An invitation to delegators; 100% daily payout share!

Hello dear steemians,
We want to inform our fellow steemians that we have increased delegators daily payout share to 100% and it is our permanent plan. The delegators of @thebot(a bid bot) will receive 100% liquid rewards everyday while we will receive only curation rewards in form of SP. We invite everyone to delegate their Steem Power to @thebot & earn maximum daily payouts. @thebot is a bid bot serving the steemians for many weeks and giving them visibility for their posts. Please Support us by using this service, delegating some steem power to @thebot, inviting your friends & by resteeming this post to your followers.

Please delegate us through this link !
We also have a re-steem bot called @resteemyou which re-blogs any post to around 5000 followers for only 0.02 SBDs or Steem. Use these services to get more visibility, upvotes & resteems!
Help us by sharing this post to your followers. Thanks a lot for your time & support ♥!

Author: haseeb96
I am the owner of @thebot & @resteemyou at

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