Chisora Declared War But Lost It.

WBC Heavyweight Title Elimination bout between Derrck Chisora and Dillian Whyte on Saturday night ends with a knock out in favour of Dillian Whyte. It could be recalled Chisora who wore a face cap with an inscription ‘War’ declared war against Whyte and threaten to pound him from the get go of the bout.

The gruelling encounter started much like it was in 2006, with both boxers almost marching eachother pound for pound, jab for jab and hook for hook with Chisora exerting more pressure as expected, he declared the war. He stormed out of his block like a gravy train throwing different combos at Whyte, but with every punch he threw, Whyte responded with a counter combo of his own. The grudge bout was so pulsating and got the two boxers entangled as early as the second round. The third round was even more feisty as both Chisora and Whyte swung and ecchanged punches at an incredible pace, with Chisora unleashing more and got Whyte covering and absorbing and throwing smart counter punches when needed.


Dillian Whyte had good moments with his cautious approach in the opening round with one of his counter punches, a hard right handed punch to Chisoras face, a 2nd round uppercut which caught Chisora in the eye, and another blow to the body that got Chisora startled in the 8th round, however, Chisora with most of the ascendancy had his moments too especially in rounds 5 and 6, an impressive body shots and a left hook to Whytes head in the 5th round, and another right hook in the 6th round.

Despite been docked of a couple of points for a repeated low blows in round 8, and an elbow in round 11, it was widely reported that Chisora was up and ahead, with two of the 3 judges scoring in his (Chisora) favour. But unfortunately as the bout rounds extended, Chisora aiming for an early knock out of Whyte grew tired yet again and became sloppy, a careless punch from Chisora got him exposed and was met with a crushing counter left hook to the face from Whyte, a crushing blow to the face that knocked Chisora out in the penultimate round.

Chisora declared the bout against Whyte as a war, and he looked prepared and was up for it, apparently his preparation was not enough, as his stamina let him down yet and again just like the last time both boxers met. This defeat is more damaging to Chisora’s pride rather than whatever was at stake, as Chisora believed he was a better boxer between him and Whyte. It is now 9th loses out of 38 fight for Chisora. Meanwhile, Whyte after his triumphant display called out WBA and WBO champion Anthony Joshua for a rematch of their 2015 fight, Whyte only defeat to date, and Anthony Joshua rightly responded by placing Whyte on a queue down the pecking order behind Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury respectively. It is now Whytes 18 KOs out of 26 wins.

I looked very hard for an inspiring words for Chisora, when a man loses a battle, he can simply regroup and restrategise for the rematch , but when a man loses the war, isn’t that the end? Well! I found a quote for him, hopefully he finds solace in it.

There will come a time in your life when you lose something that matters to you,  But what really matters isnt the war youre waging,  it is that you dont lose the person you are in the midst of the battle (in this case War) – Author J Sterling.

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