Mindful Thursday~ 09/05/19

Cultivate self~love within because you deserve to be, live, and enjoy that much better beyond your imagination… besides, the world needs your awesomeness and would greatly benefit from the best version of you~ So, improve your self-awareness and improve your self-management to continue a greater life that you deserve.

Use today’s Mindful-Amusement to help yourself toward a better mindset and lifestyle. There is so much more to better yourself for better moments of today, for an appreciative yesterday, and for your ideal tomorrow. Don’t settle for less believing there is so much more for you beyond your physical reach and mental belief!

CHEERS~ to better days…


Wellness Saturday~ 08/31/19

Here is today’s Wellness Assistance to improve for healthier well-being and lifestyle as you’re meant to live as your great life continues~

Invest in your education and learn more about what energizes you and keeps you going! Here is just some info for better care of yourself to continue your awesomeness. I hope this helps in better caring for your health and well-being for better moments today and ideal tomorrow, because you deserve to be that much better as the world needs you~



Inspiration Tuesday~ 08/27/19

Just sharing this here as I am inspired into action today… I am reminding us of how much more awesome we can be. I am not only reminding myself that it could be worse but reminding myself how much better I can make it! Another reminder that everything is temporary as change is the only constant in our lives. Please, enjoy while you can, make the best of it all serve your greater interest, and move forward as the best version of yourself for greater successful outcomes. Forge forward beyond survival, thrive on love, and strive for happier as you deserve.

Each and every one of us determines how we live our blessed lives, so continue regardless of situation and circumstance based on your terms. We either move forward for better or for worse regardless of our past, so empower through as you deserve to continue…



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We Were Adopted by a Fat Cat!

My wife and I stay in a condominum complex while living here on Guam and because my wife talks to animals, they all tend to congregate at this very spot on Earth. Well, they don’t actually talk to her, but she’s been known to carry on a conversation now and then. She’s always been drawn to animals and they are to her also. If any of you are familiar with Ellie Mae Clampett from the 1960’s hit show Beverly Hillbillies, my wife would be the Filipina version of her.

“Ellie Mae” from the hit TV series “Beverly Hillbillies”

Anyway, when we first moved in to our unit, she felt sorry for the handful of pigeons that hang-out around the complex so she began feeding them in the morning with our previous days leftover rice. They now will sit on the building’s overhang just after sunrise where they can actually view my wife through the kitchen window. And there they will patiently wait for her to exit the condo. When she does, they will all fly down to the parking lot and wait for her. It has become a routine and is interesting to watch, to say the least. I think though that the building manager is becoming a little concerned since the handful of birds has now grown to over 30. Oops!

Patiently awaiting their next meal!

On another wildlife front, there are a couple of stray cats that live here in our complex. One of them is totally wild and local resident “Charlie” feeds her outside his door everyday. Now she just camps out there outside his condo. Then there is this other cat, who is super friendly, who also makes his normal rounds around the complex to see what the residents might offer. I’ll say this… he never goes hungry!  Recently when Typhoon Mangkhut was upon us, we felt concerned so we took him in to give him shelter from the wind and rains. We had already determined that he must have once belonged to a resident of the condo complex who abandoned him when they moved. He is definitly not timid or shy and he is litter-box oriented. He has also been neutered.  It was an easy decision to let ‘him’ adopt us. And he did!

Anyway, because we now are part-time owners of a large and friendly male cat (with a “Garfield” attitude), my wife decided to name him. Of all the names she could have come up with, she decided on “Fat Boy,” which obviously fits him because he weighs in at 16 lbs! He comes and goes when he wants and we are basically just the front door operators. He will show up early on a hot day to take a long afternoon nap. Some evenings he might want to come inside when it is raining and he will sleep all night long. He sleeps so so soundly he snores on occasion. He knows he has never had it so good.

“Fat Boy”

Because he comes and goes at will (and sometimes at my wife’s will), he needs to be called home on occasion, and he heeds the call most of the time. But I’ve learned that I need to be somewhat cautious and careful when calling him. One day when standing on my balcony, I called out “Hey Fat Boy” before I noticed a few of our ‘larger’ residents walking around on the grounds and in the parking lot. When I realized all eyes turned to me, it was a little embarrasing. How will I ever live this down I’m not sure. If only they could learn that I was calling the cat, and not harrassing them, things would be okay. I told my wife she can call out for the cat from now on. And in the future, to please run all name checks through me for approval!  “Fat Boy” don’t seem to be bothered much by it though.

#retiredinsamar #livinginthepacific

Stamps Tell Stories

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own.

canada stamp.jpg

On July 1, 1859, this Canadian stamp was issued to commerate the day Jacques Cartier lands near Quebec on August 23, 1541, during his third voyage to North America. The portrait of Jacques Cartier is from a painting by François Riss who is said to have copied it from another portrait. Some art authorities believe that the portrait is entirely spurious. Monsieur Riss, a Russian painter who moved to Paris, copied a picture reported to be the likeness of Cartier some three hundred years after Cartier’s first voyage. The historic chateau de Ramezay on Notre-Dame Street East in Montreal owns a similar 48(h) x 36(w) painting . A note appearing in the thirtieth edition of the gallery catalogue states that no genuine portrait of Cartier exists. The nearest is in Ramusio’s engraving of his visit to Hochelaga (now Montreal). Unused Stamp values are currently $1,396 USD (unused) and $93.10 (postmarked).

Stamps Tell Stories

Like little mirrors, U.S. and world stamps chronicle world history and culture. Stamps are more than just a tool to show prepayment for mail delivery service, stamps also tell a story – and each one has a tale of its own.

August 22, 1952 – The penal colony of Cayenne, commonly known as Devil’s Island, a French penal colony that operated in the 19th and 20th century in the Salvation’s Islands of French Guiana is closed.

Brennan’s Clearance Revoked

Source: rt.com

Trump has revoked the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan. Trump said Brennan was complicit in creating a divided and chaotic environment within the agency.

Brennan has been hyper critical of the Trump administration. He has called for Trump’s impeachment most recently regarding the Helsinki summit. He joined NBC News as a senior national security and intelligence analyst and he has used this platform to voice his derision for the President. He has also been highly vocal on social media platforms.John O. Brennan

It’s astounding how often you fail to live up to minimum standards of decency, civility, & probity. Seems like you will never understand what it means to be president, nor what it takes to be a good, decent, & honest person. So disheartening, so dangerous for our Nation.
Source: twitter.com

According to the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, the Trump administration is also looking into revoking the clearances of several former government officials to include former FBI director Comey and FBI agent Strzok.

Entire West Virginia Supreme Court Impeached

Source: wsaz.com

The West Virginia House of Delegates passed 11 articles of impeachment against the justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals. The justices being cited are Chief Justice Margaret Workman, Justice Robin Jean Davis, Justice Menis Ketchum, Justice Allen Loughry II and Justice Elizabeth Walker.

The main impetus for the impeachment stemmed from lavish renovations to then Chief Justice Loughry. The investigation of Loughry lead to the uncovering of systematic lavish spending among the other justices. Initially, Loughry’s spending habits caused the other justices to vote him out of his chief position due to lost of trust, he was replaced by Workman.

As the investigation continued, they found probable cause to believe Loughry engaged in a pattern and practice of lying and using his office for private gain. They found he utilized court employees and assets for his own gain.

This investigation lead to the shady practices of the other justices, which ultimately lead to the House of Delegates moving to impeach the entire panel. The House of Delegates found the lavish spending by the panel was incomprehensible. Loughry alone spent over $350,000 in renovations.

Turkish Contagion Spreading

Source: kingworldnews.com

Turkey has major economic problems and it appears that their currency is on the verge of collapse. To keep the Turkish economy afloat, many European banks have extended credit to prevent the debacle. Spain’s second largest bank lent $18 billion and France’s BNP lent $40 billion. They question is, will this be enough.

Since 2013, gold is up four times in relation to the Turkish lira. In addition, Turkish banks have amassed a sizable amount of debt (it’s debt is about 40% of their balance sheet) which incurs payments for interest. Economically, payment whether based in lira or dollars, will be a burden on the Turkish economy. If it is based in dollars, the dollar is strong against the lira which means it will take more lira to pay. If it is based in Turkish lira, the lira is devalued so it will still take more lira to pay the debt service. Either way it will be more costly to service the debt. The end result is collapse.

The economic problem probably started in Greece but more recently, Venezuela or Argentina and likely Brazil. This is a domino effect, it one country’s currency collapses it has a germane effect on all currencies since they are all intrinsically linked.

