Come Monday

Two House Republicans are seeking to file impeachment documents against Rosenstein as early as Monday.  At issue is Rosenstein whom oversees Mueller’s probe into the alleged Russian collusion has repeatedly ignored requests from congressional Republicans for access to documents pertaining to the investigation.  Another salient issue is his attempt to provide protection for Strzok.

It has been confirmed that Representative Meadows was in possession of the impeachment documents while Rosenstein was announcing the indictments of 12 Russians connected with the Russian collusion.  I find that very ironic and in this case hopefully telling if things go south for Rosenstein on Monday.

Here is a video of the House Judiciary Committee meeting.


Upon viewing this, it shows why the government is dysfunctional.  This looked more like a street brawl rather than a meeting to get out the facts.  It would be refreshing to see some answers that only address the issue rather than a defensive statement to CYA.  I called this a statement instead of an answer because the responses provided by Rosenstein did not answer Jordan’s question.  The Chairman Goodlatte was having a difficult time to control this group of uncivilized children (sorry, I didn’t mean to demean children).

I’m hoping Monday will bring some news about Rosenstein’s impeachment and Strzok’s termination.


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Watching Jordan and Gowdy has been entertaining and I can understand their frustrations. So much time and money is being spent (wasted) and for what? The swamp is deep and loaded with all kinds of nefarious creatures. I think once the big can of worms is finally opened, there will be worms crawling around everywhere and they will be crushed by that big giant snowball that will roll over all of them. Gowdy and company just need a little break that will bring the nudge that begins the snowball

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5 months ago

Update: It's Tuesday and I am still waiting.

5 months ago