Canadian Manager Fired for Ousting MAGA Wearing Customer


After a Canadian restaurant manager ejected a patron wearing a MAGA hat, the restaurant was flooded with one star reviews from Yelp users.  The Teahouse’s manager, Darren Hodge has worked for the Vancouver restaurant for 18 months.  He approached the customer wearing the MAGA hat and told him that he wouldn’t be served if he didn’t remove the hat.  When the customer didn’t comply he was ejected from the restaurant.

The restaurant owners said that the manager was fired because his actions did not align with the company’s policy of being hospitably and inclusiveness.  His actions were contrary to their values and philosophy.

After word got out, the restaurant was stormed by pan reviews on Yelp.  Here is a sampling of the comments:

“Fired a manager for taking a stand against bigotry and white supremacy. Unbelievable!”

“wearing a MAGA hat these days is the same thing as wearing a black swazstika arm band.”

I have enjoyed the Teahouse in the past. Recently the Teahouse fired a manager for refusing to serve an American tourist who was wearing a Make America Great Again. I support that manager 100%. He was right in refusing to serve someone wearing an offensive hat that has become symbol of racism and is very offensive to Canadians.

The Canadian are probably miffed at Trump due to the recent tariffs lodged against their country.  But it could also be that the ones whom lodged their complaints may have a similar mindset to their prime minister.  I don’t exactly understand the logic that compares the MAGA hat to a NAZI armband.

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