Ain’t No Denying The Gypsy King This Time, Take a Bow Tyson Fury.

The Gypsy King lived up to his alias as the King when he made good of his promise to knock out Deontay Wilder in their most anticipated rematch for the WBC heavyweight title; Wilder-Fury 2. It was a well-dominated fight by Fury from start to when Wilder’s corner had seen enough and threw in the towel in the 7th round to put an end to Wilder’s misery.

The Wilder-Fury 1 drew controversy when the 2018 heavyweight clash was adjudged to be draw, many believe Fury had outclassed and outpunched Wilder for the majority of that bout, however, Fury didn’t make his course easy when he hit the canvas, flat on his back and was seconds away from been counted out by the referee.

Since that draw, both Wilder and Fury had added 2 wins each to their records; Wilder going past each of Dominic Breazeale and Luiz Ortiz in KOs while Fury also had an impressive TKO victory over Tom Schwarz and a unanimous decision win over Otto Wallin, setting the stage for what has now gone down the history book as the bout of 2 undefeated heavyweights.

Having felt robbed of victory in the 1st bout, Tyson Fury had vowed to take the result of the rematch out of the judges’ hands by knocking out Wilder in the round 2.

“Im looking for the knockout. It’s clear i won’t get a decision in the United States”-Fury

Deontay Wilder is regarded as arguably the hardest hitter of the sport at present, laden with a powerful righthand knockout punch that had seen him won 98% of his bout by KOs, a powerful punch that almost turns the Wilder-Fury 1 on its head in the 12th round. He had also vowed to put an end to Fury’s ‘beltless’ reign;

“He has no belt except for the one that holds his pants up… That ‘Lineal’ stuff ends on Feb 22…”-Wilder

However, it was a night for Tyson ‘Gypsy King’ Fury as he got off his corner with a plum, with the intent of his purported 2nd round KO. It was an all-round calculated fight by Fury, giving Wilder no sniff of the deadly righthanded killer punches. No surprises when Fury had Wilder hit the canvass in the 3rd round with a powerful righthanded hook.

Fury was on top of his game and had Wilder hit the deck again in round 5 of the bout with another vicious left-handed body blow. By this time Wilder was barely holding onto his WBC Belt by the whisker.

However, the inevitable could not be avoided by Wilder as his corner couldn’t just stood by and let Fury continued to inflate more damage on Wilder and so conceded defeat in the 7th round as official called it a KO for Fury much to the delight of the cheering supporters at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

The formerly undefeated Deontay Wilder has now lost his unbeaten record in rather a brutal manner, he is now 42-1. On the other hand, the new WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has now improved his unbeaten record to 30-0.

Deontay Wilder has 30 days to exercise his right for another rematch clause inserted in the bout contract. A Wilder-Fury Trilogy? The world is waiting.

Thank you all for your time.

Sharing Content On Stish Via URL is easy!

Here Is A List Of Known Supported Platforms. (Others Often Work Too)!

ServiceEmbed Type
CloudupVideos, Galleries, Images
Facebookpost, activity, photo, video, media, question, note
FlickrVideos & Images
PollDaddyPolls & Surveys
RedditPosts & Comments
SlideSharePresentation slideshows
Speaker DeckPresentation slideshows
TwitterTweet, profile, list, collection, likes, Moment
WordPress plugin directoryPlugins

We have also been able to setup with Last.FM for sharing links in the social portal. More will develop but they must follow strict guidelines on the content they share and how they share it. Thanks for reading. If you need assistance please make a comment in the support group. Takes Social Media Rewards To A Whole New Level!

Stish is a powerful fun social network.

We often refer to it as a micro crypto economy because of the equitable rewards distribution people receive for being involved in the community. Much like a real world town or village everyone has a role to play in making the community a better place. Some people add comments to posts to encourage blog writers or to start a conversation about an interesting topic. Both the person writing the comment and the author receive an equitable reward. Some share memes and interesting photos with the community. Some write full blog articles with the given tools while others use limited markdown to style up a post in the Social Portal. Other create short content called microblogging and try to earn bonus rewards by inspiring their friends and fellow Stishitians to get their Stish on.

Stish It means to publish it, to create it, to write it, to share it.

Stish It means to be involved with the community but to also enjoy life and relax. So many of us made large social media platforms what they are today to only find out they don’t really want our voices heard. They are guilty of secretly shadow banning various groups of people. Social media websites have been found to block and censor content created by people for the strangest reasons. Stishit will remove illegal content and will work to create a friendly environment. We certainly do not want the trolls that spam and exist to agitate people. We can ban people if the community at large deems it appropriate but we would rather all voices exercise their right to freedom of speech on Stishit. is a platform that revolves around a hybrid development model. Part of the platform is built like most other websites with an off chain build. This helps us stay compliant with applicable laws and in a small way moderate the platform to comply with standard business practices. The crypto currency is an onchain development and much of the interactions with it are on chain. This hybrid on chain/off chain build makes Stish one of the best social media rewards platforms online today. Stish crypto currency is immutable and runs on the Ethereum blockchain for enhanced security. This allows Stish crypto currency to be easily trade-able on exchanges. Currently traded on Other exchanges possibly coming soon. Breaks New Wallet Ground!

Stishit Wallets Currency Amounts List

We of course have developed Stish the coolest most epic crypto currency on the planet right now! Soon we will launch an Epic Token event with the new Stish2.0 token to add Stish to the easiest user interface for Crypto Currencies ever! We have some spectacular developments underway and some being released right now!

