I have decided to work towards self-employment since I am having no luck finding a job with the settings I need due to my autism. I feel this is better for my mental health. And it has the settings that I need. Some people start somewhere, some start nowhere. Gotta make the best of it. I also would like to Freelance write for Stishit, since Binkly said we need more people on the site. I canRead More →

  The road to glory has never been a easy or smooth one, in fact, often time it is one of the roughest and bumpy road ever, the ultimate consolation for the ones that endure to see out the bumpy road get to achieve the goal or the glory. I believe everyone on this platform agree to this. I want to you this article, my first on Stishit to remind, encourage and inspire every individualRead More →

What is the truth in the life sometimes ( and most of the time) is not pleasant, fair or flattering? In some moments it is even outrageous. ? Now, why is that? It is not about the truth, it is the recipient – we have scruples, expectations, dreams, ego… You name it. We deserve better, more, everything… It is normal. Nature programmed us so that we survive and not extinct on some level. We wouldRead More →

The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to. Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people ageRead More →

Famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping on the street under his famous bronze statue, and sadly wrote “How times have changed…” The reason he wrote the phrase was not only because he was old, but because when he was governor of California he inaugurated a hotel with his statue. Hotel staff told Arnold, “At any moment you can come and have a room reserved for you.” when Arnold stepped down asRead More →

It is well meaning and an honorable pursuit for people to be optimistic but in this case it wasn’t realistic. The world we currently live in is a harsh place and all people are not of like mind even on the basic rights we believe that all people hold. The idealistic couple made a decision to prove some misconceptions on what they believed were misconceptions being trumpeted by all media. They believed that the worldRead More →

_____________ RANGE POSITION General supine position, also called the position of “flower picking bees”. This position of the woman on her back while the man must support on both elbows and knees. The woman then pulls both legs up to the knees and approaches her ears. This position will develop vulna and provide a deep step, so that it will reach the peak of enjoyment. SLEEP SLEEP POSITION Practice this position, the woman must danceRead More →

If I am in error, I apologize but based on past policies set forth by any governmental department, this law to allow elementary school students access to medical cannabis while in school sounds like it will be another big fiasco. The state of Illinois signed house bill 4870 into law which amends the school code and let parents give their children medical cannabis at school. There is a caveat that states that the parent orRead More →

Lesbians are adamant that they are women attacted to women and transgenders are not considered to be lesbians.  They are insistent that biology makes a big difference and transgenders are not biologically considered women.  They are appealing to the LGBT coalition to drop the ‘L’. The Lesbian Rights Alliance in the UK posted a letter directed towards Stonewall, an organization that campaigns for LGBT causes. “Stonewall does not recognize or represent the many young womenRead More →

     The Veil and the Cord. Every now and again, we get invited to a local wedding. Over the years, we’ve attended weddings that range from really simple to the really lavish. One thing I have learned is that even a poor family can throw a lavish wedding, so be fooled not.  There are an assortment of Filipino wedding traditions but a majority of them are drawn from the Catholic religion. And because approximatelyRead More →

It’s CATURDAY and the cats are excited that they are on STISHit. Since, it is a special day for them they have a bit of favor to ask from us/cat lovers who vacation this SUMMER. Sneak us (cats) in your bags. We can be fun or stay out of your way. . . . . for we > CATS > need at least 16 hours a day for BeaUty Sleep. I am a befunky plusRead More →

Let Me Introduce Myself  To Stishit. I found my Philippines paradise! I always wanted to live on a tropical island. I’m not sure why but it could have all began while growing up watching the well-known American television series “Gilligan’s Island” which was a comedy about 7 people who took a small boat cruise out of California, becoming shipwrecked on a small deserted island in the Pacific. This show captured my imagination as a boyRead More →

In All Fairness, I need a Harley Davidson. Only One! The one I want! I’ve been working on my wife now for years, trying to meld her thought process with mine, laying the groundwork for the day I spring it upon her that it is time for me to buy a Harley Davidson. I’ve had a lifelong dream of owning three big-boy toys and have already accomplished two of them… a sailboat and a motorRead More →

