Best Crypto Focused Advertising Online With Real Non Bot Viewers

Place your brand in front of the Masses and reward them for viewing your ad at the same time. Help build an Epic community for future generations all while growing your own brand.

Here is how it works and it is super simple.

  1. Design Your Advertisement Using Your Favorite Ad Design Tools. The Size Will Need To Be 300 PX by 400 PX. ( is free and offers a free design guide also.) You will need 3 Different Images. The one that users actually scratch, the one that displays when it is a winner and the one that displays win the card is a loser.
  2. Buy Stish Crypto for staking
  3. Fill Out The Form Below And Stake Your Stish.
    • You will send your Stish to the rewards pool Address: 0xde16281000631DD23E550BbfA9be1c06FAcD9Aad
    • This will cover the rewards that you will be giving to users for viewing your ads.
    • Once real users view all of your cards the campaign will end and you can start a new ad campaign or multiple campaigns.
    • Users of the community directly determine the value of the currency by the ROI that advertisers receive making Stish Crypto the most direct end user form of advertising ever developed.
    • If advertisers due not feel they got the bang for their buck the price of Stish falls if advertiser ROI are healthy the price of Stish rises as the community grows. Weak advertising will weed itself out along with weak platform users.
Stish Is Epic

Build Your Stish Lucky Days Ad Now!

  • Main Scratcher Image
  • Losing Play Image
  • Winning Scratcher Image
  • You can restrict the amount of times a user plays your scratch ad card. Leaving blank will mean unlimited plays per user per day.
  • How Much Each Win Will Award The Scratcher
  • The Percentage Of Winning Cards And The Payout Amount Determines How Many Total Cards Your Campaign Has And How Fast Or Slow The Ad Burns.
  • There is a 10,000 Minimum Stake Requirement. All Staked Stish Must Be Sent To Rewards Pool Address: 0xde16281000631DD23E550BbfA9be1c06FAcD9Aad / The amount you stake, Payout Amount and Win percentage determine how many cards will be created.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Many Views Will I Receive If I Stake 10,000 Stish?

This is a great question and can be a bit confusing to calculate. It depends on the selection you make. It will help to look at an example for clarification. If you decide to give 1 Stish away per winner, and you select a 50% win rate you would create 20,000 Cards Total… 10,000 Winners and 10,000 Losers. If you decided to give away 10 Stish per winning card and kept the same win rate of 50%, You would create 2000 Cards. 1000 Winners and 1000 Losers… So changing the Win Percentage Rate and the amount of Stish per win impacts how many total cards are created.

A 100% win rate at 1 Stish per play would equal 10,000 views/plays. Users see your scratch card that they play, plus either a winning ad or a losing ad. In this scenario just a winner so technically the same user sees your message twice per play. Changing the win percentage could give you more views and speed up the campaign. You can limit how many times the same user can play if you are creating a fast campaign.

High payout cards will get fast clicks and views. You can help offset the burn rate of the ad by lowering the percentage of winners. Lowering the percentage of winners to 25% on higher payout scratch cards is what most brands do. If you staked 10,000 Stish with a 10 Stish payout and only 25% of the cards were winners let’s see how that math plays out. 1000 Cards have to be winners and that has to be 25% of the total cards. 3000 Losers + 1000 Winners = 4000 Cards Total. With 2 views per play.

The quickest way to find out how many total cards you will create is to divide the Staked Stish by the payout amount. This will get you the winning number of cards. If it is 100% winning percentage then that number x 2 is the total number of views. If the winning percentage is 50% then multiplying the winning number of cards x 2 will get you the total winning and losing cards and multiplying that by 2 will get you the total number of views.


Staked Stish / Payout Per Play = Total Winning Cards

Total Winning Cards/ Winning Percentage = Total Cards

Total Cards X 2 = Maximum Number of Views

At Today’s Price Of Stish 0.01 USD you can buy 10,000 Stish for $100 and depending on how fast you want your campaign to run you have the potential to get guaranteed unique views of 80,000 using the lowest payout amount and win rate. That is 0.00125 USD per guaranteed view in a highly concentrated niche community and is an unheard of value.

I’m sure it will not last forever at this price and people will buy Stish up and force the price up to fair market rates but for those that get in early they are getting one heck of a deal all while providing some needed liquidity to the very market that will just grow the platform and audience even more.

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