Vacuum sealer by NutriChef

Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef

So far, my NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is AWESOME! My previous sealer was a much older basic FoodSaver that finally no longer sucked (BTW that’s a bad thing).
The NutriChef beats it in almost every way:
1. You can seal without vacuuming . . . my ears almost began to bleed with the FoodSaver when I had to make bags!
2. The unit “clicks” shut . . . My foodsaver had to be held down until the “hands Free” light came on.
2. Multiple options on vacuuming . . . gentle or standard, moist or normal. . . FoodSaver one.
4. Not as loud. I would not call it “quiet” but it is not house shaking either.
3. The best feature . . . It can pull a vacuum strong enough to crumple an empty soda can. Crushing cans is not super useful I know, but it IS Cool!

The only minor advantage my FoodSaver had over the NutriChef is that it had a removeable drip tray making it easy to clean out liquid that leaked during vacuuming. I believe their literature indicates this is a patented feature so…

To be fair, my FoodSaver was a very BASIC and quite OLD model. The new ones likely have improved. After my research here on Amazon and other places, I decided that this unit at this price point was just what I was looking for. I am very happy I chose it. However, if it flies apart into a hundred flaming pieces of shrapnel tomorrow, I WILL downgrade my review to 3 stars!! Fair warning.


🤑🤑🤑💵💵💵💲💲💲Gana dinero con estas excelentes opciones🤑🤑🤑💵💵💵💲💲💲

Buen día amigos el día de hoy les traigo estas excelentes opciones que he venido trabajando y con las cuales estoy ganando dinero, se trata de

infinity traffic boost, fire faucet y

si trabajan todas estas opciones simultáneo les garantizo que tendrán muy buenos ingresos.

Infinity traffic boost es una especie de ptc y también un exchange de visitas en el cual ganarán el 80% de las ventas que realicen de los programas de publicidad, y solo tendrán que realizar 10 visitas diarias (para ganar el mínimo diario) o también puedes hacer 100 visitas (y acumularas créditos para promocionar otros sitios).

     La siguiente es fire faucet que es una ptc-faucet con opción de minería, para estas subsiguientes vamos a necesitar una cuenta en faucet hub ya que por es donde se nos pagará de manera inmediata nuestro saldo en litecoin.

     He hecho este video para que puedan seguir paso a paso cual es el método a realizar y con la que podrán ganar excelentes sumas de dinero.

Aca el video:

Accede al video y ahi encontraras todos los enlace de los sitios.

No olvides dejarme tu like.

I made this profile icon from an original image of Kurt Chang, a guy on Creary is selling it as his own and I was accused to take HIS work

Guy on Creary steals Kurt Chang ‘s artwork and sells it as his own

Guy on Creary has stolen artwork posted on his profile on Creary and makes money of that. Nobody notices it until now.
And what happened?
Somebody mentioned me… End of a story. You know what happened.

I am a fantasy writer and I accompany my work with fantasy art – with attribution. I made my icons and profile images by fantasy artworks with some titles or slogan that I find interesting or inspirational at the moment, but I don’t sell that like my own, anyone can search Google and find an original artist.

The thing is that Creary as an art and money earning website allows such a thing, and allows people making money of somebody’s else work.

I don’t make money of profile icon, and I do not sell it to make money. This asshole did it.

I contacted an artist on the Artstation, and to prove this is a real theft, here are the original links:

All my posts have attributions and I do it with the icons whenever I can. My front page did not have it but now I squeezed it in with green mini-letters. Kurt Chang did not make a composite with letters, I did that, so I added that too. It looks like suck, but it is fair. It really doesn’t bother me that much to have it there. In fact it is very cool to attribute an artist, especially when my own fiction is complementary to visual artwork.

This is a message to the artist:

This message is about your work being stolen and monetized by one asshole on Creary.Net, his username is @ stendhal.

This is a link:

I am a fantasy/SF writer on the multiple crypto blogging websites, great fan of fantasy art, and I combine all my writing work with fabulous fantasy images, but I never remove attributes, I keep all signatures and whenever I find a source artist I link it in.

When I saw your work ( being my profile icon on that website) naturally I wanted to see what is going on, and I found of being accused that I took HIS work.

The thing is that I found your artwork of Arachne so impressive that I made it my profile image ( icon) on some places, but a profile image with some nifty words makes no cash, plus easy to find who made it with Google Image Search. Only stupid person would claim it their own.

But this guy is no fan whatsoever, he used your work, cut out a part where your name and signature is and signed it with his own in the middle of an image, then publish it on Creary to make money out of it.

I think you should contact Creary Net and shove a hove down their throat because I personally think you have a divine given right to do so.

I have no idea how many stolen images this person has or how many people earn through that website by stealing images elsewhere, I bet it is a lot.

This is a contact of Creary :

You have a magnificent talent and it should be attributed.

Love and joy
~ aschatria ( @Aschatria777)

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What Is The Price Of Stish Crypto

Many people have asked what is the price of Stish Crypto and how they can find out how much their Stish Crypto is worth if they were to sell it right now. The best thing about Stish Crypto is that it is listed on one of the best and fastest growing Decentralized Exchanges Online. The new and improved https://Saturn.Exchange now shows much of the information you are looking for in an easy to navigate format. Check out Stish on Saturn Now!

There are 2 Other great website where you can find the price of Stish today also. Currently Stish crypto is listed on CoinGecko and Coinpaprika. Each of these token aggregators offer their users different features and benefits. Some people prefer one over the other or like me use both.. Check out Stish Crypto on CoinGecko for the latest price. CoinGecko also gives users info about Stish that is a little more drilled down than some other platforms. If you are a serious trader then you will likely gather all the info you can get from all sources and make solid decisions based off of the whole picture.

Some people just want to get an estimate of what their account might be worth if they listed and sold their Stish at the market bottom price or average price traded. CoinPaprika does a neat job of listing the token rank also and aggregates the trading across multiple exchanges for an average price similarly to the other listing platforms. The team at CoinPaprika is solid and we use their reporting data alot to display accurate to the minute price movements on Stish crypto on our own website. Check our Stish Crypto on CoinPaprika today.

Another avenue that many people will use to try to determine which way a currency is really moving is by looking at transaction history and other information about a crypto contract like Stish. The most popular place that users often turn to to investigate a currency is EtherScan. Etherscan is a block explorer that recently has really set the stage and the bar for how a solid block explorer should work for the end user. You can see all of the details about Stish on Etherscan including the contract and when it was created and all of the transactions so far. We look forward with recent developments watch more and more transaction take place and seeing the whole crypto business grow.

Ultimately we hope that the Users of set the minimal price they are willing to trade their currency for their work at the highest average price possible based on market conditions at the time. Many high quality content creators will likely hodl and not sell below certain thresholds no matter what. With the news of Stish Scratch Ads just being announced there is a real utility or staking of Stish that will occur as the platform grows. This direct rewards should impact market decisions with regards to speculation in a positive manner once people start advertising to the crypto focused user network.

On a closing note, Stish is Epic and one day many I hope will be super glad they got in on the ground floor. Never share your private key with anyone. Happen Trading!


What scares the world of cryptocurrencies?

In the Second World War, the victorious countries established a global financial system that they had to impose their domination over world economies through the International Monetary Fund, whose purpose was to assist in the reconstruction of countries affected by the effects of the war. The Bank’s policy on interest-bearing lending has been adopted by rich and rich countries to lend to poor countries. Thus, countries begin to pay interest on loans for long years, which may limit their development because of the increase in interest rates. The world’s economies relied on foreign currency, the currencies of the IMF’s lending countries in trade such as the US dollar and the pound. These currencies were pegged to gold and precious metals at the beginning and when the dollar began to swell as a result of the Vietnam War, world oil prices were pegged to the dollar.

