BBC Radio Airplay!

Wow! ‘Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today!

I AM SO EXCITED!!’Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today!Click The Pick To Tune In

BBC Introducing 2

This morning I sent a message to my besty @d-vine telling her that our song
‘Be the Change’ Feat.Darren Claxtonwas chosen to be aired on BBC RADIO today.This is just Amazing news and only 4 months since they played my song ‘Breathe’ on the showI only sent BE THE CHANGE in 3 days ago!


The show BBC Music Introducing in Derbyshire and East Staffordshire hosted by
Dean Jackson
 features newcomers & their
It starts at 8.00PM GMT – (UK Time) & we hope you tune in

@d-vine & I decided after doing a Deep House tune, “Ray of Sunshine” Feat. Darren Claxton” that we would go for a 2Step/UKG track.

D-VINE says

Growing up mainly in Germany & being involved in the electronic underground scene
since ‘1993was exposed to a lot of Techno, it just never got to me though.
My first love is Breakbeats / D&B!!
I also have a big passion for House Music, which originated in the USA, & for UK Garage/2Step
originating from the UK
@d-vine has included the chary below for reference. I’m not experienced in this type of music so it was a educational read for me too. You can see the development in the chart below & if you follow the source link you will
get the whole background story.[Source](

@d-vine continues

Each bringing in their own specialties …@darrenclaxton his fab lyrics & voice, @d-vine is responsible for the production & mastering,
we created](<3

About the author: darrenclaxton

Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician, Producer and now BBC Radio artist, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’ . But most of all, it's his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.