Contest – Draw a Scene – 14th April


The task

Draw the following scene:

“Sun is going to set soon. The sky is partly cloudy and the clouds have different colors including golden. In the sea, there is a reflection of the sun; there is a white passenger ship in the sea and the passengers are viewing the sunset. From the distance, an beautiful island can be seen.”

This is the main scene you have to draw, but you can add more to it. Be creative and think outside the box.

Rules and guidelines

  • Create a separate post and show the step-by-step process of your drawing (upload the images of each step).
  • The images (drawing) should be accompanied by a brief description, where applicable.
  • The post should be aesthetically pleasing, so pay special attention to the images.
  • You can use any medium to draw: by hand, digitally, using water color, or oil paint, anything!
  • The post should start as follows:
    “This is my entry for the drawing contest organized by @monajam. You can find the contest here.” Please create a hyperlink, and do not paste the URL directly.
  • Also, before starting writing, describe what you have to draw. You can also paste the above-mentioned scene in your post.
  • After you publish your post, drop the URL in the comments section below so I don’t miss it.
  • Upvote this post (If you don’t follow this rule, you will not get the reward).


1st prize: 3 SteemThat tokens

2nd prize: 2 SteemThat tokens

3rd prize: 1 SteemThat token

Participate before

14th May 2018

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