Digital Currencies

The digitized or encrypted currency, headed by Bitcoin, is a virtual currency which is not monetary and does not supervise the printing or issuing of any central bank. Digital currency ownership is documented in encrypted records stored on computers. Bitcoin was established by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto, and began trading in 2009. Bitcoin does not rely on a broker or a central register. The currency is traded between the seller and the buyer without any intermediary. The digital currency is registered in encrypted records around the world. In other words, no one knows how much your money is, not a bank employee, government or anyone else.

For example, if you go to a store and buy a piece of clothing and pay by credit card, the bank is the intermediary between you and the seller. Even if you pay cash, the central bank is the mediator where it issued the currency. If you use the digital currency, for example, when buying a piece of clothing, you pay through a digital wallet saved on your mobile phone and the seller has a machine similar to the payment machine with credit card, you pay directly to the seller. When the process is done, ownership of the digital currency changes from your portfolio to the seller’s portfolio. The change of ownership over computer networks around the world is soon spread in a decentralized way called Blockchain . That is, there is no computer or central bank operating or aware of the parties and that no change to a transaction performed over Blockchain can be made without the approval of the seller and the buyer together.

How does Blockchain work?

Blockchain is a decentralized process used to document electronic sales and purchases by feeding a wide range of computers with the process of transfer and change of ownership. Any process must be documented on 51 per cent of the network before it is completed. Once the original owner has been authenticated, the conversion process is done and the new owner is documented in an encrypted manner without knowing any information about the old or new owner. Thus, the process does not require a central computer or any organizational sector to complete the process.

Banks, governments and financial intermediaries have also begun using the Blockchain technology on which Bitcoin relies.

Volume difference between Bitcoin and banknotes

The value of banknotes is determined by governments, supply and demand, market economies, inflation and internal and external debt. The printing of paper currency is done according to need and is a controlled process, especially when talking about foreign currency. Bitcoin is a currency limited in minting. The number of Bitcoins in the future will not exceed 21 million coins.

The mining operation

The process of transferring ownership and documenting operations is carried out by companies or individuals via specialized computers spread around the world. In return, these companies or individuals acquire empty chains, which are new parts of the digital currency according to the number of transactions they perform.

The global financial system concerns over Bitcoin

The non-mediated exchange system, followed by digital currencies, eliminates the idea of ​​centralizing and controlling the movement of money, stocks, real estate, etc. It is difficult to control the movement of funds and even know their destination. Yes, this decentralization and secrecy in trading has attracted many people who want to get privacy and get rid of the banks. But it has also become a safe haven for tax evaders or for money laundering or dirty operations from the organ trade and drugs that take place in the dark Internet away from the eyes of banks and governments.

But there are other digital currency beneficiaries, countries that are subject to economic embargoes such as Venezuela, or countries subject to international sanctions like North Korea. The Venezuelan government has issued a central digital currency called the Petro, linking the price of the digital petro to the price of a barrel of oil and, making its digital currency linked to oil and precious metals. The Venezuelan government, according to its statements, has sold over $ 700 million worth of petro in the initial subscription period.

The digital currency is not subject to a government or a particular global system. What is driven by buying and selling is the exchange of currency.

That is why we see many governments and banking systems struggling to fight digital currencies. They seem to be inclined now to issue central currencies such as the Ripple, through which they can change some of their financial rules, but without losing their control of the markets and the transfer of funds.


Stish Concepts Rock Green Crypto

Stish crypto rocks the green crypto movement as it starts to grow and gain momentum in 2019. Stish is such a user friendly crypto concept that anyone can get involved with and it doesn’t waste precious computer power to do it.

Many people have heard of bitcoin and likely get that computers spend massive amounts of energy to complete the mathematical formulas to open the Bitcoin blocks and process the transactions. “Bitcoin is awesome and the first but it shouldn’t be the only or last,” says founder Eric Binkley in a recent interview. “Stish takes things to a new level and thinks outside the bitcoin box.”

stish crypto logo

Stish was developed on the Ethereum blockchain like many other tokens in existence today but instead of a massive air drop formula or raising massive amounts of cash through an ICO Stish did something completely unique. Prior to Stish people had to be super computer savvy to install software or applications that would help them mine a cryptocurrency. Often all of this had to be done through command prompt and wasn’t suitable for the average user wanting to get into cryptocurrency.

The founders of Stish wanted a different approach to distribution and trading of the currency Stish. They thought up an idea where instead of wasting precious computer resources and damaging the planet that they could launch a fixed amount of Stish currency. This isn’t new as several currencies have done this. What Stish done next will surprise and amaze all of you.

Stish reverse engineered the distribution model of mining and assigned reward values to social media involvements. Stish, instead of paying just a select few of miners to waste electricity, thought; what if users could be rewarded with Stish for doing everyday tasks that they already love doing on other social networks, such as commenting and sharing and posting and making friends. The micro crypto economy they dreamed of is starting to take shape.

Users of the Stish Social Portal earn Stish Credits with every post, comment and share. “It’s a developing community of people who are passionate about crypto but who maybe lack the complex computer skills needed or resources needed to mine and develop a currency that way.” said the Founder. He went on to talk about the new and interesting milestones accomplished just this year. Here is a short list of prominent things we discussed:

  1. Stish and Eth Wallet Creation – These wallets allow users to receive their Stish crypto when they convert their Stish Credits and have access to a wallet where they can send and receive Stish and ETH. Often users are doing this for the first time and enjoy the experience of learning how to send and receive a crypto. A Small amount of ETH is required to send Stish and/or ETH crypto but the fun never stops once you learn how.
  2. Stish Rewards Credits Conversion Process Decentralized – For a long time Stish crypto was very centralized and there was a middle man helping to convert Stish Rewards Credits into Stish Crypto… In 2019 we developed a way to Automate this through a smart contract and now Stish is more decentralized than ever before.
  3. https://Saturn.Network has really grown and developed – Having a place to trade or exchange Stish cryptocurrency is a must and we partnered with the award winning decentralized exchange https://Saturn.Network to facilitate the needs of our members. We will eventually adopt other exchanges as we grow but it is hard to beat Saturn as it is a fully decentralized exchange where users get fair trading and never lose control of their funds.
  4. Stish looks to place Stish Credits in the background and convert credits to Crypto automatically in 2019. Now users click to buy Stish crypto and pay with their Stish Credits. It is an easy process but Stish wants to make it even easier and will do so in 2019 as the platform continues to grow.
  5. Stish really dials in what the platform is all about with several marketing campaigns that featured ” Escape the Giants,” ads and “Say What Is On Your Mind” ads. The target market for Stish are users who are passionate about crypto and want a fair social media experience. Stish users can do things like they do on large platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and Soundcloud but get rewarded for doing it or curating it.
  6. Building the community and building the crypto currency all in one place at one time together is special and unique to Stish and Stish alone. Without strong community support of the currency the currency cannot survive. Stish must be traded between users, investors, traders, speculators etc and the community must be there to support this growth before real success can be claimed. As the community grows so will the currency. That is the genius really behind Stish. Stish isn’t just a junk token that is air dropped and pumped and dumped.

The real value of Stish in a way is the value of a comment X the number of commenters…

Stish used a unique formula that is still currently set at it’s max rewards payout for social interactions. Eventually over time just like Bitcoin’s halving Stish will lower overall platform rewards to stave off inflation. Stish has the ability due to it’s Hybrid nature of slowing or increase velocity due to it’s proprietary rewards system.

