Bitcoin Reaching Near $8,000 Again

           A few days ago bitcoin had reached 8,000 and then it had dropped down a bit. I thought it was going to keep going down and now it’s just a bit under 8,000. I think it was around this amount yesterday. I guess it was because according to coinmarketcap it went down by 0.83% in the last 24 hours.

     Right now it’s at around 7,952 so that’s pretty good. I’m wondering if it will start to shoot up more. It looks a bit promising so I will hope for the best. I’m just surprised that It broke past 6,000 and has stayed higher. I will check tomorrow and we’ll see if it goes even higher and breaks 8,000 again. I think this year might be a good year for bitcoin so I’m going to stay positive and we’ll see over time.


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