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Blockchain-based social media … is here, but still not … there. It requires work. I will list only a few where I made a profile, fund it and started to post.

Just for the record, all these websites are blockchain-based and if you wish to participate, send a message, or sign a memo you have to fund your own stake.

In the long run, this is ok, not much spam to start with, for the beginner can be a bit awkward. Also, all messages are permanent, so no censorship whatsoever.

I am using both websites to promote my blog posts, I started with the Whaleshares first. I hope people there will like it. We don’t know, if we don’t try.


Screenshot_2018-10-19 Memo - aschatria's Profile.png

Based on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. 10 cents USD is enough to start. The average action costs 0.2 cents, which I find ok and rather cheap.
After you fund your wallet with some change you can start communicating and sending messages.
The website is not perfect, but it looks decent enough.
Alexa global rank falls on deep 277 219 place.

? Blockpress

Screenshot_2018-10-19 BlockPress Decentralized Social Network and Communities Powered by Bitcoin Cash and IPFS.png

This is a Twitter cloner built upon Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and a principle is pretty much the same. Fund your wallet, edit profile and start networking.
This website looks far better than the previous one, but assimilating a complete look of Twitter does look a bit strange.
Alexa global rank ranks it on 2 671 324 place.

If you want a few cents to try these website you can easily use Bitcoin faucet, download a smartphone wallet and fund your wallet for free. You will find all necessary instructions on the Memo.Cash.

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Thanks for sharing these other platforms aschatria . You do work with a few platforms looks like and I see Stish It is one of them. Keep promoting!
4 months ago