Stish is truly a green crypto currency and leads the way on many fronts to bring about efficiencies especially in distribution. If you have not joined and got some Stish for commenting then you are really missing out on a wonderful opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrency. Never before has it been easier to get started using crypto and has you covered. If you are completely confused don’t give up. Here is a getting started guide that might be able to help. Feel free to ask questions also. Make some friends and earn some Stish.

Thank you From Stish

A New Way To Think About Cryptocurrency As Rewards Based Social Media Or Gamification Strategy

For over 1 year we have been working to refine our message to make it as easy as possible for new people who want to get involved in cryptocurrency to understand what crypto is and how Stish and have value. We often found ourselves talking about the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin and then found ourselves talking about Ethereum which helps make Stish all possible as Stish is built on the Ethereum blockchain and their miners process it all.

We also are always asked, “How does Stish get value and why should people buy it?” So the obvious answer, it is a store of value and a unique type of time value asset class that will have a free market trading value. This value might come together based off of how people value their time and energy to create content (the PEE theory we discuss from time to time) and also what the markets are willing to pay for the currency. People looking to buy the currency are hoping the value goes up. In theory all people value their time and energy more and more as their government issued currency feels inflation and they see the costs of goods increase and wages increase etc. So there will always be a tendency for people to value their time and energy or artistic value with a government issued comparative in mind until crypto takes over the world!

This answer is sufficient for me and as Stish starts trading on exchanges again soon we will see where the value of Stish goes. I would like to see the low sellers gobbled up and people who value their time and energy and artistic value determine the price through their sell orders and demand anyone wanting to hold Stish pay a fair minimum for it. This is a perfect world and who knows if this is even achievable. As we develop for the Stish Stash platform which is a gaming platform we have came up with some creative new concepts.

Crypto Creative New Concepts and Math To Back It Up!

With all new technology especially cryptocurrency and rewards based platforms investors or lenders of capital want to see some hard numbers. They could care less about theories or estimates. They seriously just want to see how the platform or currency can afford to pay them back for their risk and they want to see the hard numbers.

Over the last year we have spoken to many financial planners, bankers, investors, average ordinary traders and users. We have learned a ton about the space and also discovered things that many people may not like to talk about. We have uncovered new risks,which crypto has it’s inherent risks, and we have found workable mathematical formulas that can be replicated. The challenge is often just getting accurate metrics to understand real costs and plugging the numbers into the formulas.

We have tried several different routes to take Stish to the next level. We have allowed small purchases of the Token by users to help fund development. This has been helpful but in total we raised less than one half of one percent in total invested revenue into the project. We did not advertise much and perhaps leaned heavy on hopefully going viral or people sharing the platform with friends and family too much. With a real financial incentive for growth being so in your face we just assumed people would naturally take it upon themselves to drive growth of the platform. We were flat out wrong!

Not achieving the type of success we had hoped for naturally we talked about seeking corporate financing to grow the platform. We still will likely have to do this if we do not resolve the problem with explaining the incentive properly for natural growth. When looking to get all of the numbers that bankers were asking for we uncovered our one flaw in our failure to achieve natural growth like we had hoped. It became apparent to us that we had not really ever conveyed how Stish really has value especially in the future. We often just assumed that because we understood something that others understood things and we all had the same baseline of knowledge. When it comes to cryptocurrency this is a huge mistake. Everyone is at a different level of knowledge and understanding and we need a simple point by point explanation of the core things to even discuss the more complex issues.

Formulas and numbers could help people see the big picture much easier than just assuming they already got the big picture. We also looked for ways to actually create revenues through traditional means to add more value that traditional business minded people could see and then do analysis from. For instance we will likely bring back advertisements sitewide to help cover operating costs, but instead of pocketing the profits how about we actually share the revenue with each member. So each member receives Stish and they can trade it on the free market. Their Stish is essentially representative of the value that they add to the platform. Whether it be through content creation that then receives ad revenues or their content causes new users to join which then increases ad revenues or Stish distribution.

The key is that each user does have a value to the community and that value can be sold essentially as needed. Users then ultimately own the platform that they seek to develop and grow. There is a super incentive for members to share the platform with other. For members to create only high quality content. To interact with others in a positive way and create comments 0r supportive content. Members control their own worth really and for the first time actually can sell their social networking worth from time to time of hold it for a raining day! Most people are already creating social media content or blog content somewhere so allocating that time to Stish It makes better sense. They can then one day actually get something for their efforts verses just making large corporate elitist social media conglomerate filthy rich.

The power is returned back to the people through this business model.

The model is quite simple and the math is easy for most people to wrap their heads around. It is the only logical way to develop a social media rewards based website and might be a logical method for gaming websites as we will launch in 2019 to test it out in that niche also. How does the math add up and what is the magic formula for success?

Always keeping user interest in mind is critical. Getting a website actual costs and profit percentages is also important. All of this could be lumped up into one sum total called overhead or operating costs. Generally profits are not calculated here but for easy math a fixed percentage of total revenue works as the real value for the platform is in max growth and one day small liquidations of reserve currency. In the case of Stish the owner and founder retains 10 Million Stish. The incentive then is performance by the founder and team to grow the platform and keep operation costs down. In doing this the value of the currency over time should rise and make a ton of people wealthy! Not just the founders and early adopters but every day users of the platform and currency! That is the design goals anyway. This is not a statement of fact or guarantee of any kind just an ideal outcome in a perfect world.

If we take Stish back to an ads based revenue model and then use any remaining profits after operating costs to buy Stish off the market there is a major incentive for each member to grow the platform. The more ad revenue generated the better. The better the content the better the traffic and the more ad revenue. This will also help with policing the platform. Bad content will get flagged and removed as good content creators will only want the best created to increase ad revenue. The formula and math is quite simple with this method. Let’s look at the numbers and formulas that Stish will use to change the cryptocurrency landscape.

Here are the buzzwords or values needed to determine the metrics properly.

  • User Acquisition Cost
  • User Annual Value
  • Average Annual User Cost
  • Total Supply Of Stish
  • Total Circulation of Stish
  • Total Number Of Users
  • Total Ad Revenue $ Generated
  • Total Operating Costs
  • Platform Value

The platform value is the value of all users in total minus the total operating costs. This can be calculated monthly and quarterly and annually to track growth health of the platform. I think these numbers all should be made public and be accurately kept. If each user has a value of $1 per month of generate ad revenue on average and we have 10,000 Users then our monthly Platform Value would be $10,000 minus operating costs. Easy enough I think.

The user annual value would be the ad revenue generate on average per user for a given month and then multiplied by 12 to give us a yearly average value per user. So if again the average value of all users was $1 each in ad revenue then the Annual average user value would be $12 and this is important because the typical user acquisition cost should never exceed this amount and ideally should be as close to the monthly user annual value as possible.

User acquisition cost is the amount that it takes to acquire a new customer/user/member. Users in this case are active members of the community. There are users that could simply be viewing content and creating ad revenue that are not actually users in the sense of actually receiving Stish crypto. These users are viewing only users and do become valuable at a certain threshold to add significant value to the platform. In our use case we look at contributing members of the community and receivers of Stish crypto.

The total minted supply is constant at 100,000,000 Stish

The total circulation is important as this would be the maximum amount that could be sold at any given time. For instance if 100,000 Stish had been issued to users and early adopters then 100,000 Stish could be sold. Total circulation is important for the ad revenue sharing model we propose. With the sharing model Stish is constantly being bought with ad revenue profits which helps keep markets liquid. It can also determine the future value of Stish as revenues increase and supplies decrease sell orders values could increase as the ad revenue profits could be averaged to help determine the lowest buy price.

