Contest – Create a Clipart – 22 May, 2018

Hi everyone,

Here is another contest for you to participate.

In order to avoid confusions, I would send you rewards in SBD, and for that you need to participate in this contest by visiting my Steemit profile and follow the instructions there.

The task

Create a clipart of a Basket of Flowers.

You can use any color, any medium.

Be creative!

How to enter?

  • Post your entry as a comment below.
  • Upvote this post.

The reward

SBD earned from this post will be equally distributed among 3 winners

Participate before…

You need to participate before the post payout, i.e., within 7 days.

To participate, visit my Steemit post

About the author: monajam

Clinical Psychologist, PhD


UGGGGGH I am way too late. Oh well.

5 months ago