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After Friday’s monkey hammering on the metals, I was seeking other people’s opinion on what caused the beating.  There was, in my opinion, no obvious reason for the massive volume of paper contracts floated on the COMEX which resulted in the price drop.


I came across this email submitted to and found it to have many valid points.

“Unfortunately it’s starting to look like truth doesn’t matter and restoring rule of law or money with store of value will not happen. My own conviction is that maybe the 5g network has to be in place in the US before the plug is pulled. And then the blockchain money controlled by Central Bankers will be all powered up to turn on and off full spectrum.

China and Russia seem to be complicit in the construct of this world order scheme, and clearly they are already benefitting with what everyone claims is their long game to not crash the US dollar or market and win by attrition. My previous belief was China and Russia would reinstate the physical metals markets as the price discovery mechanism. For the last few months I have put that belief into question and began considering other details that would counter my belief. Somehow my cognitive awareness is telling me that the Ponzi scheme will end but not like I envisioned.

When it ends, all countries will have been complicit in the means and the end from day one. And hardly anyone is going to get away without being caught without their pants down or without a shackle around their ankle. All one can do is their best to eat healthy food, drink clean and pure water, breathe clean air, avoid the fire of big Pharma, protect themselves from EMF and continue to question the truth, even if to the rest of the world truth doesn’t matter.”

I’m sure many of you have your own opinions on the beating, here are some of mine.  Just to mention, these are just opinions.  The comment on the 5g network is valid, as this network will increase the speed along with other nefarious features.  The network requires much added infrastructure which translates into increased costs.  To pull the plug before this system is complete would inhibit their ability to hack the mobile network and due to the additional costs, they might have to print more money to pay for the towers required.

Regarding the involvement of China and Russia, I am in total agreement.  I would wish that their motives are to restore a stable currencies backed by precious metals but one cannot be certain of their overall plans.  There is the possibility that they will vent some of their anger to destroy the western hegemony.

Lastly, the point that all countries will be affected is on point.  There is no way that the new financial and political changes will not alter how global trade is transacted in the future.  I anticipate that the countries which have been living high on the hog for the past decades will have a rude awakening.  The only thing that that can not be taken away is one’s knowledge.


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