We as a global economy are in a fix, when all major economies are in precarious positions. The US economy along with the Chinese, Japanese, Russian and UK economies are teetering on collapse. People don’t see it unless they do some research, they one’s whom are still gainfully employed are too busy trying to make ends meet and the others are too busy looking for their next meal, but the world is in a mess. Back when some countries were economically on solid ground, it made sense that the less well off countries could gain a foot hold by diverting some of the wealth but today, no country is economically sound so where do they go to procure wealth. For the US, they print more fiat money. Eventually the sky will fall, this is happening in countries one by one.

To make an analogy, it’s like the person who kites their finances. They pay off one credit card with another until the credit line is reached, then the house of cards falls. The problem is more severe with countries because of the magnitude of the debt, with a single or so household, the debt can be written off and absorbed. With a country, it creates a domino effect which will eventually pull down the global economy.

At some point, we will not be able to ‘kick the can’ down the road so that the financial debacle becomes the problem of a future generation. The credit crunch will blow up in our faces and that is apparently about to happen. Countries have no surpluses to sustain them and the only apparent solution is a jubilee.

This is not my opinion, it is noted in the Bible that every 49 years all debts should be dissolved and the clock should reset. This is not to be a religious solution but a practical solution. Consider the credit market freezing, how do commodities get from producers to the end users.

This is not meant to be a lecture, for you who see the picture on the wall. It is more meant for those who don’t see the picture (outcome). It is time to wake up to reality and 1) invest what ever you have in the bank to a more stable commodity; 2) learn a trade that you can barter. This is not doom and gloom but the picture is gloomy.

School Shooting Insurance

Source: zerohedge.com

The definitive answer to ‘what is this world coming to’, now that school shooting have become ubiquitous our greed to make a dollar has evolved insurance covering school shootings. Insurance companies like McGowan Program Administrators has already written over 300 policies.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal,

“It at least gives us some peace of mind that, in the event of horrible tragedy, we can begin to put things in place,” said Lance Erlwein, treasurer of Belpre City Schools, a district of 1,000 students in southeastern Ohio, which purchased a plan last year that includes a $25,000 death benefit per victim and trauma counseling. “Fifteen years ago who would have ever thought you would need something like this. It’s awful that schools have become the target.”

It has come down to schools / state governments are buying the insurance to limit their liability. After the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 15 survivors filed a lawsuit in US District Court against the school district’s superintendent, law enforcement officials and Broward County among others. The insurance would cover costs arising from the shootings like funerals and counseling but most importantly liability from lawsuits.

As with most insurance policies, they are rooted in the protection of the loss of money. This makes sense when it applies to certain events that are unavoidable but when it comes to events like school shooting, it crosses a line. It is hard to determine what failed: was it the school system; was it the law enforcement; was it the government or was it the parents. To solve the problem by insuring it will not solve the fundamental problem, it will only prolong it.

But what should we expect from a government that is obviously dysfunctional. Our elected officials have proven over and over that their only interest is to line their own pockets, not solve a problem. Not to blame only the elected, every public or private company or institution is profit motivated and the end goal seems to be decimation of any one whom has money other than the members of the club.

Wage Gap

Source: smartasset.com

This is a subject which has been talked about for at least a decade, it’s the wage gap between the 1%s and the rest of us. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that between 1979 and 2013 the percentage increase of the 1%s was 5 times larger than the middle 60% and 4 times larger than the bottom fifth. Since 2013, the divide has continued to grow.

A subject which hasn’t been broached by the MSM directly is that the prolonged wage differential leads to unrest. Indirectly, the MSM has been reporting the unrest but what they cite as the reason usually is attributed to other causes and the viewers are always directed to vent their anger at anything other than the root of the problem. One reason maybe that they are being paid handsomely for their efforts.

History provides many examples of uprisings caused by income disparities but most recent is the situation which has been fomenting in Venezuela. Another South American country which is on the verge of the same fate is Brazil. I just read an article yesterday citing that the citizens whom have the financial means are fleeing Brazil. The main reason for the flight has been attributed to the rising crime rate.

As mentioned above, the news media does not broach the root cause of the issue. In Brazil’s case, they make some mention of the failing economy but the main crux of the story points to the rising violence. One reading into the problem would likely ask what would cause the rate of crimes rise but what will probably be proposed is that Brazil needs more prisons and more law enforcement.

Hedge Funds Betting Long on Dollar

Source: kingworldnews.com

This should be interesting. Those following the metals and the dollar are certainly aware of continuous monkey hammering to the precious metals and the soaring dollar. As a rule of thumb, as the dollar gains strength, the metals tend to decline. But the devaluation of the metal prices are not just falling due to the strong dollar, to get an insight on another force pushing the metals down examine the COT reports.

Another rule of thumb is that the commercials (bank traders) are right most of the time where as the speculators (hedge fund managers) are wrong most of the time. Lately the commercials have been buying back their short positions of the metals and to some degree increasing their long positions while the speculators have been doing the exact opposite.

The hedge fund managers are not ignorant it is their strategy to invest like day traders. They are caught in a bind as they must reap as high a return but they can’t compete with the commercials. So they are heavily reliant on timing, they will attempt to play the game of the commercials and liquidate their positions somewhere between the swings. Following the trend, the commercials will dump paper contracts when the markets just open or when the market has very few traders, especially foreign traders. When the market is thin (few traders) they can move the price more easily with the dumping of large amounts of paper contracts.

Logic should make it obvious that precious metal prices should be multiples higher than where it is currently. Look at how the eastern countries, primarily Russia, China and India have been loading up on physical gold and physical silver while the western countries (US and UK) have been manipulating with paper contracts and EFPs. Additional, notice how many countries have pulled their gold from US storage and repatriated it to their own country’s storage. Another point is the massive amount of metals being amassed by JP Morgan.

Source: kingworldnews.com

Source: kingworldnews.com

Most holders of precious metals have been worn down by the continuous manipulation pushing the metal prices down to unexpected lows. I believe this is their strategy to eke out as much physical metal as possible, so to speak they are now trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Mathematically, this can not last forever even though it appears so. I can’t say that it will not go on for a time as I originally believed that the dollar should have collapsed by now and we would be waking up to an economic climate similar to Venezuela.

Watching what is taking place in other countries indicates that the sword of Damocles is about to fall. The BRICS have an alternative financial transfer system in place, the one belt road is close to completion, the Nordstream pipelines are close to completion, many countries have secured ties to the BRICS for trading purposes, countries have pretty much repatriated any substantial gold which was held in the US, states are moving to accept precious metals for trade, rumors are growing of how they are planning on tying cryptocurrencies to gold or silver and globally fiat currencies are failing. Another point is the corruption of the US (as well as other countries) government is becoming exposed. It sure seems that the sword is ready to fall.

Mark Roberts Maligns Melania

Source: sputniknews.com

Mark Roberts is running for Oregon’s second congressional district. Responding to a tweet from Turning Points USA, about the few aids Melania has compared to Michelle, he tweeted back what Twitter users are decrying as tasteless and deplorable.

Charlie Kirk

· 30 Jul
Did you know:

There are thirty-nine fewer staffers dedicated to The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) than under Obama

There are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. forty-four staffers who served Michelle Obama

Mark Roberts


US House candidate, OR-2
Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #hoebag

10:04 AM – Jul 30, 2018

Responses from Twitter users:

george Becker
Mark Roberts, a congressional candidate in Oregon must be banned from Twitter for his disgusting remarks about First Lady Melania Trump

12:26 PM – Jul 31, 2018

Lisa Coelho 
Replying to @RobertsforCD2 and 2 others
Attacking @FLOTUS for NO good reason other than to get clicks. Zero class.

6:56 PM – Jul 31, 2018

Alex Afsari
This is shameful, small-minded and unspeakably disrespectful. The First Lady (first and foremost), the OR-2 and all women deserve much, much better than this comment. Find a way to be a better person, @RobertsforCD2.

8:08 PM – Jul 31, 2018

Mark Johnson
You do realize that is the most ignorant, uncalled for, and degrading thing you could say! How would you feel if someone said that to your wife, mother, daughter? Seriously, get help!

8:12 PM – Jul 31, 2018

Jessica Chasmar

· 31 Jul
House candidate Mark Roberts blasted after calling Melania Trump a ‘hoebag’ on Twitter https://bit.ly/2Aon5ru @washtimes

Roselyn Smitley
No first lady should be disrespected in this manner. This man has no class, whatsoever.

9:42 AM – Jul 31, 2018 · Las Cruces, NM

Sharon Lukkasson
Mark Roberts, you are an embarrassment to the state of Oregon! You need to quit and get brain surgery since you obviously don’t have one now

2:06 PM – Jul 31, 2018

There are more but above is a good sampling of the outrage Robert’s response has engendered. It is sad to see the lows politicians have reached. Hopefully the voters have as much common sense as these tweeters come election day.