The biggest news in social media rewards based platforms is the Stish It Wallets and how they work. Many people have said, “Crypto has been around for a while now. This internet money should have taken off by now.” In some parts of the world it truly has exploded. In some countries governments and regulation or non-regulation has impacted  the adoption rates.

When Stish was being developed we really wanted to reduce the barriers to entry into crypto currency usage. One of those barriers is being tore down with multi crypto currency wallets. The old system would require users to visit multiple different websites and download software files which often came with some suspicious warnings to create cryptographic wallet addresses and private and public active keys. Often there were a ton of other industry related jargon thrown in the mix to confuse the heck out of people who wanted to learn more about a crypto currency and start using it. This new digital money had and still has in most cases a steep learning curve.

Stish Breaks Down Major Barriers Of Entry For People Wanting To Begin Using Crypto Currencies!

Now all members who join will receive crypto wallets absolutely free! Members will be able to buy crypto currency from websites such as changelly or coinbase and then deposit those funds into the appropriate Stish It wallet address. Members will be able to send crypto currency to other members by simply entering their username. They will not have to worry with keys and complicated terminology that is often confusing. They will easily see their wallet addresses which are like bank account numbers so that they can send and receive funds. Members could even add their addresses to their Social Portal profiles also if they like. For writers who are building a following and rely on support from their followers this is another way they can get support.

We have proven we can accomplish a great task here. We would like to have Stish our crypto currency handled in the same way. The challenge we face is that the exchange we would like to add Stish to requires a 50,000 USD deposit in their digital token. It also requires we put up the transaction fees in advance. Stish does have minor transaction fees as it is a mined crypto currency and miners must get paid to confirm the transactions. In order for us to allow the sending and receiving of Stish this easily we need to raise some capital. It really is a small amount in the crypto space and our token event page is coming together.

The next plan also would be to allow the exchange of Stish with other currency directly on which we will release this upon completion of the listing of our Stish crypto currency. Stish being listed will be huge. Stish credits are currently awarded for community actions. These credits can be converted to Stish crypto and then held, spent, sent or traded. The future of Stish crypto is very bright and we would love to see you be a part of the ongoing development of the platform. Allowing people to not only use Stish but interact with other popular crypto currencies from a social networking website has never been done before now! People can connect and share knowledge and ideas plus get involved in earning some crypto while sending and receiving crypto currency very easily. does charge nominal transfer fees for off platform sends and we think these very small amounts from lots of people can help add to the bottom line and fuel community growth. With people coming for the awesome social portal and equitable rewards based on the PEE theory and then also learning and trading/sending through our platform! The future has never been brighter than it is today.

We look forward to having a successful Token Event Soon And Taking Stish To The Next Level Of Trading and Interactions. We are working on some very awesome features and ways to interact with the platform along with a marketplace type feature and the ability for users to create their own retail store fronts and pages which will be able to accept Stish or fiat for payments.

Get Added To The Mailing List! 

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Stish Chill

What Is Stishit And How Can I Win By Using It

The most asked question that people ask is, “What is Stishit?” This is usually followed up with, “How Can I Win By Using It?” or “How Do I Use Stishit?”

First, let’s be clear, we are in beta and have been testing a few concepts. Our main mission and goal from the beginning was and is to “HELP PEOPLE GROW!” We are pruning the website and some features to help everyone stay focused on this. When people join Stishit we want it to be clear what we offer and how people can easily get involved.

One Way We Help People Grow.

Stishit is a social community with its own rewards based points system. People that post or engage in the community social portal with comments and posts earn Stish Credits. These points can be traded for Stish a cryptocurrency also in beta developed for the community. Stish is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency so it will work with many wallets and configurations such as My Ether Wallet, MetaMask, IMToken, and Coinomi to name a few. This website helps make it really easy to start a journey into cryptocurrency using our in house points system while people earn and interact in a crypto currency focused community. Buying cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy to get your first crypto currency called Stish.

Why Is This Community So Freaking Awesome?

Have you ever regretted not jumping on the Bitcoin elevator when it was still on the ground floor? What if you could create your own Bitcoin? Well, you can’t, but you can be a part of something similar and get in on the ground floor. Introducing STISH! A free cryptocurrency earned on the Stishit platform. Many people are now getting involved with cryptocurrency for the first time, through the Stishit (SteemThat) social media platform where members earn rewards that easily convert to the digital cryptocurrency STISH. Stishit makes learning about cryptocurrencies easy. You can keep your STISH or trade it for any cryptocurrency you like, even Bitcoin.

Do you love facebook but hate that you are doing all the work and they get all the profits? Is Twitter your go to app but you feel like it is missing something? Are you posting on instagram and building a massive following but think to yourself, “Wow, I take all of the pictures and do all of the work and these guys get all of the money!” If you think that it just doesn’t seem fair, you are not alone. Ever thought that perhaps maybe they could all share the wealth with their content creators that make their platforms great! Don’t count on it.

On Stishit, members essentially do the same things as they would on any other social media platform and they are rewarded with a digital token that can be exchanged or traded for the cryptocurrency of their choice. Thousands of people have already joined our new and innovative community and are already earning!

The way we see it, Social media shouldn’t take up all your time without some reward. Earn it, Buy It, Trade It. Live the Stishit social way where people chill and enjoy life. STISH is Cryptocurrency made easy by Stishit. Get your STISH today!

