Diversifying my interest or spreading too thin



Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin.

Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything.
I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where to be and how much time to spend on a certain assignment.

There is also one problem, and that is that my family kind of doesn’t get that this is a job, they never did, so instead of doing it in the peace, I have to constantly argue and explain. In the last few months, I am literary in the rollercoaster of a constant debate, nagging and annoyance. They are supportive and all that, but when they need something they don’t care.

I could succumb to their demands, personal needs and just give up on all of this, but seriously, why should I?

I listed all the websites I am on currently in my footer. I could say a few things about an each just to share some opinion about them.

Social websites

? Twitter | The advertising social network, it is good as it is bad. I am using it and just recently I purged all following to start reading people I am interested in.
? Reddit | I am not really active there, but for my personal blog it could be good to start something there.
? Youtube | I am planning about this and have new materials.
? Github | in migration…
? Discord | Currently making a new server…
? Telegram | Nice communication tool.
? Medium | Nothing, this platform is dormant for me.
? Quora | Beside surfing, I did almost nothing. The page is solid and offers a lot of info.

Crypto websites

? Steemit | Daily blogging platform, but with 3 accounts in a toll and a few borrowed I still make zero to nothing. Still, I am hoping to see better days in here.
? Whaleshares | This is my new island. I am here to stay.
? Scorum | I have no idea what I am doing there. I will try but can’t promise much.
? Weku | So far so good, we are waiting for the market value…
? Minds | Value for 1k view is kind of low, maybe it improves with the time.
? Stish.Io | I visit this time from time.
? Trybe | I have a profile and still did not post anything, in the next few days I will.
? Smoke.Io | Sidedish to Whaleshares. I started to write.

When I look all of this I think I should keep Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and my blog ( either Hub or Labs), and work on webs until I can precisely estimate which one is the best for me.
I intend to put more muscle into the Whaleshares, socialize on Weku, do slowly the rest and continue Steemit as it is.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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