Entertaining Boxing Weekend That Saw The PacMan Made History.

Boxing fans across the world were treated to a sumptuous weekend with 3 entertaining bouts that include a WBA Super Welterweight title bout between the holder Keith Thurman and Challenger Manny Pacquiao and Heavyweight bouts between Dillian Whyte and Oscar Rivas & Derek Chisora and Artur Szpilka. Pacquiao battled past Thurman to become the new WBA Super Welterweight Champion while both Whyte and Chisora recorded victories respectively on Saturday night.


40-year-old Philippine Manny Pacquiao keeps reminding us all that age is just a number, the Philippines congressman continues to awe fans after another commendable victory over a younger opponent Americas 30-year-old Thurman at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao won in a split decision(to the mystified commentator, who in his opinion believe it should have been a unanimous Pacquiao win) 115-112, 115-112 & 113-114 on the 3 judges scorecard.

Thurman hit the deck

The PacMan came off the block blazing and quickly cornered his opponent but Thurman showed quick feet and some counter punches to get out of trouble, however, not for long as Pacquiao landed a fierce jab that caught Thurman’s jaw which sent the American to the canvass, a statement of intent from Pacquiao right from the 1st round. Thurman, as expected, wouldn’t lie down without a fight, stepped up the gas and duly stifled Pacquiao especially in round 6 & 7, however, the composed PacMan had done enough to be ahead in the judges’ scorecard and overall out-boxed his opponent as the bout went the full rounds.

Manny Pacquiao’s record now improves to Win 62(39 KOs)-Loss 7-Draw 2, and at 40 years old, he became the oldest Welterweight champion in boxing history. Thurman, on the other hand, did not only lose his Super Welterweight title but has been handed his 1st ever defeat, now W 29(22 KOs)-L 1-D 0.


Somewhere across the Atlantic Ocean, in the United Kingdom was a heavyweight clash between long overdue title challenger Dillian Whyte and the unbeaten Oscar Rivas took place at the O2 Arena London. Whyte has always been repeatedly overlooked by the likes of former WBO & WBA Champion Anthony Joshua and current WBC Champion Deontay Wilder, however, he can now have a shot at the WBC title come 2020 after he’d been made a mandatory challenger.

Whyte 9th round blip

It wasn’t all roses for Whyte as his Colombian opponent came out of the block with the aggressiveness in round 1, but Whyte responded immediately in round 2 with devastating jabs which could have ended the bout but Rivas managed to see the round through. Whyte continued to punish Rivas with his customary jabs and body shots round after round and was coasting until the 9th round when he was shockingly sent to the deck by Rivas, an unforeseen Rivas’ uppercut landed clean, to land the Brixton his 3rd career knockdown having only previously been knockdown by Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. Nevertheless, Whyte had done enough in all 3 judges’ scorecard to earn him a unanimous victory 115-112, 115-112 & 116-111.

Whyte record now stands at W 26(18)-L 1-D 0, Oscar Rivas now suffered his 1st career defeat and shares an identical record with Whyte at W26(18)-L 1-D 0.


Chisora knockdown Szpilka

Still at the O2 Arena on same Saturday night was Derek Chisora taking on Artur Szpilka in another heavyweight showdown. The 35-year-old Brixton was in a no-nonsense mood as he took just under 2 rounds to brushed aside his 30-year-old Polish opponent.

The early exchanges were all about Chisora’s attacks and Szpilka’s counter-attacking as Chisora seeks an early breakthrough. He got what he wanted in the 2nd round when one of his right hooks sent Szpilka wobbling to the ropes, he quickly followed up with more combos that eventually sent the pole to the canvass much to the delight of the cheering home fans. Chisora’s record now stands at W 31(15 KOs)-L 9-D 0 while his opponent slumped to his 4 career defeat W 22(15 KOs)-L 4-D 0.

Derek Chisora reiterated after the bout that his age is nothing but just a number, that he feels like a 16-year-old. He also made his intention of getting a big fight against the like of Joseph Parker known.

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