Hello everyone, I come from Germany and live in a village between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. My interest is in technology and it. Recently also crypto and Co. An interface to the world, I have, no matter where I am, always with it and mostly even several times. In my spare time I do a lot of cycling through the area or spend a few days at a lake. I can scoop my head free. OftenRead More →

Everything happens for a reason, so you learn. With every change, you gain experience; you learn how to let go. You learn how to appreciate beauties in this world. Things happen to make you improved, a better version of yourself. Sometimes, something happen to protect you from evil. I agree to this statement by Marilyn Monroe who says: “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to letRead More →

Manusia adalah mahkluk yang selalu dipenuhi rasa ketakutan dalam melanjukkan kehidupan ini. ketakutan manusia kadang tidak memiliki alasan yang jelas sebenarnya apa yang membuat mareka menjadi takut. oke sobat stishit ayoo kita lihat beberapa ketakutan manusia yang saya ketahui: Kematian,  setakut dan seberani apapun kita kepada kematian yang namanya kematian pasti ada, dan tidak ada seorangpun yang berani menghadapi kematian, seberani apupun kita menghindari kematian namun kematian akan datang juga, mau sembunyi dimanapun tidak adaRead More →

Jund (ProsopIs cineraria) can only be propagated by seed). Its directly be sown through seed or this is raised in nursery in polythene tubes which is sown as under. First of all its seed is soaked and then planted in polythene tubes and after five days it started emerging. When it gains the above mentioned height it is able to transplant at a required place. As shown in the picture, it can be grown inRead More →

Pada tanggal,8 November 1895 pertama kali ditemukan Sinar-X penemuan itu di ciptakan berkat ketekunannya melakukan percobaan-percobaan oleh Wilhelm Conrad Ròntgen (1845-1908), walau itu hasil karya orang lain. Dimaksudkan agar penemuan itu dapat dikembangkan lebih luas lagi dan bermamfaat baagi manusia. Di dalam laboratorium Ròntgen, ia selalu mengadakan penelitian tentang akibat yang sesungguhnya, yang dapat menimbulkan cahaya yang datang dari sebuah tabung mengelembung yang bentuknya menyerupai bola lampu yang didalam nya terdapat anoda dan katoda. KatodaRead More →

A pilot was told to transfer mad people from Nigeria to U.S.A. He agreed and carried them in his plane. Every place was so noisy. Later one of the mad men approached the pilot and said to him “please can you teach me how to fly the aeroplane? The pilot replied, I will teach you how to fly if you will tell your friends to stop making noise. The mad man went in, after someRead More →

There are more and more victims targeted by these fake ‘abusers reporters’ listed on the Steemit Defence League webpage: Steemit Defence League https://justpaste.it/1jpbl See the screencopy below. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report ‘spammers’ but they spam permanently. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report self-upvoters but they self upvote all their own votes & comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ report members posting ‘short comments’ but they made themselves short comments. These silly ‘abuse reporters’ harass innocent membersRead More →

Its botanical name is Euclyptus camaldulensis . It is a fast growing specie. It must be grown in water logged soils. It evaporates much of the under ground water. It has many benefits, which i will elaborate one by one as follows: It is a fast growing plant specie which is able to provide early income to farmer. Its propagation is easy and only from seed. Its seed is sown in polythene tubes then thenRead More →

  Image designed by me using free photo on Canva.comDoes anyone here know what are these flowers below? It’s really popular in Vietnam, especially in summer time (a.k.a graduational season, because it’s time everyone finish their study or graduate from schools ). Not very sure sure how do people call it in English, but in Vietnamese we call “Phuong” flower. There is even a city which is named by this flowers, because it is plantedRead More →

Jason and Will were good friends who had met at the scuba club at the university both were attending.  Both loved scuba diving and the open water.  As friends they were close, and they did things together regularly, like working out at the gym, or grabbing a bite to eat at lunchtime on campus.   They had gone on all types of dives with the scuba club, including a few underwater cave traverses, which were wellRead More →