For instance if we generate $2000 in ad revenue one month thanks to users who created content and users who viewed content and ads and We distributed 10,000 Stish. If all 10,000 Stish were to be put on the market and we spent all $2000 to buy the Stish or make the market then the lowest price Stish would likely sell for would be 0.20 or potentially we could buy up any Stish at this price to make the market and hold the price threshold. So each member would have incentive to create the best content possible, to increase users via sharing of the platform and content and police the community by reporting bad actors. There would also be a huge incentive to hold the Stish and thus increase the market making pool.

If the market making pool that is funded from ad revenues increases and Stish circulation decreases there is a greater potential for a higher lower threshold. We can look at the same example above. If no Stish needed to be purchased as there were no sell orders needing to be made and we Still had the $2000 from the first month and the second month adds the same or additional ad revenue due to growth but total stish circulation doesn’t always increase the same due to non member ad revenues. So Maybe membership and Stish distribution was only half as much as the first month. So 15,000 Total Stish is in circulation but ad revenue is $4000 total. The value that users created for the platform has increased. The bottom buy threshold that we could place would be at 0.26 cents now versus .20 from earlier. We arrive at this number because we have $4000 available from ?ad revenue for market making. 4000 / 15000 = 0.26 which could change dramatically from month to month.

Using an advertising generated sharing value model to help support the lowest threshold of the currency has many useful benefits from added liquidity in the markets to helpful assistance with baselining bottom thresholds. It also incentivizes a natural growth and progression of the platform and allows the platform to operate like a normal business while growing and supporting its members that make it possible. It truly does return the value of the social networking website back to the members who can choose to dump their Stish to show anger for a bad development decision or hold their Stish awaiting higher values in the free markets. This model has advantages for traders and investors also as it gives metrics that they are accustomed to looking at for traditional trading and can add some platform stability into Stish pricing decisions. Stish is not a stock of the company but the actual value of each members efforts which has never been done and never could be done until cryptocurrency technology was developed.

Stish It provides the ability to turn your time and creativity into Cryptocurrency that can be a store of value or traded on exchanges for other currency and even fiat or government backed currencies. For the first time you actually control your own social media value not some troll in a distant land. For the first time you have access to sell that value as needed and as the market allows for that value to be sold instead of just making a few social media founders multi billionaires. You built the large social media platforms through your content and participation and now they use their money and power to shut down free speech and bully people they disagree with from all walks of life. NOT ANYMORE… Tell those guys to Stish It!

Yield Curve Inversion


The inversion of the yield curve has preceded most recessions.  This is the reason trend forecasters use it as an indicator of the future when applied to business activity.  It has a valid basis when one considers the underlying factors that are used to evaluate the price of bonds.

A yield curve is the relationship between the cost to purchase a bond to the amount an investor will receive over the term of the bond.  A bond is a financial instrument a company, a business entity or a country floats to secure a source of funding to expand or maintain the company or the country.  The investor having the desire to receive a profit for their investment will analyse the company’s financial statements to assess the odds of getting this profit.  Note that this is a simple explanation as the prudent investor will also analyse other data such as the market to estimate the future demand for the company’s product as well as the company’s competitors.  Assuming that all looks well financially, the investor will expect that the bond price will increase.

The price of the longer term bonds normally should be higher than the shorter term bonds.  This is based on the idea of the time value of money.  A dollar today theoretically should be more valuable than a dollar tomorrow because if one were to  invest today’s dollar, tomorrow they should have more than a dollar (they will gain interest).  Thus if one commits their (today) dollar for a longer term, they should expect to receive a higher yield.

When the yield curve inverts, this is saying that investors believe that loaning money to a company for a longer period will result in getting a smaller return.  This portends that in the future, the company will be a riskier investment than it is currently.  In other words, the trend for companies as well as the economy is downward, hence a recession.

When one takes into account the huge amount of debt worldwide, it makes the chance for a recession more probably.  Debt acts as draw on net income or in a country’s case, GNP / GDP.  The debt instrument requires that interest is paid on the principal, this interest has no economic gain associated with it to the borrowing entity, meaning it is a pure expense.  The money (principal) borrowed will be used to say buy a new asset that will produce a product which will be sold and return a profit, this is not true of the interest due on the debt.  As the debt increases, the debt service also increases resulting in an addition burden on the entity’s net income / profits.  The entity has the option to increase their prices to the consumer or in the case of a country, increasing its citizen’s taxes.  Doing this will likely reduce the demand for their product.  This results in lowering the overall value of the entity and possibly leading to bankruptcy.



Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding?

I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit

A perspective as a new person.

I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when I was new a group of whales flagged me. Instead of doing what most people did I stood up to them and got in further trouble. Any sane person would of given up or retreated > but . . . I didn’t.

OiyVey > Why all this verbage? . . .

It’s because I came here from someone who didn’t deserve

to be treated this way on Steemit (Retired in Samar.)

At first thought this was a place for discouraged, bullied and displaced Steemians, yet, when I came here it was different and I too was befuddled.

First, I thought STISHit was a scam, a joke and it was confusing . . . the name, didn’t help. What made me stay was > I didn’t have to use my Steemit keys and people seemed genuine on STISHit. The only problem is you need to REBRAND your id with what it will do for Steemians, the World, Family Friends and Co-Workers. You have to keep it simple as possible.

How much is STISH? How can they get money from content (words, pictures, art and video) that is theirs. Delegate more tutorial from Stishians and let them know they get paid for these tutorials. Let them know there’s a community here to support bloggers and on and on.

My friend won’t . . . NO … refuses to check this place out because he thinks it is a phishing scam. He is a blogger who uses his own work/orignal and a content person. Someone who comments and would be succesful on STISHit. Enjar believes the Steemian whales who put the fear in Steemians.

Oh my, the whale who came on my post was a whale bot. It came here in February 2018 and makes an average of $80.00 a day for automaticaly going after minnows. “Eat minnows and get paid for it.”

This is a friend I invited to Steemit a year ago.

Problems I see > a url that is different from STISHit’s name. If you are a 3rd party to Steemit why doesn’t it show up on Steemit’s posts? STISH needs to be seen and then the it, let people figure out later the name has a cuss word in it. Repeat STISH as many times as possible. STISH is money/cryptocurrency that is paid to bloggers. Stishians is a community that supports one another and has 0% tolerance for scammers, thieves of intellual property and bullies. An outline would be helpful for the video, audio and visual artists. Blah, blah, blaaaah … you can go on.

A gambit of questions pop up in the new person’s mental hopper. I can’t answer them but . . . I’m sure the ones that have been on STISHit a long time could.

I created these gifs on


Give credit to me on STISHit and use them/spread the word.

STISHit has a lot to offer the creative person.

European Banks Using Lehman’s Method


From an article in Bloomberg, big banks may be in worst condition than it appears.  It is very apparent that the banks are swamped with debt but the degree it is camouflaged with accounting tricks is not apparent.


Lehman Brothers tried to covered their highly leveraged position using repos and in 2008 they went belly up, but with Lehman their financial position was not as heavily tied to derivatives.


Repos otherwise known as repurchase agreements are utilized to bring down the bank’s assets as reporting dates approach.  Repos are a slight of hand maneuver where a bank sells an instrument like a bond short term and buys them back.  The bank can borrow using this instrument as collateral.  With fractional lending the money is multiplied as the banking rules only requires them to retain a percentage of the money taken in, the rest may be loaned out.  So the money is multiplied on the books but in actuality it is like printing money.


The money derived from the additional loans is used to cover the money that was received from the sale of the short term bond.  It’s better than the old shell game or three card monte because it involves much larger sums but the swindle is the same.


The game always ends the same.  The banker’s greed pushes them to play the game till a timing error is made and the payments out come due before the payments in are received, this results in a default.


