Double Standard


It is curious why those whom so vehemently protest against guns surround themselves with gun toting security.  Hogg the supposed survivor of the Parkland shooting, was in NY to promote his book.  He is accompanied by a security detail.


This is not to place any emphasis on him as he is insignificant, but they all start out this way.  They push an agenda funded by likes of Soros that incite people.  Primarily, the agenda is to create a division.  The problem is they stand on a principle that has little to no basis.

In this case, starting with the shooting.  Reports are surfacing that the Hogg was not even at the school at the time of the shooting.  He heard about it and went home to get his camera so he could document the incident.  To label him a survivor is stretching the truth, a better term would be a profiteer.

He then promotes derision about guns, when the real issue is the failings of law enforcement.  It has come to light that Cruz posted on social media his plans to commit the shooting and these were reported to the authorities.  The authorities made no attempt to investigate the threats.  This seems clear that a reasonable person would address the failure of the authorities.  But obviously, it is more profitable to attack the gun owners.

The double standard that they flaunt in the public’s face.  They staunchly push their agenda to get guns banned but they employ armed security guards.  Reasonably, if they actually believed in the hype they are pushing on the public, they would not be employing hired guns.

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It's akin to all those wealthy "anti-wall" activists who all live behind big security walls and guarded gates. All they want is press coverage. Living in the Philippines, I can attest to the fact that guards with guns at schools, banks, malls, retail establishments, hospitals, hotels, and even restaurants, all accomplish one thing... they prevent criminal behavior. It works and society as a whole feels safer!

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