Canada Provides $23 Million to Islamic Groups


MP Iqra Khalid announced that the Trudeau government has invested $23 million into its multiculturalism program.  Two of the recipients are The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and Islamic Relief.  Both of these organizations have affiliations to radical Islam groups.  Khalid has been an outspoken advocate of the multiculturalism program.  She made this announcement in front of a small group of mostly Muslims with little fanfare.  There was no main stream media in attendance.  It is odd that Trudeau as well as Khalid would not want this achievement to be made public.

The NCCM is a former branch of the US based CAIR.  CAIR was named in 2008 as a co-conspirator connected to the largest terror funding trial in US history.  NCCM denies their links to CAIR.  Islamic Relief is a worldwide charity that has been accused of links to Islamist extremism by the Middle East Forum, Israel and the UAE.

Some in the Canadian Muslim community has decried that M103 initiative (multiculturalism program) will result in the spread of jihad, polygamy, FGM and Sharia throughout Canada.

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