We Need More Stipner’s?

I’m having A Mango Moment, and I’m not talking smoothie!

Stipners or Rengs.

Stipners or “Rengs”

Prior to beginning a new construction project I had designed, I met up with a local contractor to discuss the building of a retaining wall on our new lot which adjoins our current lot. A deep footing and retaining wall needs to be constructed so we can elevate the lot with about4 to 5 feet of fill dirt to be able to bring the porperty to grade and then join that property with our existing property.

The Retaining Wall

One of the key features of this construction is the use of horizontal and vertical rebar for strengthening the footing and the upright columns that will eventually be the backbone of the retaining wall. While we were estimating the amount of rebar needed, the contractor said “oh, we need to add more for the stipner.” Curious as to what “sitpner” was or meant, I just had to ask. “Stipner is to stipen the rebar,” he replied. Now, being that I have heard much Tagalog and the local dialect language spoken, and not remembering hearing many words ending in R, I simply had to dig a little deeper. I asked him to pronounce it again and I then asked how to say it in English and he came up empty. Then, with some excitement, he offered up the Tagalog version “Reng!” So I then asked him how to spell it and of course it was with an “E.” So I then asked him what language is “stipner” and he replied “Waray” (local dialect). And then I suddenly realized – after further analyzing how he pronounced the word “stipner”, that the long pronunciation becomes “stip-en-er.” Knowing that many filipinos usually always pronounce their F’s like P’s, the proper enunciation would be “Stiff-en-er”. Now I was getting somewhere. And then I immediately realized that reng should be “Rings” that helped form (stiffen) the 4-piece rebar column, so then I got the whole picture. He may have not known the English version of the word but, bilingual as he well is, he knew both “stiffener” and “ring,” or his version thereof anyway.

CommunicationsIt’s More Fun in the Philippines!  Sometimes you just have to ask….20 questions!

Lot after retaining wall and fill.


Russia Divesting in US Dollars

Source: thedailycoin.org

Russia’s US dollar reserves have gone from $96.4 billion in March to $14.9 billion in May.  They are building their gold reserves and now have surpassed China’s gold stockpile.  This can’t be verified as China doesn’t report their actual numbers.

There are many things converging this year to indicate that the BRICS are about to pull the plug.  They have set up a viable financial exchange to rival the SWIFT system, they have made many trade agreements involving the ‘one belt road’, they have almost completed the pipeline to circumvent Ukraine and supply oil and LNG to European countries and they have built up their military to a comparable strength to the US’s.  Some say their weaponry is superior to the US’s.

The US is infighting still hampered by the Russian collusion and the possible demise of the democratic party as it use to be.  The party is showing signs of a huge change in the old guard leadership and the new guard seems bent on a socialistic platform.  The republicans are not very vocal but their days also seem to be numbered.  It almost seems that the US is on the verge of a civil war.

The metals have been severely hammered in the COMEX over the past three weeks for no apparent reason.  The reason maybe due to something known to only the insiders like the central banks.  The dollar is being kept strong but the fundamentals are indicating that it should be weakening against foreign currencies.  The major buyers of the US notes are all backing away from buying the treasuries and in many cases they are lowering their holdings.  The precious metal prices in foreign countries is rising, this makes sense as the precious metals prices move opposite to the strength of the country’s currency.

For those who believe that TPTB have a policy of making their intentions known even if it is in a clandestine way that eludes most, the Economist magazine cover from an issue in 1988 that was predicting a new currency.  Sure looks like this prediction was correct.

Federal Workers Miffed Over Executive Orders

Source: federaltimes.com

Trump signed three executive orders taking aim at federal workers and the employees are irate.  The orders will make it easier to dismiss employees whom are not performing up to expectations or are guilty of misconduct.

The first order is meant to address the issue of dealing with workers demonstrating a history of poor performance.  It limits the amount of time an employee under investigation for misconduct could spend on probation.

The second order targets the use of official time allowed for federal employees to conduct union activities.  It stipulates that an employee must spend at least 75% of their time doing government work.  This is such a problem that even members of congress and the OPM have stated that the rising amount of time used for other than government business is a waste of taxpayer’s money.  You know it’s got to be bad it even congress is talking about it.

The third order calls for the renegotiation of union contracts.  This will allow for certain agreements made when the economy was thriving to be renegotiate to reflect the current conditions.

I am not in total disagreement with the workers although certain agreements covered under existing contracts are not viable in this present economy.  To ignore this fact and continue kicking the can down the road will inevitable lead to more government departments going bankrupt or as done in the past, hiking fees or taxes.  This is somewhat analogous to raising the minimum wage.  People earning below the minimum rate believed that fighting for the increase would make them better off.  What is actually happening is companies are lowering hours, laying off personnel or in some cases companies are moving to robotics to totally eliminate the workers.  How did this make things better?  In this case, if the workers fight to keep things as they are and it is economically unfeasible, will they be better off when their department goes bankrupt?

I see unions as necessary to maintain the balance between workers are employers but the gains won by union negotiations are pretty much written in stone.  When these gains or promises are no longer financially viable, the unions are hard pressed to relinquish them.  It is similar to the government, when they levy a tax or fee the government will say it is just temporary but when the time frame is reached the government is reticent to repeal the tax.

As a final point regarding the first order, have you ever complained about government workers being lazy and not performing.  Think about waiting in line at your local DMV or social security office.  It has been the mantra since I was a kid that if one secures a government job, you were set for life.  IMO, government functions should be decreased not increase.    I am not saying that the government has no purpose but today the arm of the government is too pervasive and corrupt to boot.

Off Grid Solar

Source: dailycaller.com

California was warned months ago that its electrical grid was in need of service, this is not only true of California but the infrastructure of the entire US is past due for an overhaul or replacement.  The grid was originally built just after WWII and most of it is in excess of 40 years old, it was also built based on technology that is now considered obsolete.

40 years ago the population was about 200 million and currently it is about 330 million.  There are also many more devices that require electricity than there was in the 1960s and 1970s.  The point being is that the load on the grid is at least double of what it was when the grid was new.  Over the past decade more power outages and brown outs are occurring, likely the frequency of these power disruptions will increase.

California grid operators are now asking for customers to limit their electricity usage to keep the system from overloading.  A few years ago, California along with some other states started a program that allowed utilities to cut / reduce a household’s power in lieu of a cost benefit.  I believe this was a way of trying to get users to cut usage so the utilities wouldn’t have to upgrade their infrastructure.  The cost to upgrade the nation’s grid is estimated to cost a couple trillion.  Moneywise it is obvious why they don’t want to upgrade the system.

Recently there has been a growth in the use of solar panels.  Most of these systems are grid tied, a grid tied system doesn’t require energy storage as the power which is generated is uploaded to the grid.  Grid tied systems are lower in cost than off grid systems, in order to have a some means of storing energy.  There are several ways to store energy but the most common is probably with batteries.  The addition of the batteries will almost double the cost of a solar system.

With the dilapidated and vulnerable condition of the grid, it is worth considering the additional cost if one can afford it.  As I mentioned before, grid tied systems do not directly power your house.  The power is uploaded to the grid but in some systems, the power generated can be diverted to an inverter and used without going through the grid.  This is only available when the panels are active, during the night the panels are not active so any power needs to be supplied by the grid.  If the grid is down, even a house equipped with solar panels will not have power at night.

A solar system equipped with onsite storage can be used at night and when the grid is down as it draws energy from the onsite energy storage.

Pick Your Poison

Source: nydailynews.com

Source: nydailynews.com

By now, we have all heard of the major upset of Joe Crowley by upstart Ocasio-Cortez.  Cortez running as a democratic socialist defeated Crowley by stacking her platform with every major talking point, promising to flip the current policies and solving every problem the US has.

Source: twitter.com

Here are some of the major bullet points.  I would elaborate on them but one can see that she is proposing to rectify every problem being experienced by every one in the US to include immigrants.  I still have not heard or read any concrete plans on how she expects to accomplish even one of these.

She was likely schooled by the same ideologue that tutored Bernie.  It has been a proven tactic used by politicians to make promises to give away trinkets which they can charge to the taxpayer.  Speaking of which, I need some more minute for my Obama phone.

Not to be out done, Joe has now decided to give immigrants money.  He believes that families whom illegally crossed the border and were separated from their children should be financially compensated.

He stated “The damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong. To these family units will be lifelong as well. And in fact, I suggest that they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them, and the first form of compensation needs to be the reunification of these families”.

Source: youtube.com

Democrat Wants to Tax Parents With More Than 2 Kids

Source: zerohedge.com

Scott Wallace, a democrat congressional candidate proposes to tax parents whom have more than 2 kids.  He considers these parents irresponsible breeders.