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I truly hope this helps you understand the basics of and what we are doing and how you can be a winner using Feel free to reach out to me in the community with questions. We are also on every major social platform to better serve members.

Here I Stand – Original Song by Darren Claxton

Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit.
It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners.
I hope you like this country vibe.


Once or twice
I let you back into my little life
Forever more
I gave you a key to let you in the door

But you slammed it
on your way into the hall
and the painting on the wall
fell on the floor

It’s time to decide
if I love you enough for me to cry
I do so
give me a sign to let me know you know

And I really do so let’s just work it out
no more arguments or tears or doubts

Here I stand
Loving you for everything you are
Won’t you please
Give me back the love I’ve shown before

Once or twice
I let you back into my little life
Forever more
I gave you a key to let you in the door

But you slammed it
on your way into the hall
and the painting on the wall
fell on the floor

Here I stand
Loving you for everything you are
Won’t you please
Give me back the love I’ve shown before

Thanks as always for your support and for those of you that have now purchased the ‘Never Grow Old’ EP you’re really helping and supporting my future releases.

Thanks is me and my better half in the photograph.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Copyright Videos tricks 2018 for YouTube channels

4-Nature-Wallpapers-2014-1_ukaavUI.jpgHi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motion guys… the aim was to show the effect of slow motion since the video was about how …to play youtube videos in slowmotion and then with the hope of linking back to the original video.I thought at the time that by using just this short clip not a greater potion of it adding some …value to it and by using my own voice over will save me from copyright strike.Well as you can see I was wrong…. when you click for more details about the strike you will see …here it says the strike is because of visual content.To cut the long story short, since then I have learned my leason, I now know exactly were to get …videos to download and tweek a little to reuse on my videos.Now if you have been in the same situation or you are simply looking for extra video content that other …people havealready created to remix on your next new video then stay tuned for that and much more coming up.On youtube creative common video library you will find tons of videos you can use. what you should also understand …here is that when you just download and reupload the same video, sometimes you can still get a copyright strike.we will talk about that a little later in this video.But first to get to this page you have to be logged in to your youtube channel click on the …icon image on the top right of the page and then on creator studioOn the left side menu sroll down and click on the create tab and then on video editor.On the video editor page click on the creative common sign here . Now you can use the search bar …hee to search for the type of video you want to use.You are allowed to use any video here for your video creation. You can remix the video right here on …youtube by using the video editor tool hereYou can also download the video and use on any video editing tool. To downlod the video simply right click …on the video and copy the url linkOpen the video on a new page Go to the url on your brwoser and just after the dot type …in ss and hit the enter button on your keyboard.that will take you to this online service were you can eaily download the video.Now you can not just turn arround and upload the exact video thinking you will not get a strike for …it. You have to tweek it a little before uploading on your channel if you want to avoid the strike.Here are a few ways to do that. 1 By reducing the size of the videoChnaging the audio of the video…if you want to use the music audio make sure to cross check its copyright …policy. You can find a video that will show you how to to do that by clicking on the card …icon on the top right.Cutting and remixing the video slidesSO THERE you have it how to use other peoples videos on youtube without any copy right strike. Not I …will like to know in the comment area if you have used any of the creative common videos on youtube …and what were your challengesDont also forget to give this video a thumbs up and also share it to your friends on other social …media sites.If you are new to this channel make to subscribe for more tube mechanic videos like this every tuesdays and …thursdays of the week.
Don,t foget follow and vote
Thank you.

Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting – I’m a Physical History Hunter –

Metal Detecting – I’m a Physical History Hunter –


This is my favourite little toy car that I’ve found – Circa 1930’s.

Early in 2014 I found myself in a really dark depressed place after unfortunately, having a major breakdown. There were many triggers and reasons for this and I’d just been suppressing them all until they finally erupted into a volcanic collection of anxieties, self doubts and fear.

So the story continues, and I find myself sitting on my beloved safety net (the sofa) and settling down to this new programme on BBC4 called, ‘Detectorists’. It was amazing! I didn’t really know the first thing about this geeky, nerdy hobby and had only ever seen some old geezers walking across farmland, head down swinging a strange looking stick that resembled some kind of giant sink plunger.
And there I was, hooked, imagining the treasure that could be lost in the mud and wondering ‘I need to get me one of these things and head out Treasure Hunting’
So I did. I logged onto ‘everyone’s’ favourite place for bargains – EBay, and bought my first proper metal detector! Secondhand, well used but a total bargain at £200! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait for the postman to deliver my new Tesoro Cortes treasure wand and pin-pointer.


Tesoro Cortes

Garrett Pro-pointer Ii. Pin-pointing Metal Detector

Garrett Pinpointer

I continued to indulge myself in Detectorists and set about Google to find out more. There were certain laws and regulations that I needed to abide by, and, with my job I cannot risk any kind of legalities etc. I bought very own NCMD – National Council For Metal Detecting licence for £8 and actually left the house! I’d not been out for weeks and I was finally feeling like I had some motivation. How weird? something that was totally foreign to me had got me excited for the fist time in months, got me out of the house and knocking on local landowners doors. The second farm I visited granted me indefinite permission to go digging on his 100 acres of land, as long as I made sure to fill all holes after I’d dug and, bought him a bottle of single malt Whiskey now and then. ‘It’s a deal’ I said excitingly and trundled off home.
My new detector arrived a few days later and the rest they say, is history! literally, history.

My first finds from the back garden! Now I was really hooked!