Sobat stishit semua…..!!! Setiap manusia tentu mau hidup sesuai dengan harapan dan cita-cita. namun yang menjadi masalah adalah mampukah kita mewujudkan harapan sesuai dengan keinginan. setiap kita pasti punya keinginan, namun kemampuanlah yang membatasi keinginan kita. teringat kita dengan kata-kata “keinginan tidak terbatas tapi kemampuan yang terbatas”. Tidak dapat kita mengelak bahwa dalam kehidupan kita pasti ada yang mengatur apapun yang kita lakukan dialah yang menciptakan kita dan menguasai kehidupan kita. jadi apapun boleh kitaRead More →

Kikar (Acacia nilotica) plant has the ability to with stand under flooded area . In these areas these tree plantation helps to reduce soil erosion by water (water erosion). This tree specie can survive in water for several days and weeks. This picture shows the situation of Acacia nilotica (kikar) plantation after the flood passed away. As i mentioned this tree can with stand in flood also. If we plant it near river banks, itRead More →

The World Organization of Scouting Movement handbook requires the host to ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants. The handbook has allowances for the consumption of alcohol in confined areas during the Jamboree. Recently the Boy Scouts have made changes to their rules on accepting only boys, it is now open to girls. Along with the change, they are renaming the organization to ‘Scouts BSA’. Since that change, the group hasRead More →

I think you can be motivated in life (i) when you are afraid, or (ii) when you are in love. These are the two important forces that compel you to do, to take action. When we are afraid, for example, of failure, we use all our energies to be successful, to achieve our aims and goals. When we are in love, we make efforts to do everything for our loved ones. We are excited aboutRead More →

Life would be very difficult if there is no love in it. Humans are called social animals, and the reason is that every human being needs another human being; One cannot live alone. If one does, it will make them depressed. It has also been shown in research that loneliness can lead to major depression and even suicide. Life is difficult, and to deal with day to day hassels, one needs emotional support from theirRead More →

Seorang ilmuan berkebangsaan Uni Sovyet Konstantin Tsiolkovsky yang sangat dikenal orang yang pertamakali menyelidiki roket secara ilmiah, Tsiolkovsky lahir pada tahun 1857, merupakan anak desa dan ayahnya mencari nafkah di hutan dan masa kecilnya Tsiolkovsky menjadi tuli karena komplikasi penyakit campak. Sehingga dia tidak dapat melanjutkan sekolahnya. Tsiolkovsky belajar sendiri dirumah dengan kedua orang tuanya. Pada tahun 1879, ia mengikuti ujian sekolah guru. Berkat ketekunan dia selama ini Tsiolkovsky pun lulus dengan hasil yang sangatRead More →

Hi everyone, In my previous post, I discussed about what a mental disorder is. In this post, I will look into the definition of mental disorder in the forensic perspective. As we know that some criminals, after committed a crime claim that they had mental disorder. Whether they were truly mental patients is a question that is addressed by forensic psychologists. In most cases the diagnosis of a mental disorder is not sufficient to establishRead More →

Mental disorder is not easy to define. It is a broad area and there is no single definition in the literature that covers all the situations and medical conditions that characterize a mental disorder. A person can be categorized a having a disorder (physical or mental) on the basis of structural pathology, symptom presentation, deviance from a physiological norm, and etiology. Different researchers have attempted to define a mental disorder on the basis of conceptsRead More →

What do you think true success is? Lot of money? Big house, cars and lot of businesses? I think these things are also important, but a true success is when you can laugh in a real sense, when you can smile without any stress, and when you have a true one in your life. True success is when small children love you and they are not hesitant to ask you to buy them ice cream.Read More →

SAMUEL F.B.MORSE Adalah seorang penemu telegrap yang lahir di Charlestown Massachhusetts Amerika pada tanggal, 22 April 1791. ayahnya seorang pendeta di kota tersebut. Morse adalah tergolong anak yang pandai, ketika umurnya 14 tahun ia sudah memasuki bangku universitas dibidang listrik dan kimia pilihannya, akan tetapi dia lebih suka dan berhasrat ingin jadi seniman. setelah lulus di universitas Yale, ia pun pergi ke Inggris untuk belajar Seni, dalam beberapa tahun kemudian dia pun menjadi seorang pelukis.Read More →