This is the same game that is being played on the COMEX.  They maintain that they have a store of physical precious metals and the issue out loans of these through vehicles like GLD and SLV or short contracts.  In reality, there is only a percentage of actual physical metals backing the multiples of paper agreements so if all the investors holding the paper shorts were to insist on redemption in physical metal, the scheme would collapse.  Most of the holders of the paper contracts would be settled in fiat as per the rules of COMEX.


The unfortunate thing is no one can forecast when the default will occur but it is certain that it will occur.  So everything will appear like business as usual till it isn’t, just like Lehman Brothers.

Russians Turning US Bonds Into Gold


The saying is that money moves from weak hands to strong hands, this may sound like a old wives tale until you take the time to look at the movement of value.  As you may know, the US dollar is hardly worth the paper it is printed on.  The value is being shored up by manipulation, this is also true of the stock prices.

One ploy that is employed to shore up the dollar is to hammer the price of precious metals to unsustainable lows.  This practice is being exploited by the Russians, they are using their stockpile of deprecated US bonds to parley them into gold.  They are depositing the bonds in US banks and using their deposits as collateral to purchase physical gold.

If you have been following, the major holders of the US debt are working to divest their holdings but they are divesting in a way that won’t cause the US to implode.  Implosion of the US economy would result in losses that the BRICS wish to avoid until they divest their holdings.

As a follower of the, I can appreciate some being put off by Willie’s brash demeanor but he imparts with what I believe it insightful analysis.  He doesn’t pull punches and although his predictions may not be accurate if judged by a timetable, they are fairly accurate based on trends.  Between Willie and Celente, I get some valuable insight as they both have a good grasp on reading between the lines.  Both are somewhat brash but the main reason I follow them are for the acumen not their personality, I honestly appreciate their fervor and their off the cuff presentations.

It seems that the BRICS are working to stockpile physical assets while the western countries insist on playing with monopoly money.  I’m just PATIENTLY waiting for the Russia or China to play the trump card (no pun intended but the pun is valid).

Daytrader Makes Huge Profit But…


Harouna Traor’e was an employee with Thomson Reuters, he was laid off due to downsizing.  There is some inconsistencies as to his position at Reuters.  According to Valbury attorneys, he was a seasoned market risk analyst at Reuters and according to Traore’s attorneys, he was employed at Reuters to sell analysis software to investors and he had no prior experience in financial markets.  When Traore applied for the  Valbury account, he claims that he embellished his trading experience.

I began this post with the discrepancies regarding Traore’s experience as this is the crux of Valbury’s defense.  Valbury is the brokerage that Traore applied for a trading account.  Traore is claiming that he was using a demonstration version of Valbury Capital’s brokerage platform so he could familiarize himself with the basics of trading.  He subsequently opened an account, depositing 20,000 euros.  He was practicing on what he believed was the demo version and made huge trades.  He later found that it was not the demo and he had amassed a loss of more than 1 million euros.

He was obviously distraught but he did reverse the loss and eventually built a substantial profit of over 10 million euros.  He contacted Valbury to explain his experiences and Valbury claimed that he had breached his contract.  His positions were voided and cancelled.  Considering that the brokerage could not realistically cancel his transactions as they were ‘live’, in essence they just confiscated his profits.

Valbury contends that since Mr. Traore made the trades under the belief that they were on the demo program, they are treating his trading as a ‘manifest error’.  They also allege that Mr. Traore had breached his trading limits.

Mr. Traore’s legal counsel contends that treating the trades as a ‘manifest error’ is spurious because when these trades were exercised, Mr. Traore was fully aware that he was trading ‘live’ and not on the demo program.  Counsel also contends that Valbury should have prevented him from breaching his trading limits.  As Valbury is in sole control of the live platform, it is their responsibility to maintain that trades exceeding a trader’s limits should be barred by the program.

Valbury is attempting to keep this lawsuit to be heard in the French courts by portraying Mr. Traore as a financial services professional rather than an inexperienced colnsumer.  The French courts are more supportive of consumer protection.

East Stocking Up on Cheap Gold


As the US works to suppress the gold price because they are attempting to prop up the value of the dollar, Russia and China have stepped up their buying to build up their stockpile.  According to the World Gold Council, central banks have purchased 42% more gold in the first quarter than they did in the first quarter of 2017.

Russia has been steadily increasing their gold holding for the past 2 decades.  Since 2000, Russia’s gold reserve increased by 500%.  Last month, they became one of the top 5 countries in their holding of gold.

China and Russia are not the only countries building up their gold holdings.  Turkey and India have increased their stockpiles to attempt to diversify their financial holdings away from the US dollar.  We have witnessed several countries repatriating they gold stores away from western countries, primarily the US.  Probably a good indication of these countries motives to initiate future ties with the BRICS.

The US appears to be caught in a trap of their own making.  If they don’t work to support the dollar prices of imported goods will skyrocket but to make the dollar stronger they must hammer down the precious metals.

Japan to Bypass Dollar


Since 2013, the BRICS have been working to duplicate the Western financial infrastructure and other countries have been moving away from the overbearing western systems.  Two countries that have been stalwart in their support of the US seem to be falling by the wayside.


The first country had a relationship with the US to denominate the sale of oil in US currency.  In return, Saudi Arabia would receive military support from the US.  This was the creation of the petrodollar and secured the US dollar as the de facto world’s reserve currency.  This relationship held until the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been in talks with Russia to possibly sell an interest in Aramco to the Russians.  If this deal goes through, this would inexorably link the two countries and lessen Saudi Arabia’s ties to the US.


The other country has been tied to the US probably since the end of WWII and the US still maintains a US military presence in Japan.  Under the current prime minister, Shinzo Abe, Japan has been tearing down its economy with Abenomics.  Now it seems that Japan has opening talks with the BRICS to forge a financial ties into the CIPS system and eventually move away from the use of SWIFT.


The SWIFT system requires that users convert the money to be exchanged into US dollars before the transfer and after the transfer is completed the money needs to be converted into the currency of the recipient.  The CIPS system does not require the conversion and completes the transfer at a much reduced fee.

Netflix is Down


A number of users are complaining that the service is down.  Netflix twitted that they are aware of the issue and are working to solve the steaming problem.  They appreciate the user’s patience during the down time.


Is it a coincidence that today was the day that net neutrality was officially repealed.  Although the bulk of the outages reported are clustered in Europe and the issue of net neutrality is centered in the US, the internet is a global web and what affects the web in one country will be reflected in other countries.

Stish Chill

What Is Stishit And How Can I Win By Using It

The most asked question that people ask is, “What is Stishit?” This is usually followed up with, “How Can I Win By Using It?” or “How Do I Use Stishit?”

First, let’s be clear, we are in beta and have been testing a few concepts. Our main mission and goal from the beginning was and is to “HELP PEOPLE GROW!” We are pruning the website and some features to help everyone stay focused on this. When people join Stishit we want it to be clear what we offer and how people can easily get involved.

One Way We Help People Grow.

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Oil Prices Plunge


On word that Russia and Saudi Arabia may increase production levels the prices of crude oil dropped. This reverses an agreement to halt production made between OPEC and their allies. Brent futures lost almost 2% and WTI was down 1.7%.

Reports are that they are increasing production to make up for losses incurred due to the production halt. The market could absorb the increase because Venezuela’s output has collapsed and is not likely to be resuming in the near future. Venezuela is experiencing a financial breakdown and the military has taken over the production of oil. Another major supplier, Iran is about to face a decline in getting crude to market due to US’s sanctions.

The effects of Russia’s and China’s efforts to create an alternate channel for oil distribution is starting to show signs that the traditional oil market is moving to the east. When the Saudis break the ties with the US the petrodollars will be flowing back to the US.

