My wife and I stay in a condominum complex while living here on Guam and because my wife talks to animals, they all tend to congregate at this very spot on Earth. Well, they don’t actually talk to her, but she’s been known to carry on a conversation now and then. She’s always been drawn to animals and they are to her also. If any of you are familiar with Ellie Mae Clampett from theRead More →

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own. On July 1, 1859, this Canadian stamp was issued to commerate the day Jacques Cartier lands near Quebec on August 23, 1541, during his third voyage to North America. The portrait of Jacques CartierRead More →

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own. August 22, 1952 – The penal colony of Cayenne, commonly known as Devil’s Island, a French penal colony that operated in the 19th and 20th century in the Salvation’s Islands of French Guiana isRead More →

Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan. Trump said Brennan was complicit in creating a divided and chaotic environment within the agency. Brennan has been hyper critical of the Trump administration. He has called for Trump’s impeachment most recently regarding the Helsinki summit. He joined NBC News as a senior national security and intelligence analyst and he has used this platform to voice his derision for the President. He hasRead More →

The West Virginia House of Delegates passed 11 articles of impeachment against the justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The justices being cited are Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Robin Jean Davis, Justice Menis Ketchum, Justice Allen Loughry II and Justice Elizabeth Walker. The main impetus for the impeachment stemmed from lavish renovations to then Chief Justice Loughry. The investigation of Loughry lead to the uncovering of systematic lavish spending among the other justices.Read More →

Turkey has major economic problems and it appears that their currency is on the verge of collapse. To keep the Turkish economy afloat, many European banks have extended credit to prevent the debacle. Spain’s second largest bank lent $18 billion and France’s BNP lent $40 billion. They question is, will this be enough. Since 2013, gold is up four times in relation to the Turkish lira. In addition, Turkish banks have amassed a sizable amountRead More →

The definitive answer to ‘what is this world coming to’, now that school shooting have become ubiquitous our greed to make a dollar has evolved insurance covering school shootings. Insurance companies like McGowan Program Administrators has already written over 300 policies. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, “It at least gives us some peace of mind that, in the event of horrible tragedy, we can begin to put things in place,” said Lance Erlwein,Read More →

This is a subject which has been talked about for at least a decade, it’s the wage gap between the 1%s and the rest of us. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that between 1979 and 2013 the percentage increase of the 1%s was 5 times larger than the middle 60% and 4 times larger than the bottom fifth. Since 2013, the divide has continued to grow. A subject which hasn’t been broachedRead More →

This should be interesting. Those following the metals and the dollar are certainly aware of continuous monkey hammering to the precious metals and the soaring dollar. As a rule of thumb, as the dollar gains strength, the metals tend to decline. But the devaluation of the metal prices are not just falling due to the strong dollar, to get an insight on another force pushing the metals down examine the COT reports. Another rule ofRead More →

Mark Roberts is running for Oregon’s second congressional district. Responding to a tweet from Turning Points USA, about the few aids Melania has compared to Michelle, he tweeted back what Twitter users are decrying as tasteless and deplorable. Charlie Kirk ✔ @charliekirk11 · 30 Jul Did you know: There are thirty-nine fewer staffers dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) than under Obama There are only five staffers dedicated to Melania TrumpRead More →

I’m having A Mango Moment, and I’m not talking smoothie! Stipners or “Rengs” Prior to beginning a new construction project I had designed, I met up with a local contractor to discuss the building of a retaining wall on our new lot which adjoins our current lot. A deep footing and retaining wall needs to be constructed so we can elevate the lot with about4 to 5 feet of fill dirt to be able toRead More →

Russia’s US dollar reserves have gone from $96.4 billion in March to $14.9 billion in May.  They are building their gold reserves and now have surpassed China’s gold stockpile.  This can’t be verified as China doesn’t report their actual numbers. There are many things converging this year to indicate that the BRICS are about to pull the plug.  They have set up a viable financial exchange to rival the SWIFT system, they have made manyRead More →

Trump signed three executive orders taking aim at federal workers and the employees are irate.  The orders will make it easier to dismiss employees whom are not performing up to expectations or are guilty of misconduct. The first order is meant to address the issue of dealing with workers demonstrating a history of poor performance.  It limits the amount of time an employee under investigation for misconduct could spend on probation. The second order targetsRead More →

