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Bumblebee director on replacing Michael Bay: ‘I couldn’t go bigger’ – CNET

It must be tough to direct your first live-action film with Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay looking over your shoulder. But for Travis Knight, director of Transformers spin-off Bumblebee, those two singular filmmakers weren’t just the movie’s producers, they provided the touchstones that inspired the film. “ET was my spirit animal in this movie”, explained…

5G outlook: What’s to come in 2019 and beyond

The future of 5G is coming more into focus as we approach the end of 2018. I talked with Steve Ranger about the technology that is right around the corner and what we can expect to see by 2020. The following is an edited transcript of our interview. Steve: So where we are right now…

Recent Crypto News

Malaysia Files Criminal Charges Against Goldman Sachs

Advertisement Following months of investigation into the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia, the country’s attorney general Tommy Thomas has filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs International and two of its Asian subsidiaries alongside former Goldman Partner Tim Leissner, alleged scam mastermind Jho Low and former 1MDB counsel Jasmine Loo. The Wall Street Journal reports that Malaysian authorities earlier…

Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading for Retail Customers

Coinbase users can begin trading cryptocurrencies directly with other cryptocurrencies, the exchange startup said Monday. The company is adding support for crypto-to-crypto trading for its retail customers, adding a feature that has long been available to professional cryptocurrency trading services, said product manager Anna Marie Clifton. Users on, as well as the Android and…

Hong Kong Exchange ‘Hesitant’ to Approve Bitmain IPO, Says Source

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) is reluctant to approve the initial public offering (IPO) applications of Chinese bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers, according to a person involved in the talks. Following the 2017 cryptocurrency market boom, mining giants Canaan Creative, Ebang and Bitmain applied in May, June and September of this year, respectively, to sell…

Augur House Elections Market: Alleged Reporter Says Republicans Won The Market

Advertisement A person claiming to be the designated reporter for an Augur predictions market which asked the question “Which party will control the House after 2018 U.S. Midterm Election?” has posted to Reddit saying that he will be reporting that the Republicans control the house today. The market ends today, 12/10, and the Decmocrats, who…

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