? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #11 ? / @Steemartists Promo ?


Greetings fellow steemians!!!

Getting a bit ahead as previous edition (#10) hasn’t paidout yet but well I need to get this done fast to save time, I’m filling my boxes for the move etc etc non interesting stuff I have to do lol. I’ll edit the post later with the payout of #10 and the extra details I might have missed.

Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety ? TY.


CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks posted on Steemit in the last week(s?) and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here, maybe other curators can make their own posts and cover more ground, that would be awesome.?


The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and all the earned SBD will be shared in equal parts to the promoted artists, I get to keep the SP and STEEM as reward for the service.?

Week #11 TOP 10…


#1 Dreaming Roses- A Photo Study Painting & A Short Story by @kristyglas

#2 Drawing heroes with ballpoint pen pt. 3 by @arthurgain

#3 ? Observation – original painting by @gric

#4 Sardegna by @veryspider

#5 The Last Avatar by @basileonardo

#6 Lady Sunflower by @user

#7 El Reino de revés – Creando un cuento infantil by @edanya


#9 Mr.M Art Contest #5 Week’s Theme: Mythological Characters & Creatures by @stahlberg

#10 Mermay Challenge | Digital Illustration by @ankapolo

Other Awesome Art worth checking

Dibujando Anime – Fotos por Crislau – by @crislau

“Mermaid Monday” contest week 7-Girl Tanning – by @millerjtaipe

Myths & Legends Contest Semana 1- La Medusa – by @akarantain


These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don’t forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.?

Thanks to the @steemartists crew @spaceginger, @jillustrations, @zeroooc, @veryspider and @zeitgleich. And as well to @lilyraabe and @thenewalchemists.

Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!!?

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