Elon Musk shut his trap and it rains cheese again

The actual title of an article was ‘Tesla had a scandal-free week, and the stock gained 12 percent’ but in fair translation it would be Elon Musk not granting some pedestrians an opportunity to irk his flakes up the ‘zucking’ ceiling…

I would like to say the dandruff, but then again, all those sassy libel cases..Didn’t that guy ‘fagottized’ Musk, just before the subject of the graphical imagery decided to go full Monty and demonize the rooster out of him?
Yes, that verbal spoof holds a legal relevance…

Personally, I don’t even think that dove-dive dip of a drop had anything with all the beef, bacon and curd splashed on the plebeians.
We might entertain it is because of us, but what’s the point.
The things get notion if a garlic starts trending. Depends not on the garlic, right?

Also, stay tuned, a blond boi is blasting some lucky chimp ( champ, sorry) up around the Moon ( an actual moon) in short notion.
Now, that should be interesting. Prepare all your divinities for higher force assistance.
Nothing wrong with a pinch of a good vibe.

Cover Image Source SpaceX on Pexels


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