He has a long history of being a population control zealot and he has donated over $7 million to population control groups.  Between 1997 and 2003, he donated $420,000 to Zero Population Growth, now called Population Connection.  In 2010, he donated $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE).  CASSE is an environmentalist group that considers economic growth as undesirable, their premise is that a stable population along with a static economy will result in a stable future.  CASSE pushed for reproduction licenses which would give the government’s permission for parents to have over 2 children.

He is endorsed by both planned parenthood as well as NOW.  It is telling what Wallace’s objective is when you consider the groups that endorse him.

It would be interesting to see how a law that limits family size would apply to the immigrant as well as the people receiving welfare.

Colleges Offer to Take Percentage of Future Income

Source: startpage.com

Colleges are offering an alternative to students whom don’t want loans to pay a percentage of future salaries.  This trend is likely to continue as more potential students are realizing that a diploma is not garnering the pay level it once did.  So called prestigious college / university names are not commanding the livable salaries they once did.

Now there is a different paradigm where knowledge is once again becoming king.  Up to now, the king was nepotism, having the right pedigree, having the right friends etc.  As the economic base sinks, people are coming to the realization that connections, networking etc. are not comparable to performance and the actual knowledge to make things work.

Family is important but to rely on these ties to succeed is a mistake.  The English royals tried to interbreed to keep the bloodline pure, all this accomplished was to create a race of inbreeds.  To expound, inbreeding is anathema to progress.  In short, human evolution is to isolate and inhibit the recessive trait and to promote the dominate trait.  This will provide the species the best chance of survival.  By going against the ‘Natural Law’ is to ask for failure.

Colleges / Universities are about to become passe, their usefulness has passed due to their greed.  Education is essential but at what cost.  The point where the economic cost exceeds its potential value has be breached.  Educators have exceeded their value and should be reigned in.  Tuition costs have exceeded the rate of inflation and the return has fallen so it is no longer economically viable to pursue a classical education.

The blatant audacity displayed by so called professors trying to dictate the thoughts of their students is deplorable.  Education is to elucidate the student’s ability to think rather than to control what they think.

I anticipate that higher learning centers will evolve into an online environment and the over bloated faculty will be left unemployed.  There is no way a thinking student would sacrifice their future earnings to a antiquated educator.

Google Translator

Source: wnd.com

Google translate is providing some very odd translations these days.  I don’t know if this is some ‘easter egg’ ploy or if this just another way of google not being evil.

To test this yourself, go to google translate and select that you are entering text in Maori.  Type in the work ‘dog’nineteen time separating each word with a space.  Now have this translated into English.  The translation will read:

Source: wnd.com

Don’t you agree that this is very odd.  Why would google have a translation using the dog phrase translated from Maori to English talk about the current world events and allude to the coming of Jesus.  It maybe a hint of what to expect.

Here’s a link to google translate so you can try it yourself.



Freudian Slip

Source: teaparty.org

Here is a quote from Obama’s speech in Kenya “Now, three years ago, I visited Kenya as the first setting American President TO COME FROM KENYA” (I capitalized the operative words).

Now add this admission, to the unresolved claims that he was not born in Hawaii, his so call birth certificate has been found to contain several discrepancies, although his college records are not sealed by a court order there are statements from classmates that substantiate claims that he was a foreign student and Michelle states that Obama’s HOME COUNTRY is Kenya.

Source: youtube.com

It remains an open question if Obama was actually eligible to assume the office of president.  It is also suspicious that it would be very easily put to rest and it is still being debated for almost a decade.  How long will this charade be entertained?

Netflix Down Over 50 Points

Source: kingworldnews.com

After manipulation, the market sentiment has the biggest influence on a stock price.  The news that Netflix dropped over 50 points was an article that piqued my interest as I was expecting some downward movement.

Netflix’s share price is up about 115% from last year which is a very large gain.  Its performance can be attributed to increasing valuation multiples more so than actual performance.  It has increased its debt to secure money to finance its production costs and it has a low cash flow projection.  Also the pricing structure of Netflix in relation to its competition, cable companies, has changed.  A few years ago Netflix was the low cost leader, now cable companies have plans that are price competitive to Netflix with comparable programming.

Source: seekingalpha.com

A significant drop can change the mood of the market traders which may result in a flash crash.  This would not only tank Netflix but seeing how it along with 4 other companies are generating about 91% of the S&P gains.  The other companies and their contribution percentage are Amazon (35%), Microsoft (15%), Apple (12%) and Facebook (8%).  Netflix accounts for 21%, so if Netflix were to trigger a sell off, this would adversely affect the S&P as a whole.

Economic Web

Source: gainspainscapital.com

The feds made the decision to stay the course with QT, this decision has very dire consequences.  The fed’s objective is to reverse the damage caused by years of QE.  It may seem logical but the loose money policy has engendered a financial market that no longer reacts normally, it has also skewed the amount of debt companies would normally hold.

Starting with the bail outs, the companies especially the banks ignored the business model which moderated the risk a business would take because they now had a safety net, the tax payer.  They began to rely more on financial leveraging instead of their core business to improve their earnings.  Businesses would obtain low interest loans and use the money to buy their shares, this worked to push their stock values up regardless of their earnings.

The country also indulged in taking on more debt as the economic languished.  Debt can be a good thing if used properly but it is a death knell when used carelessly.

We currently have a situation where the country and the majority of companies are debt laden to a point where they can’t reduce their debt load.  Since debt will become due at some time and it will have to be turned over or refinanced if the borrower is unable to pay off the loan, these new loan will be dependent on the new interest rate.

Herein lies the conundrum, as the feds raise the interest rate these new loans will have higher interest rates.  At the same time, raising the interest rate will make dollar stronger when compared to foreign currencies.  Look at the charts inside the purple rectangle.  This steep rise occurred after the fed took the hawkish decision to continue QT and the future schedule of raising interest rates.  As the dollar gains strength, companies exported goods become more expensive and sales will fall so companies meager profit will be further depressed.

The country will be affected as the huge national debt will be even more unaffordable.  This was solved in the past but the US printing more money.  This time is different as the other countries have been rallying around the BRICS to set up future trades of goods.  Most importantly, the trading of crude.  When this is operational (it’s getting very close and it already is functional to a limited degree), foreign countries will have no further desire to hold dollars and they will be returned to the US.  When foreign countries no longer accept dollars for payment, imports will stop.

Financial pundits are predicting that the US’s economic downturn will make what occurred in 2008 look like child’s play.

Democrat Congresswoman Dances For Votes

Source: ballotpedia.org

Politics overall is so debased that now incumbents are stooping to dancing for votes.  This is the evolution of the swamp.  When this country was founded, politicians were elected based on their patriotism and ability to intelligently move the country on a path of prosperity.  Politics was not considered a full time job and the first politicians were not salaried or compensated with expense accounts and bribes.

As the political arena evolved, so did the greed factor and the swamp was forming.  Politicians moved towards greasing palms and creating files with unsavory information on their opposition to secure their jobs.  This practices worked so well that most if not all politicians begin their career with moderate net worth and within a few terms their net worth soars exponential.

It is not only the political arena that has changed but the voter base is also being debased.  A few youtubers are producing video channels with the only theme of pointing out how the common person is clueless about current issues or even who is in office.  Most people interviewed parrot talking points they most likely got from watching fake news channels.  One prominent channel is produced by Mark Dice, the videos are humorous but very sad that so many people can be duped by main stream news.

Things are changing and people are beginning to become aware that they are being played.  Some indication of this change is the plummeting rating of certain news channels.  Another is politicians running their campaigns by using off the wall gimmicks like Joyce Beatty.  She aired this video of her and her staffers dancing to a rap ditty, as if this will show how she’s qualified to hold a political position.  The video link is below.


Source: twitter.com

Have a peek at how she votes on bills.

Voted Nay on: Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018

The legislation reauthorizes U.S. Department of Agriculture programs dealing with commodity support, conservation, farm credit, and crop insurance, among other things. The bill also includes provisions expanding work requirements and eligibility rules for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as the food stamp program.

Voted Nay on: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Proposed amending the federal criminal code to make it a crime for any person to perform or attempt to perform an abortion if the probable post-fertilization age of the fetus was 20 weeks or more. The bill provided exceptions for an abortion: (1) that was necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman, or (2) when the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

Voted Nay on: Kate’s Law

Proposed increasing criminal penalties for individuals in the country illegally who were convicted of certain crimes, deported, and then re-entered the U.S. illegally.

The above vote summaries were obtained at ballotpedia.org.  There are many more summaries which maybe of interest to understand why Beatty feels that to get re-elected she needs to start dancing.

