Amazon Cuts 100s of Jobs

s and some of the units were over budget. Over all the company is expanding in some of their units and they are in the process of searching for a location for a second headquarters. It would make good business sense that the company would relocate workers instead of laying them off.

Another story coming from inside the company is that the layoffs maybe a move for the company to release employee that are deemed to be under performing. Reports have surfaced that the managers are under pressure from bezos to weed out the lowest performing employees. Amazon has recently instituted a mandate that managers who oversee other supervisors must have at least 4 people reporting to them and they must be on call day or night. There are reports that stress levels are very high as the company works to weed out the under preforming people.

The recent story of the coming layoff seems to belie the company’s cover story and confirm the reports coming from the employees. A critical thinker would arrive at the conclusion that a mass layoff would solve the company’s desire to shed their under performing employees.


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