LME Launch Yuan Futures


The London Metal Exchange confirms that it is planning to launch a yuan denominated metal future. LME CEO said in an interview with SCMP “At present, investors are trading our products in US dollars. We would definitely like to explore the possibilities of launching products denominated in offshore renminbi”.

The LME is owned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX). Traders on the HKEX are already allowed to use Chinese currency as collateral and this exchange has a yuan gold future contract. So this move seems to be a sensible extension for the LME. It may also provide some credibility to the LME.

A student of history would know that a reserve currency has a finite life. The US dollar is rapidly approaching its usefulness and the current financial moves by other countries indicate that they moving to a more stable asset.

Japan Display to Reduce Apple’s Dependency


Japan Display Inc. is planning to double its automotive display sales within five years to reduce the dependency on Apple as well as other smart phone manufacturers.

The company has a hard row to hoe as for the year ending March they posted a $2.23 billion loss. The loss resulted from the slowdown in smartphone screen sales. The company is hoping to exploit the growing market for displays in cars.

New cars are coming equipped with screens as the car consumers are becoming enamored by features like navigation and entertainment screens. The demand for smart phones and tablets is weakening so the move to produce screens for autos may shore up their future sales.

Japan Display already controls 19% share of the automotive screens. Their closest competitor is South Korea’s LG Display which garners about 14.1% share.

Japan Ready to Retaliate Against US


Japan told the World Trade Organization (WTO) it will take steps to retaliate against the US. Initially they said they would abide with the tariffs on steel and aluminum.

They are considering tariffs on US goods worth $451 million, an amount equal to the US placed tariffs. They failed to set a firm date on when they planned to impose the tariffs. This might be seen as a ploy to start negotiations to get the tariffs to Japan repealed or reduced. The US has granted some allies a delay but Japan was not one of them.

Up till now, Abe and Trump seem to have a close relationship especially in respects to North Korea. Now that North Korea has begun to supposedly dismantle their nuclear test site, the relationship is becoming frayed.

Greenspan Returns to Goldbug

Greenspan penned ‘Gold and Economic Freedom’ in 1966. The following excerpt sums up his position,

“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold. If everyone decided, for example, to convert all his bank deposits to silver or copper or any other good, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods. The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.

This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists’ antagonism toward the gold standard.”

His argument is relevant today. I believe we are in the throes of a severe financial catastrophe. When the other shoe drops, the people who do not have some of their assets outside of the system will be devastated. According to some financial pundits, once the fall becomes apparent, it will be too late to divest because of those whom waited and held their assets in banks, stocks and bonds will all be trying to exit at the same time.


Nigeria Agrees to Begin Currency Swaps With China


Since the launch of the Chinese oil futures contracts Iran, Qatar and Venezuela have made agreements to participate in oil swaps. On May 3, Nigeria signed an agreement with China to set up a currency swap. This is an initial step prior to setting up oil swaps.

According to Sputnik News

“The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has signed a currency swap deal worth about $2.5 billion with the People’s Bank of China to provide adequate local currency liquidity for transactions between national businesses, The Punch newspaper reported on Thursday, citing a high-ranking official from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The deal that is the result of two-year tense talks, aimed at facilitating bilateral trade, investments and strengthening of the financial stability of both nations as well as reducing difficulties related to the use of third currencies in mutual business transactions”.

If / when Nigeria agrees to trade with China, this will be the fourth OPEC nation to leave the petrodollar likely soon to be followed by more countries. As the Chinese oil future contracts gain traction, it will be an alternative to the petrodollar. With current sentiments about the US’s blatant corruption, it is almost a given countries will move swiftly to ditch the dollar.


More Bad News For Malls


Malls continue to lose stores and the trend for this year looks like it will be more of the same. I recently read articles indicating that the flagship stores are scuttling more of their locations. If you can call Dick’s Sporting Goods a flagship, I would anticipate that they will be downsizing after their decision to end selling assault rifles.

Last year Dick’s was the only ray of hope for the malls, they opened large stores to replace the vanishing Sears and Macys. Over the past decade, malls have been losing ground on their profitability. The major change was etailing. Understanding the reasons malls came to be was that the people wanted convenience. Prior to malls one would have to make several different stops to complete their shopping list, malls main selling point was one stop shopping.

With the advent of etailing, the malls are no longer the most convenient way to shop. People are moving away from the malls not only due to etailing but the economy is forcing people to cut back on their frivolous purchases. Regardless of what the BLS reports current unemployment is, reality paints a different picture. As the economy worsens more people denying that we are in trouble are waking up to the fact that our country is bankrupt, we are living on borrowed time.


NY Restaurants Seek Food Surcharge


So money doesn’t grow on trees? At the end of 2015, the majority of the public were in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15. Politicians everywhere were including it in their platforms saying that it was only fair to make business owners responsible for providing their employees a living wage. It was the new talking point and surely it gained them votes.

Given a population who are of the mind that they are entitled to a living wage regardless of the effort they have done to make themselves more equipped to merit a better wage. Some workers were not affected by the minimum wage hike as they were already earning of the minimum. The wage hike mainly affected employees working jobs that didn’t require any skills or a higher level of education.

This is not to say that those earning above the minimum wage merit the higher wage. In a lot of cases, they are earning more thanks to union contracts or they are employed by the government. Some actually merit a higher rate of pay because they made the effort to get the education or skills to qualify for a position that requires knowledge. I am somewhat under the belief that any job other than self employment should be based on the worker’s skill level and not by the amount of time the worker has worked for a company.

Now restaurant owners in New York are seeking that the city allows them to levy a surcharge on diners to keep them from going bankrupt. They have been facing rising food prices, rents and payrolls. Their profit margins have been cut to make ends meet and now they have nothing left to cut.

Bitcoin Mining


A Canadian town about 60 miles east of Montreal called Saint-Hyacinthe was a industrial park. Over time the town was at risk of growing vacancies as the economy faltered, when Bitfarms came to move into an abandoned factory the community welcomed them with open arms. The town was hoping that this new industry would help to turn around the flagging economy.

As a incentive to draw in more companies related to the computer industry, Hydro Quebec launched a plan offering a deal for energy concessions. The plan was initial aimed at data centers like technical call centers but companies whose business was in crypto mining were lured in by the plan. Soon the amount of mining companies seeking relocation were overwhelming. Hydro Quebec was now facing a problem on how to accommodate the increased energy draw especially during the winter months.

Bitfarms is one of North America’s largest crypto mining operations. They moved into an abandoned factory and installed about 7,000 computers along with routers and fans. The building generates alot of heat and the large banks of computer also use a massive amount of electrical power.

Once Bitfarms power usage was studied, Hydro Quebec determined that the they consumed more power on a consistent basis than the Montreal hockey arena draws during a sold out event. This usage is only based on the current 7,000 computers and Bitfarms has future designs to grow that number to 14,000.


Freddie Mac Mortgage With No Income Restrictions


Is Freddie Mac trying to revive the ‘American Dream’ of home ownership? They have just announced the launch of a conventional mortgage requiring a 3% down payment.

They attempted to launch a similar loan 3 years ago with income restrictions, these restrictions excluded most people whom were in the home buying market. Needless to say this previous program hardly got off the ground. The economy was beginning to slow down in 2015 and the modest income requirement left many first time buyers on the sidelines although they could save up the reduced down payment.

This new program is a remake of the last program but it excludes the geographic restrictions along with the income restrictions. By eliminating the income requirements will allow many people to participate. Those who qualify and participate in these loans will be backed by a government loan guarantee, in other words if they default the government (otherwise known as the taxpayer) will be on the hook for the loan.

