Contest – Review a Book – 13th April


Review a book that you have read, in 1000 (or more) words.

Some guidelines

  • The review should not only be just summarizing the book, but also presenting the critical discussion of it with a personal touch.
  • Tell about the genre. What genre of literature is it and how does it compare to another book in this genre? Give one example.
  • Tell about the narrating style. Has the author used a formal or informal writing style?
  • Use headings, and use at least 1 image that is relevant to the theme of the book or this contest.
  • Think outside the box.

How to enter?

  • Create a separate post. The post should start as follows: “This is my entry for the review contest organized by @monajam. You can find the contest here.”
  • Please create a hyperlink, and do not paste the URL directly.
  • After you publish your post, drop the URL in the comments section below.


2 SteemThat Tokens for exceptional post.

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13th May 2018

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