Inspiration Tuesday~ 03/03/2020

I am sharing this bit of inspiration today to benefit your ideal direction. Propel from apathy to possibility and transform how you perceive your own capabilities. Don’t be eluded from inspiration… encourage inspiration to help with your circumstances, outcomes, results, and situations. Activate your inspiration within and seek to capture it by manipulating your settings to feel it.

Be open to spontaneously evoke inspiration. Allow yourself to transcend limitations and self-serving concerns with awareness and clarity of new possibilities. Strive to express and transmit your new ideas and vision into actualization. Be an inspired person open to new experiences, and absorb inspiration in your tasks, endeavors, adventures, and so on. Perceive subjects for its intrinsic value in the pursuit of a stronger drive to master your work with a less competitive nature.

Reprogram your belief system to positively impact your abilities, self-esteem, and a lifestyle. Inspiration consequently affects your self-esteem, optimism, mastery of work, perceived competence, creativity, and absorption. Allow inspiration to elevate the positive effects of all that you do, and lower the negative effects.

CHEERS~ to fulfilling your aspirations…

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Mr Coffee Mug Warmer Temperature

Prior to purchasing this mug warmer, I read the reviews, and I wasn’t sure if this product could my coffee hot enough. I have a large stoneware mug (16 oz. capacity). Turns out, the mug fits fits nicely on the warmer, and my coffee does stay hot. I made a little aluminum foil cover for my coffee mug, to keep a “film” from forming on the top of my coffee (I use heavy cream in my coffee). Not only does the foil cover keep a film from forming, it prevents heat from rising from the mug. My coffee stays nice and hot for as long as it takes me to finish it, which can take an hour or more. When my coffee is partially gone, the mug warmer makes the remaining coffee almost too hot to drink! Get this warming plate and make a simple foil cover for your mug; your coffee will stay hot! Another thing: There is no heat buildup under the warming plate. I have it sitting directly on my desk top and the wood feels barely warm from the product.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

 love this thing. I went back and forth between buying this new product. And going with the older one that already had reviews to go off of. To start, I use Apple products religiously, and this interface wasn’t too hard to figure out for me. I’m still getting used to it & how to use the parental controls – but so far, so good. I love that it has the two year guarantee on it if it were to break. That was actually my first selling point on this because I have a 1 year old that we actually got this for.
I was looking for something that I would have total control over so he couldn’t go pressing buttons and order/buy/break things on it. & this has that option! You have to enter a PIN number to get out of the child’s account.
I downloaded Netflix to it & shared it to his account for long car rides.
So far, we love it. I shell update if anything changes.
UPDATE: So, the battery life is great. We went on our first trip (only 2.5 hours away) the other day and the battery lasted the whole time (there and back) & still had plenty to spare. I have Netflix downloaded for him & I download episodes of his favorite shows for when WiFi wasn’t available. Worked like a charm and the car ride was easy/peazy!

Thick Velvet Women Headbands

Thick Velvet Women Headbands

 have “so many thoughts” about this! This headband is so darling and is just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been searching high and low for a trendy “hatband” a la Duchess Kate and this was perfect. The quality is better than expected and such a great price point! Looking forward to styling it for an upcoming wedding. But mostly, I definitely recommend!

Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party

Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party

Took the boat out on the Potomac last weekend with a couple 12 packs and some young girls. It was truly a spectacle. Every dad on the river floated by and said “wow”
Word to the wise: you need a set or oars or paddles to steer it. Otherwise you’ll ruffle a few feathers when you float into a rock or some tall grass

V Neck Long Bridesmaid Dresses

V Neck Long Bridesmaid Dresses

I absolutely LOVED this dress. When I came across this dress it was everything I wanted but I was hesitant in ordering because I noticed the shipping speed. HOWEVER, when I contacted their customer service team and requested a specific date of arrival it arrived as requested. It fit like a glove as I was very realistic with my measurements. The material was extremely comfortable with plenty of room to breathe! The price was hard to beat for the quality of the work. I will definitely be ordering another color in the future from this seller!

Flameless Candles With Timer

Flameless Candles With Timer

So I had a craft project to make that required glowing, color changing lights. Since I don’t know jack about electrical thingamabobs, I decided to buy these candles and pull the mechanisms out and use them. It worked perfectly! Since they’re real wax, it was very easy to get down to the light itself, I only had to cut through one thin layer of plastic. Once I got it out, the light was INSANELY bright which was perfect! Everything still works as advertised without the wax, and the batteries in these things have so far lasted a very long time. The only reason I gave four stars instead of five is because the ONE color that I really needed (orange) does not work at all. It lights up, but it’s so dull that it’s almost colorless.


Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) – Into the Raven – Fiction

Early in the morning I was awoken by a noise coming from the kitchen. I was thinking for a second and then stormed headlong out of my bed…

-Shi…! – I hissed at the huge fella who looked at me confused – You got out! How?!
-What do you mean how…? – Carl asked deadpan

-What are you doing…?
-I didn’t want to wait till you get up so I went out and …am making you a coffee…-

-What do you mean ‘making me a coffee’! What if somebody sees you, man!?
-Like how …? – he grinned at me still confused – And why should I care…

-Why should you… Well, you are only a seven feet-something tall giant who resembles a Nordic god… no issue whatsoever … By the way, how is the Arpitrax – I was observing Carl and realizing how well the whole armor thing blended with him.
-Aw, it is great! – he smiled and placed the biggest cup he could find on a table – Here take a cup…

-That’s no cup, that’s a soup bowl… – I said – As you are already here, I want to talk to you. Wait for a second… – I went to another room and rolled one of the armchairs for my pal.
-It really doesn’t matter if I stand or sit, you know – he was chuckling on my effort –

-It matters to me – I said when he sat down comfortably – I feel like I am standing under a landslide.
-Hah! By the way, I wish to go out today as soon as possible, so if you can do this morning routine, coffee, breakfast, shower faster this time? Do you need help with it? –

-Help? Like what? – I said holding my soup/coffee bowl – Do you want to speed up my bath by soaking me in this coffee cup and then washing me under a tap…?
-No, no… hahahaha! – he chuckled – Just enjoy… By the way, you liked a lunch yesterday, I have other ideas too, but I have one suggestion. I made a lunch for you and your folks, not for the internet …

-Ok, fine, I will not post my horrendous dishes online anymore, and lunch was great, much better than I ever made myself.
-Thank you. – he smiled satisfied.

-It is just a wonder – I continued – how well you fit the Arpitrax, it is like it was made for you.
-I think that I was made for the Arpitrax… – he said that and then changed the topic quickly – You visited Illuyanka down in the chasm again?

-Aw, yes.-
-Same like before…?_

-Completely the same. He is trying to go through the shield. – I said thinking how all of this is kind of strange – Don’t you feel a bit guilty for taking the Arpitrax away from him?
-He was unable to control his impulses – Carl said – And the Judge ruled him out… –

-Well, yeah, the Judge opted for the mercy. –
-Very merciful Judge, I am sure a creator is very proud on His creation – Carl said and added in a different tone of the voice – …depending on whose will the Judge is channeling…

-Ok, I have to ask you a few things – I said and then went into a waterfall of the questions –
-I know you will, I feel your doubt, it is not going away –

-It is not going away, because it is kind of strange, I talked to the Judge about you, and there is not a single piece of intel that you should be here. I knew that I have to detach Illuyanka on 13th August, it was said that some sort of a princess shall arrive, and then there are 13 weeks until 11.11…
-Again that number? – Carl said leaning back in the chair – The last time they shook a planet… Quite a display of power, don’t you think? –

-And… at the same date, a black hole in the middle of our galaxy flared immensely … That is too much of the coincidence. Do you know anything about that?
-I woke up after you took over the Arpitrax…- Carl added in a calm voice –

-Then I was thinking about your layered identity, and behavior… –
-I am probably made of all the things you approve or like, and you know what is my job, right? –

-You are an owner of the Arpitrax, I know…-
-My job is to secure you and to keep you from wrecking up my vehicle and to keep all the bells and whistles checked…-

-Your vehicle… Ok. –
-Yes, so what else is bothering you…?-

-I also asked the Judge to check you up, and everything seems more than perfect… But, I also was thinking about those happy village people and what they said. The origin of Illuyanka and the guy who made him.-
-Why don’t you ever call him by his name? – Carl asked – That character, an alien sphere, had a name, correct? –

-Yes, but I rather not…- I looked at Carl and he was more than curious about what is on my mind and more important – as he is telepathic – how will I explain all of that to him. – The thing is that those folks told me that … “he” was doing something to them and that they disabled him partially, but I think that they crippled him and after his perversion turned around completely, he started to invoke others to do to him what once he was doing to them. I think that even with his small size they were unable to control his telepathy so they poisoned his body and his mind went places… That would explain how he despite his size could escape their guardian.
-You think I am him, correct? –

-With that sort of ability, it is clear as a day that he could make any kind of a manipulation…-
-Well, what kind of a sphere he had? – Carl asked now very serious

-And I have what kind…?-

-…which means he was using some sort of a cloaking technique to hide his true size and real sphere from me and everyone else. Strangely, I was able to fry him so easily when we had an argument.-
-Have you tried anything else on him but violence? – Carl asked repositioning his body in the armchair; that guy is really big, I thought to myself, I felt like a mouse next to him –

-No, there was no question about it… – I said thinking of other things that may connect Carl with the deceased alien – The fact is that I felt his body dying, later we found the Construct that was disproportional to his size and I know for sure that those happy village people don’t release their accumulated force spontaneously, but they plan where they will release it…So, they have control above it, which leads me to another question, if he is dormant somewhere and something more – why to accumulate all that extra power and energy, and then release it somewhere in space just because of of…-
-…when you can – Carl finished my thought – reposition the force and a mind sphere in a living thing and continue existing?

-Well, yes… – I said – Something like that.-
-That is an interesting theory. – Carl continued – Maybe you should ask them why they are doing that?-

-Also, your size, you are not just tall, our humans are tall in a different way, you are completely proportional, that is kind of weird…-
-Do you think that those happy village people are much bigger than humans due to their evolution? – Carl asked – Well, they could be, but in that case, my size would be nearly average – BUT! – I think that my appearance is more related to the actual size of the Arpitrax and not my relation to those people, and the fact I am perfectly aligned to it and Illuyanka was not is because he was a megalomaniac and he made the Arpitrax too big.

-I didn’t think about it in that way… – I concluded and shrugged. –
-What was your alien accomplice doing, do you know why he was punished by the Judge if that was a Judge … ?-

-You don’t seem to appreciate those happy people at all…-
-I kind of have a problem appreciating some omnipresent force that … by your own words … cripple people. You said that. –

-He was making experiments on children..?-
-So what makes them so different from him? – Carl asked me and then seeing I am not feeling comfortable changed the topic again – That message that you received, about the princess, is that from them or the unknown entity you suspect to be The Boss. Or The God?-

-I have a feeling that everything was from the unknown entity – I said in one breath – I didn’t receive anything from them in a long time, and when we talked the quality of the signal was completely different. They believe that I am capable of using the fourth ghost and the ninth level and that the messages are somehow transmitted through that level to me.-
-So, you think I am an evil sky god…? – He chuckled at me quite fondly – My sphere is smaller than yours, was I an alien villain don’t you think I would be significantly bigger… and …-

-Fine… – I said stopping him – I just don’t understand how those super-spheres could not deal with him in a more humane and “normal” way? –
-Depends what they consider the norm… – Carl shrugged – And maybe the size is not everything, they have no explanation for you either. –

-They also had no explanation about the Illuyanka, in fact they never even mentioned him after we merged, so I am pretty sure that the message and whatever caused us to split came from something far bigger than any of them…- I continued – Plus, the Judge was very clear that when we merged Illuyanka was no longer visible, so I assume they couldn’t see him either. Or you.
-Please tell me – Carl continued and smiled at me – Did you talked to these people ever after you merged with the Arpitrax?

-No, I do not remember talking to them a single time after that – I said after thinking about his question for a few seconds. – It is strange that you knew exactly where to put Illuyanka…-
-Illuyanka does not exist anymore – Carl stopped me – That thing you saw in Chasm is a tantalizer, whom you tantalize and … – he smiled into his chin again – … Illuyanka was made of a person, tantalizer, and an Arpitrax… – now it is only a man with a tantalized mind… sort of… – he stopped for second thinking – You don’t feel any telepathy from him? Not any more?

-No, not really. I mean I can read him to a certain extent, but no, he can’t send me anything…-
-But, you can tease him… hahahaha! – Just make sure to keep him at distance… – then he stopped again and asked me very curiously – What is it like? What do you feel from him? – I could tell he was very intrigued by the whole situation.

-Besides the famine and lust pretty much nothing…-
-Aw, wow, that must be something – he said cringing and giggling at the same time – So what did you… you know… do to him today? – he continued glaring at me.

-Ummmm, are you sure you want to hear that…? – I asked feeling an odd vibration from Carl. – It is not very…-
-Aw, come on! – he chuckled- Just tell me…!

-I grabbed one of his spears when he came in front of the shield and stick that poker through my palm down into my wrist… ‘
-Awwwww… holy shit, terrible….! – he leaned sideways on the armchair – Whaaaaaat!?

-Twice… – I looked at his super surprised face – I wanted to check if he can harm me he can’t…
-Did it ever crossed your mind that … maybe he is not interested to cause you pain? – Carl was gasping for air – Have you done anything else to that thing?

-He managed to pass by the shield, but I detached him this time – I added proud of my accomplishment – No problem this time…
-Woooow! No problem this time? Maybe, perhaps, possibly… because I was not there this time and he does not want to force you or fight you…?

-Ummm… he does slam against those shields hard… – I was trying to sound persuasive, but at the same time I was rethinking the whole scenario
-Against the shields, yes, but not against you…- Carl sighed – Can we now have a peaceful period without you having tournaments with your ex symbiont, please?

-I am trying to figure out what he is and how he ended up being at the higher levels… – I said that but in fact, I just wanted to see him and this was a lame excuse. – He seems to be comfortable down there…
-Aw, I bet he is. – Carl nodded rolling his eyes around – You miss him, huh?

-Yeah… –
-Well, it is fine. As long as you don’t stick your head into his mouth or … do something else with him…-

-I think I lost the appetite…-
-It doesn’t look like that to me…-

-It is… When I see that my enthusiasm deflates fast… –
-It would be easier if I could have access to that part of your memory…-

-I don’t think that anyone will have bloody access to that part of my damn memory…-
-Can you include me in the stream as well… when that … starts… streaming…eh? –

-Nothing is streaming, why are you suddenly interested… you told me if anything happens with my feelings to simply push you in my head and I will normalize, now – you want to stream, huh?

-I am just very curious what is going on and why are you so interested to maintain communication with that unsettling incubus even when he proved to be a huge liability?
-Ok, for a start he is not an incubus, ok, maybe a little, and I miss him a lot but I rather have him close, I have no idea if he can swim out… –

-No, he can’t unless some burning trouble takes him out, for example on her pretty cute skull. Stapled there with the magical nail gun…
-Ok, ok, I will not nail anything into my head, and it is an octopus, or a mollusk, or a sponge with an overgrown brain – hahahaha! – so don’t laugh at me and do not wink, how much fire do you think an octopus has…

-I don’t know, I never tried telepathically connecting to one, I guess you will have to show me to give you a fair opinion … –
-I don’t think so..-

-Or in case you wish to do it… Carl sprawled across the table – I wish to be included, to… prevent any other energy being assimilated by your little cannibalistic beast.
-What!? – I yelled at him – Nobody is doing anything and no! Over! We are done! –

-I can send him a signal right now, I bet he is very lonely and desperate to bite into a nice piece of … a thought… – he was blushing and laughing. – So starved… Poor thing.
-You are seriously becoming very kinky … –

-You are the one whose ex symbiont has tentacles, not me… – Carl waved his hands no and slumped back into an armchair – And when did you see ME being kinky?
-Right now… – I said to him feeling every second my intelligence is deflating bit by bit.