Ford to Discontinue US Sales of Several Car Lines


Ford president and CEO, Jim Hackett is making a bold move to protect the company’s profitability and maximize future returns. He said

“We are committed to taking the appropriate actions to drive profitable growth and maximize the returns of our business over the long term. Where we can raise the returns of under performing parts of our business by making them more fit, we will. If appropriate returns are not on the horizon, we will shift that capital to where we can play and win”.

The auto market in the US is deteriorating and Hackett is shrinking the Ford lineup of cars marketed in the US to only the Mustang and the Focus. The model lines to be eliminated are the Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max and the Taurus.

They will add hybrid electric powertrains to the profitable models and they plan on exploring vehicles that will be completely electric. With this strategy, they are betting to evolve their product line to provide the consumer with a more innovative vehicle. By using this strategy, they are hoping the company can survive the downturn in the vehicle market.

Smartphone Sales Declining


Shipments of smartphone out of China have collapsed 21% to 91 million units. Since 2013, shipments have exceeded 100 million units every quarter.

Eight of the top ten smartphone vendors have incurred a decline in sales. Apple’s standing of number 4 in vendor sales was replaced by Xiaomi, Xiaomi was the only company to show growth. Its shipments grew to 12 million units. Huawei remained the top vendor by shipping over 21 million units. Currently, the top four vendors are Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, all are domestic vendors. Together they accounted for more than 73% of all Chinese shipments.

Although sales are maintaining in the east, the future of smartphone sales are a major concern because a downturn could have a serious economic impact on China. They smartphone industry is pervasive in China and has transformed the nature of their manufacturing base. They are somewhat reliant on the industry as a main source of revenue.

Considering that the main market for smartphones is the young generation and that age group has been severely impacted by the global economic slowing. The future outlook for an upturn in sales is unlikely.

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Planning refers to the process of deciding what to do and how to do it .Planing occurs at many levels, fromday to day decision made by individual and families, to complex decision made by businesses and government.

Good Planing Requires A Methodical Process That Clearly Define The Step That Lead To The Optimal Solutions

It. Should be more comprehensive
It should be efficientThe process should be inclusiveIt should be informative It should be integrated

Control is the process of comparing actual result with planned or budgeted result and reporting upon variation.The purpose of business control is to i identify unfavorable business performance so appropriate action can be takenHaving control a system allows the owner to manage ,monitor ,measure and adjust where necessary, organisational performance.

Establishing performance StandardReporting or monitoring performancePursuing appropriate action to correct significant deviation in performance

control of business activities take place at 2 levelsINTERNAL CONTROLEXTERNAL CONTROL

BUSINESS PLANBusiness plan is a document that details the business objective and means of achieving the objective By my way of definition, a business plan could be define as a document prepared by management that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a proposed or existing venture and contains the detailed plans and budget showing how the objective are to be realized.Business plans may be externally or internally focused

HOW TO PREPARE A BUSINESS PLANThere are no fixed content for a business plan .Rather the content and the format of the business plan is determined by the goals and audience.
If you are to prepare a business plan the following check list shows the information items you will require .

THE CHECK LIST{a)Background of the business:This should provide information on :Name of businessBusiness AddressTelephone and E-mail addressDate business will commencedType of businessPrincipal activities of the businessDescription of the business locationDescription of the business premises including size

(b)Products/service: This section describe your product offering .this will include details of product of features and an overview of unique technology or processes

(c)Personnel for running the business:State the key personnel in running of the businessIf there are any additions necessary to the management team necessary to the growth of the business you should state the special skills required, position to be requied ,Date required and salary to be paid State the contingency plan you have if your key personnel are unable to work thorough illness or injury.

How Nigerians can Exchange their SBDs to Naira


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Many might be familiar with websites like Facebook that do not reward members for creating content. In fact Facebook recently has made the news for selling their users information to third party companies or data mining their members information to increase advertising revenue. We love Facebook but realize that it isn’t the best solution for everyone.

Facebook admits it has some work to do to fix their problems. Ultimately when members use Facebook they create content and Facebook monetizes that content to make billions of dollars every year. So why doesn’t the giant corporation reward its members like does?

creozavr / Pixabay allows members to micro blog much like on Facebook or Twitter.  Members can add their daily information they want to share with their friends online. Members can add short posts of content up to 2000 words. Members can add photos or Giphy images for added effect. Members can join groups and connect with others who are like minded. All of this content creation actually earns members Rewards that they can at some point when they accumulate enough, exchange for Stish the blockchain cryptocurrency.

So why do other social media companies not share the wealth created by their members content creation?

The answer to this is rather complex. Some websites are simply to big to start offering this. It works well for starting a social network as it benefits the crytpocurrency community to have a place where everyone can join and interact with the crypto.

It also benefits the early adopters of the platform with earning some of the crypto currency they will promote later on as they possess more and more and one day want to sale or trade it. The members who hold the currency all have an interest in promoting the brand of the cryptocurrency which helps reduce marketing costs over time. built a unique on chain off chain approach by understanding a few concepts that many people overlook. views their rewards platform as a way to do 2 things. One is to distribute the currency Stish. The other is to grow the community around the currency Stish. Learn more about Stish at .

Sharing the actual dollars earned from their social media platforms would be hard to do as some contribute far greater amounts of value to the platform than others. SteemThat developed a method to control this dilemma using an equitable system for rewards that is highly motivated by community interactions.

As members create contact and interact with others they are rewarded an equitable amount for those efforts. This is not based on their holding of tokens. The system is not using top down capitalist mechanisms. The system doesn’t apply the formula like the world banks do where the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer. Stish IT uses a proprietary set of algorithms that work to equitably distribute rewards tokens based off of equal values or needs of the platform with precision.

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

In our testing we have been able to witness exactly how our theories and algorithms work to encourage different content type creations. We can see how setting an increased reward on referrals directly impacts the number of new subscribers and what that happy spot of rewards verses growth is. We have also seen how some people might try to manipulate the rewards earnings and have been able to mitigate this early on. When we need more social interaction we can simply increase the rewards and watch the numbers go up. When we need more content articles created to drive traffic and ad revenues we simply turn up the rewards. During our beta testing we have uncovered some very important metrics that will help us be stronger in the future as we move toward mass adoption of the concept.

StishIT Offers More Than Just Blogging Rewards!

The genius behind the platform is that for many writing full high quality blog posts might not be there thing. We have a great solution for creating blogging articles and earning rewards from these. Especially crypto currency related articles that help members grow. We encourage education articles as people are craving solid knowledge about complex subjects around crypto.

Members who are more of the short content sharing of one liners or thoughts or images have a platform too. is the first to create a rewards based social media platform similar to Twitter to Facebook. You can share photos, qoutes, thoughts, short posts, etc and earn Rewards! We perhaps have not talked enough about how creative and different this is. How valuable it is to be able to have a Facebook style social portal that rewards members for making friends, and comments. Creating simple posts in the Social portal can earn you rewards greater than ever before.

No matter whether you are a long format blog writer or a short and sweet photo sharer has you covered.

For Long Blog Posts Use The Publish Link At The Top Of Each Page.

For Short Posts Like On Twitter Or Facebook Up To 2000 Words Or For Photo Sharing Etc Use The Social Portal

Earn Rewards From Either And Be Happy. Life Is Great!

Join Now And Become A SteemThatian On A Quest For Stish!




Notice To All Members

It has come to the attention of the SteemThat team that there are some abuses of the system. We do not wish to implement a ton of rules but we will have to layout some rules to avoid some scammers and spammers.

All new blog posts submitted via the Publish link ( ) will have to be approved by a Moderator. Blog Posts Should Contain Some Content. The social portal is appropriate for a simple picture.