Memasuki masa politik di Indonesia bagaikan Bola api yang sedang bergulir, semakin panasnya persaingan antar kubu yang mau menduduki RI 01 membuat suasana politik di Indonesia semakin memasuki saat-saat yang krusial. menjelang PILPRES DAN PEMILIHAN LEGISLATIF tahun 2019 di Indonesia diwarnai berbagai problema kehidupan masyarakat yang semakin hari semakin hangat di bicarakan masyarakat, pembicaraan mengenai politik PILPRES dan PILEG di berbagai tempat dan situasi semakin menjadi bahan pembicaraan hangat oleh masyarakat di berbagai provinsi diRead More →

Sobat stishit kali ini bulan puasa/ramadhan bagi umat muslim telah tiba dan saya mau sedikit berbagi ilmu tentang bagaimana seharusnya kita menyambut bulan puasa..? tulisan ini tidak ada kaitannya dengan umat beragama lain(maksudnya tidak ada unsur-unsur singungan untuk agama manapun) ini cuma pelajaran bagi orang-orang yang beragama Islam saja. melangkah memasuki bulan Ramadhan sudah selayaknya umat muslim menyiapkan dan menyelenggarakan perlengkapan yang harus kita persiapkan dalam menghadapi bulan Ramadhan diantaranya adalah: 1. mengulangi kembali pelajaran-pelajaranRead More →

Manusia yang beruntung adalah manusia yang mau belajar dari kesalahan dan memperbaiki kesalahannya menjadi keberuntungan buat dia. Kesalahan bukanlah sesuatu yang harus diratapi, namun harus dijadikan sesuatu yang dapat memberikan insprasi kepada kita untuk bangkit kembali meraih kesuksesan. Kesalahan adalah modal dasar yang menjadikan kita untuk lebih dewasa dalam berpikir dan bertintak supaya tidak mengulang lagi kesalahan yang sama. Orang yang sangat bodoh adalah orang yang salah ditempat yang sama dia melakukan kesalahan. Supaya kitaRead More →

berteman dengan orang janganlah mengunakan topeng, berteman yang terbaik adalah dengan membuka topeng. Berbuat yang terbaik untuk saudara kita atau untuk orang yang kita cintai adalah sudah biasa, tapi kalau kita mampu melakukan sesuatu yang terbaik untuk musuh kita itu baru luar biasa. banyak diantara kita mau memberikan yang terbaik untuk orang-orang yang mareka cintai, namun hanya sedikit orang yang mampu memberikan yang terbaik untuk musuh mareka. Sesuatu yang berat kita lakukan namun memiliki nilaiRead More →

Tamarix aphylla Tamarix aphylla is botanical name of Ghaz, Toolha and khagal (these are its local names). This plant is suitable for shelter belt plantation. It is a fast growing tree specie. Its plantation is easy. It is drought tolerant plant. Tamarix aphylla saves crops and fruit trees from strong winds and wind storm. It reduces the wind erosion which is the main problem of sandy desserts.Its plantation stops shifting of sand dunes, which causesRead More →

Aceh adalah salah satu provinsi paling barat di Indonesia, masyarakatnya 99.99 % beragama Islam namun kehidupan masyarakat yang penuh dengan nilai-nilai religi yang masih kental. sehingga kebiasaan yang mareka lakukan selalu berpedoman pada nilai-nilai agama islam, kebiasaan masyarakat Aceh dalam tradisi meugang(potong kerbau/sapi) dua dan satu hari sebelum bulan ramadhan dan hari raya sudah menjadi suatu tradisi yang dimiliki masyarakat di provinsi Aceh. Membawa pulang daging meugang untuk keluarga mareka sudah menjadi sesuatu yang dianggapRead More →

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sukses menaklukkan rival terdekatnya sekaligus juara bertahan Liga Prancis, AS Monaco, dengan skor yang sangat telak 7-1 sehingga berhasil tampil sebagai juara Ligue 1 Prancis 2018. Walaupun liga baru memasuki pekan ke-33 namun PSG sudah menyegel juara dan keunggulan poin 87 tidak mungkin lagi dikejar lawan-lawannya. Pada Pertarungan di Stadion Parc des Princes di Kota Paris pada Senin pagi WIB 16 April 2018 itu tuan rumah PSG membuat tim tamu AS MonacoRead More →