-I am just trying to be practical and you are not thinking clearly at all. – Carl laughed still blushing and hiccuping at my discomfort. – I am simply worried about your safety, and it is obvious that you have unsolved things with that creature, so let’s solve it. Now you have me, we can deal with all of this together.

-It is a bad idea… –
-What could possibly go wrong, his energy is below zero…-

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Allegedly, Mars is getting blown up and I suppose to have an opinion – Ancient Alien – Parody

??????? – Well, bu-hu-hu, fuck you too!

Do you know why the ordinary aliens (I am not extraordinary I just landed before the show) don’t want to land here or have anything with the humans ( besides me shooting them down like clay pigeons)? Take a lucky guess? Not nukes, wars or your weapons. Or the capacity to hate anything that crawls. A-a!

Because the beings on the Earth ( Ocean!) are a walking farm of germs. Nobody is crazy to be near, or even a galaxy near. I can’t even load some of you into my UFO because the number of units per one load is limited to 100. But it is never your own bugger that causes world-class extermination, it is always some exotic species of flowers somewhere from Africa… Aw Nawwww, man, you so clean!
That’s why the alien abductions are in majority the bullshit. You are dirty, greasy, germ infected motherfuckers. I love all about you, but you need to wash your ass. If you find a person who claims they were abducted during or shortly after a shower, that’s the authenticity you are looking for. That your ace, he scored!

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate to be sick! And I get really ill, my immunity is hostile without prejudice and my metabolism runs on meth. Do you have an idea what kind of an inhumane inclines run through my mind every single time one of you apes sneezes next to me? Why I am so suddenly unfriendly? Because I thought of your every sneeze to be my last, and no matter how long I have lived I don’t want to fucking die. In fact, I can die. I just can’t stay dead. But that doesn’t change the quality of the experience, and it is a damn gruesome one.

My concern is not about if or when the humans gonna do the Mars by celebrating 4th of July with some really big firecrackers – Wowzy, nukes, so hot!!- but if there will be somebody on the Mars willing to retaliate. Have you ever trespassed a territory claimed by another alien? I mean by an alien, because ( I assume) you are a human. No? Well, I did and they don’t hand out the tickets, you know. They like to blow things up and as far as I know, any extraterrestrial being another species will always see you humans like one of two things – sex or food. Or… both?

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Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) – Arpitrax – Fiction

The last time I was telling you about the Arpitrax, the raven told me that I allegedly have to kidnap it, which was in my opinion impossible as it needs a mind sphere to exist in the first place, and to my demise, the damn thing was permanently welded into me, so I can’t detach and manipulate it from the outside.

First of all, Arpitrax should have never existed. That is what I know.
Second of all, the Illuyanka should have never been cursed by such a horrid temptation in his possession.
Third, a symbiotic part of him was nice, but Illuyanka himself started to play and abuse my inability to stop whatever he wanted to do.
A symbiont is not a slave and he was assimilating all my abilities. But, he did not assimilate my intentions, he just pretended and I felt sorry for his misfortune of being created by my evil peer. He has done nothing to deserve that.

I hoped so much, and I wished so hard, that Illuyanka will somehow manage to suppress his human desires and to use the Arpitrax for the completely wrong purposes. Now, you know better than me, no human is capable to do that. At least not for now. Why do you think there is always some celestial god destroying those dragons and witchers?

And I have been so gullible and naive to believe it is possible, but that is only because I am an alien and I do not understand temptations that humans deal with daily. I simply don’t see the world in the same way you do, and my comprehension is more close to one of a child. All that power, and a brain of a carp. Well, I guess it has to be like that. You can’t have everything. I have the divine comprehension, you have the brains, knowledge, wits, beauty, skills, talent… ok, ok, you have everything, I am just here for the decoration and in case that some asshole alien tries to land down and take over the world. A very thin chance for that. Anorexic.

Anyways, what happened. Well, ugly and short, Illuyanka started to use the Arpitrax for the things he found relevant – like gruesomely crippling one man and killing another. Yeah, very important things. I guess that was an exercise for the future genocides he had already planned… OK, that is only a speculation, I am just running my mouth without basic sensibility to weight my thoughts.

The first human he attacked did not suffer major damage so I managed to repair him. I hoped Illuyanka will stop on the first mistake, and everything was fine for a few days. I got nothing through the Arpitrax interface, and I thought that was solved.

Then one night I receive an odd message, a full video transmission of a human man I never saw before sleeping, weird symbols and a picture of a giant white mental sphere pulsating with violet/purple shimmer. The message was too complicated to decipher, and a part of it that I managed to decipher was a fiasco. I never saw a white sphere, so I was terrified.

The second victim of Illuyanka was beyond repair. He was dead on arrival, and the scariest thing was that nobody could help him. What Illuyanka did was wrong. He wasn’t handing down the justice, but revenge. Terrible how it sounds, but anyone, with a crime or not, could be his next victim.

So, while I was sitting there disheartened here comes the feathered fucker, a raven came but this time he was carrying an actual written message in his beak.

-I received the transmission, I have no idea what does it mean – I yelled at the bird when he dropped a package on the table.

-I brought you the recipe how to do it – raven continued like I did not say anything – You have the Transformation stone, correct?

-Yes. – I nodded unwrapping the message – It is a piece of space junk, it doesn’t do anything.

-It depends who is holding it… – raven sneezed and wiped his beak under his wing – I brought you a recipe. And by the way, there is nothing about you detaching from the Arpitrax, you obviously can’t …

-Damn true, because I tried .. – I answered while opening a small package –

-… but nowhere it says that Illuyanka can’t. – I lifted my head and looked at the bird confused – It just requires a concentrated power of will, and that what you are holding in a hand…

-Power of will…? –

-Just read it!! – raven blurted and impatiently flapped his wings.

I was reading a message for a few seconds in complete silence, and then I looked at the bird who was expecting my reaction… then I read it again.

-And? – raven silently asked waiting on my reaction.

-Well… well, well, well… at least I don’t need to lie down into a battery acid, shove the ground wire into my ass and bite into a power grid…


-Are you fucking insane!!?? What a fuck is this????

-That is uh oh… It doesn’t say that…

-I know it does not! I see what it does say!! – I was raging at him – I have to paste that protection layer made of nuclear waste, or what-fuck-not, on myself …

-Yes, that is so that the liquid does not, you know…-

-I knoooow! Why does it say that I have to close all my physical openings…?

-Well, maybe so, for more protection…-

-Why is that sentence written in different handwriting? – I asked watching a raven and imagining killing him where he was squatting…

-Ok, I was worried! I meant it could be a good idea… –

-Fine! Let’s move on! And then I have to submerge into some sort of a demonic liquid… –

-It is not demonic, it clearly says…-

-Will I have any flash left on me after this?

-Of course, yes…

-You mean, you don’t know. – I rolled my eyes and returned to a paper – And before that, I have to place The Stone INSIDE of a tank with me.

-Yes, it will enhance…

-… the Stone that can do who knows what, with me in an enclosed tank! –


-And then I have to detach Illuyanka from the Arpitrax for a few seconds …-

-That is what I was telling you, a power of will –

-And… The Boss will … what a hell He means by “he will smite me”…?

-Well, you know – a raven poked upwards to the sky with his beak – smite, you know…

-Yes, I am pretty sure that I know what ‘smite’ means… – My eyes were sinking deeper and deeper into my sockets – I will lie into a dangerous medium and Boss is going to rip some sort of lightning through me?

-Yes… –

-I am not asking you! I am contemplating out loud! – I was watching a paper and a table in front of me thinking should I do that or should I just blow my brains out and spare myself from all of this…

-I suggest that you get drunk really, really hard, and that you dress up nice in case something goes wrong – raven leaned forward to me.

-If something goes wrong, I don’t think there will be much of me left to hold the dressing… – I said to the raven.

-I don’t know – raven was almost apologetic – I am a simple postman…

-Ok, ok, ok! – I said gasping for the air – My life in an exchange for many, I get it. I will do it. But, if this works… What about that white sphere?

-What white sphere? – raven tilted his head and curiously looked at me with his black empty eyes.

-The white sphere … I can’t detect any bodily existence attached to it and it was a part of the message I received…

-I have no idea about any white sphere… – raven shrugged – I am honest as I can be, I don’t know.

-And that is it? – I flipped the other side of a paper, but it was empty – What should I do after that?

-Get out and remove all that shit from yourself, before it eats through your skull??? – raven yelped at me – I don’t know I have no idea…

The raven wished me good luck and left me with the wavering thought of absolute dread on my mind.

What happened? Well, I am alive, am I not!?

I did not do exactly what raven recommended me, but I got a bit drunk because there was no way in hell I was doing the tank sober, normal and fully conscious. If I had to go, I wanted to be properly sauced.

So, I made all as it supposed to be, insulated myself and prepared my side of the Arpitrax for the sabotage, all by the book, I mean by the list I got.

And shortly after, I was sitting on the edge of the tank drunk as shit, with the Stone in one hand, and a glass in another, thinking how to drop a stone and then jump in, or should I jump and then drop a stone… anyways I was a bit tipsy. The cocktail was fabulous, I will share the recipe later.

In the end, I concluded that stone goes on one, me on two, and then my soul goes on three…

When I sunk I noticed how hard it is to think in that kind of an environment.
First, it was dark and cold, second I forgot that when I am in a liquid environment I suppose to stop drinking.

I detached Illuyanka’s part from him, it slipped like a loosely attached covering, his connections to it were still very thin. What happened after did not look like anything I expected. It didn’t feel like something like a lightning hit me.

I felt very dosed – no wonder – but I also felt that my symbiont was stun, like we both were stopped, and then rebooted.

The part of the Arpitrax that was connected to Illuyanka unwrapped, slang around him, slammed into me and welded into my remaining ports instantly while the symbiont still being stunt slowly floated away from me and then disappeared from my view.

I swam out of a tank as fast as I could realizing that it would be a good idea to get the fuck away from that hell as soon as possible. I wobbled down to a shower and scrapped the dirt from me and get to the Arpitrax to see what a hell happened.

I felt drowsy, but not like I was drunk or drugged, more like I was floating on a cloud or something. It felt unreal and that unreal feeling continued for almost 24 hours after.

I jumped in still wet and flipped a few signals from the Arpitrax, but nothing was coming from another side. I usually hear the white noise or something from another side, but this time all connections were dead.

Holy shit – I thought to myself – we did it. I flipped a few signals again trying to connect with the Illuyanka, but the Arpitrax was silent.

After a few more, very long seconds, I received a signal but that was not Illuyanka. A signal was incredibly strong, completely different and it was coming from a human. I started to decipher and found out that it is coming from a white sphere that was interlayered with my own, the same one that I received in the odd message days ago.
There was no whistles and shrieks, but a completely unknown male voice simply said “hello” through the connection.

-Hello – I replied insecurely through the connection – Hello? – To be honest I was completely surprised by the clarity of the transmission.

-Umm, is this the … Arpitrax? – a voice carefully replied to my greeting.

-Yes, I am a driver of the Arpitrax – I answered very slowly. – Who am I talking to?

-Aw, great! – a voice cheerfully chimed thought the connection and continued into the short chuckle – This is a new owner of the Arpitrax, my name is Carl.

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DARK HUMOR – not suitable for children or anyone who likes the small furry animals

You know what is the stupidest thing I think every single day. You won’t believe me if I tell you.

It’s when I and Scipio were talking about some things and he told me how poor I am ( and this is taken out of the context, in fact, he was saying how poorly I reason about the things in business… because I must be dumb and with no experience) and that the success is like being pregnant, everyone congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you were screwed.

And do you know what is the saddest thing?
The only thing I could think about at that moment was how nobody congratulated me for getting pregnant at all.

And I am not poor in reasoning. I am cursed. Because everything I have ever done turned to shit. And it is not because I was giving up on the things, but because I was not. I just can’t give the fuck up!

So this can’t possibly be v.1 of my life, this is the aftermath and I am in hell for some nasty shit I have done, or just because a driver of my avatar likes drama so much. I think that faggot is depressed or self-inflicted or something. How do I get into so much trouble? Why all the other folks have it all easy and served, why do I suck in everything?

And do you know how dumb is to say that getting screwed is somehow uncomfortable to a straight woman? I mean no fucking meaning at all. Why his retarded ex even left him!!?? Man, he has no clue about our meow kitty cat feminine fucked up complicated periodically bleeding and screaming womanly species at all – it is clear as a day- she could sell him anything!! That bitch is a fucking imbecile. You don’t let that walk around like a know-nothing-about-chicks tabula rasa, it is a catastrophe in development – When you get one of those, you fill that thing up with all your favorite kinks and ludicrous fantasies BEFORE SOME OTHER BITCH DOES IT!

And men are so low maintenance, they don’t complicate their own life by inducing storms and then complaining when rain showers down with the frogs, red dirt and toxic chemicals ( from the nearby chemical plants on another continent…) No, they don’t do that crazy shit.

They just want to crawl inside of some loser-ass bunghole and they are all happy in there. They are just so fucking fine, uuuuuu… this is so great, motherfucking awesome, I am in the heaven.

That’s why I have him still in my discord server.
So whenever some little sister comes in, pops the right slider menu, starts reading the names … she is like … law, admin, bot, bot, asshole bot, list of human members, very short… good, good, good, dick, good… wait for a second…
-Why the hell you have him?
-Because I like dicks.

I mean the guys will be asking why, is that for the money, he has money, right, but the girls will go straight into the LOL mode, I don’t even finish it properly… “dic…” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

No, I don’t fucking need him for money, I have him for the decoration. I fancy exactly that kind of the travesty. Others servers have all the good stuff I know, the shit eaters, boot kissers, faggots of all kind, traitors, double dealers, multiple personalities, witches, hags, sodomites, poison sellers, backstabbers, human anal toys, and all that exotic expensive shit.
I only like to have a dick in my server. It is like a bare minimum compared.
A woman wants a dick inside of it.

Wow. A shocking surprise.

It is like when a person tried to insult me by saying go suck a dick…
What kind of insult is that? What do I suppose to say?
“Thank you, my friend, every day and best health to you too. Go munch a rag!”

And you know how hard is to flush a man out of a hole he likes!? No? Well, try. They grow fangs and stick them in and they make sure you can not un-clam them unless you wanna hurt yourself badly. And then they start that shit about love – we going to stay together forever aw my dear.

I mean, with the Discord server it is just a button, he never even talks there, probably would not even notice it, never will see this, nobody reads a thing around here – and I am constantly changing an icon in purpose so people would get confused… Still, I thought some others will not, but they did and it was

Like Andy Whaleshares. I banned him from that server like ages ago, he still remembers to drop shit comments on my Steemit posts. That must be because every now an then I unfollow one of his thousands of the fake accounts on the Twitter, so he can’t take me off his mind. And you know how pedant and frugal I am, I don’t unfollow all those fucking bot accounts at once, I spare them, like birth control, one per day. So he can’t grow some zen inside of his guts and forget it, because every time he opens that sleazy unfollow-follow app for Twitter that he uses, a bell tolls to him – ASCHATRIA JUST UNFOLLOWED YOU … AGAIN!

