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Hi … everybody, good evening (indonesia time)

My logo (design by me)

My activities teaching in high school and also as a graphic designer, making crafts and other activities.

I am very happy with this blog in addition to being able to fill the spare time, also can get rewards for additional income and this is something very very great.

In steemit I often follow logo design contests, photo editing, photography, and other contests. there are some contests I’ve won and some are not., that’s a contest there is a win there is a loser, it is a common thing, but I’m very happy what I’m doing is not in vain, I get additional income.

but my current constraint is that my laptop is in trouble, in a state of disrepair, and it seems like I have to buy new, so my activities in designing can be smooth. For buy a new laptop is not easy because the price is expensive let alone a laptop with graphic design specifications. To get it I have to try hard to earn money, maybe with the presence of blogs like #stishit and #steemit could help me to get a new laptop. I am sure with great effort I will get it.

My others design

Design book cover
for design contest logo tauchin in steemit (on going process)
for design contest logo agoras in steemit (on going process)
On the judging process. Contest logo T-shirt eos. In steemit.
Steemcleaners logo contest, I’m 3rd winner


This is my activity so far, and there are some of my other activities in the graphic design section.


Thank you



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