Avozilla 4 Pound Avocado

Source: wellandgood.com

Out of Australia is a weighty avocado they have dubbed the Avozilla.  It can weigh several pounds and can be as big as your head.  It originated in South Africa and is a hybrid between the West Indian and Guatemalan varieties.

A farm in Queensland imported some 400 avocado trees and another farmer in Bundaberg has started more than 2,000 of these avocado trees.  The large avocados are a big hit in Australia.

One might think that since the fruit (yes, an avocado is considered a fruit) is so large that its taste will suffer.  But based on people whom have tried the fruit admit that it is just as buttery as the well known Hass or Shepard varieties.  In fact some are saying that it spreads more easily.

Unfortunately, the Avozilla is not available in the US.

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