Source: bizpacreview.org

Landmark Legal Shift For DIY Guns

Source: wired.com

Cody Wilson uploaded a digital file to the internet with the plans to build a 3D printable firearm.  He had his advocates as well as critics, with firearms being a hotly contested issue.  His was a believer in the right to own a gun and he wanted to give others whom were of like belief a venue to procure a weapon without all the government red tape.

He launched a site, Defcad.com, and uploaded the file to that site.  He made a decision to go all in with his desire to make firearms accessible and he dropped out of law school to pursue his dream.  As you can see Mr. Wilson is not totally devoid of the law and just a anarchist.  Under the law, it is lawful to sell the internal parts of a gun although there are restrictions when it comes to the receiver or the gun frame.  THIS IS GENERAL STATEMENT AND NOT TO BE CONSTRUED AS LAW.  I am not a lawyer and I am not providing legal advise.

Within a week, Wilson received a letter from the US State Department demanding that he take down his gun blueprints or face prosecution.  He complied but his attorney advised him that he maybe liable for fines due to him making the plans available to overseas users whom may have downloaded the file.

To prevent any further liability, Wilson decided to take the issue to court.  About 2 months ago, the Department of Justice offered Wilson a settlement to end the lawsuit.  By the way, the department of justice made their offer quietly and under the radar so to keep it from public scrutiny.  Wilson’s attorneys focused their legal argument on a free speech claim.  They proposed that by forbidding Wilson from posting his 3D file, the State Department was not only violating his right to bear arms but his right to freely share information.

The Department of Justice essentially surrendered to that argument.  They agreed to amend the export control rules in regards to any firearm below .50 caliber with some exceptions.  The bottom line, it allows Mr. Wilson to publish the data for the 3D firearms.  He expects to relaunch his website, Defcad.com which will serve as a repository of firearm blueprints.

Source: wired.com

Hawaii Just Got a New Island

Source: strangesounds.org

With all the lava flowing out of Kilauea, a new island have appeared off of Kapoho.  Kilauea has now been actively spewing out lava for more than 2 months.  Kilauea has been more or less an active volcano since 1983 but it only had a continuous lava flow since the last eruption.

As you may know the all the Hawaiian Islands were formed by volcanoes, so this new island is just part of the changing earth.  Hawaii is just one of the many active volcano which have been waking up.

The Oraefajokull volcano in Iceland has been showing signs of a possible eruption, the Anak Krakatau in Indonesia has been having continuous explosions and this is alarming as the last time Krakatoa erupted it killed more than 36,000 people.  It’s explosive force was equivalent to 13,000 atomic bombs going off simultaneously.


above photo: dailymail.co.uk

article: strangsounds.org

The Second Time is the Charm

Source: zerohedge.com

With the recent uptick in her political activity, rumors are surfacing that Hillary is laying the ground work for another run for president.  For a few months after her defeat she remained relatively quiet, recently she has voiced her opinion on the highly controversial border issue and the resigning of Justice Kennedy.

Her grandstanding for the plight of the immigrant families separated at the border has raised some $1.5 million.  Her support of this cause should be a good example of how she will handle her campaign if she does run in 2020.  She has long been an advocate of building a border fence and ‘zero tolerance’ immigration measures but to gain a footing she will change her ideology.

She has teamed up with a group called onward together to possibly stymie any justice appointment made by Trump.  The group’s mission statement is ‘To protect the federal judiciary and stop Trump from hijacking the courts’.

Source: bigleaguepolitics.com

Recently her and Bill lowered them selves to fly on a commercial airline.  I can’t recall them ever taking a flight with the unwashed masses.  One thought came to mind was that this maybe her way of trying to make her seem that she is just like the little people and be more likely to gain the votes of the commoner.

Macron Asks For Mayor’s Help to Battle Drug Trafficking

Source: aljazeera.com

Macron has admitted that they have lost the battle against drug trafficking occurring in the growing number of no-go zones.  He asked for the assistance of the mayors and the public to find solutions.

The mayors were expecting more from Macron, they were anticipating some concrete guidelines for resolving the growing problem but instead they found that Macron just put the problem on their backs.  Their expectations were probably based on the ambitious strategy that was initially proposed by the former minister, Jean-Louis Borloo.  These strategies were tried and failed to bear any results but at least there was a concrete plan.

Source: voiceofeurope.com

Macron’s vague idea is to create a ‘society of vigilance’, an idea that sounds similar to the US idea of ‘if you see something, say something’.  He proposed that by 2020, there will be 1,300 additional police to cover the no-go zones.  These ‘no-go’ zones are referred to as sensitive areas.  In 2011 a report entitled ‘Suburbs of the Republic’ concluded that many French suburbs are becoming separate Islamic societies cut off from the French state and where Islamic law is rapidly displacing French civil law.

Macron realistically can’t be held totally responsible for the deterioration of France as he has only held his current position since 2017.  This problem was known from at least in 2011 when the ‘Suburbs of the Republic’ was penned.  Fancois Hollande was the president from 2012.  The issue with Macron, is he lax stance on immigration which is the main cause of the growing ‘no-go’ areas.  Also Macron apparently has no idea on how to being to rectify the problem.

Every Nation Gets The Government It Deserves

Source: wikiquote.org

Joseph de Maistre was a 18th century French philosopher.  He coined the quote which has been reverberated by more well known people like Alexis de Tocqueville and Abraham Lincoln.  The quote I am referring to is ‘Every nation gets the government it deserves’.

He also stated ‘All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner:  he is the horror and the bond of human association.  Remove this incomprehensible agent from the world and at that very moment order gives way to chaos, thrones topple and society disappears’.  Reading into this quote, I believe the crux is that without the threat of punishment, civility will not exist.

Another quote was ‘Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists’.  I read some articles addressing the creation of religious groups, they point out that religion was contrived to exert control over the masses.  As a personal note, I am not totally in agreement that this is the sole purpose of religion but I do see where it can be used by governments to control people.

From these quotes, one can assess that Joseph de Maistre was somewhat of a revolutionary.  I believe he was more of a philosopher who quoted on what he saw taking hold in society during his life.  These quotes are as relevant today as they were in his time.

Source: voiceofeurope.com

The news that prompted this post is Tunahan Kuzu.  He is the leader of the DENK party in the Netherlands.  The DENK is a controversial party which is rapidly gaining power in urban areas, especially areas that have a high Muslim population.

As you may be aware the Netherlands is another country being affected by the waves of migrants.  Kuzu responded to the strife being caused by the migrants “If they don’t like a changing Netherlands in which people with different cultures live… like in the city of Zaandam or the neighbourhood of Poelenburg, they should get lost”.

As pointed out in Joseph de Maistre’s quote, the Dutch are now reaping what they sowed.  Not that I believe that they deserve the extent of the destruction being caused to their country but they are responsible as that they voted in the politicians that allowed the migration to occur.  This is not only occurring in the Netherlands but in countries all over the globe.

Feinstein Maneuvers For Party Unity

Source: theintercept.com

The political game plan is spin.  Feinstein failed to win the primary, she garnered 37% of the votes while her opponent, de Leon garnered 54%.  In California, the top two vote getters advance to the general election, de Leon and Feinstein were the top two.  Since they both are running as democrats, an executive board gets an opportunity to endorse one of them.

The executive board procedure is to have the candidates register to appear on the ballot, Feinstein registered by paying the $1,000 fee.  The endorsement of one of the candidates would ideally unite the party’s support.

For weeks after registering, Feinstein and her team have been calling, emailing and texting the approximately 360 delegates of the party’s executive board.  They determined that de Leon is close to securing the 60% endorsement threshold.  Based on this information, Feinstein now took the position that the delegates should not endorse either candidate in the name of party unity.

It appears that Feinstein’s reign of 26 years is about to come to an end.  She is spinning to hopefully remain on the taxpayer dole.

TSA Screeners Immunity From Abuse Claims

Source: yahoo.com

In a 2-1 vote, the 3rd US Circuit Count of Appeals in Philadelphia upheld TSA screeners are shielded by the government sovereign immunity.  Under the the Federal Tort Claims Act (the following paragraph was copied from wikipedia.org)

Thus, both federal and State law may impose limitations on liability. The FTCA exempts, among other things, claims based upon the performance, or failure to perform a “discretionary function or duty.”[1] The FTCA also exempts a number of intentional torts.[2] However, the FTCA does not exempt intentional torts committed by “investigative or law enforcement officers,” thus allowing individuals aggrieved by the actions of law enforcement officers to have their day in court.

The appellate court found that TSA screeners are not ‘investigative or law enforcement officers’ so the FTCA exempts their job function from liability.