Here’s some information about the show ‘Detectorists’ if you fancy checking it out. You can also find it on good old YouTube too.

Detectorists is an absolute gem of TV treasure. This program first aired back in 2014 much to the delight of Metal Detectorists far and wide. For a while it seemed like there was never going to be a show that brilliantly depicts our much loved, and very popular hobby.Both stars Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are very well known actors who have starred in some huge blockbusters – Pirates Of The Caribbean (Crook) and The Hunger Games (Jones) are usually busy on other more glamorous Hollywood projects. So, especially as it’s written and directed by Crook I’m overjoyed they’ve made time for another series. Enjoy it people, as sadly this is due to be the last.

Image result for detectorists

I try to get out digging and physical history hunting whenever I can. I’ve met loads of like minded and really passionate history hunters since starting this wonderful hobby, and also gained a huge bank of historical knowledge about the people that once graced these shores.

One of my first military finds was this Royal Marine Labour Corps badge.


I researched this for days, and had found myself in a rather unusual happier place? looking for clues of what it might be? I’m not really into wars and fighting being a pacifist but, I was really intrigued to what it could be…and Hey Presto! I found this info!

Here’s some really interesting finds from the past few years, and some are even recorded with the Portable Antiquity Scheme, which enables other historians and Archaeologists to research their own finds and pieces of history that was once ‘Lost In The Mud’.

DENO-C6E263: Post-medieval toy horn book

This was found 5 miles from my home in a farmers field that had been ploughed and worked for the past 400 years!
It has now been recorded on the national database.

Unique ID:** DENO-C6E263

An incomplete lead alloy tablet of the Post Medieval period, dating from c. AD 1500 – c. AD 1700.

It is is part of a miniature horn-book showing the English alphabet. About 75 % of the rectangular tablet is present, the lower left corner is broken off. Any frame or handle that may have been fitted is missing. The letters are raised and the alphabet is split over four lines reading; A b c d e f / g h I k L m/ [n o] P q r s / [v] WXY
The letter J is not included, suggesting that the horn-book predates the publication of Charles Butler’s English Grammar (1633) which first distinguished between I and J.
The letter Z is also missing (or not placed at the end.) As it is very uncommon in Latin, it was sometimes omitted from children’s alphabets.
The reverse is blank except for a series of incised parallel lines running vertically from top to bottom, dividing the rectangle into seven more or less equal columns.
The object measures 33 mm by 41.5 mm and is 2 mm thick. It weighs 16.2 g.

Next is this Queen Victoria silver coin collection pair – One shilling 1866 and sixpence
Please note – Never clean coins with anything other than warm water and an old toothbrush as this can completely devalue them.

Here’s a Sterling .925 silver bracelet that I found a while back. it was almost 10 inches deep in the middle of a field and came out looking like this after a gentle water bath.
I have not found out any info as of yet but I’m guessing 1920’s possibly earlier.

This coin is a large gun money half-crown (or thirty pence, hence XXX above the crown) which was issued by James II from about June 1689 until May 1690.** **This issue was superseded in April 1690 by a smaller coin of similar design which lasted until October 1690. The later coins were struck in Limerick as the Dublin mint was captured after the Battle of the Boyne in July 1690 and closed.


A small collection of finds from the 11th -18th century


Here’s another collection of finds from a few months ago.
This was 4 hours out walking and hunting with a group of fellow detectorists.



This was just a small selection from my large finds collection that I’ve ammased over the past 4 years.
I have so many finds that I could ramble on all day about them! I’ll be sure to post some more blogs about my world of detecting over the spring and summer months as the weather warms.

Thanks for reading, commenting, up-voting and sharing.
I hope you found some value in my post.



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How’s Your Steemit Journey So Far? – Are You Glad You Signed Up?


Hello my fellow #plankton, #newbies and #minnows and other larger ocean dwellers!

steemit (2).jpg

This is now my 3rd month on #steemit and I must say it’s been an interesting and very insightful platform of discovery, full of mainly, great quality content and frankly, lovely, creative and helpful people.

So here’s a massive thanks to all the ones that have supported me and my music, tolerated my hyperactive ramblings and quirky ways! 


(Let’s get the negatives out the way first)
Apologies for repeating what has already been said a thousand times regarding this subject but, I’d like to have a little rant to get it off my chest.


There are however, the #plagiarist types among us that think, a simple #copyandpaste with a crappy photo is still an acceptable way of making some #money on #steemit, but thanks to @cheetah bot and the respected users among us, they will be continuously unearthed I’m sure, as well as being flagged by us all that are completely against this ‘anti-creative’ and frankly, irritating shennaigans.


It’s such a simple task to credit the great resources that #google have to offer, by simply adding [Source] Followed by the url to your post inside brackets () 

Thanks to @LLFarms for helping me with this!

Now, I may be wrong with my understanding of this but, think I’m kind of right? so please bare with me.
There are of course,  the other account holders, which seem to have invested huge sums of money in Steem (I wish) that then post 1 picture with a 4 lined paragraph about ‘How nice the view is out of the window’ and somehow, get loads of up-votes and a healthy SBD payday to boot!


The last few weeks have been tough for me.  I was really flagging with all the late nights spent on here and #discord, trying to battle with my own Mental health issues and ridiculous paranoia, working full time in my tutor job with special needs children, and trying to get them through their mock exams, being a father, networking, researching and creating music content for my blog, in the hope that someone with a big influence here could give me a much needed boost and take me under their whale fin.


