Blog Identity Intervention Underway

For Dissemination to Stishit Membership…please bear with me while I make some blogging/identity changes.

While some folks might experience a “mid-life crisis,” I have been experiencing an online identity crisis. I originally started out here as “Retired in Samar” because of my long-time blog of the same name. Since I have decided to enjoy living on two separate Pacific islands, I felt the need to re-name the blog (the purist in me told me to do it!). So I have changed the name of the blog from “Retired in Samar” to “Living in the Pacific.” During the process, it has been a test of patience while making it all happen, from acquiring a new domain name, to new hosting, blog configurment and re-organization, new email accounts, and fb page changes… all in the name of SEO (identity) management. Sorry for the identity confusion during the process as I am now truely ‘Living in the Pacific.” You can visit my permanent blog at “Living in the Pacific” or my associated YouTube channel.   My Steemit account however will remain under the old title (@retiredinsamar) as Steemit account names cannot be changed. #expats #philippines #guam

Stishit Early Adopter. Enjoying life in the "Domain of the Golden Dragon." Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Marketing consultant. Check out my personal blog (website) and YouTube channel for a slice of life in the Western Pacific - From Guam to the Philippines... "One Day at a Time!"

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