Blog/Vlog New Transition Update… Almost There!

In my last blog article here on Stishit, I explained the converting of my blog/vlog to a new name along with a change in domains. While I would never want to do that again (intentionally), the process is almost complete. Except for facebook dragging their feet on my page re-name, all that is left to do is create a new YouTube trailer. Until then, this modified version will have to do. Thanks to all Stishians for checking out my blog and YouTube channel… I truely appreciate it.

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Stishit Early Adopter. Enjoying life in the "Domain of the Golden Dragon." Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Marketing consultant. Check out my personal blog (website) and YouTube channel for a slice of life in the Western Pacific - From Guam to the Philippines... "One Day at a Time!"


I love it Randy aka livinginthepacific . I think it is great! So, would you say converting is up there with moving? Well, glad to hear you are almost done and appreciate you sharing your work with us here at Stish It.

2 months ago