2020 Stinks And Stish Is Right There With It.

We only have one shot left to save Stish and that is go back to our Roots of blogging and monetizing that content for users. We can do that several ways now with new technology. Of course we can even reward users for Liking and Sharing on other social media platforms as well as for creating the content and commenting on the content. We are streamlining down to the Basics. It is back to the beginning for us. We know how to do a few things well and others not so much. Times are tough but maybe if we all get back to the basics then we can survive the hell storm of 2020!

We are sunsetting the Social portal and high cost develepment projects. We are streamlining the whole website with a simple simple to create an account and create content and support each other and get rewards. All of the documentation will be updated soon also to reflect simplistic uses of Stish.io. Create blog posts and embed pictures and videos just like the old days and let Stish be the time capsule for future generations. We can succeed if we can make it easy enough to use and encourage trading of the currency. We need more distribution and more education on how to trade Stish. Feel free to write blog posts about the Subject and share share share.

Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Stish.io. Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as Stish.io. He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on https://www.saturn.network/

5 thoughts on “2020 Stinks And Stish Is Right There With It.

  1. We will have to update our profile Photos and Possibly Bio Info. We have a new Accounts and Profile Page. Easier Blog Editing from your posts and we are Officially Back to Blogging. It has been a tough several years for the project and the people of the world. I’m hopeful that good things come to all in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to hang on to Stish.io verses closing down forever.

  2. It looks like we have lost some data in the migration and redployment. We lost friend connections and profile pics and some other data. Working to see what all we can salvage. Some things are not compatible or corrupted. Sorry everyone we are trying hard to stay alive. Covid has everything messed up and life is tough for so many right now. Hang in there.

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