A probant experiment with the Steemit SCAM!

I wanted to make a test with this scam. So, I created a lot of accounts, more than twenty. My strategy was: Using a ‘stealth mode’ by minimizing the interactions and see what will happen.

So, I chose to NOT post but only COMMENT. Each of my accounts will upvote and comment every other comments of all the other accounts. No AUTO upvote because of the sociopath flaggers trolls.
Each of my accounts cannot comment more than one time a day (because of the trolls flaggers who flag people posting or commenting more than x times a day..).
A sort of undernet, a net inside the net.

There is the result:

1: I earn rewards when I comment. I earn rewards when I upvote. I earn rewards when my other accounts upvote my comments. And this, with all my accounts. So I have a question: From where these rewards (STEEMS) are coming??? I never invested some real money in this scam.
As I have posted previously, STEEMS are ‘created’ when foolish people spends some REAL MONEY into this scam. But it’s not enough. VESTS (parts of STEEMS) are allocated (delegations) to all the new members. All these rewards I have received cannot be ‘paid’ with the REAL MONEY invested in this scam. One more time, it shows the STEEMS are permanently created. It explains also why after more than 2 years, STEEMIT has still NO VALUE and most exchangers do not want to deal with this FAKE cryptocurrency.

2: Some days ago, the admin @steem has UNdelegated around 10 of my accounts! WOOOWWW!!! It looks like the admin does not like members earning rewards without spending real money in his scam. It looks more and more like the old famous scam DXGold.

3: Despite my stealth strategy, 2 of my accounts were targeted by 2 trolls flaggers. One is a permanent troll bot. The account targeted by this bot is DEAD. Thanks to this sociopath. They don’t like what you post/comment, so they destroy your account… what a pity!

That’s all folks!

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