California was warned months ago that its electrical grid was in need of service, this is not only true of California but the infrastructure of the entire US is past due for an overhaul or replacement.  The grid was originally built just after WWII and most of it is in excess of 40 years old, it was also built based on technology that is now considered obsolete. 40 years ago the population was about 200Read More →

By now, we have all heard of the major upset of Joe Crowley by upstart Ocasio-Cortez.  Cortez running as a democratic socialist defeated Crowley by stacking her platform with every major talking point, promising to flip the current policies and solving every problem the US has. Here are some of the major bullet points.  I would elaborate on them but one can see that she is proposing to rectify every problem being experienced by everyRead More →

Scott Wallace, a democrat congressional candidate proposes to tax parents whom have more than 2 kids.  He considers these parents irresponsible breeders. He has a long history of being a population control zealot and he has donated over $7 million to population control groups.  Between 1997 and 2003, he donated $420,000 to Zero Population Growth, now called Population Connection.  In 2010, he donated $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State EconomyRead More →

Colleges are offering an alternative to students whom don’t want loans to pay a percentage of future salaries.  This trend is likely to continue as more potential students are realizing that a diploma is not garnering the pay level it once did.  So called prestigious college / university names are not commanding the livable salaries they once did. Now there is a different paradigm where knowledge is once again becoming king.  Up to now, theRead More →

Google translate is providing some very odd translations these days.  I don’t know if this is some ‘easter egg’ ploy or if this just another way of google not being evil. To test this yourself, go to google translate and select that you are entering text in Maori.  Type in the work ‘dog’nineteen time separating each word with a space.  Now have this translated into English.  The translation will read: Don’t you agree that thisRead More →

Here is a quote from Obama’s speech in Kenya “Now, three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first setting American President TO COME FROM KENYA” (I capitalized the operative words). Now add this admission, to the unresolved claims that he was not born in Hawaii, his so call birth certificate has been found to contain several discrepancies, although his college records are not sealed by a court order there are statements from classmates thatRead More →

After manipulation, the market sentiment has the biggest influence on a stock price.  The news that Netflix dropped over 50 points was an article that piqued my interest as I was expecting some downward movement. Netflix’s share price is up about 115% from last year which is a very large gain.  Its performance can be attributed to increasing valuation multiples more so than actual performance.  It has increased its debt to secure money to financeRead More →

The feds made the decision to stay the course with QT, this decision has very dire consequences.  The fed’s objective is to reverse the damage caused by years of QE.  It may seem logical but the loose money policy has engendered a financial market that no longer reacts normally, it has also skewed the amount of debt companies would normally hold. Starting with the bail outs, the companies especially the banks ignored the business modelRead More →

Politics overall is so debased that now incumbents are stooping to dancing for votes.  This is the evolution of the swamp.  When this country was founded, politicians were elected based on their patriotism and ability to intelligently move the country on a path of prosperity.  Politics was not considered a full time job and the first politicians were not salaried or compensated with expense accounts and bribes. As the political arena evolved, so did theRead More →

Cody Wilson uploaded a digital file to the internet with the plans to build a 3D printable firearm.  He had his advocates as well as critics, with firearms being a hotly contested issue.  His was a believer in the right to own a gun and he wanted to give others whom were of like belief a venue to procure a weapon without all the government red tape. He launched a site,, and uploaded theRead More →

With all the lava flowing out of Kilauea, a new island have appeared off of Kapoho.  Kilauea has now been actively spewing out lava for more than 2 months.  Kilauea has been more or less an active volcano since 1983 but it only had a continuous lava flow since the last eruption. As you may know the all the Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes, so this new island is just part of the changingRead More →

With the recent uptick in her political activity, rumors are surfacing that Hillary is laying the ground work for another run for president.  For a few months after her defeat she remained relatively quiet, recently she has voiced her opinion on the highly controversial border issue and the resigning of Justice Kennedy. Her grandstanding for the plight of the immigrant families separated at the border has raised some $1.5 million.  Her support of this causeRead More →

