Came Here From Steemit

hello everyone, I came here from a site called Steemit. I really liked it, until recently. I became a victim of down vote abuse from trolls. I did nothing to deserve the hate, all I wanted to do was share my content with the world and I got a bunch of hate. My post even got hidden by people with enough SP, I couldn’t take the hate anymore, so I made another account to hide from the trolls, ( it can take Steemit 1-2 weeks to approve you) if that doesn’t work, then I will be forced to leave Steemit. I cannot take being hated when I done nothing wrong. I may pop on every now and then, but I will hardly post anything.

A person who is also a down vote abuse victim introduced me to this site. Hope I can makes some friends, I am a YouTuber and aspiring photographer. Like to post funny memes.

Author: aaliyahholt1995
Here from Steemit to escape down voting trolls, also a YouTuber, blogger. and aspiring photographer. Post funny memes from time to time.

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