I’m pleased to say, it did happen, and why did it? for ease, to help me out? why should they? they must of started out as a tiny plankton in this huge ocean that is Steemit when it all started in 2016. Is it that I write decent songs? Or is it because, I take the time to comment on my posts comments left by others?  dip in and out of discord chats? speak to like minded people here?  because after all, it is a social portal and social means to COMMUNICATE with others and COMMUNITY. The sharing of ideas and involving yourself to create some worth is of such importance on Steemit.


Then, on Sunday 11th March I was directed to a web page that I thought was Steemit. In fact, it was a mirror image of Steemit called Steewit

Please do not use your master password to login anywhere because, IT’S A BLOODY NIGHTMARE TRYING TO GET YOUR ACCOUNT BACK.

I wrote a blog all about this on my @darrenclaxton page the day my new account was set up my my good friend @meno

Thanks to my #helpie family here on Steemit for getting me back to where I was with my old @mrbloom account.

I’ve gone from 25 rep to 56 rep in just 14 days which is no mean feat! It’s such a positive reminder for me,  and other new users,  how posting genuine time spent content is of such importance. My music has obviously created some connections and emotive feelings in others,  for them to be so generous and helpful in supporting my journey here.

Isn’t life weird? I mean, let’s compare and contrast here for a moment? Your bank account is hacked, they have your login details, they change them so you are unable to access your hard earned cash. This happens whilst you’re asleep so have  only idea how much has been transferred to some random account on the other side of the planet. So the question remains, would a total stranger set up a new bank account for you and deposit 50 quid (slang for GBP pounds) in there? just to ‘Get you back on your feet’



Would they continue to support you emotionally and keep you feeling positive etc? The answer is a big fat NO! And that is why, my friends, I absolutely love this place! I’d like to think there are other brilliant people out there like our #helpienaut family ? that would support their fellow #steemians if this awful hacking business ever happened to one of their fellow users.




Then I see this tree the other day whilst out walking with my family. It had forced it’s way through the slats of that bench, and I thought to myself, ‘the struggle is real, life is tough, you must remain resilient in an ever changing world which is full of twists, turns and struggles…this tree endeavoured to grow, to push through no matter what and just kept trying to succeed and survive! and that is now how I think of Steemit,  a challenge, some crazy social experiment, a game and frankly, something to look forward to each day.


Thanks for reading my post!
I wanted to just say that, you’re not alone on your steemit journey and that I have total empathy for you if you’re only getting minimal comments, votes and payouts. Those few cents or bucks for our hard earned efforts will pay off in the end…I’m hopeful, and so should you be.

Use the bots on if you want to increase your post visibility, some frown upon this but I really don’t see a problem if used appropriately for good content.


Points to remember:

  • Take your time to post good quality content
  • Credit others when using Google resources
  • Be kind, considerate and helpful
  • Remember why you signed up
  • Stay motivated and focussed
  • Avoid plagarism at every opportunity
  • Sign up to Discord
  • And most importantly of all, HAVE FUN and make friends,  not enemies.

Thanks again and please feel free to leave me a comment, vote or re-steem if you enjoyed this post.


Spring Has Finally Sprung! Do you Love Gardening and Permaculture?

Spring has finally sprung here in Derbyshire, UK

I’ve managed to get out into our lovely cottage garden this afternoon to assess the potential damage caused by ‘The Beast From The East’ which hit us two weeks ago.

This adverse #weather forced many parts of the UK to a complete standstill on the Wednesday, and through to the weekend. Schools and businesses had to close and some shops even ran out of supplies for the rest of that week. Now, for those of you used to 10-12 inches 0r 30cm #snow during winter, maybe laughing at this amusing anecodte, but we’re just not geared up for that kind of freakish weather here! It absolutely battered our little rural village, with 2 foot snow drifts, which was overly exagerrated by the 80mph winds which caused face melting blizzard like conditions. We’re a few miles from the nearest main travel route, but Luckily, the snow plough arrived early on the Saturday morning to clear our lane. The garden has survived surprisingly well considering we had some -6c thermometer readings for 5 consecutive days. A few of my outdoor bonsai and some bulbs have perished, and I can live with that. All is good in my horticulture world and I look forward to many more green fingered evenings this#spring and #summer, if I can drag myself away from #Steemit and#Discord for long enough!

The Crocus is one of my favourite first blossoms in spring.

Permaculture has been on my mind recently and I’m finding more and more ways to embrace frugalism and sustainibilty. Composting old fruit and veg and recycling everyday items to use around the garden, have been on my list of priorities last year and going forward ito this growing season.

I now grow our strawberries in these re-purposed nylon builders bags, which are great for keeping those hungry ground dwelling creatures from gorging on these sweet fructose rich fruits!


What is Permaculture?

I was really intrigued about this way of living, after talking to my fellow horticulture friend Huw Richards of @huwsnursery – We met after talking about me writing some instrumental music for his YouTube videos, and how gardening and growning your own food is such an inteseting and rewarding way of life.
Huw has an extensive knowledge of homesteading and permaculture, which you can learn from his very popular YouTube Channel 
But I wanted to know more, so I set about everyones favourite search tool#Google and found a website dedicated to this sustainable way of living.

Here’s some info from the home page of their website –

Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living. It is a practical method of developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.
By thinking carefully about the way we use our resources – food, energy, shelter and other material and non-material needs – it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. We can be more productive for less effort, reaping benefits for our environment and ourselves, for now and for generations to come.