Godfather of Payday Lending

Source: philly.com

Charles Hallinan was a Main Line investment banker.  He built a lending empire which preyed on the financially strapped.  He was sentenced to a 14 year federal prison term and was fined more than $64 million.  He was convicted of 17 counts to include racketeering, international money laundering and fraud.

Hallinan’s attorney plead that his sentence should be reduced as his client is 77 years old and the sentence of 14 years would most likely mean that he would die in prison.  The judge rejected the attorney’s appeal saying “It would be a miscarriage of justice to impose a sentence that would not reflect the seriousness of this case.  The sentence here should send a message that criminal conduct like (this) will not pay”.  The judge’s decision was probably prompted by the defendant’s unrepentant attitude during the sentencing.  Probation officers assigned to the defendant commented that the defendant was ‘exactly the opposite’ of contrite.

Source: philly.com

Above is the disclosure of credit term for one of the short term payday loans offered by Hallinan.  What should grab your attention is the amount of the APR, 1,825%.  I am not overly sympathetic with the borrows as it is their own responsibility to understand what their are agreeing to prior to signing the loan agreement.  On the other hand, I am in agreement with the judge’s decision to sustain the defendant’s attorney’s request for leniency.

Pelosi Thinks Younger Leadership is Sexist

Source: pinterest.com

Age is not the issue, there are many so called leaders whom are much younger which should be replaced.  She had the audacity to call herself a ‘legislative virtuoso’.  She told Rolling Stone that calls for someone younger to lead the democrats after the midterm was a sexist remark.  This shows how out of touch this person is, her sex is not at issue.

It is obvious that she has no clue on how her physical condition is affecting everything from her ability to walk, talk and think.  There are several videos on her going into a catatonic state while speaking, forgetting name, failing to pronounce common words correctly and some time having problems walking.

Just the other day, during an interview she forgot the name of the senate majority leader.  Even when she was a bit more in control of her faculties, she told the members of the senate that in order to get the details of the ACA bill, they would have to pass it.  Is this appropriate leadership?

Source: giphy.com

This gives even her supporter a cause for concern.  Can a person who doesn’t have the capability to control their faculties be expected to perform their duties in a powerful position that requires acute thinking skills.

My Very Own Beachfront Golf Driving Range…

My Very Own Personal Beachfront Golf Driving Range… that I cannot use. ?

As many of my Blog readers know, we shipped our entire household to the Philippines when we retired. Golf clubs included. Because we live on the island of Samar, and the closest golf course to us would be in Tacloban, Leyte, some 3 1/2 hours away, I have not had much of any opportunity to do any golfing. None!
The Golf Course Clubhouse at Tacloban, Leyte, PhilippinesAlong with my clubs, I also brought along a couple dozen golf balls. One day when the wife went to town and I had nothing to do, I thought I would take the opportunity to get my golf swing back in shape. So I grabbed a few clubs and took my bag of balls down to the seawall. The seawall in our village is just about 100 meters from my doorstep so I thought I could just sneak down there and whack a few balls out onto the sands during the low tide. One thing is for certain in the Philippines – you cannot sneak around anywhere without somebody noticing you, especially kids. A foreigner with several golf clubs in hand carrying a bag of golf balls down any street is going to garner many curious onlookers.

Anyway, in the time it took me to walk down to the seawall (about 60 seconds), I had about 5 curious kids following me. Not one of them speaks English so I didn’t even bother to discuss my intent with them. I reached the seawall at low tide and the exposed sands were visible for at least several hundred yards. Perfect! I could simply hit a couple dozen balls and then walk out and retrieve them. And I had my own built-in gallery of spectators!

Hermit Crab.JPG

The beach sands at our village extend for many meters at low tide.As I prepared to hit my first ball, I could hear the kids concocting something. I figured they were going to “fetch” my balls after I hit them. As it turned out, the challeng was on to see who could collect the most balls. At least that is what I surmised. I know just enough of the local dialect to understand when some friendly wagering is going on! I approached my first ball on the tee (golf lingo), but not before warning the kids repeatedly to stay well clear of me and my swing, and to just stay put until I was finished. I proceeded to drive my first shot (8 iron) about 150 yards. Not before my shot even hit the sand were the kids off and running to snag that first ball. After all 5 of the kids reached the site of the my first drive, they just stood there and waited. I repeatedly motioned for them to clear out but they just sorta camped out there waiting for me to hit another ball! They had already sprinted over 100 yards once, they were certainly not going to do that again. It was much easier to just wait for the balls to come to them. Urghhh. I realized at that moment that this entire idea was a big waste of my time, so I gathered up my balls and clubs and walked back to the house. I just couldn’t dangerously be launching golf balls into a group of young kids waiting to pick them up for me. It was just not safe.

I mean… could you see me screaming “FORE” after each stroke? It would have done absolutely no good when they don’t understand English!

headslap.jpegAnd would someone please shoot me for thinking that I could get away with this on a “school day!”


Retired in Samar 1.gif

Good Bye Israel

Source: bigleaguepolitics.com

Sources within the Broward County sheriff’s office revealed that Scott Israel is set to be removed from his position next week.  Israel is being removed for criminal issues uncovered by an investigation conducted by the Florida governor’s office.

The source stated that the FBI is aware of the criminal activities Israel is being charged with.  Israel has been under heavy criticism for his mishandling of the Parkland school shooting but this is not the only reason he is being removed.  Regarding the shooting, it was discovered that officers were dispatched to the shooter’s residence 45 times prior to the shooting and the office was aware of the potential danger but failed to act.  It should also be noted that the FBI was also aware of this shooter prior to the shooting and failed to act.

One of the rumors about Israel that have surfaced since the shooting that is most disturbing is that Israel’s son was involved in assaulting a student at the high school (where the shooting occurred) in an act of bullying.  This incident was not related to the shooting.  The sheriff’s office actively worked to keep the incident quiet.  The shooter, Cruz, revealed in video that he felt bullied and this was what lead him to carry out the massacre.

Since the shooting incident, it has been coming to the public’s attention that this was far from a random act.  The school’s problems have been cultivating for some time.  It has not yet been revealed  if the fault lie with the school’s administration, the sheriff’s department or the city.  It is highly probably that all were at least partly to blame in allowing this to happen.  It is obvious that the sheriff’s office along with the FBI failed to perform their respective duties by turning a blind eye to many warning signs from the shooter.

US Dollar Strength

Source: silverdoctors.com

The US Dollar broke through resistance and now is currently at 94.4.  This is a measure of the strength of the dollar relative to the overall currency market.

Some background on the effect a strong or weak dollar has on trade and the pricing of goods.  A strong dollar portends that another countries currency is weaker against the dollar so products which are import from that country will be cheaper because they are priced in the foreign currency.  A weaker dollar will do the opposite and the import will be more expensive in terms of the dollar.  This is not addressing any effects a tariff will have on the price.

Most would be of the opinion that a strong dollar is good and in some respects it is.  The bad thing about a strong dollar is when the US exporters try to sell their products these will be more expensive for the foreign country and either the foreign country will purchase a substitute product from other country or purchase less.  The loss or lessening of sales will affect the balance of trade between the countries.

Another factor which is not so apparent is the feds on going plan to reduce their balance sheet.  This plan is to reverse the QEs which expanded the fed’s balance sheet from about $900 billion in 2008 to about $4.5 trillion today.  The shrinking of the balance sheet is taking about $30 billion out of the economy per month.  At the same time, the ECB is pumping about 30 billion euros per month into their economy.

The feds have been raising the interest rates from 2016 albeit at a snail’s pace.  The ECB still has negative rates.  The end result is the dollar strengthening and signs of deflation are beginning to rise.  The signs can be seen in the foreign markets.

Source: silverdoctors.com

Brazil’s market is down 20%, South Africa is down 17% and Turkey is down 32%.  The Asian markets are also experiencing the effects.  This effect is due to the amount of US dollars still held in the global markets.  There is over $9 trillion in debt held globally and about $6 trillion of this is held by emerging market countries.

This might be the reason why countries are working to repatriate their gold and reduce their reliance on the USD.  If this trend does not reverse, you can expect that the US (fiat) dollars will soon be flooding back to the American shores.

Giant Hogweed

Source: wired.com

During the end of June through the first week of July, this plant may show up in your garden.  It is the giant hogweed, you will definitely have no problem identifying it as it can grow up to 15 feet tall.

Though the plant is mainly found on the eastern coastal states it is very prolific.  The plant was believed to originate in New York, from there it spread to neighboring Pennsylvania, Ontario and Michigan.  Later it was discovered in Ohio and most recently it was found in Virginia.  It has been found in over a dozen states to date.

