Don’t Let Anger get the best of you

I have a quiz for you : who was the first person to break the law and why? The The answer is very Simple, Moses, in anger, broke the tablets of the law that God had just given him. Just imagine, this man had just spent 40 days and nights in the terrifying presence of the Lord; no food, no water. Yet, even before he delivered the tablets, anger made him smash them to pieces. It cost him another 40days and nights to get a replacement for the tablets of the Law.

You will recall that it was this same anger that made him commit the murder that got him banished from Egypt at the age of 40. Yet, at age 80, anger was still controlling him. You will recall that later on during the Journey to the promised land, Moses got God very Upset when he struck the rock in anger, against Gods instruction that speak to the Rock. Anger formed a pattern in the life of Moses. This time, God made it plain that Moses would never get to the Promised Land.

What Lesson do you earn from this? No matter how much time you spend in the presence of God fasting and praying, no matter God’s plan and assignment for you in life, no matter how much sacrifice you have made in your service to God, no matter how close you are to your goal in life sin, in this case, anger, can block you from reaching your goal or promised Land in life.

Dear #Steemitchurch, i appeal to you, do an honest and thorough examination of your self: do you have anger in anyways? it is not allowed! Get rid of it fast Do not allow anger to deter you from reaching your promised land in your marriage,career, walk with God and any other area of your life. Remember, anger can make a man lose his senses and do things he would normally not do.

The book of Galatians 5:22-23 talks about temperance, meekness, gentleness and other qualities that will make you prayerfully overcome anger.

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8 months ago