Deleted Facebook: Now What?


After Mark Z. told Congress he didn’t know anything about users sharing their information with nefarious persons, I killed my account. Doing so, I soon learned I have no friends. At least no family friends using Steemit, MeWe, or anything else. It’s kind of sad because many of them used to post a few things of interest. However, the trade off of getting so much negative political crap outweighs losing out on a message from Aunt Sally.

In many ways, this is a do-over. A second chance to see what else is out there and make some new friends.

A few things before you kill Facebook:

  • Let others know you are leaving
    • To just leave makes no sense to most people. They are happy to share their bits without worrying some political focus group has stolen their likes and dislikes.
    • So let them know why you are leaving and where to find you.
  • Send your family and friends a way to reach you
    • For most family, they rely on Facebook as a refrigerator bulletin board. If you fail to see the bulletin board that is your fault. Give your beloved family an email, text address, or another way to find you if they absolutely have to.
  • Find a good book to read or something to satisfy the urge to look at your Facebook feed every 2 seconds
    • Social media addicts people about as bad as cigarettes. That dopamine fix really grabs you. So find something else to do. Plant a flower. Call a friend. After time you will forget about Facebook.

Just my thoughts on the issue. Now go post something to 😉

Author: msmrmyr
A writer of mysteries, fantasies, and science fiction focusing on oddities and strange phenomenon. I wonder how we dream and what we dream about.

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