Jezzz, Ascha, that is so convoluted and evil…
My, my, does a pelican fly…

I am so lucky that none of my exes knows my online pen name. By the way, it is not because I had a rough relationship with my men or anything like that. I never had problems with men, because I was either there or I wasn’t. It is just something in me that doesn’t let me uncheck from the hotel without leaving a bloody mess behind.

And they all sound so logical and reasonable, walls and walls of text and reasoning, and reasoning and text. It sounds familiar yeah… I guess it depends on how you look at it. Maybe you like it.

The ugly truth is, I am such a romantic, I hate goodbyes and yes I still love them, I spy on all of them. But, that’s why when I was leaving, I never could do it in that grand dramatic way like all the other normal chicks. It was always complete chaos, grabbing my shit and running as fast as I could – before they could chain themselves on the door frame and we were always some floors too many from the ground level to use a window… I think it was a preplanned strategy to gain time.

And then they will use pity-me, I-love-you and let-talk-and-sort-it kind of the emotional blackmail techniques to divert me from my master plan ( to rule the world, fuck you mortals) and stay with them and making them happy.

It is horrible. And they CAN cry. I am telling you. YES! It happens. When it does, I feel like a war criminal, so much self-hate, I hate myself when it happens. And I don’t know why.

From the whole conversation at that point, I would hear nothing. I don’t know why you girls are complaining that you guys do not talk, because when they do.. there is pretty much nothing to stop them. And they are loud. Have you ever heard a constant grinding of a thunder one story above you? Because that’s how it sounds.

And while I am wiggling left and right figuring out how to pass them in that door frame trying not to look them in an eye, because after that it is over – they will start feeding me about all those things I am aloof about. And of course I will look up and all I will hear will be … white noise and me thinking how the hell all you fucks have such big, beautiful thick eyelashes…

After that it is over, I don’t even hear what a guy says, I am completely zoned out. By the eyelashes. Probably I have a thing for that, or a fetish, I don’t know. The rest of the male face is like it was smashed by brick and healed in a wrong way with some pussy bush slapped on it, but the eyelashes are… kind of unbelievable. How do they grow, what do they put on them?

I even told my female friends ( I am joking, I have no friends, they are all cunts…) while we were talking about guys – they were all shooting at big obvious things – and when I brought it up, it was like they were shot at the spot.
Eyelashes! Bang! Dead silence.
I just killed them. And it is true. Guys have more facial hair and usually, those things are thick. And you know what? Women are fucking envious on the eyelashes!! It is true!!
That’s why we paint those things and wear artificial ones! And they don’t get better. They just get messier.

And guys are equally envious about our shapes, but they hide it, you know a woman should dress up for herself, that’s why men hate shopping – all the questions do you like it on me, never a question what would they like …
You did notice how men always like to touch, grab, look, stare like maniacs when they like something?
And they are narcissistic.
Have you ever seen a guy dating some scroungy knob who looks like sewage didn’t want her and she ended up under his armpit by an accident? And the guy was walking around like he won Miss Universe or something like that?
You know he is not blind…
That is because… “That’s because she doesn’t nag me for every bullshit out there. And because she pets my snowflake balls/ego/complex, listens to my painful squealing after I come home from a horrible job, plays my favorite game from 1992 on an antediluvian pc and tells me how beautiful I am! I am her King! Aw, my majesty!!!”

“My God she is gorgeous! Does she has a sister/cousin/aunt as equally gross as her.”

In fact, you know what, fuck you guys – DOES SHE HAS A BROTHER!??? I need desperately a plan B!!

When you want to take your precious Gollum or Prince Charming ( depends on diopter) shopping tell him he can dress you like a Barbie. Just you and me, and I will be your doll. It doesn’t even need to be something extra, a special occasion, start small, take him somewhere you can shop cheap. Just try it!

I never had a single “no” ever in my life and those items/shoes/clothes were 300 times better than a useless shit I would choose. Trust me they put a big fucking effort when it is for them. Give them scissors and tell them to trim a chop of your hair – they will all be no, no, no, I will ruin it, I will ruin it – and if you by any chance boast the persuasion skills fit for a politician of a higher caliber and you manage to persuade them – they will pat and pamper that chop of hair for three fucking hours and still have an anxiousness attack if it looks good or not – and it is an extension.

Every guy is like this strange bipolar psychotic histrionic monster, who is all kind, nice, respectful and all about our personality inside of a house, but when he takes you out it pretty much looks like this – “LOOK WHAT A NICE THING I HAVE YOU FUCKING DICKLESS LOSERS, MY CAR BETTER THAN YOURS, BWAHAHAHAHA!”

Women get insulted with that. You should get insulted if he starts doing it at home out laud. Imagine him in his shorts shouting like a maniac those words to a neighbor across the street at 7 AM. That would be awful.

And you can abuse this. You come to him and say, you know honey your car could use some upgrades, new covers, new freshener, some gimmick accessory just for the sake of it, and you get to chose everything. Maybe he will dress you in feathers for the joke or the first try, but then his friends will start asking – look is he into poultry, should we be concerned… Because they are all the same, they don’t see you, they see what he likes and what he wants.

You can ask absolutely anything in this way, just don’t overdo with the maintenance, if you prove to be unsustainable he could get another car. Or worse, you can end up in a garage. You have no idea what is going on out there, and then paf! three months later you find him filling the trunk off some badass looking roadster.

The worst thing a guy could acquire to get over with you is a motorbike. Yes, that is an equivalent for a hooker. It is pretty much the same thing. They are unsafe, have less padding, he could get hit by anything and whatever accident happens it could end up with long-lasting repercussions health-wise. And everyone would blame you.
Same thing!
“It wastes 500 bucks per hour, but what a rush!! Bwahahaha”
Oh yeah…
“And my ass hurts, that seat is so hard…”
“Meh heh heh… are you sure that she had no dick… Just kidding.”

If a guy comes to you and says he is buying a bike, he essentially is saying to you ( unless he is a true motorcycle enthusiast and he stresses it out clean) that he is so damn unhappy and miserable being married to you, that he wants to fucking kill himself.

Just sign that paper and let him off the hook. All good honey, have a drink, it is fine.

I could never end up a relationship with men because they never wanted that. I don’t know how to break up and remain friends.
“Aw, we broke up but we are good friends now, we care about each other and help each other…”
How do you do that? How can you make a guy who so deeply cares about you to friendzone you?
You can’t, you stupid cow. The only way to do that is if he doesn’t give a fuck about you but he is polite to keep you out of his shit, talking all sort of nastiness about him in public. That’s “a good friend break up”!

I could never do that. Because they didn’t want to and I had to run away to avoid the eyelashes, of course. Those things are like bear traps. Do you know when you argue and he just shoves those things as closest as possible into your neck and face and gives you that look and start to play with them… it is incredibly cheap and low, and it works every time.
No, he doesn’t do that?
What does he do?
Smash your face with a fist? I am sure that makes you love him aw so much better…

And it is not all about the eyelashes, this other thing I am doing completely unconsciously.
My pals asked me why all of my men had a big snout.
The big snatch…
You know, a mouth???

Awwwww…. I don’t know. They just have it, I guess… and one of them said after that:
“Because in my case, I always end up with ones who have less lip than Grim Reaper…”

A nice graphic image of a romantic goth-inspired kiss flying inside of my head. And then I can’t unsee that for months.

This is true, I kind of do that, no idea why. If a guy can shove half of my face in his yaps, he is just perfect.
Come here honey, I grab on his mug, say aaaaa, let me check a tongue too… oo.
“Ummm, why…”
If things look good, I say I will show you later, if things are not so promising then I say how I like to kiss.

And my female pals were all, how do I do that, to attract attention, not necessary to take a person out or make him like me, just to get their eye on me. And I said to them, you never heard of a Mona Lisa stare?


“How, I don’t understand?”

Well, you pick something on a man that you like and just stare on it with this ambiguous, perpetual stare that resembles the one of Mona Lisa. Oh, yeah, well not that. If you stare in his dick, you just pervy. Just something else. Don’t you like anything else? Because that is the last thing I look at a man. I don’t care how big is your dick. I have a lot of orifices of various sizes on my body, here, if it is a micro I have a nostril. It will fit. It will be good. I will make you feel huge. Don’t worry about that. It is irrelevant.

And they love that stare. It is like a signal to them. Just try it, I dare you, I double dare you, triple. Hell, just do it. Do the stare and then twitch to your girl buddy like you are surprised by yourself, because it is serious, and you don’t know what happened. Now, he will not go straight for it, but he will immediately start to shuffle feet, look agitated for an unknown reason and maybe change his position to get again in your visual field. Just to check if that is a stare, or you suffer from the hypothyroidism so you look like that all the time.

If you are in the relationship a guy will instantly notice it as well – “Do you like it, do you like it, do you like what you see, aww, me, me, me!” – accompany that with only a minimal pat wherever on his body and he will be like – “Yes, yes, you look at me, you like me, you adore me because I am so pretyyyyyyy.”

Horrible! So little trouble to make him happy about you. Still, so many chicks completely cock sucks it and they don’t even have a tool.

I am so happy that my exes don’t know my online pen name, because it would not be a circus. It would be a tournament! They will not compete with each other and send insulting dick-selfies to each other and argue who has a bigger one, aw no. They would compete who will stick it harder to me. Because I am a Lucifer! And they can get away with it. Because it is the internet. I can not touch them. BWAHAHAHA!

It is not like that in reality. Aw, no, no. I am probably overreacting, but all my dudes were imaginative, so uh, a lot of things could get out from that nice skill. No, no, in reality, it is pretty much avoiding me in a huge circle or just looking from very far away. Just in case.

And I don’t even have a temper! I never hit any of them. There were no fights, I yell, yes, but did you ever heard yourself ladies yelling. It sounds like two sparrows screeching on each other and fighting for a piece of bread…

And I always had a reason for that. You know, I always said what was wrong. In my case, it was always some other third party who was abusive to my man. Either a rotten family member or some so-called friend. Or his fucked-up mother. No, seriously. There are mothers out there who torture their sons because they hate men.

For me growing up was different.

My father was asked if he slaps me and so, because we lived at that time when dinosaurs were grazing around, and he said to a man who asked if he wants that man to die gruesomely he would send him to slap me.
I was a vengeful little shit!
And my father was not an idiot, he thought me all the tricks, from the pointy knees to blunt weapons. He never told me that I can be whatever I want, no. It was obvious, I was good for nothing. He just told me you have to be brave. Like really brave!
The brave is not insane, but what a fuck…

When I was yelling I made sure I yell! I have this enormous vocal capability, so I can lower it and it sounds horrible enough to scare away the half of a building. They think it is my husband! It comes handy when my female neighbors start to yell and then suddenly zip it because there is a maniac in a building.

I was listening to this one chick going for hours, in the middle of the night. If a man did that, he would be taken away after 20 minutes. But not a bitch. Double standards. And it is the same shit man or a woman because nobody can sleep, but they let her do it because she has a pussy.
With no proof! Has anyone even saw her pussy? Are you people sure she even has one?
What equality!!?? I wanted her to shut up so bad that my inner maniac finally exploded and growled out in an unrecognizable voice – “Roll the credits ho!”

Silence. Is. Sacred.
Like a duck tape.
It should be worshiped.

And my men always had two body modes when it came to that. First, jam the door with own body. Two, go into a defensive gorilla mode with extended arms and their genitals in another room. I am sure you know those two modes.
No? What yours do? Aw, you don’t have one. Well, hmmm…

“Cuddling, cuddling, calm down, I love you so much, blink, blink.”
Me hopping in front of a mountain of muscles and screeching like it is the last thing I will ever do in my life – Why don’t you ever want to look my designs with me, why don’t you want to see that cool gif I made the other day, why don’;t you come and see what I actually have to do to transfer this funny money onto your bank account and then wait for me for 5 hours to see the bacon landing… bleeeeeee!!?? Whyyyyy!!???
“I will, I am all about your work, it is adorable, perfect, beautiful… just put down the crowbar.”
-A crowb… I need that!! A washing machine hopped on a door and I need to unjam it and use the toilet, I am this close to pissing myself all over!!!!!!!

I never had problems with guys, I don’t see how other women get in so much trouble with them.

I had problems with my family, my employers, employers’ wives, my job, career, which is non-existent at this point. Never with men. You know how easy is to get away with it when you own something to a man.

You just have to make that resentful, self-hating expression full of envy and disgust on your face and he will go around you with “oh, yeah, ok then…”

You don’t believe me? Ask one of my previous landlords. She made my husband pay twice the same utility bill and tried that shit on me. She tried to pull out the same trick for the third time. And then she added I owe her some sheets, that in fact, my mother gave to me because they were too trashy for her to put in her bedroom. They were canary yellow. Like RGB yellow with big flowers. And my mother was just next to me taking a look at some rice on a shopping shelf. I hate rice!

My mother and I don’t look alike at all.
I am this fairy gracious small thing, and my mother is a god damn army tank with an attitude of a raging rhino. You know what happened right!

Don’t dial 911, call 999 for 187 because you just got murderer bitch!

Do you know how you can get rid of some narcissistic bastard for a while? Just tell him you are suicidal, you are on your period and your mother called. No word for a week. Possibly even longer. You are looking at the unique opportunity to take that plastic and go vaycay! And he will not even ask you shit, because he will think it is one direction.

And about that case me getting pregnant – just to make sure – I made my personal life all by the book – job, husband, marriage, everything, planned as it should be.

At this point, I think that nothing of that worked. My child has a life long condition for which she blames me, and my husband hates me because one of my pals allegedly wronged his spine and he got all fucked. He is not harmed, he just blames me, because it is all my fault.

He told me I am so stupid and naive and that I don’t see how the world is awful filled with the greed and atrocious people who want to ruin you a little you have. And I fucking believed all of it. I believed that a pal of mine cares. He doesn’t. He just wanted to put him in the wheelchair and get me in trouble. That is not love, that is hate.

So, I found out that I am pregnant with my now 10-year old child.
I called my mom and I didn’t just tell her what a wonderful thing happened because the doctors told me I probably will not be able to do it because I am 75% INFERTILE…
I didn’t just tell her.
I congratulated her because she was about to become a grandmother for the first time.
Do you know what she told me?
“Tune it down idiot, your grandfather died last night, your father might have a cardiac from all the trauma.”
Do you have a bloody idea what kind of a train wreck full of rubble just fell of me at that moment?
It felt like a whole railroad just somehow bent in the space-time continuum and warped straight on my back.

But, a baby… I will have a little baby.
“We don’t know that yet.”

I always wanted a family with a happy baby my whole life. Possibly because I was so miserable with my own childhood. I was never satisfied with my own parents and sister, with my siblings, with all the schools I changed, my own schoolmates… hell I didn’t even like a neighbor’s rooster.

It is not just that. We went to visit my sister who moved into a new apartment with her now ex-husband. My parents took me in their car and smoked all the way while I was sitting at the back pregnant up to my chin. I never felt so invisible.

