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Cryptopia Updates

According to Cointelegraph, in a press release published on Aug 21, Cryptopia’s liquidator claims to “have made good progress towards securing and preserving Cryptopia crypto-asset holdings for the benefit of those entitled to them.” Per the release, there are two reasons why determining the holdings of the exchange’s clients is taking so long.
The firm explains that customers did not have individual wallets and their funds were pooled together, as the exchange kept details of customer holdings in its database. As a consequence of this design, it is purportedly impossible to determine individual ownership using only wallet keys.


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This is one reason I continue to invest into projects such as https://Saturn.Network. Decentralized blockchain based exchanges will drastically reduce risks that tradition hybrid exchanges have. The technology that Saturn.Network is building will revolutionize beyond just crypto trading I believe.
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@peepso_user_4(binkley) Yes .. i agree
One thing I like about Stish wallets is they are all individual wallets for each user created on the Ethereum blockchain. Nothing is pooled. Some might remember when we were trying to utilize multi wallet functionality using a third party called coinpayments. One issue I was concerned about was the grouping of funds. So basically one wallet held the funds for all users and a private database ledger determined which user owned what. It kinda defeats the whole purpose but it does speed things
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If nothing is done in regards to this has no option but to develop our on blockchain. We need to prove we can grow some more I think to raise the funds to build it. I call it Stish3.0. Similar to our existing platform but built for speed and fully decentralized on Stish Blockchain.
@peepso_user_4(binkley) I think new things are in the way
@peepso_user_4(binkley) I believe we will get there #Stish 3.0 the 2.0 version has been awesome
@peepso_user_1846(razeiv) 2019 never pass some great update is coming
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