This is the essence of permaculture – the design of an ecologically sound way of living – in our households, gardens, communities and businesses. It is created by cooperating with nature and caring for the earth and its people.

Permaculture is not exclusive – its principles and practice can be used by anyone, anywhere:

City flats, yards and window boxes
Suburban and country houses/gardens
Allotments and smallholdings
Community spaces
Farms and estates
Countryside and conservation areas
Commercial and industrial premises
Educational establishments


Really interesting reading I’m sure you’ll agree. I recommend you visit Huw’s channel and the website I mentioned, as they have so many amazing ideas for us all to try, however large or small, or rural/urban your area is. There’s no excuse not to grow something of your own, to then enjoy natures bounty for yourself.

Our composter full to the brim ready for our wrigglers to do their magic!

New seedlings grown from last years Naga and Birds eye chili fruit,s that I cultivated in our poly-tunnel.

Parsnip seedlings are doing very well under cover too – They tend to be quite a tricky crop to cultivate and car for.

Spring onions benefit from an early sowing under cover – These were sown early January to be transplanted outside after the last frost.

I went all exotic last year and bought some banana seeds online to try at home.
This variety of banana is ‘Musa balbisiana’ and was sown last February. The fruit are between a blue and green colour and are considered inedible because of the seeds they contain. I did read that agriculturists must of cooked and eaten these centuries ago to establish how to modify the heavily cultivated varities we consume today. As you can see, it’s doing really well so far, much to my good lady’s delight of my plants being spread all over the house on any empty windowsill available.

Rhubarb is one our summer favourites and is so easy to grow, as nothing seems to like to eat it! I make a crumble from it by chopping the stalks into chunks and covering with the mixture which is made from flour, sugar and butter –

Recipe courtesy of BBC Good Food


Heat 600ml double cream until steaming but not boiling. Meanwhile, mix together 6 egg yolks, 4 tbsp caster sugar, 2 tsp cornflour and ½ tsp vanilla extract in a bowl. Pour the cream onto the eggs, stirring continuously as you pour. Pour the whole lot back into the saucepan the cream came from and place over a medium heat. Stir until it thickens, about 10 mins, then pass through a sieve and serve.

Another successful trial was to grow one of my favourite fruits, Nectarines! I sowed this seed last March which I got from a fruit that I ate.
you have to carefully crack open the stone to reveal the slim oval shaped seed inside.
I didn’t do anything special to it either, but did purchase a heated propagator for £30 online which has been an amazing investment. It germinates seeds very quickly by keeping them at a constant 21c.

Our cottage was built in the 1850s of Early Victorian England and some of the plants have probably been in the ground a lon long time. This is my favourite sash window which looks kind of bare at the moment as we’re just coming out of winter. I’ll try and grow a grapvine each side on the trellis this year. It’s sheltered and get’s lots of sun too as we have a south facing garden.

The Pansies I sowed in November are now budding nicely.

I also love to upcycle wood, so I made this nesting box. I’ve seen some interested birds hanging around in the tree opposite so they’ll hopefull be moving in soon!

I hope you enjoyed my first indepth gardening post and liked the Rhubarb crumble recipe too!
Let’s get out in our gardens, rooftop spaces and kitchens and grow some food! It’s fun and good for the soul!
Many thanks
Mr Bloom

Yes, I made this chair too!

A Beautiful Accident – Using Different Angles to Capture Colour Tones!


Here’s a simple shot of a bottle on a shelf. To the side, is a plant pot in a jade green colour, the bottle is printed in that glorious purple tone and the lens flare top left was just a beautiful accident.

Here’s my Huawei camera spec for you expert snappers among us.

I got my mobile phone real close to the target and tried to use a macro setting I have on my Huawei P10 smartphone which has an amazing double camera with Leica® Lenses.
Have you ever taken a shot with such an amazing natural lens flare effect before?
This was just one of those #LuckyShot moments.

Thanks for checking out my photography.

Food Glorious Food! Frugal Living – Delicious Food on a Budget – Toad In The Hole –

Toad In The Hole – Frugal Living & Delicious Food on a Budget

We’ve been living the #frugal #life for the past 6 months now, after deciding that we were spending far too much of our hard earned cash on overly expensive food, from rip off supermarkets and local shops.
I love to cook, and am the head-chef in our house as well as doing the wekkly ‘Friday Big Shop’ at Aldi. I work full time at a Special Educational Needs school during the week, and rarely get a chance to muster something yummy up of an evening, but I always cook for my little family on a Sunday.


A firm favourite that I cook as voted for by my better half and my kids, is the good ole’ British favourite
‘Toad In The Hole’
Now, to my non-British cousins here, this meal possibly sounds like a weird dish that ‘The Twits’ would make! But rest assured, it’s a delicious and bellyfilling experience that you need to try.