And it is not that I don’t abuse my relatives too. I do. Especially my sister and her reputation. When I used to drive I was rarely ever pulled aside by a cop. If I do it is because they thought it was her and they dated her 20 years ago for one night and they hope she looks this bad. No, no, I’m not her. Yeah, yeah, years passed, she looks even worse, hair falling out, eyes sinking in… They hoped it was her. And I look pretty much like me for the last hundred years.
Second, I was well prepared, so I would just let go some dude in a raging car after he would go insane by my sudden slow driving. They love to win. Guys love to race.
But guess what, I am a chick that always finishes the first.
Because there is always a cop, of course. And on the entire car, no, a space ship of that dude, there would find maybe one spot, maybe a bird shit on a windshield or something – and a cop would fucking charge it. You know what I drive/drove – a shit error on wheels. They don’t even bother, because they don’t want to touch that car by accident.

And not only that I can ingeniously avoid being tagged I am an extremely good driver. Never had an accident. Never scratched my car. Nothing like my sister. She would take pines down, knock out the entire right side, missed a gates two-line wide… Nothing! My parents would just shut up and pay.
But they would check my car all the time, for the smallest scratch – when finally my mother found it and started to lecture me as if they paid for it.
You know what happened. Brats on the parking lot where I used to work took a nail and artwork only my car. From all those hundreds of cars parked there, they picked mine and just totaled the whole side…

Even with the school, my parents were completely cold about me.
Mom, I have a bachelors degree!
Great, daughter, now get a job, pack and leave. Or pack, leave and get a job.
Or any other combination – just get out, I will send clothes later. By mail.
Because that’s how much I felt that I have.
We will buy a big bag and some … things, I guess, so that people don’t say I am kicking you out.

By the way, my parents didn’t pay for my education, I had that all covered and got it just with my brains. I am not stupid, just gruesomely out of luck. My parents paid for a bus ticket and argue how much I eat.

When my father wanted to insult me about my looks he said to me I look ugly and trashy in comparison to other girls.
And I told him other girls get money to look like that, so, how much beauty you can afford?
Do you think I got an answer to that?
Or money?

I always looked like this sad teen dragging my feet around, in fact, it was an asshole excuse to bring trouble upon myself and just beat the crap out of some idiot. I was not a sad lost teenage girl, I was this disappointed old man trapped inside of a doll, who liked to smoke, drink and bet on sports…

Hell, the best conversations I ever had were with the old farts over fifty, if I was not afraid to kill them I would probably date them and it would be gay as fuck, but very safe as long as I don’t drink too much. And I could still feel I am fifty years older than them! True! My own family told me that. Something went wrong dear because I think somebody is inside of you, and that is not what we all see… No darlings, you better don’t see. Because that thing is going to poke your pretty blue eyes out.

All the other things too.
I mean day one when I came to this world, a doctor did not come to my mom with a chubby baby and to my father with a handshake. He expressed regrets to my mom because I was born with a heart failure ( later proven that it might not be that, but we are still waiting), and handed my father a recommendation if he wishes to know how to avoid expenses for a baby funeral…

It was 41 years ago.

So, after that my parents kind of lower the expectations. For themselves.
They never came to a school play unless the neighbors were complaining about how neglectful they were, so occasionally they had to cover up.
They would let me run around unsupervised, I guess hoping for a tragic accident.
They would send me to gather our goats from the woods, that was accidentally packed with wolves, snakes and wild boars. I was 10.

I had a brother, he died. Actually, my mother had a baby just after me, and he was premature. And my parents never could get over it, how this pathetic excuse of a human fetus with heart failure has survived, and our perfect boy has not…

No, he was not perfect, he was a freak of nature and he was fucking premature because you could not wait a few months to get something better than me!

You couldn’t keep your bloody plumbings off the perimeter because I was so fucking gruesome to watch.
How can you possibly love such a horrible ugly thing that accidentally looks like a heavenly angel?
My God what a gross!!!

Good that a little boy bailed out and drop out from that hell fest while he still had a chance! Because you are terrible! I am glad he is dead! You don’t deserve a fucking son you boastful misogynist no good apes.

And my father is narcissistic fuck, he developed a conspiracy theory that somebody has stolen a child.
Yeah, that happened. He even paid somebody to search for a baby.
Who would want … that?
Ok, they never found a body… but who would want an underdeveloped semi-dead child with blue complexion. I just wonder. Would you?

It is not that I have never contemplated an idea that I might have been left by the aliens or that my real family died in a shipwreck… But, I was not one of those weirdo children with strange heads and bobby odd eyes and there was no shipwreck.

And I went to lengths. I have done some research. Done homework. A-a. No happy couple with a baby. Nothing. Nobody missing. Just me missing something that never existed. Maybe only in my dreams, but I had the nightmares as long as I can remember.

Do you know what I dreamed until this March when all of my dreams just fucking died because my daughter was diagnosed with an incurable disease? I dreamed dead, mutilated children. Over and over and over. For years.

And then it just stopped.
Maybe I just killed a devil. Who knows.
Maybe. Maybe.

No, I have the photos from the time when I was little – I was this pretty little fairy, this cute little child, a completely out of this world!
That’s because I was not growing. It has nothing with the fairy tales.
Ok, I dislike the daylight and I prefer the raw food… and from time to time I would just go about my ( or somebody else’s ) business and accidentally killed something.
And all my smiles look odd on those pictures because they were all forced. I rarely smiled like a child.
I saw no purpose for that. I was not sad. I was just… ok, why the hell not, let’s do it.
I couldn’t laugh because my parents were allergic to the tone of my voice, so I had no idea why they wanted me to smile on those photos.
Just to lie better I guess.

My parents have been constantly asked if they have stolen me, because … shit, look at you two ugly fucks, how the hell your child looks like that!!

I had a baby sister later. We look alike a little, sort of. She looks humanoid, I look humanoid too. She is a female, I am a female. When I am sober… We have nothing in common.

She played with the dolls, I played with the spiders.
She had the pet toys, I had a dead bunny.

A dead bunny?
Do you know what happened?
When I was like 4 or something I believed I could take my best friend who loved me so much inside of a house and we will be always together. He fell off the fucking bed and died from the fear.
He just died!!

I had his body stashed for months and held him like a baby while the worms were falling out of him because my mother told me that he is going to come back to me, and I was too small to know anything about the death and she didn’t know I hid the little fur carcass.

They even gave me another bunny to fool me, of course, it was a completely different animal and that one hated me. The damn thing even bit me, because I was unsure if that is a real one until I checked. No, he was still there, spread all cold and dead, and patches of fur falling off, but what a hell I still love you little bunny.

It is sad, it is so very sad, but you know what is more sad. Seeing the full adults, a pack of bigots crying on a funeral of a person they knew little about, never cared about and now they pretend it is tragic. That is sad.

A lonely girl with a dead rodent is not sad. It is a premise for a horror story.

I didn’t even cry. There were no other children around, so I didn’t know it was obligatory. I just sat there and called him…”Come on, little bunny, come back to me, I love you…” I was doing that religiously until there was nothing left but a patch of fur and some brittle bones.

Do you know how scary that shit is, for an adult to even think about it?

I had other pets too. The majority ended up like the food on our table. I just sat there with a stone-cold face looking an animal being thorned apart while everything inside of me was aging, everything disappeared. I had nothing and nobody to play with, I had only that, and apparently, I was playing with the food the whole time.

When I was eight my father and his buddies had to slay a goat. I was only eight at the time and he gave me a big knife to kill it, out of a blue. No warning.

I just asked, your favorite goat dad, didn’t even know what a hell that means.

I was so angry I just stuck that knife 3 inches deep at the back of an animal’s neck, just under the skull, it just fell. I never had a bigger feeling of a fucking accomplishment. I am not a psycho. I was only eight, and he gave me a knife so they can watch me cry. They all got drunk after that. And I believe they all thought that I am a monster.

So, I am just sitting here thinking how dumb I am, how cruel I am, how the hell life screwed me this bad and why. I mean an eight with a knife. Other kids were playing ball and dressing up dolls! And I was practicing Jason. I started to like horror movies a little too much. Every now and then I was laughing at them like haha this is not real, and then something happens in a movie and I was like – holy shit this could be me, and I am not talking me as a victim. It was like that – aw, I was just thinking about that the other day. Holy shit. What a coincidence.

And I was always getting in trouble with other children. Correction! Because of them. They were always falling, breaking bones, smashing heads, losing teeth, getting stabbed by a dozen hornets… How the hell I suppose to know that is not good and that they will end up in a hospital for weeks!

There is a hole in a ground, we just HAVE to poke it! You take this hole, I will take this one, let’s go, dig in!! Yeahhhhh!

Everything was ok while we were supervised, a moment a teacher turned her head, it was hell on the earth. Instead of playing a ball, we were playing a medieval castle being attacked and tossing rocks at each other. How the hell I could know there will be an ambulance involved!!??

Another day we were all sitting around, we can’t use rocks, how to play castle now…
We could use acornz, they no rockz. It was just an innocent suggestion!!
How the hell I could know that an idiotic moron will bat his head against the acorn, it was impossible to predict! I am innocent. I didn’t know.

Whenever somebody fell and broke a leg, it was always my fault. I couldn’t fetch, I would always get it in a face, so other kids were just trying to be helpful and hurt themselves in the process. They should give me space to practice, and grow and possibly not hurt themselves. It is their fault.

They finally had enough of this so they didn’t even want to play with me anymore. We don’t play with midgets. Boom! Like setting off a bomb.
TEACHEEEEEER rghonhsd;kfnjdbfjbsdnb hyyun sbde b … she bit his ears off.!!!!!

My father was called and the teacher said I am a demon, he just shushed me away and told me to buy fucking ice cream – THEY ARE JUST KIDS, KIDS DO THOSE THINGS.

And you suppose to defend yourself against the bullies, you can’t just go through the life and be like that bunny of mine and just die of fear.
How can you die of fear?
How can some people be afraid of the dark?
I don’t get it. The most terrible things are happening in the light. In the broad daylight, you have such horrible things happening. But you are afraid of a dark?

The dark is beautiful. Have you noticed how in the darkness the shapes become more clear, different and everything is so obvious, the nature of things and there is some strange noise-like vibration coming out from the flowers and animals? No? Weird. That’s just weird.
You don’t see that? Aw, what a loss. I wish you can see it.
But, to see it, you should get out. With me.

I used to walk around the house when I was little and my parents were terrified of that. So I just got out. I remember my first time when I got out in the peach black. It was magical!
In dark everything is silent. You can hear miles away. The sound is so profound. Like every little movement is a piece of information. Absolutely beautiful.
I know that you think how a moonlight is romantic and beautiful, but that shit is awful.
I don’t understand how that thing is up there for so long without some natural disaster sweeping it the fuck away. It is painfully bright! You really need that!?

When we moved into a populated area I kind of missed that. Once we had some lunatic walking around and scaring children, but nothing exciting. I mean they found him half dead after he was missing for a few days, he was talking nonsense about a ghost chasing him and shit, and it is not that I was playing ghost on him but I was trying to ghost him for real, but I couldn’t catch up with the filthy bastard, he was running so fast and I really shouldn’t take that big ax. I mean, the small things are so much more practical…

So back to an original statement about pregnancy being like success. Is it? I never heard a success ends up being incurably ill and you have to live with it.

Aw, it will be better. Well, fuck you, how – her illness is incurable and my life is intolerable. How will it be better!!?? Get real! There is no better. This is hell. The last thing I had going well for me is slipping through my fingers like the sand… And why? What for?

From every angle, that statement makes no sense at all. So, why does it bothers me so much? And the more I think about that, the more I am sinking in the condition I don’t want to name.

“Aw my little children of the Thoth, fear of the dark, fear of the dark, I fear of the light…”

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OpenBazaar Developers Launch a Crypto Marketplace for Mobile

OB1, the developers behind the online decentralized marketplace and currency trading platform OpenBazaar announced a mobile counterpart called Haven.

Haven allows users to buy and sell goods and services directly with each other, using cryptocurrencies, without relying on middlemen who take a cut of merchants’ transactions or gather shoppers’ data.

The app is organized into four sections: shopping, social, chat, and a non-custodial multi-wallet. For all features of the peer-to-peer network, user information is stored locally and protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning only the parties involved in the sale or conversation are able to see the details.

Since OB1 launched its 2.0 of OpenBazaar, 250,000 nodes joined the permissionless network. Jenn Cloud, OB1 communications lead, said “there is a core user base of several thousand who frequently use the software and many more are casual users.” A substantial proportion of the “long-lasting nodes” are merchants.

The app has many of the same features as OpenBazaar, but does not support P2P cryptocurrency trading. Additionally, dispute moderation is only supported by the desktop client.

The social feature is new and enables users to easily communicate with each other. Importantly, it is “not connected to transactions or any other activities on the network and will never post anything automatically,” said Cloud.

Like OpenBazaar, Haven will support BTC, BCH, ZEC and LTC. The representative said plans for a previously reported native token, OBC, are currently on hold.

Looking forward, however the team plans to add Ethereum support. Also, though “no firm plans have been made by the OB1 team… several in the OpenBazaar community have begun work to see if it’s possible to support Monero,” said Cloud.

Haven is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. This week, the company is offering special deals, such as fifty percent off select electronics and Haven store gift cards, posted in the app “at undisclosed times.”

OB1 has raised $10.5 million to date from investors including Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, OMERS Ventures, BlueYard, Bitmain, Digital Currency Group, and venture capitalist William Mougayar.

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( others call this the Movie Review, but I personally don’t wish to flatter anyone)

1. The Lodgers (2017)

Awful! Has nothing with any genre I am interested in, this is a pure drama. Nothing is happening. At least not in a way I wish it could be. Settings of a story are so well put together, but the scenes we get are … boring. No tension, gore, dark… yes, there is a dark… but only because they forgot to turn on the lights when they were filming. How the hell I suppose to see anything!!?? In many cases you will be left alone to ‘assume’ what a hell is going on, because some scenes are so blank ( black empty screen) that I was not even interested to watch the movie to the end. Once again, nothing is happening. A movie is awful. I watched to the end and the only thing I felt was disappointment.

2. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Stupid! This movie never should be filmed, like ever. The utterly moronic conclusion is, that nobody can win a battle to Death. Because, that is what the main villain is. He is an embodiment of Death, not some cartoon muscle beefy asshole loser. Well, he loses everything in the end, but also everybody else, because the whole cast of the Avengers ( almost all) turns into the dust. SpiderMan and Thor alike, I just like IronMan is still alive, I see a cliffhanger right there…

3. Deadpool 2 (2018)

Morbid! The only thing you need to cure a broken heart is to be blown in pieces, stabbed, split in half, burned to crisp, shot a few million times, splat and slammed around in so many ways I can’t even count – and shit comes back in a place again. Yup, that looks like me, actually the Deadpool’s outbursts are so weirdly similar to my behavior, but probably that is a detail I should keep for myself. I also like avocados.

4. A Quiet Place (2018)

Just weeeeirddd. Ok, I will leave this one intact, so that you don’t have an idea whether to watch it or not.

5. Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

I tried to stay focused, but I simply couldn’t. It is not about the movie. It is about me. I take the whole blame. No, movie is solid. Trust me. Go and watch. Have fun. Take a pillow with you.

6. Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

Action and technology. Things I have to like.
That’s pretty much it. Also, the brains? They look flat. Everything looks flat and deflated. Or it looks like somebody slain a bag of tacos and sprinkle Mort Rainey over it. What a hell I just said…?

7. up ( joke!!) Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Please, somebody call a morgue and inform a pathologist, I think he will have to identify a body. Somebody murdered Hercule Poirot. No, in this adaptation Hercule is still very much alive, just like in a book and in the previous version, but the thing is that a character dies in so many ways that there is nothing left of it at the end. Some people will like it, others who know the original will hate it to the bone. Acting on plot is unrealistic at times.

