Are You Cross-Posting? Here’s How Not To Get Bitten By Cheetah!

A Cheetah bite hurts! But this secret, 100% fail-proof tip will make sure you’ll never have to lick your wounds again…

Are You Cross-Posting. Here's How To Avoid A Cheetah Bite


Cheetah & Duplicate Content

A lot of people on SteemIt already have a blog before they create a SteemIt account.

Unfortunately, cross-posting often leads to a Cheetah-bite. The Cheetah bot is set up to detect duplicate content. If she finds any, she’ll upvote your post and leaves a comment to warn your readers that your post contains duplicate content and thus, may be plagiarism.

(Want to know more about Cheetah and duplicate content? Read the full post on SteemIt)

Most posts that get a Cheetah bite don’t make a lot of money, and hardly get any comments.

For somebody who wants to re-use the content that has been posted on the original blog, this is a serious problem.

SteemIt doesn’t really want any duplicate content on its site, and there’s a good reason for this: duplicate content is bad for SEO rankings. (This is further explained in the original post.)


Options For Cross-Posters

There are ways to be able to use your blog content on SteemIt. You’ll find some tips on how not to wake Cheetah below.

(Please note that none of these tips can give you a full guarantee. Even the Cheetah bot is not perfect and sometimes makes mistakes. However, there’s 1 tip in the list that is 99.9% fail-proof and I’m pretty sure you didn’t know it was that easy to avoid a Cheetah bite)

Tips for cross-posters

How to re-use your old blog content:

(This is just a summary. To find the complete version, visit the full post.)

  • Post on SteemIt before you post on your blog
  • Rewrite or spin your articles
  • If you’re quoting, make sure to add ‘>’ before the quote
  • Always credit image- and other sources
  • Add a link to the original article
  • Replace HTML with Markdown code
  • Consider summarizing your article, and posting it on Steemit with – for example – a question to create an engaging post
  • Repurpose your article by creating a Slideshare presentation, an infographic, a video or podcast or even a course.

These are all good tips, and I bet you already knew about these.

But I bet you hadn’t heard this tip before:

Ask Cheetah to put you on the whitelist. Once you’re on, you’re allowed to cross-post

In the Steemcleaners Discord Channel, Cheetah has its own sub-channel.

If you take a look at the pinned post, you’ll see this:

Get whitelisted by Cheetah

I’ve received some advice from the @guiltyparties account, and these are the steps to take to get on the whitelist.

  1. Add a link on your site to your SteemIt profile to verify it’s your site.
  2. Contact @anyx on the Cheetah Discord channel and ask for permission to cross-post. (Be patient, it can take a while before someone replies.)
  3. You’ll then be put on the whitelist.
  4. To stay on the whitelist you need to:
  • add a link to the SteemIt article at the bottom of the original post
  • add a note at the bottom of the SteemIt post, with a link to the original post

In case Cheetah makes a mistake and bites you, simply reply to her. Her comments are read by real people, and they will fix it for you.

Although the pinned post in the channel says you can only re-post new articles, it is no problem to add your older content to SteemIt, as long as you add a link to the original post, and make clear this is your own work.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t know it was this easy, right?!

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