? Steemit Open Mic Week 82 ?- Original Song by @darrenclaxton – Inside Your Soul –

About the author: darrenclaxton


Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician, Producer and now BBC Radio artist, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’ . But most of all, it's his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.


Heartbroken promises

inside your soul

where were you my friend

when I needed you most

This is awesome! Well done.

7 months ago

This is lovely too "Won’t you fight to survive

won’t you survive to fight"

7 months ago

Thanks for the compliments and for quoting my lyrics!

©2013 Darren Claxton

7 months ago