Lost princess

The Lost Princess

Hi folks, i hope we all are having a good time here 🙂


We have heard many tales of Prince and princess and as you me too. So i am inspired you can say from reading those prince and princess stories mostly during my childhood days, which unfortunately for me it’s over. So, i tried to depict some of my imagination into a short tale. Hope you guys like it!




So?” The king’s voice boomed, “Where is my precious daughter, knight? Where is the princess?” The knight took a deep breath as he started recounting his tale to the court.




The Knight narrated as :

The vegetation was thicker in these parts of the jungle. Segor (Knight’s name) had last seen traces of civilisation two days ago, as the tribe of savages which abducted Princess Ascen was known to habituate the deeper parts of the forest.



The princess had been a delicate little thing. Always clad in fine silk, the king’s youngest daughter had been thoroughly coddled her whole life. Therefore, when she was abducted, two years ago, it was a shock for the entire kingdom. Battalions had been sent to look for her. However, the climate was too harsh, the resources few and the jungle vast. Hence, all the search parties returned in fewer numbers and without the princess. That was when Segor was called in; a soldier trained only to rescue the helpless princess. She needed a knight and he needed to fulfil his purpose.




One day, suddenly, savage tribal men surrounded him from all directions, with their spears pointed at him. Segor lunged and sparred his way to his horse. Just as he was about to move to safety, he felt the unmistakable cold of the edge of a sword on the back of his neck. “You dare trespass on my land, soldier?” a clear voice rang out. Segor turned and facing him was the frail Princess Ascen! Except, she wasn’t frail anymore, dressed from head to toe in leathers and animal skin, with war paint smeared all over her face. She had been thin, but now she had filled out and looked strong. She had always been fair, but now a glow seemed to come from within her sun-tanned bronze skin.


“Princess?” Segor stuttered. Her eyes widened, but she regained her composure swiftly. “There was a time when I answered to that title.” She spoke in the clear, sonorous tones of a warrior, “Now, you shall address me as Chieftain Ascen, leader of the Ourangbong tribe.” She finished with her voice cracking like a whip in the still forest. Segor went down on one knee and tried again. He bowed his head and said, “My lady, the kingdom awaits your presence with fervour. I have been sent to rescue you from these savages.” Segor continued tinued, “Please come with me, Princess. Let your knight rescue you.”


Look up, knight!” She commanded. Segor obliged. The abducted princess looked at the knight sent to rescue her and smiled, “Do you think I need rescuing?” He looked at the lady in front of him, decked in scars and bruises smeared all over with dirt and yet, regal. No, she definitely didn’t need him to rescue her.


The Knight ended the narration with a sigh 


The entire court listened in stunned silence as Segor went on, “Yes, she was abducted but they trained her in archery and swordsmanship. The princess was an excellent learner and was the best warrior in the Ourong-bong tribe within a year. They took her in their tribe and after the passing of their earlier leader, she was a clear successor.”


So,” the king said with some difficul-ty, “You mean to say that my porcelain daughter is fighting alongside sword-yielding savages? And that she rejected the knight I sent her? The knight she needed?” He was almost roaring in rage.


That is where we went wrong, Your Majesty.” Segor smiled, “She never needed a knight. She just needed a sword.”




Thank you guys and have a good time 🙂

Do comment and let me know your thoughts.


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PARODY – ANCIENT ALIEN – Username Stay here with me


Hello, my name is… but you already know my name … “They” call me a big headed astronaut and this happens when I randomly borrow people without knowing what am I doing, or it is maybe an Arpitrax to be blamed?


Yes, they all expect me to be exactly as in a description after and under the imaginative story I write, … but they all expect I am in one piece, they have no idea, it is easier to sell an idea of God. Yes, it exists, same as the reality is quite different, and a fabric is very much vivid, for me, it is only a matter of a lucid moment when you all will see it, but are you crazy, right?

If you are interested to continue reading this chapter of my story proceed to [Chronicles of Ancient Alien / Username Stay here with](

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First of all, I want to say I done nothing wrong and none of this is my mistake. So if we constituted and cemented that fact, we can move on with the rest.

“Sure. Otherwise you will start abducting the innocent people. Sorry. I meant to say … “borrow them”.

Ahem… So..

“Before you start your monologue… Because, I will not get the chance to talk after you start milling, can you please explain to me what I am doing up here, gazillion miles above the surface of the Earth, besides talking to you…”

It will not be a monologue, you can stop me any time to ask anything, and this is not the Earth…

“So what is this, the Mars? You brought me above… Mars?”

Didn’t you want to see it, ei? I thought it would be appropriate …

“I don’t see anything, it is dark, I only can spot a curvature… A curvature. What happened to the flat earth? Flew outta window…?”

Can’t I write fairy tales? Are you going to stuff that into my face right now?

“So you abducted my unprotected consciousness, how heroic, dragged me here to enjoy some imaginary view and to discuss what?”

I thought you gave a signal, you were not completely unaware of this possibility, this was in check to happen.

“Please be brief, I have to get up in a few minutes…”

A few minutes in this space can drag for weeks… Just so you know it.

“Fine. That still doesn’t explain why I am here and what are you ranting about…”

I will also make a full transcript of this conversation, so that you get all the info neatly set in a timeline…

“Because I am inferior to you and too stupid to recon this conversation…”

No, because personally you should have some sort of a proof that this really happened.

“This really, really is not happening. This is not real.”


“And you are playing with my head.”


“It really hurts my feelings.”

Aw come on now.

“Beside other things…”

Can I continue?

“Sure. You can. I can not stop you. I will probably get cancer from this.”

May I?


In one of my last pieces of writing…


**** What are you doing…?

“I am trying to wake up.”

You can’t. I am talking.

“I noticed.”

So… In one of my last pieces of writing…

” I read that already.”

… on [this theme](, I might mention a magical object or a full scale body-suite that I snatched from an evil alien …

“Yes, I know. I read that too.”

…who wanted to use it in order to rule the world.


No, I am not kidding, I wish I am.

“Sure. But how come they can’t land other than in pieces?”

Well, I might have something to do with it…

“You can hear many things, don’t you?”


“Yes, but how can you cover such a huge area. We are talking about the planet.”

Well, I have a different outlook to size…. Why are you slapping your thigh? Still trying?

“So what about the aliens ruling the world?”

Remember all those myths about the “dragons” and aliens swooshing around here a few millennia ago? Well, that is essentially true, besides one little technical obstruction that might cause a failure to their plan to rule this world.


Erm… no. One of the technicality is a simple good old gravity. You see they can’t land here, because they would die so they use body snatching techniques to infiltrate and live. No joke. I use the same. But! It is fairly unlikely that you will wake up one morning in Vegas and with no money because I hijacked you, it is probably just whiskey. Don’t blame me for every mishap, I am not that resourceful. I wouldn’t be stuck here with you if I was.

“If that happened… where is the technology?”

You mean the technologies? Plural.

“So, you mentioned something about being thousands and thousand years old?”

I said I am here for that long, I never said how old I am.

“Well, whatever. So, how come you can live so long? There is no living being that can last for so long. Is your blood green or something? Not even aliens in Star Trek could live that long…”

Age is really just a number.

“So, what happened with those alien overlords…?”

Now the reason why their reign was not possible to date is because I destroyed all the blueprints how to do it a long, long time ago altogether with a prototype. Of course with a little bit of helpful senility I forgot all about it, until one of those bastards came with a plan and created an Arpitrax again.

“One more lie of yours?”

I did not lie…

“Why you didn’t mention this before?”

It didn’t look like that.

Anyways, that plan went to dust and now I am in possession of a very needy and uncomfortable piece of hard boiled stubbornness, the Arpitrax. The Arpitrax is a hyper-astral projection of a human person who is sustaining it existence, called Joe. Yeah, no special names here, also no special abilities either. Joe is a plumber. His life sucks same like yours or mine.

“Third person narrative is so nice.”

It is convenient.

“It goes on my balls.”


“Can I just ask you one plain question and please answer it truthfully?”


“Why the hell are you a housewife?”

Till now I was everything else, so why not.

“Are you serious?”

Who would doubt me and even if somebody does they will think I am crazy.

“Have you tried telling anyone?”


“To whom?”


“How can you be here, there and “winkling your star ship” and who knows where that is, if you don’t even have money for a bus ticket?”

I am omnipresent.

“You are playing with my mind.”


“And you have a God complex.”


“You look nothing like an alien. I am fairly disappointed.”

I thought you would rather talk to me than a glowing imperial orb.

“Hmm. That idea is very attractive.”

Groan… Joe is a joke of course.

“Of course.”

His name is not Joe, and he is probably not a plumber…

“Probably not.”

… but I am in a mood to toss shit today at him… I will tell you why later.

” I think I know why.”

We decided to call this person the Illuyanka ( I have an explanation for this one too, I will get to it as well, just give me a second) , because his major turn on are the mythical beings, specially the dragons.

“That is untrue.”

Is it?

“So he is some poor fellow who was altered by an evil alien to serve as his body slave but you abd… borrowed him and you are friends now?”


“Thank you for the clarification.”

You are welcome.


For some reason, Illuyanka opted to bound symbiotically to little old me, but he had no group subscription in mind when the deal was put into motion.


Still, he tolerates this because his capabilities are limited and he expects some clarification from me.

“That would be great.”

I would rather not to give one, but it seems that I have to, so here I am all in about it.

“So, how did you found out about all of this?”

In fact we had no idea what is happening, and I had to sign a pact with the recently deceased evil alien…

“What that pact included?”

…shit head who …

“Maybe I should rephrase my question?”

… done that ungodly thing to him …

“Did he put a nice collar on you?”

… and in process to do so he genetically damaged almost 5% of human population…

“Too spicy?”

…in order to obtain that info.

“How you didn’t see him doing that? “

I wasn’t looking.

“Can you fix it??”

I don’t know, can you?

“How exactly that one died? If he is dead. “

Food poisoning.

“Very funny.”

I can’t say it out laud, it is unsettling…

“Can you use some of your alien “magic” to undo it?”

If you want to know what other “magical objects” I posses, I can admit I have a few of them, but to be honest I wish they were of more practical value and not only the luck charms and the causes of the planetary size chaos.

” I remember something about a stone. What happened to that thing? Do you still have it?”

Just to make it clear, all of this already happened. It is just another cycle, welcome to the shit party.

“So what do you in fact have?”

One of the items is a Transformation stone, that turns all the energies into their opposites. No idea for what to use it. Don’t ask me to explain myself how do I use it. I will not tell you.

“You have the Philosopher’s Stone..?

No, that one supposedly turns led to gold.

“Ok, what else?”

The another one is a Dead Man’s Ring, that one is a literal signed deal with the Death herself. Don’t ask me what that one does. But all the crazy ones would love to know. In the case of necessity for example you can jerk with it, and my fingers are not fat.

“Not useful. And what else?”

The third one is a set of cursed runes, that can turn a course of the future upside down. Like it is not scrambled enough right now… so, I guess you don’t even want to ask me about it.

“Can you just use all of them at once?”

Hmm, never thought of that…
I am not keen using any of those, because when used they proved to cause the cataclysmic alterations of the reality.

“You can’t know that. Future still didn’t happen, and if it happens, you will not know any other.”

For some unknown reason, what ever I try to do to make this planet a garden of Eden, at the end turns into the garden of garbage.

“I don’t think you should take the credit.”

I screwed up everything from the dawn of humanity.

“I don’t believe that.”

I have no idea to whom I am making a favor telling you all of this, definitely not to myself. Maybe I just feel a bit better.

“I don’t blame you for all of that.”

Well, thank you.

“I think that you need some help, before you destroy yourself.”

That went nicely…

“You said that you …landed, correct?”


“Can you take off?”

Not under these conditions, no, that would be horrible.

“Why not?”

Well, I could, in case of emergency, but I would need all of you on board within a good reason, and the good news is that the domestic animals are no problem at all, but I would need my primal drive fixed so we can land on the other side within the speed parameters …

“So, what about the Arpitrax?”

We still have no idea what the Arpitrax is capable off, but we know one thing for a fact, it takes away all physical pain and suffering from whoever wears it. There are other things too …

“What have you done?”

Naive as I am, I thought that an Arpitrax is just that, so I decided to put it on a final test and I managed to alleviate the pain from a few humans. My daughter is a hybrid but she suffers almost an exact pains like me. The Arpitrax removed the pain instantly from her with no painkillers included, just like in my case. But her nature caused it to overheat and lose the function. No matter how I tried I had no way to cool it down.

” I am sorry for your daughter. I am sure there will be a way to help her soon.”

So… that gave me an idea to merge an Arpitrax with an ordinary human male in order to stabilize, which I did and it worked as a charm. Now I picked my own human husband with his permitting of course, and he fit the bill because of the pains he was suffering and there is no method known to remove his pains.

“Can you make this as brief as possible. I am getting a headache. “

As a miracle, all his pains withdrew immediately and he has none ever since, but as a side effect his own energy merged with an Arpitrax creating an electrical neon blue stream all over it and causing it to look like a mythological creature, the Illuyanka.


Not only to look like, but to BE the Illuyanka.

“Now, great, you just created an evil dragon that wishes to rule the world. Thank you Miz Ancient Alien, you score the damnation card, once again.”

Well, not exactly. The first Illuyanka was an evil “dragon” ( overlord) who wished to rule the world, but just because that was an actual extraterrestrial inside of a previous Arpitrax and not a human being. Just that we clear all the misunderstanding.

“So how you didn’t prevent this the first time it happened?”

The fact is that I was not really on board that time but I was trading chipmunks to some celestial moguls who thought they are hilarious. Past tense.

” I think you are on a good trace with this story, but can you please stick to the facts?”

And by the way if you didn’t notice yet, it is always some storm/sky god who destroys all those dragons and power hungry monsters around here. I am not going to say that I am the one in an every tale, but in this case I was.

” I think you are reading some ancient past mythology, and it really influences your fantasies.”

Before I even could tell what it was I destroyed previous Illuyanka with the Arpitrax, and based on some data I collected afterwards this persona was about and around for a few centuries before they became malignant, which says that both the host and Arpitrax in the good balance could be immortal.

“So, you created a mythological dragon who is … immortal? Wouldn’t this be a bit of a problem when people notice that he is not aging, for example? “

That is only a speculation, you see I never examined the first one, and there is no way to tell if this one is the same. So the only thing I can do is to wait.

” Great plan…”

Also, Illuyanka became jealous of my man using his Arpitrax when he planned only me to use it so he somehow managed to “enchant” ( reprogram) the Arpitrax to show me his own person whenever another man wears it. In translation, whenever I take a look at my husband, I see that other guy. And he is ass fuck ugly.


Also, a new date to doomsday is 30th of May this year, I might miscalculated it, in that case you have about 1000 year of the same shit you have right now. If not, a shit about to happen is right around the corner. Have a great Monday. Ciao!!!

“WAIT. What? Wtf, what that has to do with the Arpitrax, dragons and all this hat you just pour down on me?”

Aw,… That is an introduction, so in case that humans survive that you know what follows. I told you that all that crappery in Indian mythology is true, so… you know, The New World Order is basically that. Or whatever you call it nowadays.

“Whoah! Those are big words. How about some detail? What will happen?”

Well, not much of the detail really. A space anomaly.

“It happened before?”

Yeah, sure. A few times actually.