Here’s the ingredients and method for you to try, they are loads of recipes online, but I’ve adapted my own and it works a treat every time! so trust me folks!
Cost breakdown – In GBP ££
All In Ingredients are from Aldi –
8 Cumberland Sausages (72% pork) – £1.39
Plain Flour – 45p 2kg (bulk buy which lasts for weeks)
6 Large Free range Eggs – 89p
Olive Oil – 1l – £2.29
Semi-Skimmed Milk 6 pint – £1.48 (best to buy a large jug in our house @meesterboom
Salt and Pepper – £1.00 together

Preparation time -30 mins to 1 hour
Cooking time – 30 mins to 1 hour
Serves – 2 children & 2 Adults

Preheat your oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
The hotter the better, which will really help that batter rise!
You will need this equipment
A rectangular glass oven dish (I find that the batter doesn’t stick as much with these)
Weighing scales
a whisk
a measuring Jug with ml/fl oz
And a preheated oven at 200c/400f (Moderatley hot)

Ingredients –
4 eggs
140g/5oz – Plain flour
200ml/7fl oz – Semi- skimmed milk
1 pinch of – Salt and Ground black pepper
8 good quality – Pork sausages
3 tbsp – Olive oil
Optional extra – Dried Mixed herbs and onions.

Here’s how to make the batter – sift the plain flour into a large mixing bowl, then add the salt and pepper for seasoning.
Make a well in the centre of the flour and crack in the eggs. Using a wooden spoon, gradually beat the eggs into the flour then slowly beat in the milk until the batter is the consistency of double cream.

Stir in the mixed herbs, cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes.
Place the sauasages in the dish, drizzle with olive oil and pop into the preheated oven for 10 minutes.
I like to prick holes in them to let the fat out, this will help with the non-sticking process.
Pour the batter over the hot sausages in the oven dish and Immediately return to the oven and cook for 35-40 minutes or until well-risen and golden-brown.

I like serve it with diffent veg each week so today I chose some delicious new potatoes and garden peas, with thick good ole’ Bisto Best gravy!
I also like some hot English mustard on the side for the sausages and mint sauce on the peas.

Straight from the oven! the aromas are mouthwaterngly incredible…I bet you wish you had smellavision!

7. And Most Importantly…ENJOY!!!

I hope you enjoyed my very first cooking blog post here on #Steemthat, and that you’re rushing off to the kitchen right now to cook up this classic ‘Great British’ favourite!
Happy cooking and eating folks


Traffic From Venezuela Is Through The Roof Looking For Crypto

Cryptocurrency Is Changing The World And The Idea Of Monetary Exchange.

With Stish Being New There Is No Better Time Than Now To Get Involved In The Movement. This might be why people from Venezuela are looking for ways to hide their fiat from their government officials and why many are buying crypto currencies like Stish. With many buying Bitcoin and Ethereum so that they have a means of still buying goods and services as their currency collapses other nations have been able to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum to prop up their whole economy.

Not many people have thought about how fiat currencies are being forced upon people often for governments to take advantage of people without having anything backing the value other than the force of the government. When the people lose trust in government promises people lose confidence in the currency. This can happen and has happened to many world nations and their currencies. No government of currency is too big to fail when it is backed by nothing. Fiat is a latin world that basically means a currency circulating by force. As governments often issue un regulated amounts of currency with nothing backing it sometimes the value crashes leaving people starving with no way to provide for their families.


Whole nations which have these issues could actually switch to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stish, as a temporary or hybrid measure to continue government operations. Stish is able to be sent electronically much like fiat currency. It is unique as it cannot be created out of thin air. The white paper was clear in that only 10,100,000 Stish tokens can ever be created. Stish runs on the award winning Ethereum blockchain. Miners that do work for Ethereum also do the work To verify and process Stish transactions.

The best thing about Stish is that there is no one in your way to stop you from paying someone else with Stish. You can simply send Stish using your web browser and Meta Mask to anyones ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address. These wallet addresses are like your bank account number and can be created with Meta Mask! This is what makes Stish so easy to use and adopt for payments. Anyone can add the support tools for the Ethereum Blockchain and have access to Stish from anywhere in the world.

Whether Stish or some other cryptocurrency people from many countries like Venezuela or other struggling economies can benefit from the adoption of digital currency. The governments and the people individually should look into adopting Stish or another cryptocurrency to help upright the ship. There is a lot of trust built into the cryptocurrency Stish. Even though it is new and primarily used as a digital currency there will be even more development in the future for version 2.0 the next generation of and Stish.

With over 2 billion people who do not have bank accounts and many do not in Valenzuela crypto currency just makes sense. Nigeria is a great example of people who have taken their own future into their hands with many getting involved into Bitcoin and some now getting a position in Stish. This article is not financial advice and you should seek the services of a competent professional. There are tons of uses of cryptocurrency that will change the world and Stish is just getting started working in partnership with and the social portal.

People can store their funds in Stish and make purchases between people from around the world. Stish is easy to purchase and get started using. Stish is can be purchased with debit or credit cards or Ethereum. Trade Your Stish On Radex Now!

Crazy Little Town – Original Music

This song is about the Town I grew up in in Cambridgeshire UK.
Everyone knew each other and we all kinda got dragged I to each others business and family quarrels.
I have fond memories of live here and wanted to write a poem about it.
So here’s the only way I know how, in song.

Lyrics –

I missed the bus and I missed the train
and everything is still the same
if you take a look inside there is nowhere else to hide

in this crazy little town
everybody is getting down
to the things they gotta to do
they’re involving me and you

Everything remains the same
I think it’s time to make a change
the way we love and work and play
it’s got to change and change today

in this crazy little town
everybody’s getting down
to the things they’ve got to do
they’re involving me and you

the ones you leave behind
one day will find
you there upon the wall
with your head Held High and standing tall well then know you’ll never fall
cos you gotten out alive
and found some paradise
some Paradise

I miss the Boat and missed the plane and everything remains the same
if you take a look inside
there is nowhere else to hide

I hope you’re enjoying my new account and music uploads?

photo courtesy of

Time – An original Song by Darren Claxton

Here’s my song ‘Time’


The light shines on your photo
Reflecting in your eyes
And I’m losing all my feelings
You know as time goes by

And I’m falling from my cradle
Straight into my grave
Oh I wanted you to be there
And call my name

To the world you are one person
To one person you are the world
And it really makes no difference
Now you’re not mine
Now you’re not mine

Why are things decided
In the blinking of an eye
It’s not the way we plan them
We just push things aside.

