Came Here From Steemit

hello everyone, I came here from a site called Steemit. I really liked it, until recently. I became a victim of down vote abuse from trolls. I did nothing to deserve the hate, all I wanted to do was share my content with the world and I got a bunch of hate. My post even got hidden by people with enough SP, I couldn’t take the hate anymore, so I made another account to hide from the trolls, ( it can take Steemit 1-2 weeks to approve you) if that doesn’t work, then I will be forced to leave Steemit. I cannot take being hated when I done nothing wrong. I may pop on every now and then, but I will hardly post anything.

A person who is also a down vote abuse victim introduced me to this site. Hope I can makes some friends, I am a YouTuber and aspiring photographer. Like to post funny memes.

About the author: aaliyahholt1995

Here from Steemit to escape down voting trolls, also a YouTuber, blogger. and aspiring photographer. Post funny memes from time to time.


Welcome, I'm sure you'll find less trolling here.

5 months ago

Welcome... no trolls here! Stishit is a place where you can grow without all the drama.

5 months ago

@Retired in Samar has also been a target of the S----It downvoting hating trolls. StishIt was formerly SteemThat and connected to Steemit but recently changed the platforms name and began to distance ourselves from them. I don't know anyone here that would downvote another person or that won't try and support you. We help each other and build each other up not try and knock people down. If you are successful we are all successful.

4 months ago