? Melooo182’s Artists Curation Post #33 ? / @Steemartists Promo ??


Greetings fellow steemians!!!

So here we have again another selection for another week… Third week experimenting with reinvesting past post gains to increase exposure and revenue…I is sad because steem price sunk just now lowering the gains of this post, dunno if just are my post but everything seems like a lot less active lately…meh anyway I said I keep continuing with this experiment for 2 more weeks so let’s how it goes this one.


Lets continue with this week’s curation, If you like the post please consider resteeming to spread the word and increase notoriety ? TY.


CLARIFYING NOTICE: This post only promotes my TOP 10 favourite artworks and haven’t received the attention I think they deserve. I know there are way too many other good art being posted but I cannot put them all here.?


The Artists Curation Post will be done weekly and the earnings will be used to invest in ways of improving my curation capabilities, hopefully making it sustainable and even improving the continued promotion and curation of artworks. ?

Week #33 TOP 10…


#1 by @francisftlp

Drawing. Redhead Girl.


#2 by @haedre

How I paint comics: The Techno Templar #42


#3 by @miss.dara

Day 12 . Vampire .


#4 by @pluridimensional

Heterochromia iridum – Grafito y color – ART EXPLOSION WEEK 49: Theme MUTATIONS


#5 by @christianyocte

Art 155: Drawing a Pretty Girl using Colored Pencils


#6 by @basileonardo

Orctober 2018 – Day10


#7 by @maryspace

❤ My sweet pastel girl ❤|#Pastelgirlchallenge Expience + Full process


#8 by @javier.dejuan

Rare cars #1: General Patton’s Jeep


#9 by @justaboutart



#10 by @raghao

Multicolour portrait of a beautiful girl.

Other Awesome Art worth checking

@goodnodeOne Afternoon, Late

@beekartInktober – Day 16 – Angular

@marcocostaPintando el Monumental MACHUPICCHU

@kytcordellJason Todd

These were my TOP 10 for this week, please don’t forget to upvote them while you still can, also you can help by resteeming this post for more visibility.?

Thanks to the @steemartists crew @spaceginger, @jillustrations, @zeroooc, @veryspider and @zeitgleich. As well to @lilyraabe and @thenewalchemists, and the @c-squared crew and their awesome curation efforts.
I want also add a special recognition to @see.feel.write for offering himself to add some extra reward to featured artists.

Cheers Everyone, have an awesome and productive week!!!?

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