The plant is invasive, it produces up to 120,000 winged seeds per plant.  Since these seeds have psuedo wing structures, they can be carried on the wind as well as any waterway.

The sap of the plant is highly toxic, it can cause third degree burns to ones whom get the sap on their skin.  If the sap gets into the eyes, it can cause blindness.  If you are unfortunate enough to get the sap on yourself, wash the area immediately and limit you exposure to sunlight until it is thorough removed.  The sap limits the skin’s ability to filter out the harmful UV rays resulting in burns to the affected area.

Virginia has listed the plant as a tier 1 noxious weed, meaning it’s considered a major threat to the surrounding environment.

How Not to Shop for Antiques.

Have you ever bought something you really didn’t want?


Ming dynasty bowl.jpeg

A man wanders into a small antique shop. Mostly it’s cluttered with knick-knacks and junk. On the floor, however, he notices what looks like an ancient Chinese bowl. On closer inspection it turns out to be a priceless relic from the Ming dynasty whose value is beyond calculating. It is worth everything else in the store put together.
The owner clearly has no idea about the value of this possession, because it’s filled with milk and the cat’s drinking out of it. The man sees an opportunity for the deal of a lifetime. He cleverly constructs a method to obtain the artifact for a fraction of its worth.
“That’s an extraordinary cat you have,” he says to the owner. “How much would you sell her for?”
“Oh, the cat’s not really for sale,” said the owner. “She keeps the store free of mice.”
“I really must have her,” the man countered. “Tell you what…
I’ll give you a hundred dollars for her.”
“She’s not really worth it,” laughed the owner, “but if you want her that badly, she’s yours.”
“I need something to feed her from as well,” continued the man. “Let me throw in another ten dollars for that saucer she’s drinking out of.”
“Oh, I could never do that. That saucer is actually an ancient Chinese vase from the Ming dynasty. It is my prized possession, whose worth is beyond calculation.
Funny thing though, since we’ve had it, I’ve sold seventeen cats.”

Retired in Samar 1.gif

Judge Rules Electric Shock Punishment to Continue

Source: thefreethoughtproject.com

Family court judge Katherine Field denied a motion to end the use of electric shock on disable students.  In her decision she stated “(The state) failed to demonstrate that there is now a professional consensus that the Level III aversive treatment RC does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”.

It is understood that the law requires certain standards are met and the judge is responsible for maintaining that a case meets this criteria but does the law preclude the judge for applying his or her common sense.  The written law does allow for a court to interpret the law in a strict or a loose construction.  This provides the court latitude so it may adapt the law to the change in society.  This allowance in some cases aids the court to better apply the punishment to fit the crime.  Understanding that when the law enacted the world had a different set of social tenets and the law was meant to mete out justice based on the current zeitgeist.

The ruling is in respects to the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) which is a special needs day and residential school.  A former employee, Greg Miller taught at this facility from 2003 through 2006.  He was responsible for bringing the school’s use of shock treatment to light.  He claimed that the students were subjected to electric shocks for very minor infractions like speaking without permission.  Due to the school’s liberal use of shocking the students, he left his position.  The school calls the punishment ‘aversive treatment’.

To allow a disabled person to be subjected to electrical shocks may be satisfying for the administer but this type of treatment has shown no verifiable evidence of altering or correcting the aberrant behavior.  For this judge to allow for its continuance is morally questionable.  It seems that since the aversive treatment bears no effective results one would think the ruling should be to put an end to it’s use.

Perhaps the judge should be administered some aversive treatment to assist her mental thought process.

Looking For a Hit on the Metals

Source: kitco.com

The markets are closed on Wednesday for the Fourth and much of this week people will not be active in the markets.  This is the time when the manipulators get the biggest bang for their buck.  Exactly why I am expecting the metal prices to sustain a major hit.

Their modus operandi is to hit the market with a large amount of shorts when the trading is thin.  We are already going into this week with weak prices.  The support levels have been breached and the opportunity to push the price even lower is too much of a good thing to be passed up.  The lower they can push the price, the cheaper they can buy back the shorts to cover their position.

Many of us are wondering where the bottom is.  The bottom is as low as they can manipulate it to.  Over the past few years, they have been painting the OI figures by using EFPs.  This makes the OI look better but the short contracts are still open but they have been shifted to the London market.  These contracts (theoretically) still need to be covered.  I say theoretically because when the market goes ‘no offer’ they will likely void these contracts.

The terms of trading on the COMEX say that they don’t have to delivery to the short contract holder physical metal but it is the COMEX’s option to settle in fiat.  The COMEX was established to provide people a way to own metals, back in 1933 the public was limited to owing only 5 ozs of gold.  With the COMEX people could own more than the limited amount.

Today it is rumored that the COMEX has very little physical metals and most of the stated metal is in paper contracts.  When short contract holder demand physical delivery en masse, the price will go ‘no offer’ and it will mark the end of the COMEX.

They want the price as low as they can get it primarily so they can buy back the enormous amount of short contract they have issued.  If they don’t and the price of metals rise it will certainly end in major losses and the likely demise of many of the commercials.


Am I too late to give suggestions for rebranding?

I hope not . . . bc here I go> as a NEWBIE on STISHit

A perspective as a new person.

I came to STISHit through someone who landed on my post who was on automatic black list and was blocked out on Steemit. Did I mention this was my post! Needless to say, this was a trigger and made me very angry because when I was new a group of whales flagged me. Instead of doing what most people did I stood up to them and got in further trouble. Any sane person would of given up or retreated > but . . . I didn’t.

OiyVey > Why all this verbage? . . .

It’s because I came here from someone who didn’t deserve

to be treated this way on Steemit (Retired in Samar.)

At first thought this was a place for discouraged, bullied and displaced Steemians, yet, when I came here it was different and I too was befuddled.

First, I thought STISHit was a scam, a joke and it was confusing . . . the name, didn’t help. What made me stay was > I didn’t have to use my Steemit keys and people seemed genuine on STISHit. The only problem is you need to REBRAND your id with what it will do for Steemians, the World, Family Friends and Co-Workers. You have to keep it simple as possible.

How much is STISH? How can they get money from content (words, pictures, art and video) that is theirs. Delegate more tutorial from Stishians and let them know they get paid for these tutorials. Let them know there’s a community here to support bloggers and on and on.

My friend won’t . . . NO … refuses to check this place out because he thinks it is a phishing scam. He is a blogger who uses his own work/orignal and a content person. Someone who comments and would be succesful on STISHit. Enjar believes the Steemian whales who put the fear in Steemians.

Oh my, the whale who came on my post was a whale bot. It came here in February 2018 and makes an average of $80.00 a day for automaticaly going after minnows. “Eat minnows and get paid for it.”

This is a friend I invited to Steemit a year ago.

Problems I see > a url that is different from STISHit’s name. If you are a 3rd party to Steemit why doesn’t it show up on Steemit’s posts? STISH needs to be seen and then the it, let people figure out later the name has a cuss word in it. Repeat STISH as many times as possible. STISH is money/cryptocurrency that is paid to bloggers. Stishians is a community that supports one another and has 0% tolerance for scammers, thieves of intellual property and bullies. An outline would be helpful for the video, audio and visual artists. Blah, blah, blaaaah … you can go on.

A gambit of questions pop up in the new person’s mental hopper. I can’t answer them but . . . I’m sure the ones that have been on STISHit a long time could.

I created these gifs on https://www.befunky.com

and https://giphy.com/channel/pitterpatterhill

Give credit to me on STISHit and use them/spread the word.

STISHit has a lot to offer the creative person.

Double Standard

Source: dailymail.co.uk

It is curious why those whom so vehemently protest against guns surround themselves with gun toting security.  Hogg the supposed survivor of the Parkland shooting, was in NY to promote his book.  He is accompanied by a security detail.

Source: theamericanmirror.com

This is not to place any emphasis on him as he is insignificant, but they all start out this way.  They push an agenda funded by likes of Soros that incite people.  Primarily, the agenda is to create a division.  The problem is they stand on a principle that has little to no basis.

In this case, starting with the shooting.  Reports are surfacing that the Hogg was not even at the school at the time of the shooting.  He heard about it and went home to get his camera so he could document the incident.  To label him a survivor is stretching the truth, a better term would be a profiteer.

He then promotes derision about guns, when the real issue is the failings of law enforcement.  It has come to light that Cruz posted on social media his plans to commit the shooting and these were reported to the authorities.  The authorities made no attempt to investigate the threats.  This seems clear that a reasonable person would address the failure of the authorities.  But obviously, it is more profitable to attack the gun owners.