“What do you mean a few times? When?!”

Well, a few times that I remember… More or less.

“So, what we do? Don’t you need to inform other people? The authorities? The governments? NASA!?”

And…. that would be for… what exactly?

“The World End?”

Aw, yeah. Sure. Like they would believe me…

“They would if you show yourself!”

That is not exactly by the book.

“What book? We are on the brink of extermination and you just decided to pick up a rule book tutorial today. Where have you been with that idea for the last 50 000 years?”

Looking for the book…

“Ok, great. Senile alien, no wonder you F everything, so what can we do now?”

Now, if I manage to tune up my spaceship ( the big one) and to replicate at least one of its engines before due date even with a spec of its previous power I could annihilate the space anomaly and this whole circle of life will continue.

“Hold on! First, I am pretty sure you know nothing about engines, but somehow you have a solution? Where? In your head? In here? If there is a real threat don’t I… don’t we have any call on this?”

Not really.

“Wait a second, if that is real and you are not playing with my mind just because then we can help each other!”

Yes, I heard that before.

“I never said that…”

Well, not from you…

“Yes, I know, but you have to have some faith…”

I invented that…

“Aw dear…”

I might mention that for some reason I stuck here for a very long time, so something major had to stop me from leaving.

“Intergalactic war that of course is not in the history?”

No, not that. Well, the only thing that can lift me from this rock ( yes I am super heavy) and get me to safety is my primal drive but every now and then I had to sacrifice my engines to anull that space anomaly.

” To lift you up…?”


“That primal drive is really something special?”

Aw yes it is.

“Sure, it is magic.”

Well, if you say so.

“My opinion matters?”


“You know that we do have some technology to lift stuff into an orbit and…”

That is not really on scale.

“We could try.”

I assure you, the attempt would be an epic fail…

“Ok, so what is your plan then…”

So, I was given an option either to cram one of my engines into the space anomaly or to flee to the close by neighborhood which is by the way uninhabitable so I would eventually go insane and kill myself. What would you do?

“Aw dear, here we go again… So, you can go in space now?”

Can and may is not the same thing…

“So, you do have a tech to deal with that? How big is that anomaly?”

Well, yes and no. Not that big.

“Wait, wait, wait! Where exactly is your spaceship?”


“You saw that on Youtube?”

Just to make it obvious, this is my last ace, so after I cram this one into it, there will be no more hand outs from me, you humans will have to make your own problem-solving space-anomaly annihilator and I really hope till then you will not obliterate your civilization once again …

“You have a huge motherfucking spaceship on Antarctica!!??”

… because I am really sick and tired trying to install the traces of intelligence into the apes and similar. If there would be apes left that is… Plus it takes shit load of time and mountains of bananas and patience.

“Can you point at it on the Google Earth?”

Yes. I also said this warning sentence about the apes before… unfortunately too many times. It never worked.

“Yo, alien! Where exactly on Antarctica?”

Well… Human!! … Antarctica…

Cover Image Attribution



Disturbing Folklore Creatures from Around the World




So, which one do you find especially blood chilling. In fact, I find this extremely interesting. I was thinking to create an interactive map and then bound it together with various stories around the world, including haunted places and ghost stories.

**About the Youtube channel:** This channel specializes in narrating scary true stories on many different topics: stalkers, the deep web, yanderes, ghosts, road trips, college horror stories, catfish, home invasions, sleep paralysis, hotel experiences, nightmare neighbors from hell, close encounters, dating horror stories, cryptids, skinwalkers, wendigos, all things paranormal and horrific… the list goes on. They are mostly collected from Reddit forums, 4chan and 2chan, as well as from viewer submissions. I also do the occasional creepypasta.





Isreal Adesanya’s UFC Outstanding Record Extended To 16-0-0

Nigerian-New Zealander, Israel Adesanya defeated his opponent from Brazil, former UFC champion, Anderson Silva with a 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 unanimous scored to continue his impressive winning run of 5 straight UFC win in less than a year.


Israel Adesanya;

The Nigerian-born New Zealander made his mixed martial arts(MMA) debut in 2012, and he has never looked back since, winning 11 straight bouts, a feat that got Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) come calling, and he was signed up late in 2017. Adesanya had since won 4 straight UFC fights; a debut TKO win over Australian Rob Wilkinson at UFC 221, a split decision win over Italian Marvin Vettori at UFC on Fox 29, another unanimous decision win over America’s Brad Tavares at The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale and lastly, a1st-round TKO of another American, Derek Brunson at the UFC 230. His total UFC win stands at 15-0-0 (W-L-D), what outstanding results.


Anderson Da Silva;

The 43-year-old Sao Paulo-born Brazilian is arguably regarded by some pundits as the greatest professional mixed martial artist of all time. The former UFC Middleweight Champion once ruled the sport with the longest title reign of 2,457 days that spanned over 7 years (2006-2013), his reign also includes a 16 consecutive victories, a run that was brought to an end by an American, Christopher James Weidman. Silva lost to Weidman twice in 2013 at the UFC 162 and 168 respectively. Nevertheless, Silva aka The Spider still boasts of an impressive record of 34-8-0 (W-L-D) before Adesanya’s bout. Unfortunately, Silvas career took a downward turn since his defeat against Weidman, age seemingly catching up with him, coupled with a 1-year ban from the sport for doping in late 2017. Silvas fight against Adesanya was his 1st in about 2 years.


Adesanya against Silva bout was supposed to be a co-main event contest at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia, but an unexpected injury to the UFC Middleweight Champion, Robert Whittaker meant the main event on the day, Whittaker against Americas Kelvin Gastelum would be cancelled, thus, Adesanya-Silva bout was then made the main event. It was a fight of experience, 43-year-old Silva versus a younger 29-year-old Adesanya, it was the younger fighter that showed and gave more to carry the day. Adesanya landed the bigger punches, faster and showed better stamina, He quickly imposed himself right from the start, and almost connect with a left high kick in the opening round. The former champion, Silva showed why he was once a champion in the 2nd round, more blows that connected cleanly on Adesanya. With the momentum and results going the way of Adesanya, Silva tried to turn the game on its head in the 3rd and final round, but he simply did not have enough in him to do so. Adesanya was unanimously pronounced the rightful winner by the 3 judges 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27, his UFC career record now stands at 16-0-0.

Both players showing respect to eachother after the bout.

In his remarks, Adesanya acknowledged his vanquisher, Silva, who he referred to as 1 of his idols, he said it’s like playing basketball against Michael Jordan. Silva who has now lost 3 of his last 4 bouts was also full of appreciation, especially to God, for another chance to fight at a top level, having been out for about 2 years.

Adesanya is on the right path to challenging for the middleweight title, if he continues in this form and streak, the sky is his limit.

All images are from getty images, and blog can also be found on my scorum account

Thank you all for taking time out to read, support and comment.




Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Named Person Of Interest In Alleged Burglary At Jen Harley’s Home

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s Baby Mama Home Ransacked After Huge Fight She Alleges Ron Broke In


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been named a “person of interest” in an alleged burglary at the home of his baby mama, Jen Harley, hours after the couple broke up following a nasty fight at a Vegas club … TMZ has confirmed. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Ronnie and Jen got into a huge fight a little after midnight during a NYE party. We’re told Jen set off the fight when she spilled a drink on Ronnie’s shoes, and Ron eventually stormed off.

We’re told when Jen got home later that night, she found her home ransacked … someone smashed a flat-screen TV, a vase, pictures and glass frames. Jen told cops she believes Ronnie broke in and started wreaking havoc, because whoever did it let themselves in. Ronnie and Jen do not live together. 

Law enforcement sources say Ronnie is not a suspect, because there are no witnesses or video evidence he committed the alleged burglary, but we’re told cops would like to speak with the “Jersey Shore” star. 

As for the night’s timeline … we’re told Ronnie and Jen started fighting at 2:15 AM, police arrived at Jen’s home at 3:32 AM, but Ronnie was not there. 

Ronnie and Jen put their seemingly endless amounts of drama aside for some cute Christmas photos with their 8-month old daughter, but their relationship didn’t make it to the New Year.


A Brief Peep Into Some Of World’s Popular Horse Racing.

Horse racing is an interesting sport with huge money invested both on and off the tracks, with the huge betting by the side, the sport is becoming even bigger by the year. Horse racing boast of great events as it has always been over the years, and 2018 is not an exception. Here is a brief peep into some renown horse races across the continents of the world.

Justify & jockey Mike Smith source

Kentucky Derby: There is no way horse racing will be discussed without the mentioning of Kentucky Derby. It is an annual race in the United State of America, Louisville, Kentucky to be precise. This is a 2.0 km race that lasts just about 2 minutes, and it has been a historic tradition held every 1st Sunday of May, since the year 1875. The outgoing year 2018 race saw the duo of 20 horses and jockeys competed for the 1st place, and the duo of Justify and Mike Smith (horse and Jockey) won ahead of Good Magic and Jose Ortz in 2nd place, and Audible and Javier Castellano in 3rd place.

Enable & it’s rider Frankie Dettori source

Prix De l’Arc De Triomphe: This race is widely regarded as the biggest horse racing event in Europe, It is held every 1st Sunday of October in Paris, France. A race over a distance of 2.0 km too, worth €5m (approx $5.7m) with the winner pocketing approximately €2.9m (approx $3.3m). This year 2018s event was won by the duo of horse and jockey, Enable and Frankie Dettori, who Successfully defended there 2017 title, coming in 2nd place was horse and jockey, Sea of Class and James Doyle and in 3rd place was Cloth of Stars and Vincent Cheminand.

Melbourne Cup: It is one of the biggest Australian horse race, a tradition that can be dated back to 1861, the 3.2 km race is held annually every 1st Tuesday of November. It is more of a carnival rather than just a race as it also held an on-field fashion competition for the best-dressed men and women of the spectators. The $7.3m 2018 worth of race was won by horse and jockey, Cross Counter and Kerrin McEvoy who walked away with $4m for their efforts, and in 2nd and 3rd respectively were the duos of Marmelo and Hugh Bowman, and Prince of Arran and Michael Walker.

Oju Chosan & Shinichi Ishigami source

Nakayama Grand Jump: This is a Japanese horse race started not quite long ago, 1999. The steeplechase annual horse race is been held every mid-April and it is a race over a distance of 4.2km worth about ¥150m (approx $1.5m). The defending champion horse, Oju Chosan and jockey Shinichi Ishigami won 2018 yet again, followed in 2nd place was a horse and its rider, Up to Date and Mitsuaki Hayashi, with horse and jockey duo of Nihonpiro Baron and Yuzo Shirahama coming in 3rd place.

The Royal Ascot: This is another age long tradition since the year 1711, it is a week-long race series held in England. A race filled with traditional spectacles on and off the tracks, with beautiful and fancy fashions in display and some of the yummiest cuisines in the UK. Series of races rages from the Queen Anne Stake to Kings Stand Stakes, to Duke Of Cambridge Stakes among other races are competed for in a 5-day long event. A whopping £7.3m ($9.6m) was competed for in this year events held in June 2018.

African countries are not left out in horse racing, though less popular but equally interesting and fun-filled, the South African TABGold horse racing and Nigeria’s Sukuwa in Kano are a couple of numerous horse races in Africa.

Check my scorum account for the original post

Thanks for checking by folks.

Compliment of the season to Y’all


Fake Blood-Pouring Trump Star Vandal Was PETA Worker Who’s Been Fired

Fake Blood Trump Star Vandal I Made a Statement … And PETA Fired Me!!!


The guy who poured fake blood on Donald Trump‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame says he was working for PETA when he did the deed … but now he’s been canned.

We spoke to PETA’s now-former senior campaign specialist, Matt Bruce, who was caught on camera earlier this week pouring red dyed corn syrup on the Trump star … which had just been vandalized earlier that day by another guy who’d also been caught on tape.

It was a shocking image to say the least, especially since the previous vandalism from hours earlier featured swastikas.


Matt tells us here was there with PETA members protesting Forever 21 for their use of wool. Toward the end of the protest, Matt says he wanted to send a message by pouring some fake blood on the star … an act he says PETA has done in other instances many times over. 

According to him, pouring the blood here couldn’t be more on brand … and, ultimately, it was a harmless political statement. Well … he says PETA didn’t see it that way.

Shortly after, Matt tells us he got a call from a PETA HR rep and the VP, who told him it was his last day. He says he’s mostly disappointed by the firing, but not shocked. Matt asserts that PETA doesn’t want any heat from the Trump administration, and that’s why they cut him loose.

We’ve reached out to PETA for statement on Matt’s firing … so far, no word back.


Cardi B and Offset Together on a Jet Ski in Puerto Rico!!!

Cardi B I’m Ride or Die With Offset … At Least on a Jet Ski!!!


blankCardi B was all over Offset Friday … hugging him and you might even say hanging on for dear life.

Cardi and Offset were vacationing in Puerto Rico, and it’s a real sign his full-court campaign to win her back has worked.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ they seemed very much like a couple as they laughed and played on and in the deep blue sea.

They were there with friends.  No sign of baby Kulture, but it’s a safe bet she’s there.

Cardi has a show Friday night in San Juan at the Electric Holiday Festival.

We don’t know for sure if Cardi has taken Offset back, but there have been signs for more than a week that the ice is thawing.  

Cardi announced her split with Offset on December 4th.  As we reported, he crashed her stage at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in L.A. last weekend, and she was clearly not receptive, but it looks like things may have changed.


Jason Momoa Plays With Trident on a Beach in Hawaii, Photobombs Newlyweds

Jason Momoa Aquaman’s Epic Photobomb … Plays Wedding Crasher!!!

blankJason Momoa is having a ton of fun as “Aquaman” — taking the onscreen gig to the beach in Hawaii with a huge trident — and ya gotta see what he did next!!!

Jason quickly got into character when a bunch of kids came up to him Thursday in Oahu and asked him to play with their giant toy trident … and then he channeled Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and crashed a wedding!

The kids weren’t the only ones making everlasting memories with Aquaman, because Jason and the trident sneaked up behind some unsuspecting newlyweds for an epic photobomb.

Check out the gallery … Jason lives up to his superhero alter ego, even though he’s rocking board shorts. Aquaman turns into selfie man, taking tons of photos with his little buddies before crashing the party.


Farrah Abraham Sued for Skipping Out on Charity Celebrity Boxing Event

Farrah Abraham Sued by Boxing Promoter For Flaking On Fight



Farrah Abraham backed down from a fight in the ring, but now she’s going to have to duke it out in court with the promoter who claims she screwed him over … and took his money.

As we reported … Farrah refused to fight in a charity celeb boxing match in Atlantic City in November, because she claimed she was promised a bunch of freebies including travel and hotel rooms, but the promoter, Damon Feldman, didn’t deliver.

Feldman’s throwing the first legal punch though … claiming Abraham took cash upfront, signed a contract and falsely promoted she was fighting in the match. He’s suing for $12,000.

The boxing promoter also recently threatened to take legal action against Farrah for defamation for talking trash about the event after she backed out, but there’s no mention of that in the legal docs.

You may recall … Farrah was replaced in the bout by “Mob Wives” star Natalie DiDonato, but she already has another challenger threatening to beat her ass.

Farrah’s manager, David Weintraub, tells us, “We are truly wishing Damon the best with his frivolous lawsuit. Everyone must realize this guy broke his own contract with us & runs this ‘so called’ business out of his studio apartment and doing ‘basement style event fights’ that no one watches.”

