10 invitations for the LVTmining

 Apparently I have the opportunity to give to 10 people an invitation for the LVTMining:

Invitation: Each LivesOne account will have 10 invitation quotation to invite friends to sign up

The Symbiosism Economy Foundation Is Introducing LVT Mining Through Mining Browser!

A collaboration between LivesOne and Maxthon browser

LivesOne Whitepaper

If you are interested click on the link above and follow the instructions  ^_^

About the author: Kalhiade

I’m passionate by the music, the photography, I love drawing and i’m happy to see finally the world is changing

The music … the first of my passions:

The only thing I can trust: it keeps me from thinking , empty my mind and heal my heart <3
but you can discover more over me on this post >>> https://stish.io/kalhiade-presentation-of-myself/
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with Love
Kalhiade <3

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