Dreamers Logically Challenged

Alex Velez and his sister along with other dreamers have demanded that congress reach a deal regarding the daca’s or they will leave the country. The Velezs are undocumented individuals from Venezuela.

They claim that own their own business, pay tuition and hold jobs. Their theory is that if they leave all they contribute will be lost and America will lose out on their contributions. They feel that America has a duty to keep them here.

Some people maybe aware of the current conditions in Venezuela and one would think that people whom were original from Venezuela would be aware of the conditions in their home country.  I wonder if they could own a business, pay tuition and hold a job in Venezuela.

It is absurd that people whom have allegedly a nice life in a country that they entered illegally would prefer to go home to a disaster. It would make sense from them to think before they complain.

Source: dailywire.com

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