Banyak orang mencari pekerjaan yang enak, padahal pekerjaan yang enak adalah dimana dimanapun kita bekerja. tapi yang sering orang menyatakan bahwa tempat yang enak kerja adalah dimana yang tidak ada kita bekerja di sana. mungkin inilah kata-kata yang sering orang mengatakan. intinya tempat yang tidak ada kita disitulah tempat yang enak bekerja.padahal dimana-mana yang namanya kerja itu tidaklah enak. yang enak adalah bagaimana kita menikmati pekerjaan itu sendiri, silakan kita bekerja dimanapun yang penting adalahRead More →

Banyak manusia yang menyerah dari hidup, padahal dia belum melakukan apa-apa inilah yang dinamakan manusia yang menyerah sebelum bertanding atau kalah sebelum waktunnya. namun masih banyak manusia yang tidak gampang menyerah walau harus menghadapi berbagai tantangan dalam hidup ini. menikmati hidup sebenarnya lebih indah dari pada kita menyerah dalam hidup, setiap manusia memiliki potensi untuk tidak menyerah dalam hidup namun semua tergantung pribadi bagaimana dia menikmati hidup ini. melarikan diri dari hidup bukan merupakan solusiRead More →

Hello sobat stishit, kali ini saya akan memperkenalkan salah seorang yang bernama CLADIUS PTOLEMY yang merupakan orang yang pertama dan tak terlupakan dalam dunia Kartografi atau peta bumi. Dan ia dilahirkan di Alexandria sekitar 150 Tahun sebelum Masehi, CLADIUS PTOLEMY dikenal sebagai ilmuan yang banyak mengamati dan menyelidiki tentang alam semesta dan ia terkenal berkat tulisannya yang berjudul Geographi yang berisi tentang persoalan-persoalan tentang pemetaan, termasuk garis lbujur dan garis intang bumi, yang pada saatRead More →

Ada yang menanyakan adakah hidup ini punya tantangan…? sobat stishit tidak ada hidup yang tidak memiliki tantangan, mati saja ada tantangannya. Kalau anda berani hidup maka anda harus siap menghadapi tantangan, kalau tidak sebaiknya mati saja, tapi itukan ada tantangan juga, jadi hidup dan mati seseorang pasti ada tantangan yang harus dihadapi, bukan lari,kalau mati kan tidak bisa lari ya… ha..ha.. selingan saja sobat. Tantangan diciptakan dan untuk dihadapi tidak untuk lari, menghadapi tantangan adalahRead More →

Menjelang Pemilihan presiden tahun 2019 dinamika politik di Indonesia semakin ramai terutama sejak munculnya tagar #2019GantiPresiden, muncul nya tagar ini menuai pro dan kontra dikalangan masyarakat, sebagian pihak menilai hastag itu sebagai aspirasi politik masyarakat menjelang Pemilu dan sebagian pihak yang lain menilai sebagai manuver politik dan tentunya kemunculan tagar #2019GantiPresiden akan membuat proses demokrasi politik di Indonesia akan lebih indah jika disikapi dengan benar dan membuat kompetesi pemilihan presiden 2019 akan lebih hidup. YangRead More →

Bireuen merupakan salah satu kabupaten di wilayah Provinsi Aceh diapit oleh Kota Lhokseumawe, Kabupaten Bener Meriah dan Aceh Tengah yang terkenal dengan keindahan pantai dan wisata kuliner. Ternyata Kabupaten yang beribukota di Bireuen ini menyimpan pesona alam yang tersembunyi dibalik lebatnya hutan dan tebing yang menjulang. Source Salah satu pesona alam yang tersembunyi dan masih sangat alami masih terjaga kelestariannya adalah Air Terjun Ceuraceu, sebuah air terjun yang memiliki tujuh tingkatan dan air jernih yang mengalirRead More →