Macron has admitted that they have lost the battle against drug trafficking occurring in the growing number of no-go zones.  He asked for the assistance of the mayors and the public to find solutions. The mayors were expecting more from Macron, they were anticipating some concrete guidelines for resolving the growing problem but instead they found that Macron just put the problem on their backs.  Their expectations were probably based on the ambitious strategy thatRead More →

Joseph de Maistre was a 18th century French philosopher.  He coined the quote which has been reverberated by more well known people like Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln.  The quote I am referring to is ‘Every nation gets the government it deserves’. He also stated ‘All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner:  he is the horror and the bond of human association.  Remove this incomprehensible agent from the worldRead More →

The political game plan is spin.  Feinstein failed to win the primary, she garnered 37% of the votes while her opponent, de Leon garnered 54%.  In California, the top two vote getters advance to the general election, de Leon and Feinstein were the top two.  Since they both are running as democrats, an executive board gets an opportunity to endorse one of them. The executive board procedure is to have the candidates register to appearRead More →

In a 2-1 vote, the 3rd US Circuit Count of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld TSA screeners are shielded by the government sovereign immunity.  Under the the Federal Tort Claims Act (the following paragraph was copied from Thus, both federal and State law may impose limitations on liability. The FTCA exempts, among other things, claims based upon the performance, or failure to perform a “discretionary function or duty.”[1] The FTCA also exempts a number ofRead More →

Charles Hallinan was a Main Line investment banker.  He built a lending empire which preyed on the financially strapped.  He was sentenced to a 14 year federal prison term and was fined more than $64 million.  He was convicted of 17 counts to include racketeering, international money laundering and fraud. Hallinan’s attorney plead that his sentence should be reduced as his client is 77 years old and the sentence of 14 years would most likelyRead More →

Age is not the issue, there are many so called leaders whom are much younger which should be replaced.  She had the audacity to call herself a ‘legislative virtuoso’.  She told Rolling Stone that calls for someone younger to lead the democrats after the midterm was a sexist remark.  This shows how out of touch this person is, her sex is not at issue. It is obvious that she has no clue on how herRead More →

My Very Own Personal Beachfront Golf Driving Range… that I cannot use. 😞 As many of my Blog readers know, we shipped our entire household to the Philippines when we retired. Golf clubs included. Because we live on the island of Samar, and the closest golf course to us would be in Tacloban, Leyte, some 3 1/2 hours away, I have not had much of any opportunity to do any golfing. None! The Golf CourseRead More →

Sources within the Broward County sheriff’s office revealed that Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position next week.  Israel is being removed for criminal issues uncovered by an investigation conducted by the Florida governor’s office. The source stated that the FBI is aware of the criminal activities Israel is being charged with.  Israel has been under heavy criticism for his mishandling of the Parkland school shooting but this is not the onlyRead More →

The US Dollar broke through resistance and now is currently at 94.4.  This is a measure of the strength of the dollar relative to the overall currency market. Some background on the effect a strong or weak dollar has on trade and the pricing of goods.  A strong dollar portends that another countries currency is weaker against the dollar so products which are import from that country will be cheaper because they are priced inRead More →

During the end of June through the first week of July, this plant may show up in your garden.  It is the giant hogweed, you will definitely have no problem identifying it as it can grow up to 15 feet tall. Though the plant is mainly found on the eastern coastal states it is very prolific.  The plant was believed to originate in New York, from there it spread to neighboring Pennsylvania, Ontario and Michigan. Read More →

Have you ever bought something you really didn’t want?   A man wanders into a small antique shop. Mostly it’s cluttered with knick-knacks and junk. On the floor, however, he notices what looks like an ancient Chinese bowl. On closer inspection it turns out to be a priceless relic from the Ming dynasty whose value is beyond calculating. It is worth everything else in the store put together. The owner clearly has no idea aboutRead More →

Family court judge Katherine Field denied a motion to end the use of electric shock on disable students.  In her decision she stated “(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment RC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”. It is understood that the law requires certain standards are met and the judge is responsibleRead More →