He continues, “He should work a little harder to pay for travel/accommodations for the talent and team and then perhaps the talent will actually come. Get ready for the counter suit from Farrah.”



Lil Xan Kicked Out of Airbnb in Palm Springs, After Leaving Rehab Facility

Lil Xan Kicked Out Of Vacation Home … After Leaving Rehab Facility


blankLil Xan is having a terrible go after leaving a rehab facility to continue treatment at home … but his issues have nothing to do with a relapse. 

We’ve learned Xan is having tons of house trouble … because he got kicked out of an Airbnb he rented in Palm Springs, this after a pipe burst and flooded the Redlands, CA home he just purchased

A rep for the Palm Springs PD tells TMZ … Lil Xan and his friends were playing loud music outside their vacation rental — a big no-no in town — and cops responded at 11 AM Sunday after receiving multiple calls from pissed off neighbors. We’re told no arrests were made, but cops cited Lil Xan and asked him to leave the property.  

Sources close to Xan tell us he had a friend record their interaction with cops because they felt threatened by an officer who kept gripping his holstered weapon during questioning. 

blankAs for the damage inside the home Lil Xan just bought … the rapper’s girlfriend tells us the entire downstairs flooded, a hole had to be cut in a ceiling, and the chimney was ruined.

We’re told Lil Xan is finishing his treatment at his L.A. home following the fiascos in Redlands and Palm Springs.


Disney Channel Actor Arrested For Allegedly Enticing Minor Fired

Disney Channel Actor Fired by Disney After Arrest For Allegedly Trying To Have Sex W/ Minor

Exclusive Details


blank12/16 — Disney has fired Stoney Westmoreland two days after he was arrested for trying to entice a minor into sex. In a statement, Disney says … “Given the nature of the charges and our responsibility for the welfare of employed minors, we have released him from his recurring role and he will not be returning to work on the series which wraps production on its third season next week.” 

Westmoreland starred in a recurring role as Henry “Ham” Mack on the Disney Channel series “Andi Mack,” playing the lead star’s grandfather. Season 3 is set to premiere in 2019.blank

Stoney Westmoreland, a 48-year-old Disney Channel actor, has been arrested in Utah for allegedly arranging online to have sex with someone he believed was 13. 

According to online records, Westmoreland — who played the grandfather on “Andi Mack” — was arrested Friday for allegedly enticing a minor by internet or text, and dealing in materials harmful to a minor. Both are felonies. 

A local report by KSL cites court docs stating the actor began communicating with an online user he believed was just 13, on an app used for dating and setting up sexual encounters. 

Westmoreland reportedly asked the person to engage in acts with him and to send him nude photos. The report cites an affidavit claiming Westmoreland sent the person pornographic images. 

The Salt Lake City Police Department and FBI Child Exploitation Task Force reportedly arrested Westmoreland Friday when he used a ride-sharing service to pick up the person he believed was 13. 

Westmoreland has also appeared in episodes of popular TV shows like “Scandal,” “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” and “NCIS.”

“Andi Mack” is filmed at Wasatch Junior High in Salt Lake City. 

Originally Published — 12/14/18 7:05 PM PST


Diddy Celebrates Birthdays of His Twins and Kim Porter


Diddy Celebrates Birthdays of Twins and Kim

Diddy was all about celebrating his family Friday night … the twins and his beloved Kim Porter.

Diddy threw an early birthday bash for his twins, D’Lila and Jesse, who will turn 12 on December 21. Waiting for the actual day would be dicey, since people flee for the holidays.

The 80’s-themed party looked awesome. It went down in L.A. at World on Wheels. The girls were dressed in neon outfits and Diddy was rocking a neon “Sean C” sweatshirt.

This has gotta be a tough time for the family. Kim Porter’s birthday 48th birthday would have been today.  TMZ broke the story, Kim was found dead at her home last month. The L.A. County Coroner is still trying to determine cause of death.

Diddy paid tribute to Kim, declaring it Kim Porter Day WORLDWIDE.

We got Diddy and the girls coming in and leaving the party. They seemed in good spirits.

Happy birthday to all.


Kanye West Goes After Ariana Grande Over Mental Illness in Drake War

Kanye West Goes After Ariana Grande … In Drake War


Kanye West is jumping all over Ariana Grande for making fun of his war with Drake and adversely affecting his mental illness.


Ariana did indeed make fun of the Kanye and Drake Friday, minimizing what Kanye says was a physical threat by Drake to him and his family. Ariana joked about “grown men arguing online,” grousing it was taking attention away from her new single.


Ye fired back that he knew Ariana “said this to be cool and didn’t mean no harm,”  but he still felt it was shading him. Fair point.

He goes on to say, “All of this foolishness weighed on my mental health so @arianagrande …” In another post, he says, “No one would ever choose to end up in a mental hospital and diagnosed with a mental disorder but god chose me to publicly go through this journey and it is beautiful.”

If we dare to interpret … Kanye seems to be saying Ariana — for whom he says he has love — knows full well he’s bipolar yet she jumped into the fray for pure self-promotion and in the process upset him.  

It’s interesting … Kanye never called out Miley Cyrus. Ariana not only tweeted the guy fight was a distraction for the release of her single, but it also did the same for Miley. And, Miley was quick to respond by also making light of Kanye’s fight with Drake. Yet Ye was silent on Miley.

We got Kanye in New York City Friday and asked him about the nature of the threat Drake leveled against him and his fam, but he was mum. We tried finding out from various Kim and Kanye sources all day long exactly what Drake said, but everyone is locked up tight as a drum.


Dikembe Mutombo Flies 8-Year-Old Boy w/ Large Tumor to U.S. for Surgery


Dikembe Mutombo Flies Boy W/ Tumor To U.S. For Surgery … Heartwarming Video


Dikembe Mutombo flew an 8-year-old boy from Africa with a large tumor on his face — who’s been shunned by society — to Los Angeles … so he could be operated on by a team of American doctors.

TMZ Sports saw Mutombo at LAX … when he told us the heartwarming story.

The NBA Hall of Famer says he met the young boy back in September at the hospital he built in Congo … and immediately knew he wanted to help.

“I was touched by what he’s going through as a young boy who’s 8 years old. Not going to school. The way he’s been pushed away by the society,” Mutombo told us … “His mom has to keep him in the bedroom every day because people are talking bad about him.”

Dikembe — who flew into L.A. earlier today — was waiting at the airport for the boy’s flight to get in from Africa … and he invited our cameraman to watch the reunion.

Now, Mutombo will pay for the young boy to be operated on by Dr. Osborne in Beverly Hills … before he returns to Congo where, the hope is, he’ll be able to return to school and live a normal, happy life.



Tarot reading for my crypto webs ( for fun) – review of the previous week + next week prediction


I do this every week for fun, many things were quite correct in my case. During the last week I figured out what King of Swords mean, lol. Swords are usually never or rarely benevolent, and they usually mean trouble ( not always…), so I will keep that in mind. My previous week was in fact really nice and I enjoyed on my webs, writing and interacting with other people. So, lets see what cards said and what happened in reality.

Review of the previous week

WHALESHARES – Cards recommend being extra active and save my WLS.

Cards for Whaleshares were great, my experience was very positive and while I received $51 the last week, this week I made $79. I was pretty active as well.

TRYBE – Cards say this is a fair investment, try finding interesting competition and work on your presence.

There was that King of Swords, Trybe is at the moment under maintenance, so I guess that was a card of warning for a website, but to be honest I posted just one article on the Trybe in this period and I had no activity to evaluate anyways. I will see what will it say for this week, and try to find time for this website.

STEEMIT – Cards are in favor. I should invest energy and better results will follow.

I did not invest any energy, and my results were terrible. I am sure if I wrote something normal there, it would be much better, but I didn’t. The last week I made 5 Steem, this one barely 3.

SCORUM – Boredom is my main enemy, I should find an interest closer to my heart.

This one correct; I wasn’t there. The lack of the interest is definitely my major problem with the Scorum.

MINDS – Make order to your postings and accept challenges and new things.

I didn’t make any order and I had even less time to visit Minds, and share some links.

I took a vacation from the Weku, Stish and Smoke, so nothing to analyze there.

Verdict: Everything advised was ok. Steemit, Minds and Scorum probably had some great opportunities for me, but as I didn’t pay attention and I was giving them little to no time. I invested my energy into the Whaleshares. I made one article on Trybe and that one was above 1k in rewards, so even with a page in maintenance still it was a good prediction. But, what I should have done, is very much different from what I actually did.

Reading – next week prediction

I made reading for all the webs, no matter if I am going to do them or not. I also added a few new ones during the previous days. So, the novelties are MemoCash, BlockPress, Somee and WeYouMe.

The last week I only had the Sword above Weku and Trybe, this week I have an army of iron marching my way. I can expect more stress, but I can also expect more coins.


? I see the Whaleshares as a very challenging opportunity, and it will continue to be so. The cards advise me to use my resources carefully.
? ? Trybe will require some trust from my side, and it is advised to focus on others and help them.
? Scorum Yet another time to see this card indicating that I lack enthusiasm for this website. The cards advise me not to waste my effort, as it is not right time.
? Steemit will continue to deliver, the cards seek me to show practicality.

? ? MemoCash is young, fresh, and the cards ask me to show initiative.
? ? BlockPress on this page I can expect some excitement, and the cards advise me to seek suspended issues there.
? Minds will continue to deliver modest results, plus I am advised to gather and grow.

? ? YouTube will apparently cause me troubles. Noted!
?? I will see some favorable changes on the Twitter and I am advise to change some things there. Or delete it…
? Github is a big play ground, I am advised to produce something valuable during this week.

? ? Somee will be more active for me and I should make order there.
? Things won’t go the way I want at the WeYouMe, I should just keep on gathering points there.
?I am still pending with the Smoke, the card advise to use my resources carefully.
? ? Weku has a coin mark, and cards suggest I should start acting now.
? ? Stish will see some favorable changes, the cards advise I should not waste effort on some complicated things.

I can expect more excitement considering the Scorum(-), Memo Cash, Youtube(-), Twitter(-), Somee, WeYouMe(-) and Stish. I can expect to experience major changes considering the Trybe, MemoCash, BlockPress, Minds, YouTube(-), Somee and Weku. For the sake of the reward the cards suggest I will see profit on the Whaleshares, Trybe, Steemit, BlockPress, Github, Weku, but less on Smoke and Stish.

The only negative combinations are the Youtube and Twitter, surprisingly, I have no idea why, WeYouMe is too young to know if they will stay with us, and Scorum and Stish are placed upon hold for me, but that is nothing new.

For me this looks like an OK working board, most of the combinations are really nice and positive. I don’t intend to do all these websites, just the ones I chose no matter of the readings, because with little effort everything can be altered, changed and made better.

Cover Image Attribution



? Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog ?

I write for Steemit | Whaleshares | Minds | Trybe | Scorum
Social: Twitter | Memo.Cash | BlockPress| Youtube
Promo: Spectrocoin
Web site:
Contact: [email protected]
Discord: aschatria#1254



BBC Radio Airplay!

Wow! ‘Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today!

I AM SO EXCITED!!’Be The Change’ Feat. Darren Claxton will be aired on BBC Radio today!Click The Pick To Tune In

BBC Introducing 2

This morning I sent a message to my besty @d-vine telling her that our song
‘Be the Change’ Feat.Darren Claxtonwas chosen to be aired on BBC RADIO today.This is just Amazing news and only 4 months since they played my song ‘Breathe’ on the showI only sent BE THE CHANGE in 3 days ago!


The show BBC Music Introducing in Derbyshire and East Staffordshire hosted by
Dean Jackson
 features newcomers & their
It starts at 8.00PM GMT – (UK Time) & we hope you tune in

@d-vine & I decided after doing a Deep House tune, “Ray of Sunshine” Feat. Darren Claxton” that we would go for a 2Step/UKG track.

D-VINE says

Growing up mainly in Germany & being involved in the electronic underground scene
since ‘1993was exposed to a lot of Techno, it just never got to me though.
My first love is Breakbeats / D&B!!
I also have a big passion for House Music, which originated in the USA, & for UK Garage/2Step
originating from the UK
@d-vine has included the chary below for reference. I’m not experienced in this type of music so it was a educational read for me too. You can see the development in the chart below & if you follow the source link you will
get the whole background story.[Source](


@d-vine continues

Each bringing in their own specialties …@darrenclaxton his fab lyrics & voice, @d-vine is responsible for the production & mastering,
we created](<3



METATRON – an entity created so powerful to serve as second to Almighty


The mythical being, the Metatron is the highest of two angels close to the throne of Almighty mentioned in some scriptures. According to one story, the Metatron was created by Almighty as an angel with the highest level of responsibility. In yet another story it is speculated that the Metatron is, in fact, a human ascended to heavenly throne and as such has an ultimate priority over all other angels and celestial beings.

He is the only angel who is allowed to sit in Almighty’s presence ( to take a note), and has the permission to swap with the Almighty in case the boss wishes to leave his throne for some time.

In strength, wisdom, and glory this entity is second to Almighty and has the immense power. Unlike the angels, he is speculated to be a human and contains the spark of creational powers, and he has the ability to look and correspond to the Almighty while other angels are blinded ( or even blindfolded) in the presence.

The existence of this being is provoking and questionable so many religions omit even mentioning it, and avoid this while giving priority to other narratives.


Metatron’s Cube is often depicted and mentioned as his favorite energy tool, a sacred symbol that forms a map of Creation.

The Metatron holds the physical world, ascension, spiritual awakening and serves as a link between humans and Creator and also tends the sustenance of mankind. He manifests himself like the Omnipresence of all created by the thought and for some, it is a voice of Almighty that fuels the thoughts bigger than life.

Metatron serves like an Almighty’s ears and eyes writing down all things good or bad. He is also said to be infused by the spirit of the fire, equipped by numerous eyes to serve as watchmen of all humans and 36 pairs of wings to suffice to that enormous job.

By decision, he resides in 7th heaven and when invoked he likes to appear like the pillar of fire brighter than Sun.

He is also a supreme angel of death who decides whose soul should be taken to the other side.

Metatron is identified as a crown of Tree of Life and embodies the Tree of Knowledge ( good and evil) meaning he contains both human and angelic qualities, existing one part in and one part out of this world.




Funny Horoscopes: Funny facts about fire zodiac signs ( rep)


Fire signs are crazy, flaming, reckless and friendly. They will do everything for others, spend thousands of the dollars for the new shoes, a good party and probably invest in some crazy thing that has no future. They are all the perfection and the imperfection of this world, and whatever they do they do it with the royal quantity of the passion.

I write the horoscopes for fun, not as a real astrologer but as an entertainer. Do not take this post seriously but as a light entertainment only.


? Which sign Leo dislikes the most?

Sagittarius for taking all the attention, Libra for looking better ( read more bling) and Capricorn for having more cash at the poker table. When Leo dislikes something it takes books to describe who and why.

? Who is the most atrocious horoscope sign?

Aries. He stands upon any verbal or physical conflict as he is about to stand up defending the Planet Earth from the wicked aliens. He wants to be everyone’s, Flash Gordon.

? How to recognize a male Sagittarius at the party?

He is the self-proclaimed host and the self-proclaimed waiter, just so he can meet as many women as possible. He doesn’t even do that to meet their right one, to get phone numbers – he is just curious as a child and usually neatly mentally marks the most beautiful sporty girls in the club. Yes, it is awful, but Sagittarius is all about ‘arrowing’ your attention, a heart and probably will be the best friend for life.

