China Enforces Social Credit Score


China first made mention of their new idea to create a ‘social credit system’ in 2014, They are expecting to have it fully operational by 2020. The system will work to monitor a person’s activities, not just limited to purchases and financial transaction but this system will be more encompassing.

Liu Hu is a Chinese journalist who was barred from booking a flight, he was informed that he was on a list of ‘untrustworthy’ people. He believes that he made the list due to a court action regarding a series of tweets he authored. He further discovered that not only is he barred from flying, he is prevented from buying property and he will not be able to enroll his children into a private school.

As the program progresses more of the people’s activities are being added to the list of things being monitored. As the list grows, the people are feeling more oppressed and more hesitant on what they do or say. As surreal as it seems, it appears uncannily like what was depicted in the movie ‘The Minority Report’.

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