? Urban Sketchers Medellín #2 ? ? – Main Park of La Estrella


Hello Again!!! ?

This is my second go with the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, this time we went to the far South of Medellín’s Metropolitan area, a town called La Estrella, very nice I liked it there although the entire afternoon looked like it would rain, good thing it didn’t. This time I did pick carefully what I would draw and wandered for a while looking for the angle of the church that appealed me the most, finally I found a spot where to sit and began drawing ?

Here is the photo of the Urban Sketchers group that day ?

They’re very cool people, I befriended some of them this time ?

Oh and here is the usual photo of all our drawings from that day

I think these are not all of them but well, I didn’t take those photos hehe

I’m really liking this activity, you get to met cool people with similar interests ?



Here a google street view, roughly from the same angle I drew the church


click for actual google street view

And the Drawing again for comparation


Click Image to see full size
I hope you liked my post and urban sketch ?
Let me know what you think in the comments bellow ?
Have a great week people ???

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