? What is it like to be taken hostage by a Leo kidnaper?

He will torture you in the same way he would talk to you at the bar in the pub; he knows everything about you, he knows all the best and at the end, he will strangle you with his gigantic ego that has no end. He will take ransom quite successfully fooling your family and friends how dreadful he is and then make you an offer you can’t refuse – split 50/50 and live happily ever after each in his dream castle.

? How Leo solves his jealousy?

Lots of ‘roar’ for nothing. there are too many pretty girls around for him to fight over one and only skunk he ( ever!) met. he will suffer is the grandness of his dignity and bling himself with the photo models and aspiring young actresses. It doesn’t matter if she is right not a waitress or acts around the bar…

? What about Aries?

A hardcore lover has a hardcore capacity for the bitter revenge. He will probably date your cousin telling everyone how she is so much better person than you. Aries is quite vicious when it comes to the love revenge.

? What about the Sagittarius?

If Leo is a king of the hearth, a Sagittarius is a king of the breakups. This proactive horoscope sign will continue to live his perfect life making you feel sorry for yourself and why you ever break up with this great guy.


Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people.
Thank you for visiting my blog



Bruce Lee – Kung Fu/Wing Chun Legend –

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu/Wing Chun Legend –


Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, actor, and philosopher who was born on November 27th, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco.

He was raised in Hong Kong, but later returned to the United States for college where he studied philosophy at the University of Washington. Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts, and opened his own school where he trained some of Hollywood’s leading men. It was during this time that Lee was cast in The Green Hornet and began an acting career that included several of his most famous martial arts movies such as ‘Way of the Dragon’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’.

Tragically, Bruce Lee died in 1973 at the age of 33 from a cerebral edema after having an allergic reaction to pain medication.

Read more: Keep Inspiring Me

Bruce Lee movies are more often the likely reason that martial artists get started in Wing Chun (and other more mainstream martial arts) today. Bruce studied Wing Chun before starting his acting career. He was, and still is, the undisputed Kung-Fu and silver screen legend. Bruce Lee achieved many things on his very brief visit to this earth that has left us all wondering, was he actually from another planet? I say this because he was incredibly fast and accurate with his art.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing Chun Kung Fu is known as a ‘soft’ style, but is in fact a blend of both hard and soft techniques. This blending of hard and soft is due to the fact that a sensible balance is necessary. I like this slowed down demonstration and have been studying it for a long time now.


Bruce Lee had a rather wise old head upon those young shoulders of his, and coined some pretty amazing phrases and philosophical sayings. His deep Chinese martial art spirituality really shines through when reading some of his finest quotes. Here are some of my favourite, and frankly, awe inspiring quotes from the great man himself.

What does Bruce Lee mean when he says? ‘Be like water’–RW4

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.”

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

“I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude.”

Read more

I loved Bruce’s comical elements that he bought to the screen, I’m sure his fellow (purest) martial artists weren’t too impressed by his cocky cheeky nature but come on people, he was The Master.
I remember watching my first Bruce Lee movie with my dad at around 8 or 9 years old. The Big Boss was a 1971 movie staring Mr Lee in all his youth and glory, along with that bad lip synced narration coupled and the 70’s Batman and Robin esc sound effects, made for some seriously entertaining kick ass viewing. The choreography was mostly led by Bruce and he was an amazing sensai and team player throughout his career. Bruce Lee also had many supporting roles in television. The most famous character he played was Kato, in the Green Hornet. Kato even guess starred on the Batman TV series (1960s) more than once, Those kapow! and Whack! onomatopoeia sound effects, were probably created by the same production team in his later movies? He played many brief roles on long forgotten shows like Marlowe, Longstreet, Ironside and Blondie.

Pure 1960’s coolness right there!

It’s now 45 years since he left us (My age this year) but I will always admire his art and magical way on screen that still captivates us today. I’ve been studying Wing-Chun for few years now and will continue to study this great man and all that he left us.

Game of Death ‘1972’ – Lee’s final movie.
Thanks for reading my post and please, be inspired to always try your best and ‘Be Like Water’.


My Song ‘Breathe’ was played on the BBC last night!

Breathe – Being Played This Evening on ‘BBC INTRODUCING’ here in the EAST MIDLANDS UK!!

darrenclaxton (63) in dsound •  yesterday


You can hear the show from 8pm UK time Here

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to my song BREATHE!
I awoke to one of the best emails ever this morning!
My little song has been chosen for BBC INTRODUCING radio show this evening here in the EAST MIDLANDS UK.


For those of you unfamiliar with the BBC (you should know who they are) and the Introducing initiative, it has discovered some huge artist over the past few decades and catapulted them to the big league!

Listen On CHOON
They’re real champions for independent artists and really love REAL MUSIC! To be chosen from the thousands of uploads per week is quite astonishing for a solo minnow like myself. It’s not a guaranteed ticket to success but, it’s a mighty good start!


So here’s the all new and improved studio version of ‘Breathe’ It’s a song I wrote a few weeks ago for an online song contest called ‘On Song International’ As ever in my ADD fuelled haste, I quickly created a video and sent it to them! To my delight, they loved it and immediately posted it on their YouTube channel. I’m a fan of independent musicians support and want to see it develop into a bigger animal for us all.

What inspired me to write this? well, I was thinking (I do a lot of that) about all the stupid mistakes that I’ve made in life, and wouldn’t want my children to follow in my footsteps. I gave them breath in their bodies, but I don’t need it back. they walk the footsteps that I make, just don’t follow me, take a ride upon a wing, just don’t look down on me. I never thought of myself as a poet, but reading back those words really stirred some emotive thoughts in me.
I hope you enjoy this little song, many thanks for your support.


Breathe the air I gave to you
just don’t give it back
sing this song I wrote for you
just don’t sing it back

Walk the footsteps that I make
just don’t follow me
take a ride upon a wing
but just don’t look down on me

Breathe the air I gave to you
just don’t give it back
sing this song I wrote for you
just don’t sing it back

Walk the footsteps that I make
just don’t follow me
take a ride upon a wing
but just don’t look down on me



Random Selection Of My Videos

Random Videos

Yes!! Sometimes, I’m random and like to just post things for the pure hell of it. There’s nothing X-rated here so don’t be scared!!




We all have some random videos online since signing up to various social media sites. I’d like to share a few of mine for sheer entertainment. Please let me know what your favourite clip is.





Thanks for dropping by for some lighthearted fun!!!



Pirate Radio Stations



In 2016, Luke Pritchard and Jonny Laxton started up a streaming music channel on youtube. They discovered a youtube channel that could live stream low fidelity music. Another channel which was start about a year prior to Luke’s and Jonny’s channel was called College Music. In April 2015, the channel had 794 subscribers. After a month their subscribership grew to 18,440 and in April 2016 it grew to 98,110.

These channels are run in a way reminiscent of the unlicensed pirate radio stations. They operated somewhat under the radar as they work their way through youtube’s copyright policy. But many of these channels have received strikes for copyright violations so they are working out agreements directly with the artists. Bas, runs a channel called Chillhop Music, says “The artists don’t get angry with us cause we know them and a lot of the music is from our label. They rightfully get angry at some other channels though as a lot of people are just capitalizing on the artists”.

Youtube actively disciplines stations that stray outside of the policies. Streams are frequently penalized and shut down.

Waiting On A Raincloud


Waiting On A Raincloud


Here’s my entry for Steemit Open Mic week 83


I wrote ‘Waiting on a Rain cloud this morning, whilst eating breakfast! As I looked out onto the garden, I saw birds feeding, bees flying and plants growing!
Here in England six weeks ago, it was a bitter -5c and bitterly cold.
This song is to remind us all of how beautiful nature and our planet really is.
Thanks for watching.


Darren Claxton is a Songwriter, Musician and Producer of his own music, from Derbyshire UK. The music he writes is often heartfelt acoustic indie folk with a sprinkling of rock and country influences, with an occasional world music flavour as heard on his track ‘Dragonfly’ . But most of all, it’s his passive emotive thoughts and feelings that are delivered through that soothing vocal, and intricate guitar playing of his.


magic spells that work

The Art Of Magic

magic spellsAt some point in life, most of us will know what it is like to long for another person only for them to seemingly be unaware we exist. Unrequited love is painful, difficult and an unfortunate side effect of the human condition; and few of us ever honestly forget the people we have genuinely loved or desired. It is, therefore, no surprise that the mind, fuzzed with unrequited love and burning with desire, begins to turn and look for less conventional ways of attracting an individual’s attention.

Free Will Some believe them to be dark or black magic, as such spells attempt to interfere with the natural way of things and damage the free will of the recipient. Others believe any form of magic is interfering with nature, and therefore it is either all fine or not fine at all, and agree to love spells in principle and perhaps in practice.

So while love spells definitively exist, the jury is out on whether they work. The tricky issue, you see, is free will. You can read some more on it at Magic Spells That Work.

magic spells that work

Free will is an essential facet of the human emotional range; it is what gives us the ability to think, to deduce, to decide, to experience emotion. If that free will is interfered with by another person using a love spell, you are setting nature at odds.

A person who has been on the receiving end of a love spell may feel love, but that doesn’t mean they agree with it What they are actually experiencing is a weak, magically induced sense of love; the butterflies in the stomach, the heady desire to be with someone. But those emotions and feelings are quickly quashed and dismissed as false if the person has no real inclination towards you, and you’ll be right back to where you started.

Lust and Love

The main issue with love spells is that free will, meaning a spell can only draw attraction and desire, but not actual love. Love is an unknown quantity, not understood even to science, and there is no way for spell-casting to influence it.

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But desire now, it can be affected. It’s a simple biological process, and if a love spell is done right, desire and attraction can rise in the subject. Done correctly, this desire will turn to you, and suddenly you become the focal point of attention.

However, it isn’t love. It’s lust; burnable, exciting and often fleeting passion. You can’t manufacture or spell-cast up genuine love.

Draw Them To You

However, what a love spell can do is draw someone’s attention to you. You can create those feelings of lust, and then once you are in a person’s life and is considered as a romantic partner, love can begin to develop naturally. Whether or not you are comfortable with the initial enchantment is a decision for your conscience, but some do find that a love spell gets someone interested in them long enough for genuine love to develop, ceasing the need for magic and allowing a relationship to flourish.


P.S My first real post on SteemThat. Really cool editor and like the concept. Will hopefully be blogging regularly on more serious topics from now on



Friends – original music by @darrenclaxton- Exclusively for @Dsound & @Steemit and @stishit


‘Friends’ is a story about people that you knew really well, haven’t seen in a long time but thank for all the memories you made and now share.

I’ve moved around a few times during the past 15 years and met so many interesting lovely people along the way, that I’d like to call ‘friends’.

‘I wonder what they’re doing now, I’d like to find it out somehow and would you’?

This verse in the song really stays with me, as I feel we can all relate to that sense of “where are they now? What are they doing? and, I’d like to find out somehow”.
My hometown is a little town in Cambridgeshire, UK called Godmanchester

2013-07-27 13.55.31-1.jpg

My best friend, My dad.
The one who raised me and my sister since we were 7 and 4 years old, the one who keeps me sane and the one who’s my biggest music fan!

Here’s the lyrics if you fancy singing along

Have you seen them come and go
people that you used to know
they were special
I wonder what they’re doing now
I’d like to find it out somehow
and would you

Long ago
the ones you knew
they were special

They said they’d call you on the phone
or send a letter to your home
but did they?

You maybe had a word or two
they told you they were missing you
but were they?

Long ago
the ones you knew
they were special

Ever since the day I left
you lot, well you’re
never there for me
a better life is what I have
thanks a lot for
all the memories
Ever since the day I left
you lot, well you’re
never there for me

I’m better now I’m gone
better now I’m gone
better now I’m gone
better now I’m gone

Thanks for listening and supporting my music!
Darren Claxton

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? Steemit Open Mic Week 82 ?- Original Song by @darrenclaxton – Inside Your Soul –


The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.
“a lot of thoughts ran through my mind

This 2 Steps Shows how to use your mind as powerful weapon image
Find a quite ,safe and comfortable place
you can use your bedroom as long as you comfortable , turnoff the light close your eyes, and spend a minute mentally making request for what you really want in d decla rative sense
with the feeling as if it has already been done.

:you have to imaging your request as it happens ,then spend some minutes imagining the strong positive feelings you will have upon completing your project or achieving your desire. How do you feel when you not only complete that project, but also complete it ahead of the deadline, to great critical acclaim of your bosses? Imagine the sheer happiness and that powerful sense of achievement and pride. Imagine the admiration of everyone around you—then own these feelings as if these things have already happened. Swim in these positive feelings for two minutes, revel in them, feel them in every fiber of your being. Then stop, go to sleep, and let it go.,Thanks for reading



It was bad enough that the president spoke in an international event where other nationalities were present, It was bad that President would speak so of younger Nigerians who put their lives on the line to install buhari goverment I am not surprised to see that kind of statement coming out from the mouth of so called President, because the government does not believe in the Nigerian youths from inception.

“If you look at the arrangement, the appointment, and how the government relates with the youths of this country, you will see that they do not have respect for the Nigerian youths despite the contributions of the youths. We put our lives on the line to fight against the previous government but when it comes to sharing the goodies of government, the youths are nowhere to be found.
“We are completely disappointed in Buhari
Nigerians its time we fight for our rights, let vote right let vote for the right person,
President buhari is not worthy of our vote
Let us show him we are not lazy.
Despite the hard working of the youth !

This is the picture of the jobless people hawking on the street yet our president says we are LAZY!!
2019 is another oppourtunity Lets vote out Buhari and Vote in the the right person
NOTE; Our vote is our power


Resolve – Original Music by @darrenclaxton for @dsound and @steemit

Resolve – Original Music by @darrenclaxton for @dsound and @steemit


Resolve is a song about my childhood. Myself and little sister were raised my dad, something unheard of back in 1980, when our mother walked out on us all. There is still no reason why she did that, but I’ve not missed having her around because my dad is the GREATEST man I know, and my kids have an amazing mother so that is all I need to hold on to. The people in the photo are me with my son and daughter – my sister also had a son and daughter – beautiful.


As a young boy I had my share
of pain and loss but always fair
times I tried to wonder why
was me the others did I try

The garden path I used to walk
back from school, without, without a thought
times were good but they had their faults
but my daddy he did try to resolve
but my daddy he did try to resolve

Travelling back of thoughts when young
the journey’s new the lesson’s begun
keeping them safely locked away
they stay with us tomorrow, today
and help and help and help

Years roll by and memories fade
but the important ones have always stayed
bad times made us who we are
however near or far
but the times were good and had their faults

Travelling back of thoughts when young
our journey’s new the lesson’s begun
keeping them safely locked away
they stay with us tomorrow, today.

Thanks for listening, commenting, voting and supporting me and my music!

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All is well

All is well

pressemman (29) in poet •  3 hours ago

The world is topsy-turvy
You don’t know what to do
Just believe that
All is well

You are afraid
Of what your tomorrow will be
Just be sure that
All is well

Not that all will be well
Be rest assured
It will soon manifest
All is well

All cannot be well
Except you do your best
Then I assure you
All is well

Weeping has become your breakfast
Difficulties have become your neighbour
It will soon be over
All is well

Take life simple
Don’t be too anxious
Don’t be depressed
All is well

Reject worries
Tell yourself every morning
Reiterate it every moment that
All is wemm am using this medium to tell you that ALL IS WELL in all situations.

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