And I’m falling from my cradle
Straight into my grave
Oh I wanted you to be there
And call my name

To the world you are one person
To one person you are the world
And it really makes no difference
Now you’re not mine
Now you’re not mine

Thanks for listening!


Holy Spirit in the Church

Dear beloved, you need to have an understanding of the church, the body which you belong. The church consist of all regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the blood of Christ and transformed by the Holy spirit. Without the holy spirit, there will be no purifying church, for the Holy spirit is the sanctifying power of the church, which is the body of Christ.

Members of the body of Christ are expected to live a new life in Christ which is sustainable by the enabling power of the holy spirit. Therefore there is no subject that is of greater significance above the person and work of the holy spirit in the body of Christ.

If you are a member of the leadership of the church of Christ, you need to cooperate wit the body of Christ to solve the problems of individual members of the local assembly. That is the reason the holy spirit must be the best companion of everyone in the position of leadership . The Mission of the church is to prepare and make the body rapturable according to Ephesians 5:25-27. The church must look unto Christ and not unto person.

And for the members of the body of Christ to be glorious without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, then the Holy Spirit must be allowed to do the works of purification in a believer’s life, in preparation in preparation for the rapture. Are you a member of the body of Christ.

Restless – Original Acoustic Music – by Darren Claxton

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a voice and instrument. I welcome you to sit back, put those headphones on and embrace this brand new song of mine.

Restless, no one needs my help
Lost, useless point of view
Fame, fortunate to prove
Found, these thoughts are so brand new

Stay, go and find your silly little self
Aware, have you lost your mind

I know, of people and places left to go
Are you, are you willing
And confident to prove
Since then, a little piece of my soul
Fell into, that hole
And planted up a resin to believe

Safe, sound asleep and well
Warm, inside out as well
Mad, angry that I let this in my head
Calm, down I’m feeling chilled!

I know, of people and places left to go
Are you, are you willing
And confident to prove
Since then, a little piece of my soul
Fell into, that hole
And planted up a resin to believe

Restless, no one needs my help….

Thanks for your continued support and supportive words!
Let’s #teamuptosteemup

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‘Slowed By Notes’ – Original Music by Darren Claxton


‘Slowed By Notes’ is the second track from my EP ‘Never Grow Old’

I performed this song for – Steemit Open Mic – week 72 –
Here’s the ‘Studio’ version that I recorded.

All of my songs are recorded at home on my trusty old Zoom MRS 1608 – 12 track Porta Studio, which just demonstrates what you can achieve with limited recording equipment. I also write all of the music, lyrics and play all instruments that you hear.

Did I ever buy you flowers
oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long
remember those nights when we walked for hours
waiting for the summer breeze to come along

Well anyway girl I had you first
and I won’t have you again
well some old lucky guy come and found you there
and my heart’s been left in denial

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

All I remember girl were the things you said
and those last words that you sighed
well you left me here and I’m such a mess
Well I closed the door and I wiped my eyes

I’m slowed by notes now just listen, listen
I’ve covered the night with scars
stayed in my room now and just listened listened
stared at the sky caving in
I just stared at the sky caving in

I just stared at the sky caving in in
Did I ever buy you flowers
Oh I’ve been sitting here oh so long.

Thanks to @Luzcypher @meno @krystle@passion-growund and the rest of the amazing openmic team, for inspiring me to start writing and recording again.
And also, a huge thanks to @prc and the @dsound team for their continuous support for me and my music.
It is all very much appreciated!
@mrbloom aka Darren


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How To Make MyEtherWallet Display Stish

How To Setup A ERC-20 Compatible Wallet.

If you need an ERC20 or ERC223 Compatible wallet this is the easiest to get set up by visiting and here is a video that shows you how to setup your wallet for New TOKENS like Stish.

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet:
You will need to send a small amount of ethereum to your wallet address if you do not have any. $20 bucks of Ethereum will help you make trades down the road. Your New Ethereum Wallet Address Will Start With 0X. You can send Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens built on Ethereum to this new address. You can use Changelly located at the bottom of most pages on or search the website for Coinbase or your favorite place to purchase crypto.

Ethereum is not required but highly recommended to have some in your wallet. Ethereum does require you to pay fees to transfer the funds between members. These fees are referred to as gas fees as if their miners use gas fuel to do the mining or verification of the tokens!

To set-up your wallet for Any ERC20 You Will Need A Few Things For The Custom Tokens Area:

Stish Contract Address From Etherscan: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

You will need the name of the Crypto: Stish

You Will Need The Decimals: 4

Update: MetaMask browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browser has become our preferred method to work with Ethereum based tokens. Saturn Wallet is also a great wallet for working with Stish and their Saturn Exchange. With these tools you can easily create wallet addresses and NOW send and receive ETH, ETC, ETH ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens and Much Much more. is a great place to start learning about how to use Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens.

SteemThat Stish Plane





Stish Social Portal