Cleaning the Lamp

2 Corinthians 4:3

But if our gospel is hidden, it is hidden to them that are lost:

Every time I ride my motorcycle during night time, I can not make it to a high speed. One reason is that many vehicles have bright, blinding headlights. You won’t be able to see your way and fall off from the road and cause accidents.

Other vehicles have flickering and dim lights that are hard for you to see them in a far distance that the time you notice them is that they’re almost in your front causing you to hit them.


Sometimes, it’s your own vehicle that has a weak light. The glass that encased the light is foggy and needed to be cleaned up. We may have a say to other vehicles that we cannot see them clearly but at the same time, we are also unnoticeable to them.


There are times when our lights as Christians are dim. People can no longer see the beauty of Jesus in us. Sometimes, their good works exceed our good works and that blinds them to see the light of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our lives should be free from the fogs of sin so that others may see their way to the Savior. Our lives is the gospel that others can only hear.

“If our lives are clouded by sin, the Light of the World cannot be clearly seen through us.”
 -Paul Chappell

Excerpted from Daily In The Word 3/4/2019

Author: Aceandnotes

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