Diddy Celebrates Birthdays of His Twins and Kim Porter

Diddy Celebrates Birthdays of Twins and Kim

Diddy was all about celebrating his family Friday night … the twins and his beloved Kim Porter.

Diddy threw an early birthday bash for his twins, D’Lila and Jesse, who will turn 12 on December 21. Waiting for the actual day would be dicey, since people flee for the holidays.

The 80’s-themed party looked awesome. It went down in L.A. at World on Wheels. The girls were dressed in neon outfits and Diddy was rocking a neon “Sean C” sweatshirt.

This has gotta be a tough time for the family. Kim Porter’s birthday 48th birthday would have been today.  TMZ broke the story, Kim was found dead at her home last month. The L.A. County Coroner is still trying to determine cause of death.

Diddy paid tribute to Kim, declaring it Kim Porter Day WORLDWIDE.

We got Diddy and the girls coming in and leaving the party. They seemed in good spirits.

Happy birthday to all. 


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