Many have been spamming the blog posts to earn rewards and this is not acceptable. You devalue the currency you seek making it worth less and less. Some platforms do not care about spam, and scam but we do.

Furthermore the exchange from Steem That Tokens to Stish will become more stringent as we track the origination of your SteemThat Tokens. If they were earned from scams they will not get exchanged. There is no way to hide this as there is a public ledger that the bots can scan quickly. Manual review will also be done to confirm.

Why Cheating The System Is So Bad And Is Theft From Others!

It is not because you are simply getting Stish that others should have earned. The problem is that by creating spam posts and adding no real value to the platform with blog posts that have little to no content devalue existing currency in circulation. So you steal the value from people who earned or purchased Stish legitimately. By creating spam content or low quality one line articles and earning rewards you cheapen the whole platform and cause the value to be lower for yourself in the future. Create High Quality Content Only.

Being A Part Of SteemThat Is A Privilege.

This is our formal notice of zero tolerance to spam and scams. We will take every effort and measure possible to include the best of the best in our Social Media community. Quality specification have been laid out in blogging rules and may be modified as needed to improve the content created on

  • We can do great things together but we must act like a team building something for the future.
  • Short simple posts and pictures can earn rewards through the social portal.
  • allows many writers and social media users a way to earn some rewards for their contributions.
  • Quality content is subjective and we are not here to moderate quality in that sense but we will not tolerate single image posts with no content or worse, no content at all.
  • We are not building a scam platform.
  • reserves the right to ban a user or remove content it considers spam, scams, plagiarism, junk, extremely low quality,offensive content or illegal content. Members contribute to the review process by reporting content.


All Blog Article Posts Published To Will Be Reviewed. Serious Content Contributors May Receive White Listing Or Added Bonuses In The Future. Thank you for keeping free from junk!

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Copyright Videos tricks 2018 for YouTube channels

4-Nature-Wallpapers-2014-1_ukaavUI.jpgHi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motion guys… the aim was to show the effect of slow motion since the video was about how …to play youtube videos in slowmotion and then with the hope of linking back to the original video.I thought at the time that by using just this short clip not a greater potion of it adding some …value to it and by using my own voice over will save me from copyright strike.Well as you can see I was wrong…. when you click for more details about the strike you will see …here it says the strike is because of visual content.To cut the long story short, since then I have learned my leason, I now know exactly were to get …videos to download and tweek a little to reuse on my videos.Now if you have been in the same situation or you are simply looking for extra video content that other …people havealready created to remix on your next new video then stay tuned for that and much more coming up.On youtube creative common video library you will find tons of videos you can use. what you should also understand …here is that when you just download and reupload the same video, sometimes you can still get a copyright strike.we will talk about that a little later in this video.But first to get to this page you have to be logged in to your youtube channel click on the …icon image on the top right of the page and then on creator studioOn the left side menu sroll down and click on the create tab and then on video editor.On the video editor page click on the creative common sign here . Now you can use the search bar …hee to search for the type of video you want to use.You are allowed to use any video here for your video creation. You can remix the video right here on …youtube by using the video editor tool hereYou can also download the video and use on any video editing tool. To downlod the video simply right click …on the video and copy the url linkOpen the video on a new page Go to the url on your brwoser and just after the dot type …in ss and hit the enter button on your keyboard.that will take you to this online service were you can eaily download the video.Now you can not just turn arround and upload the exact video thinking you will not get a strike for …it. You have to tweek it a little before uploading on your channel if you want to avoid the strike.Here are a few ways to do that. 1 By reducing the size of the videoChnaging the audio of the video…if you want to use the music audio make sure to cross check its copyright …policy. You can find a video that will show you how to to do that by clicking on the card …icon on the top right.Cutting and remixing the video slidesSO THERE you have it how to use other peoples videos on youtube without any copy right strike. Not I …will like to know in the comment area if you have used any of the creative common videos on youtube …and what were your challengesDont also forget to give this video a thumbs up and also share it to your friends on other social …media sites.If you are new to this channel make to subscribe for more tube mechanic videos like this every tuesdays and …thursdays of the week.
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Guppy fish………very nice

Guppy is also known as Fish. The most widely traveled tropical fish in the world. Because of its small, colorful and easy-to-use, it is known to the aquarium-lovers. The natural limit of Guppy is found in the North-East of South America, nowadays in different countries. They are highly adaptable. May be alive in different conditions and conditions.

Guppy generally lives three to five years in captivity and lives less than the wild environment. Guppy consumes an organic animal and many organic substances found in water. Guppy wife fishes are large in size (2-6 cm) compared to males (1 decimal 5-3 cm).


am wemimo by name…am new here and I believe dis site is to help each other…my purpose for joining this steemit is dat,I av a problem which needs to be solve and d problem is facing some ramifications in life which over my power.
I had a boy and av being care for d boy till he is a years old with God help.and my Schl have to stopped their and I stopped with National Diploma (ND) and I wish to fulfill my goals and dreams by God Grace…pls consider my stories.

Landcpae Nature

Terkait pengunduran jadwal USBN tahun ajaran 2017/2018, adanya tudingan karena belum disahkannya APBA dan akan terjadi kebocoran soal. Kadisdik Aceh, Laisani membantahnya dengan tegas.

Bantahan tersebut disampaikan Laisani, saat diwawancarai awak media setelah menghadiri rapat dengar pendapat di ruang komisi V DPRA, Kamis (08/03).

Laisani yang didampingi Kabid Pembina SMA dan PKLK, Zulkifli menegaskan, kalaupun ada pihak-pihak yang mengatakan pengunduran jadwal USBN karena belum disahkannya APBA, ini tidak benar.



SteemThat Shows It’s Mighty Growth Potential Almost Crashes Servers!

The Growth Of Is Through The Roof!

Not everyone would be jumping up and down at the fact that their web servers almost crashed and that the QA guy and other debuggers were in panic mode.I think almost everyone was in all hands on deck let’s figure things out fast more. Many have been freaking out. This type of growth is why you love me and! Ok, the truth I was freaking out more than anyone else. But I could hear the worry in everyone’s voice as we pushed toward 1 Million requests in under 24 hours!

What everyone wasn’t getting to See was that we blew past the top Million Websites Globally with a gain of over 350,000 Positions in 7 Days!


Ultimately we survived a wonderful spike of traffic and growth. We made it through to the other side but I’m afraid the next time we will not. So we have made some database optimizations. Removed a ton of non essential files and scripts. Optimized images site wide for size and load speed. Over the last month we have been in reduction mode as many of you have seen. The website is getting extremely focused on all of the huge success coming soon!

This type of growth is unprecedented in today world. I hope you all realize how special this community is today and will be in the future. People have talked about bitcoin talk and how ancient and outdated it is but how it is the original kinda of birth of Bitcoin in a way! is the home and birthplace to Stish! The cryptocurrency that cannot contain a huge break out for long. Soon we will launch the Token Event and everyone can buy Stish as there is very limited supply everyone will want to get their hands on it before it is gone. The future is what people are looking towards. They see our huge impressive numbers!

It is Epic to say the least! didn’t just barely break the Top Million Website In The World It Destroyed 350K Competitors and power housed its way well past 1 Million.

Lets go now hard past 500K top websites in the World! 

To get here we need your support sharing your posts and content created on with everyone you know in every corner of the world! On our end we are working on CDN’s and advanced image optimization along with increased server capacity more cores and better ram and memory. We are also building more tools and features that will blow your mind.

If you do nothing but help yourself and build the whale pool that will be fantastic! Celebrate with everyone as we together build something the world has never seen before and will all one day remember where it all started! Get Your Stish Together Man! Buy Stish Now!

This is huge news but there is even more news bigger than this coming soon!

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