The double standard that they flaunt in the public’s face.  They staunchly push their agenda to get guns banned but they employ armed security guards.  Reasonably, if they actually believed in the hype they are pushing on the public, they would not be employing hired guns.

Canadian Manager Fired for Ousting MAGA Wearing Customer

Source: zerohedge.com

After a Canadian restaurant manager ejected a patron wearing a MAGA hat, the restaurant was flooded with one star reviews from Yelp users.  The Teahouse’s manager, Darren Hodge has worked for the Vancouver restaurant for 18 months.  He approached the customer wearing the MAGA hat and told him that he wouldn’t be served if he didn’t remove the hat.  When the customer didn’t comply he was ejected from the restaurant.

The restaurant owners said that the manager was fired because his actions did not align with the company’s policy of being hospitably and inclusiveness.  His actions were contrary to their values and philosophy.

After word got out, the restaurant was stormed by pan reviews on Yelp.  Here is a sampling of the comments:

“Fired a manager for taking a stand against bigotry and white supremacy. Unbelievable!”

“wearing a MAGA hat these days is the same thing as wearing a black swazstika arm band.”

I have enjoyed the Teahouse in the past. Recently the Teahouse fired a manager for refusing to serve an American tourist who was wearing a Make America Great Again. I support that manager 100%. He was right in refusing to serve someone wearing an offensive hat that has become symbol of racism and is very offensive to Canadians.

The Canadian are probably miffed at Trump due to the recent tariffs lodged against their country.  But it could also be that the ones whom lodged their complaints may have a similar mindset to their prime minister.  I don’t exactly understand the logic that compares the MAGA hat to a NAZI armband.

Another Political Plant

Source: zerohedge.com

The rising star among the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whom won a primary election of entrenched Joe Crowley.  She touts herself as a ‘girl from the Bronx’ and is laying out the image that she is one of the working class.  This image has launched her successful win as the voters are seeking a change in the power structure.

She claimed that “I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family.  I was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny”.

Breitbart’s Josh Caplan just penned a fact check article which tells a different story.  It maybe true that she was born in a place where the zip code determines ones destiny but she moved at 5 years old to one of the richest area in New York.  She was born in Parkchester, NY and moved to Yorktown Heights, a wealthy suburb in Westchester County.  Westchester ranks #8 in the nation for the counties with the highest average incomes.

We are well aware of the aphorism about knowing when a politician is lying, especially when they are campaigning.  How many campaign promises are kept?  This maybe the reason that the public’s faith / approval rating in politicians overall is dismally low.

It is clear that the democrats need some new blood to replace the aging frontrunners.  It is not a crime to grow up in a wealthy neighborhood but a campaigner should be up front and not spin the issue to sway voters.  She comment on the Late Show “Well, you know, the president is from Queens, and with all due respect – half of my district is from Queens.  I don’t think he knows how to deal with a girl from the Bronx”.

It appears that she is trying to create a division between her and the president that she is one of the poor, financial struggling commoners and the president is one of the ‘1%ers’.  If New Yorkers are getting spin when it comes to her upbringing, how can they believe they will get honest answers on other more poignant issues.  It may behoove NY voters to do some research prior to selecting their candidates.

Silver Coins or Silver Rounds

Source: startpage.com

Source: kitco.com

Silver dropped below the $16 level and some are thinking of buying some silver.  There are some main options buyers have other than the image on the coin.  The first decision to be made is whether one should invest in coins or rounds or bullion bar.

When I bought my first piece of silver, I had this same conundrum.  As I found that official country coins cost more than rounds or bullion, so what is the reason.  Coins are minted under a country’s specification where as rounds or bullion are minted by a private concern.  In most cases, if you select a well respected coin dealer there is a minimal chance that you won’t receive the round as advertised but when buying from say an auction site, you do expose yourself to a higher risk.

Since coins are more well known than rounds people are more willing to trade using them.  People are more comfortable when dealing in a piece that they are familiar with.  Some coins also command a numismatic value for various reasons like the age or in some cases there is a flaw when the coin was minted.  The definition of the details on the coin also have a bearing on its numismatic value.  These are some of the main reasons that a coin sells at a premium to rounds or bullion.

I repeatedly mentioned rounds and bullion.  Rounds are just bullion that a shaped as a circle where as bullion (in my usage) refers to silver shaped as rectangles, some refer to these as ingots.

The amount of silver contained in the Silver Eagle is 1 troy ounce and its purity is .999 fine silver.  Rounds can be bought in differing weights and differing purity.  The most common purity is .999 or .9999, there is a small increase in value for the .9999 purity over the .999.

There is a difference other than general acceptance between coins and rounds.  The Silver Eagle is considered legal tender in the US, rounds are not.  But in regards to the Eagle, it has a face value which is much smaller than its melt value.  Currently the melt value is about $16 where as the face value is $1.  While on this subject, the same applies to silver half dollars, silver quarters and silver dimes, if you are fortunate to have any of these.  These coins mostly went out of circulation sometime in the 1960s and they are very hard to find in circulation.  The coins date after about 1964 contain no silver.

The choice you decide on primarily depends on personal preference.  Some points that you might want to research…

The popularity of a coin or round, this will tend to increase the value.  For whatever reason some designs are sought by people which raises the demand for that particular piece which in turn causes the price to rise.

The reliability and past history of the company you deal with.  This is very important, there has been several reports where buyers were scammed by coin dealers.  Some of these scams were non delivery and the product received was determined to be gold plated tungsten.  These buyers may have some recourse but it is easier to do your research before you buy.  Researching a company’s history might include how long have they been in operation, any complaints file against them and blogs that may exist.  Personally, I would that blogs or opinions with a grain of salt as blogger are not always truthful but if many are saying that the company has scammed they, it would be easier to find another dealer.

Source: silverdoctors.com

Call To Action

Source: thedailycoin.org

Maxine Waters has kicked a hornet’s nest when she called for inciting the public to stalk any of Trump’s cabinet to physical harass them.  Even the leaders of the democrat party have started to distance themselves from her stance.  It was probably due to the potential blowback they would face if the public saw this as a despicable suggestion.

Now a petition has been started to call for the expulsion of Waters.   This maybe the start of the public’s attitude change towards the blatantly unlawful acts of many whom consider themselves to be above the law.  Another indication is the voluminous amounts of sealed indictments, the DOJ release a list numbering 24,500.

Source: squawker.org

The petition was started on June 25 and it currently has amassed 53,023 signatures.  Their goal is 100,000 signatures.  If you are interested in throwing you hat into the ring, here is a link to voice your opinion by signing the petition.


Precious Metal Monkey Hammer

Source: kitco.com

Source: kitco.com

Over the last week, I have watched the prices of metals smashed.  My problem is I do not have an inkling as to why, there has been no apparent reason, the prospects of an imminent world war breaking out is not any higher, no country is in imminent danger of defaulting (although Italy is teetering) and other than Venezuela, Argentina and Italy there are no currencies on the verge of implosion.  So what is the cause behind them hammering down the metals.

I have been noticing that the cryptos are also being smashed.  The only thing I can point to is an unseen ‘black swan’ on the horizon.  The time is certainly ripe as we are in the summer doldrums (for the US).  This is the opportune time for them to put their plan in motion because most of us are in a lull and not really paying attention to the ways of the world.  Historically they act when we are most oblivious, now days most of us are oblivious all the time.

There has been an uptick on the political division causing a huge crevice between the right and the left, in fact it seems that it is pushing people to start the next civil war.  History shows that when the economy is failing the best way to boost the numbers it to perpetrate a war whether a world war or a national war.  They have been and still are inciting a world war in Syria and other parts of the middle east, but so far they have not been successful.  Now their impetus seems to have moved to inciting a national war by pushing the immigration issue and calling for civil uprising against members of the current administration.

Another facet is the ongoing investigation for the ‘Russian collusion’ is failing, the number of political members having sealed indictment levied against them and the number of incumbent politicians resigning.  It should be an interesting upcoming election.  The democrat’s belief they would be recovering control of the senate and the house is definitely in question but the republicans are resigning en masse.  Maybe the illegal migrants will be voted in and the US will once again be the property of Mexico, just a musing but anything seems possible in our dystopic nation.

I also thought it might be related to the Brexit, now assured.  I was not able to tie the two together.  But there may be some connection as over the last year London has been the recipients of large amounts of liabilities for EFPs from the COMEX.  The UK’s ability to cover the metal short contracts with physical is just as doubtful as the US’s ability.  This is solely based on my assumption that there is a minimal amount of actual physical gold remaining in the US’s or the UK’s vaults.  I believe that the physical metals were already shipped to the BRICS countries and the US and UK are left with paper.

I believe this will be one summer that will go down in the history book as the downfall of the western supremacy or should I say hegemony.


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