Stish Air Drop

1 Million Stish Air Drop!

We Want To Make Your 2019 New Year A Blast!

Stish will be sending out 1 Million Stish to encourage trading in 2019 after the end of the Token Event. Only people who fill out a short form will be added to the list. Members of the Stish community already receive some Stish from rewards credits when they are involved in the community.  Stish has a lot to offer the community and we appreciate your support in helping grow the micro crypto economy.

Be Sure You Use An Ethereum Wallet Address That You Have Full Control Of Not One Created On An Exchange. Members now have a light wallet they can use get your  Stish Wallet Address. 

Air Drop! Get Some Stish Now!

Notice: Light Ethereum Wallets Like The Social Wallets, Coinbase, Bittrex, Or Other Exchange Light Wallets Will Not Accept Stish or ERC-20 Tokens. You Will Need A Wallet That You Have Full Control Of Typically With A Private Key! These can be made with MetaMask Browser Extension or MyEtherWallet.

NOTICE POST UPDATE: The 1 Million Stish Air Drop Was Successful! Early Adopters and Supporter Received Some Bonus Stish! Thank you!

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Founder of Stish crypto and and the up and coming and Stish Stash crypto for gamers. I have worked on many projects over the last few years and none bring more joy than helping others here at Stish is now traded on
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Sure the Air Drop Is A Way We Plan To Increase Some Distribution and Encourage Currency Trading. Technically it is a giveaway of Stish. Some platforms Air drop 100% of their currency. This is not good generally. We reward users who contribute to the development of the community surrounding the currency as our primary means of distribution. It beats a simple air drop though it is a lot of work. It all boils down to the PEE theory. When people exert effort they tend to value what they receive for
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6 months ago
Is there a way to make sure we are signed up? Do early signers get a bonus? Hey I am always trying to get a bonus for everyone.
5 months ago
binkley when you say early adopters, how early are you referring to sir? Because i am sure i didn't get any bonus you mentioned probably i came in late
5 months ago
binkley again sir, the airdrop form? i had issues with my internet provider, i am not sure i submitted successfully, would it be a violation if i fill the form the second time?
5 months ago
I think I have 1000 Stishi in My wallet I can still apply for another one, does the token has price
4 months ago