The markets are closed on Wednesday for the Fourth and much of this week people will not be active in the markets.  This is the time when the manipulators get the biggest bang for their buck.  Exactly why I am expecting the metal prices to sustain a major hit. Their modus operandi is to hit the market with a large amount of shorts when the trading is thin.  We are already going into this weekRead More →

Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding? I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit A perspective as a new person. I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when IRead More →

It is curious why those whom so vehemently protest against guns surround themselves with gun toting security.  Hogg the supposed survivor of the Parkland shooting, was in NY to promote his book.  He is accompanied by a security detail. This is not to place any emphasis on him as he is insignificant, but they all start out this way.  They push an agenda funded by likes of Soros that incite people.  Primarily, the agenda isRead More →

After a Canadian restaurant manager ejected a patron wearing a MAGA hat, the restaurant was flooded with one star reviews from Yelp users.  The Teahouse’s manager, Darren Hodge has worked for the Vancouver restaurant for 18 months.  He approached the customer wearing the MAGA hat and told him that he wouldn’t be served if he didn’t remove the hat.  When the customer didn’t comply he was ejected from the restaurant. The restaurant owners said thatRead More →

The rising star among the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whom won a primary election of entrenched Joe Crowley.  She touts herself as a ‘girl from the Bronx’ and is laying out the image that she is one of the working class.  This image has launched her successful win as the voters are seeking a change in the power structure. She claimed that “I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family.  I was born inRead More →

Silver dropped below the $16 level and some are thinking of buying some silver.  There are some main options buyers have other than the image on the coin.  The first decision to be made is whether one should invest in coins or rounds or bullion bar. When I bought my first piece of silver, I had this same conundrum.  As I found that official country coins cost more than rounds or bullion, so what isRead More →

Maxine Waters has kicked a hornet’s nest when she called for inciting the public to stalk any of Trump’s cabinet to physical harass them.  Even the leaders of the democrat party have started to distance themselves from her stance.  It was probably due to the potential blowback they would face if the public saw this as a despicable suggestion. Now a petition has been started to call for the expulsion of Waters.   This maybe theRead More →

Over the last week, I have watched the prices of metals smashed.  My problem is I do not have an inkling as to why, there has been no apparent reason, the prospects of an imminent world war breaking out is not any higher, no country is in imminent danger of defaulting (although Italy is teetering) and other than Venezuela, Argentina and Italy there are no currencies on the verge of implosion.  So what is theRead More →

With news of the participation of many agents as well as leaders of the FBI being complicit in the failed manipulation of the US election process, it may behoove one to educate themselves on the actual purpose of the FBI.  Is this arm of the federal assigned to the task of steering whom is elected? According to, their mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  AmRead More →

This response from Inspector General Horowitz is better than a Freudian Slip.  As humans we are prone to expressing what we hold as true by body language.  This fact has been known for a long time.  Ask any card player or negotiator the value of reading body language. It is a human characteristic that is hard to suppress.  Even if we are capable of suppressing our beliefs verbally, many of us display ‘tells’ that contradictRead More →

Marquette Empowerment, a student organization has started a campaign to advise ‘white folks’ to stop calling the police.  It is quizzical why the group found it important to specify ‘white folks’, sounds sort of racist.  Their campaign doesn’t not go into details of why they placed an emphasis on ‘white folks’ but they tout themselves as focusing on issues like misogyny, transphobia, heterosexism, slut shaming, victim blaming, cissexism, classism, homophobia, xenophobia, islamophobia, ableism, racism andRead More →

A neighbor of China, Kygyzstan has been amassing a sizable gold reserve in relation to the size of their country.  They have international reserves of about $2 billion and they have stockpiled about 16% of this reserve in gold, their goal is to build the percentage to 50%. The country’s Central Bank Governor said “The rules of the game are changing.  It doesn’t matter what currencies we have in our reserves;  dollars, yuan or rublesRead More →

Semantics is frequently ignored when people discuss precious metals.  It is important to precisely describe the difference between physical and paper when one speaks about the metals.  The COMEX is a market consisting of paper contracts and the price quoted is only relevant to the price of the paper contracts. The problem exist that this price is seen by the majority of people as the price of physical gold and silver and the price isRead More →