, it was an edible ‘Scarlet Elf Cup.’

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Scarlet Elf Cups

Safety Rating 10 out of 10

These little beauties stand out a mile because of their colour, unless like me you are a little bit colour blind… The Scarlet Elf Cup is aptly named, it’s beautiful scarlet colour and it’s cup shape are 2 of its key defining features. The other 2 are that this mushroom does have a stem, which tapers down a bit like the stem on a wine glass. The stem and the back of the scarlet elf cup are also never the same colour as the cup itself. They are always a more orange to off white colour. You can both see and hear the spores being released from this mushroom by picking one, quickly blowing across the cap and holding it near to your ear.This mushroom also grows in mid winter when not many others do. From December up to March is when you are most likely to find them.There is one mushroom that you could mistake these for that is very similar. That is the Ruby Elf Cup. It has all the same features with a slightly deeper colouring, but that would not be a dangerous mistake to make as it is equally as edible.In the Kitchen


Photography by Darren Claxton

Culinary Rating 8 out of 10

Slightly unexpectedly, these little cups have a lovely mushroomy flavour, and a reasonably firm texture. Lightly cooked they make a lovely colouful addition to any salad, but use them in any dish in a similar way to normal mushrooms, or cook them a bit more to use as a red mushroom garnish on top of a steak.

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