2 Ways To Buy Ethereum Crypto Currency Fast

This article will feature everything you need to know to buy Etheruem Crypto Currency Fast Including A Video Walk through To Create An Ethereum Wallet In Under 1 Minute.

There are 2 ways that people can get involved with Crypto Currency. Many people look at Bitcoin and think wow I don’t have $10,000 to buy a bitcoin. And they might look for other popular large scale cryptocurrencies that are main stream with liquidity that are not so expensive. Though you do not have to buy a whole BTC, ETH or LTC to get started many people will want to own a whole coin when getting started. Ethereum has been hovering around $500 USD for a while now and can be a great alternative to Bitcoin. Litecoin will be coming in another article where we dive into how to buy litecoin also. For this article let us focus on ETH the trading symbol for Ethereum and how would you buy ETH when you are just getting started in crypto currency.


Your First Road Block Into Crypto Currency Is Likely Going To Be Converting Your Standard Currency Into Digital Currency.

If you have USD or EURO this process is super easy. Other currencies can be exchanged also and each country generally will have a way to exchange their fiat or government issued currency to digital currency. Many people are in the USA or EURO zone and the first option we will share will make it super easy for you to get your hands on some Ethereum! There are a few steps that you first will need to take in order to buy ETH.

  1. You need a debit or credit card
  2. You need an Ethereum Wallet Address
  3. You need a reliable trusted place to buy Authentic Ethereum Tokens.

The good news you have found the best guide online that will help you buy Ethereum Coins fast.

We will assume you have some cash in the bank and a debit or credit card you can use to make the purchases. Next you will need an Ethereum wallet address. We look at the address as similar to a bank account number or checking account number. Only you should have access to the passwords called “Keys” to this account. You can share the address with people as they can deposit ETH into your account but you should be the only one to take it out or send it out of your account. You Ethereum wallet address can be created for free and can be created in under 1 minute. You can watch our video to see how you can create a wallet Address using https://myetherwallet.comĀ 



Now that you have create an Ethereum Wallet Address you can buy Ethereum easily and have it deposited to your wallet address.

Below you can use Changelly to buy ETH fast and have it deposited right into your wallet.


If you have no idea about wallets and don’t feel really comfy getting a wallet but still really really want to buy some Ethereum there is still an option that might work for you.

Many of my friends get started with crypto using Coinbase. Getting started is pretty simple and they handle the wallets for you. The downside is that you do not control your wallets in the way that you do when you create them yourself. So you can’t use your Coinbase Etheruem wallet address to receive other Ethereum based crypto currencies! This is sad but the way it is for now. If you are buying Ethereum to understand how it works so that you can then buy some Stish we also have an older video that can show you how make your wallet display Stish.


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